What are your workout stats from when you 1st started workin

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05 Jul 2011, 4:07 pm

What are your workout stats from when you 1st started working out and till now? that includes:
1. bench press
2. squats
3. bicep curls
4. push ups
5. shoulder press
6. dead lift

I love to workout whenever i have the chance, and im gonna start to go to Anytime fitness to pump iron to the max and get stronger to build my confidence and self esteem. i was wondering what were your workout stats when you started working out. i have never in my whole life ever been to a gym, had access to a gym, or used exercise equipment besides 2 dumbbells that i saved up for with my own money (except only once in my life i got to go to a fitness room for 30 hour but i only got touch the weights for 5 minutes :( ). i want to know when i start my workout regime tomorrow how good my stats will be in comparisons to yours when you 1st started and how much i should improve. dont feel embarrassed if your stats arent that great, not everyone can be like hulk hogan, thats part of working out.

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17 Jul 2011, 10:14 am

Hi Salad,

I'm 22 years old and female. These are my stats from when I started working out three years ago:

1. bench press- 45 lbs
2. squats- 40 lbs
3. bicep curls- 10 lb dumbbells
4. push ups- 3
5. shoulder press- 10 lb dumbbells
6. dead lift- 50 lbs

And for this year as of this month:

1. bench press- 135 lbs
2. squats- 200 lbs
3. bicep curls- 40 lb dumbbells
4. push ups- 35 without stopping, 115 in a day
5. shoulder press- 45 lb dumbbells
6. dead lift- 275 lbs

I don't know how helpful this would be since it took me a long time to get these weights higher. Good luck in the gym and have fun!


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17 Jul 2011, 4:15 pm

I was an athlete so it was a good bit.
I don't really lift heavy weight anymore, except for legs sometimes, when I do lift I go for moderate weight and lift until the muscle is exhausted.
I also do what I call explosive exercises like pumping your legs as quickly as possible as you go up a steep hill or incline.
All that I am saying is there is more than one way to get the results you want. Focus on good form and don't worry about
lifting really heavy early. :)