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01 Mar 2019, 4:19 pm

So - i got a second warning for a personal attack by posting an open anonymous message to someone in the thread that was for anonymous messages (which i'll get back to) The message was directed to 3 trolls (i'm sure you can guess who they are) who just post political crap to upset people - and the "discussions" they create does not contribute anything to the forum.

Lets take troll nr 1:

- Does not participate in any other threads in the forum, he just creates political threads in the PPR forum since i first saw the persons profile, he never posts anything else.

Is he even on the spectrum? What is the purpose of his membership? He continuously posts and over and does not listen to logic or reason - now, what is the definition of a troll?

Troll nr 2:

- A crybaby making threads about how he wants political views he does not tolerate to stop, even though troll 1 constantly annoys others with his fox "news" like threads - which seems to fit the taste of Nr 2 better.

Nr 2 also includes making a pointless spam thread suggesting a rename of the forum, which was reported, but the Mods didn't do anything about the troll thread, it was still open.

Troll nr 3:

Posts inflammatory threads that gets locked. Does not seem to understand anything about how the world works or shows any sensitivity to others.

Do not get started on autism as an excuse, this is a personal trait of his. The rest of us do not do this.

How about if you just remove the PPR forum? What is it's purpose? I haven't seen a sensible discussion in there like - ever.

Why are people spamming political crap in the news forum? How about curbing the political crap altogether? Other forums ban politics for a reason.

When you get to train for an official role, the number one rule when making relations is: no talking politics or religion.

And... i was also told that this is my second warning.

The "previous one" i told the mod what had happened because i deleted the insult that the other guy sent me, and i sent a message to the person telling him to f**k off, and the insecure toddler didn't like it when someone bites back and clicked the report button. Apparently the mod in question forgot about this.

The recent second warning was for posting an anonymous message to users on the forum in the thread for just that. For this i was handed a warning for a personal attack by Skilpaddle - seriously? Incidently, i remember that the previous warning was also issued by Skilpaddle.

I've read similar threads about moderation earlier, and some mods in here have some serious problems with stringency and cherrypick what they chose to respond to. Some Mods should really not be mods.

Regardless - thinking of it, 10 years here is enough listening to the same discussions going on and on and on, this forum seriously need a FAQ or two in several subforums.

So, i chose to exit rather than to stay and wait for my third strike, which probably would happen if the wind blew. Or for the sole reason that it was Thursday or something.

Anyway, i liked some of you, like Auntblabby and Kraftiekortie. Some i even pity because of the others: your life situation and not being high functioning enough, being hospitalized or homeless. I hope life gets better for you.

I've also sent this message to Alex via other channels to make sure it reaches him and does not get censored by moderators.


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01 Mar 2019, 8:23 pm

Wow. Too bad, man. You never rubbed me the wrong way. It's well known that the PPR forum is vitriolic so I try to stay away from it as much as possible. I do read the threads there but I rarely post only because I don't want my *ss handed to me. I've found this to be certain - there are people who WILL negate whatever you say, regardless of what it is, to try to stir up feelings in you, or for whatever reason. Maybe they're just bored with their pathetic lives and what to try to bring others down to make themselves feel better. Good luck with whatever you do.


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01 Mar 2019, 9:43 pm

I have enjoyed your company here. I wish you all the best in the future. I had to quit reading PPR at all because of the level of cruelty exhibited there.

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01 Mar 2019, 10:04 pm

It's a shame I never got to really know you. I have to admit, the PPR forum is full of trolls and I generally don't post there because I know that what I say will be shot down at some point.

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02 Mar 2019, 1:09 am

the board of positivitude reinforcement has the lasting word, ehm