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08 Jul 2020, 2:55 pm

Pepe wrote:
The_Face_of_Boo wrote:
Pepe wrote:
Thundragon wrote:
I got rejected by the one guy I loved most. I've been rejected so many times in the past and I've given up so many times. I'm so tired of this and I don't see how I can live a good life knowing that I wasted a whole year being friends with this man only for him to say no. I understand why he doesn't like me, though. I have terrible anxiety and depression, I have zero self-esteem and I'm obese. What I don't understand is why he was always so nice and caring to me. Why he didn't just say that he wasn't interested to begin with? It feels like he was just leading me on so that he could crush me when he got the chance.

I'm heartbroken. I'm on the verge of giving up on life. I don't have any friends to turn to - only my parents. I don't know what on Earth I should do. I've blocked/deleted him on everything for the time being as I can't bring myself to talk to him anymore. I need advice.

Try to get your mind off of him.
Try to engage in things that don't remind you about him.
Remove any items or pictures that are associated with him.

Have a good long sleep,
Emotional distress can be worked out subconsciously/unconsciously during REM sleep,
To a large degree.

Exercise helps reduce anxiety.
Fresh air and sunshine helps with depression.
Take vitamins, if needed.
A good healthy diet makes you more resilient.
Losing weight will help gain you increased self-esteem.
But it is a long-term plan.
It will be a "2 steps forward and one step back", sort of thing.

You are very young.
You have an enormous amount of time to get yourself where you want to be.

Pepe, you can be so nice and wise sometimes.
I am impressed 8O.

Thanks, mate.
I went through a hell of a lot of crap, in my life,
Like most people here.
You gain insight and get stronger, as a result.

What do you mean by:
"Sometimes"? 8O :mrgreen:

Well, if not mistaken, sometimes in english means less than 50% of the times. :mrgreen:


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08 Jul 2020, 2:57 pm

It can mean more than 50%....but definitely not 75%.