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01 Jun 2021, 11:30 am

Over the weekend, I went to visit several attractions including the zoo where I used to volunteer. During my time there I said things that turned people off.

1. One of them was a teenage male and his grandmother while looking at one exhibit. One of the animals had a dead rodent in front of us. So I explained to them about how the food is prepped and processed with the rats. They stuck their noses up at me and walked off telling me that "They would never survive in the while," before walking off.

2. The second time I attempted to talk to a volunteer interpreter about what happened with the lions and blurted it out that one of them got old and was put to sleep. Several of the young mothers with young children got mad and stormed off.

I happened to be having a bad day to begin with and I ended up breaking down and crying.

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04 Jun 2021, 10:03 pm

I guess most zoo visitors just don't want to hear any less-than-pleasant details about how the animals are cared for?

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