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01 Nov 2012, 7:16 pm

Ok so let me start by saying I know that I don't have Aspergers, but I do have some traits (NOT including sensory issues, serious problems with executive function, rigid routines, or obsessive interests). I find I have the biggest problems with the social abilities symptoms of Aspergers, which I found are also part of schizoid personality disorder. Someone with Aspergers tends to be very shy and doesn't know how to socialize, but they yearn to make friends. I sometimes have the problem with saying something that may be rude or offensive because I can't tell if something is rude or not, which is an aspergers trait, but as far as the social issues go, I am VERY shy and use limited eye contact just like someone with aspergers may be, however I am not that interested in making friends because having friends means calling eachother, chatting, hanging out together, I'm not into that. I am rather comfortable being by myself and doing things by myself but I may do something together with my parents or grandparents though (immediate family). I also feel uncomfortable when I'm working on the computer for example and someone is next to me watching. Then I have issues with emotions. If you have this too feel free to comment below.... If a family member dies, I am not able to really truly feel sad about their loss and am not able to express empathy.(NOT because I didn't like the person or had a bad relationship with the person) I remember my grandfather used to give me a very generous gift of $100 for my birthday and Christmas each year, but a few years ago he passed away. I didn't see him in person that much, except for when I was little (moved to the US when I was three) because I live in the US and he lived in Germany. But today, I maybe feel a tiny bit sad that he's gone, but I do also care quite a bit that I'm no longer getting the money. When an animal dies I feel pretty much nothing because I say there are millions of them on Earth and they reproduce each year to make more so.... big deal. Also if a really young baby dies, I feel another baby can be produced. I mean, I understand some people may not be as emotional as others in some situations, but I feel this is concerning. Also, sometimes if they're talking about a recalled drug on TV and they say people have died I end up chuckling/laughing a little bit even though I know something like this isn't funny. Also, if this is related, I don't like doing work unless it's easy and I'm quick to give up and quit when I feel something is too hard.
I don't have all the symptoms of this disorder. I DO take pleasure in activities and It DOES feel good to get praised and I DO get upset if someone criticizes me. Does this rule out PSD?
these issues are absolutely NOT due to my parents. They expressed lots of affection and were great parents!
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03 Nov 2012, 1:03 am

Have you spoken to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist about this? Regardless of whatever name might describe your gamut of personality traits best from the point of view of the DSM IV or V, are you distressed and dissatisfied by how things are, and does it cause problems between you and other people, e.g. relationship or employment problems?

I have many of the same traits that you listed, and in fact used to think that I was schizoid a couple of decades ago (at least according to the way R.D. Laing illustrated schizoid personalities in his books from the late 1960s/early 1970s that I read). Much more recently, a couple of therapists confirmed that I had mild Asperger's on top of dysthymic disorder, inattentive ADD, and other spicy dashes of co-morbidities. I could arguably point to my parents and family as the cause of most of it.

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