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03 Apr 2021, 3:26 am

Jakki wrote:
IkeSiCwan wrote:
I am not a autist. I am not one with a illness or that unhealable disorder. I am a normal human with autistic neurology. And I am a individual. Not fitting in a box of autism. If you know one human with autistic neurology, you only know this one, not that group. There is no we, no group. Alike, there are no black colored humans. Everyone has a different and unique skin color. No one is ever the same. So no subgrouping. No one is less worthy just because someone needs to put others in groups to define them all less worth.

Neurotypicals, so all humans whom stick together grouped and see themselves as the norm, cannot think like me, cannot smell things like I can, cannot analyse tech like me, are less good in IT and medical and physics.... am I better? No, I am just different. And working with me would be a plus. Being in any sort of relationship with me and bind together our abilities, would make us better as a bunch, in private or business.

But because those NTs, who wanna be seen as a group of normals, tend to start seeing me as less worthy and different in a often bad way, as soon as I tell them why I seem to be different. So, I refuse to tell others, as long as I can.

Can enjoy the direct wording and. Concepts put across here . TY

So true.