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18 Apr 2020, 11:51 am

I swear quite often especially when my lunatic dog tries to occupy the space my legs are while I am standing on them.

When I drop something especially on my foot it can be accompanied by swearing.

Being sworn at however is something that I don't like and may result in that person having their ancestry questioned in such a way as they don't know that they're being insulted.

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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10 Aug 2020, 12:51 am

I sometimes get annoyed with just how much my classmates at school swear, I noticed back in 9th grade that s**t, ass, and b***h in particular are the ones that adolescents/teens seem to like to use to the most. I also don’t like to hear my parents cuss, sometimes my mom swears under her breath if she’s really mad at one of us and I don’t like it.
That said, I’m myself relatively liberal with cussing, often exclaiming “s**t!” if something goes wrong or even “f**k!” if I feel I messed up. My siblings have pointed out my potential hypocrisy...


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10 Aug 2020, 1:37 am

I hated swearing as a teen as well. Unnecessary profanity still bothers me, but I now realize that sometimes the word one needs to properly convey something is a swear word. Not very often, though. Only in the past year or two have I even stopped editing what I’m reading in my head to remove swear words. Considering my particular area of interest (the supernatural), I have to accept “hell” and “damn” used in the literal sense, but I hate when people just casually throw them around. Basically it really bothers me when people swear and don’t really think about what they’re actually saying with them, like casually throwing around things like “God damn it/you/etc.”

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10 Aug 2020, 2:06 am

i have no opinion now as i realized the worse life there comes a point where if u dont swear u will resort to something worse like self-injury or breaking a teacup--

and it's a relief to just convey strong feelings with the same emphasis.
auntblabby once shared a link on WP about how swearing in tough times helps you overcome the stress somehow, i forget, but it sounded convincing enough..

i used to find it silly, or lame, depending on how much the person was swearing - but really i just overlooked it and didn't mind except thought the person could often convey more understandably with other words, if they wanted to be understood, instead of getting mad when ppl cannot understand them after they riddle their dialogue with expletives

. even in those over the top cases, it's just so overdone, that it holds no real offense.

funny how i noticed little kids loved swearing in some areas
and in other areas were absolutely incapable or sheltered from it ..
but my SON picked it up once from daycare--
and said it here and there! :lol:

he literally quoted a conversation (as he usually does) both people in it--

again and again -
and it was something like
(my son saying it with all the tones and everything they must have used)
"xyz (some random child's name) come here. (in authoritative tone)
no! (in childs tone) xyz, no fighting ! stop it. come here please. come here please.
no! F- you! xyz wash your hands. sit down please." (roughly what my son said again and again)

it was so funny
he realized i was laughing at the F- you, part to my brother (in a conversation later) and then decided he would keep saying that part again and again. then i had to beg him to stop adn bribed him with brownies.

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