How do you deal with people touching your belongings?

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Emu Egg
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06 Apr 2021, 7:26 pm

I absolutely hate it when my stuff is touched. It's annoying!


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06 Apr 2021, 8:08 pm

Given the way my life has been I'm not completely sure how I am about this.
Two factors I can say things about:

One, I live by myself with very few visitors, so people touching my things at home is kind of a non-issue.

Well, a non-issue except for my 2 cats, it is safe to assume they touch everything, but they belong here and my cats touching my stuff is essentially 'my stuff touching my stuff'.

Now, they have learned a few boundaries, stay off the hobby table because there are lots of pointy things up there which could hurt a kitty, &, stay off the model train shelf layout & stay off the kitchen cabinet, again, there is stuff up there which could hurt a kitty.

Although, I do like to vacuum after anyone has visited and gone.
In part because I go around barefoot at home and would rather not have everything which was on the bottom of their shoes transferred to the bottom of my feet.
(yes, I know any given four of the eight little kitty feet residing here might have just come from the litter box, but that's different, they belong here, they are part of here, they are an inherent component of what defines home as home)

As for human beings not of my household touching my stuff -
I have some model train cars and locomotives I keep down at model train club expressly for other people to use there.
And when I used to be active in miniatures gaming, the miniatures I took were expressly for use by other people.
And I am okay with that.
Those are things I deliberately took there to be touched by others, they are not the things which stay in my home.

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06 Apr 2021, 8:12 pm

I'm generally my own worst enemy. I lose, break, misplace, and disorder my own things. That being said, I'd prefer not to have others get involved unless they're going to find or fix something. I'll do my own cleaning too - thanks very much.



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06 Apr 2021, 8:26 pm

I don't really like people touching my things... My mom says she tries to put things back exactly as she found them, because she moved a pen in my room a few inches once and later I asked if someone touched my stuff. lol

I don't get mad but it confuses me when people touch and move my things for no reason.

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