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14 Jul 2013, 10:43 pm

first sorry if this it not the white forum but I don't know where to put it
I are 25 aspi but have ben so lucky to get retinal detachment on my one eye. so I can se 25% whit my best eye 8O I live in my own apartment but can get help 2 hours 3 day a week I've had some bad experiences earlier in my life so I get easy stress

but the questions are that help unique to Denmark or are there other country there take good care of the aspi
I wil relay like to try to move but I know I cant live whit out help it's no fun when you have multiple disabilities but hey get the best out of it

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14 Jul 2013, 11:11 pm

I think the U.S. is pretty good when it comes to getting help for the disabled. There are institutions for the Developmentally Disabled, Social Security Disability, Autism Centers, etc. Here in the Pacific Northwest you'll find quite a few programs like those. The bad part is health insurance. For us, we're considered "pre-determined conditions." As such, we often have to pay full price for our insurance, so if you don't have a job or other means, you're in bad shape.

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15 Jul 2013, 3:47 am

You don't have to go travel to far from Denmark to fin a place that's good with social help. I live in Norway, and from what I've seen (although norway of course has it's down sides to) social help and help in general for people with disabilities or problems are important here. In norway there's also free financial support for those who need it because of their disability - And there are lots of other help systems, to mention one such as helping people who have been sick for a period of time until they manage to get back to work again (this since most people wan't a job and want to feel like they are providing for themselves). I don't know to much about these kind of things, but i do know Norway have a lot of arrangements for different types of life situations.

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18 Jul 2013, 5:45 pm

New Zealand.

Well I feel like it took falling pretty low before I got help but that is partly down to my age and family.

Here people seem to have little understanding of what I am or how to assimilate me, I'll admit I'm an awkward case but at the same time I feel like I have just been given a temporary security in the form of a space in a prole-stack and a benefit to live on but that is all, I seem to have been placed in the 'too hard' basket and abandoned.

This situation isn't good for my depressive issues as my self esteem is undermined by having no useful role to play and being treated like I have a mental illness rather than a neurological difference which is slowly turning into a mental illness.. :lol:

I am luck as my doctor has facilitated most of what I do have or at least initiated and validated or whatever...

At least I'm not homeless or institutionalised I guess.

peace j

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