Standing next to the wall, facing the wall when stressed

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15 Aug 2018, 8:35 pm

During a particularly stressful meeting at work today, I walked over to the wall and stood next to it, facing the wall, my hands on my head.

Someone asked me whether I was OK, to which I, somewhat embarrassed, replied that I was, realising how not-normal what I had done was. I pulled myself together and managed to get through the rest of the meeting, but I still haven't really fully recovered from it, and that was about an hour ago. I just got home, and was alternating between feeling enraged and feeling exhausted and helpless on the way home.

Do you do things like that? I'm almost wondering whether that was kind of a mini-shutdown, since standing facing the wall with my hands on my head does seem like I was trying to shut out what has happening, although I was able to force myself out of it at least long enough to finish the meeting.

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