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Age: 62
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03 Aug 2022, 12:11 am

As Above So Below
Within Inside Outside
All Around
All Is Mind
Mind is All
Yet Only in
Human Language
Every Part Dancing
Singing Whole
Dear Savvy
In Deed

SMiLes Dear Miriam
FoR Me at Least
When Clouds
BeCaME Sunshine
i Arrived And Didn't Go
With SMiLes...

Thanks Dear
Cindy It’s
Really not
Huge Hehe ...

Anyone Really Love Cares
You Feel Sense Such A
World New Coloring Now

So True Dear Akshita
Nature's Dance is All
Colors of FLoWeRS

Singing Sweetly
To Us in Our

For Every
Breath of Life
in Abundance
Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Waves Create A Song
Of Ocean Blues matching
A Sunlit Yellow Sky of Blue

Clouds Bringing
Ocean every


Of Life We Do
Rain of Life Within Blood Streaming Free
SMiLes As Clouds Are Sun THiS Way
And Of Course FLoWeRS iCiNG on
Nature's Cake

For Our
Real mY FRiEnD
Nature's Dance And
Song A DeLiGHT We Do New Now
Yes in Free Dance Song Poetry True...

Finally Got to
Watch The
Video Hehe
And i Left You
A Moderate
Sized FRedwood
There Not to

The Forest
Of Your Blog

Dear Cindy
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Cindy i watched
Your Tai-Chi Instruction Video
And First The Good News
You Actually Motivated
my Wife to Do it to And

i Even Took Photos That Will of Course

Be Part Of the New Blog Poem
i Am Writing Now Named

MaKinG LoVE ReaL'

What i Noticed In the Background
Is Both of Your Cats Are Proficient
In the Practice Yet of Course i Don't

Have to Ask Them What They Name it As
it is in the Flow of Their Graceful Movement
Meditating FRiEnDS With Gravity All Naturally

As Waves of Oceans Dance And Sing Earth's
Message Of Ocean Whole Water FRiEnDS With

And Winds
of Course THiS Way

As It's True Waves Sail
ThiS Way When We Sail We Don't
Force Life Love Lives Us As Wind

Moving Birds of A Feather's Wing

Ocean CuRReNT FLoWinG Fins of Fish and Whales

Balancing FRiEnDS New Now With Gravity Nature's
Greatest Rule for Peace And Love To Rise AS Humans True too...

And The Reality of Survival Core that Brings Us to Thriving in Life
In the Wild of Nature FRiEnDS With Gravity Moving ThiS Way of Grace

in Balance As Lion's
Do On the Savannah

Means Every Calorie Saving Balancing
in Grace is Moving Toward Survival

my FRiEnD Yes FRiEnDS With
Gravity One With All In All THiS

Way With Least

And Overall
Negative Stress
too Of Course With SMiLes

Of Course Waves Move On
Cats Continue to Roam Your
Back-Yard in Effortless Ease

Until Prey is Before Them in Total
Silent Focus of Chi All The Energy

Conserving Yet Ready to Explode at
Any Second to Pounce on Prey Maintaining

Detailing Focus Yet
Aware of the Bigger
Picture of NaTuRE ALL

Around Indeed Capturing Prey
For Survival Aware of Potential

Predator in the Distance

if They Aren't Already

'King/Queen of the Savannah'

With A Free Treat You Offer
As Indeed They Master Us With Love THiS Way

Anyway THiS FReDWood Will Grow Forever NoW in Effortless
Ease Never Ending Story Never Landing Real And True Hehe

That's Why i Spread the Branches of my FReDWooD ALL OVeR the

World As True
my FRedwood
Grows Within
Inside Outside
Above So Below
And All Around Still
Dancing Singing Free in Effortless Ease Of Autotelic Flow

Thanks Dear FRiEnD i Feel Sense What You Do Is Priceless For Real...

i Will Not Tell A Lie Financially Independent With No Loans Naked
Enough Whole Complete Is Very Helpful NoW As Well Yes For Real

Let's Not Forget
More Loving True

Yes of Course Smarter
And More Creative too

Hehe every Year i feel Younger and Stronger at Least through 62
It's almost Like 'That Movie' that Hasn't Been Made Yet, HAHa

Ah Yes Dear Sohair Two General Ways of Leadership
In Terms of Dividing And Conquering or Unity And
Cooperation And It Seems Humanity With All

Our Tools We aRe Increasingly Becoming
So Far Away From Naked Enough Whole
Complete Is Part of the Issue As Of Course

This is what Happens When A Creature Comes With
4 Fingers on Each Hand and 2 Opposable Thumbs As What

They May Begin to Do Is Scratch Symbols In Sands Eventually

Co-Creating Alphabets That Allow Us to Record Collecting
Human Intelligence Together This Way Which is Great for

Tools That Keep us Warm in the Winter And Cool in the Summer
Additionally Providing More Sanitary Ways of Life With Running Water

And Sewer Systems
As Such Yet Eventually

We Develop Guns With Triggers
So Easy to Pull From a Distance

Whereas If it Is Only Hands and Feet
in A Fight Two People Who 'Think' They
Hate Each Other More Likely Will Reconcile
Forgiving Each Other's Humanity And Perhaps Next

Becoming Best FRiEnDS for Life as It's True Men Who Have
Actually Been to War And Seen the Real Flesh and Blood Consequences

Often Carry A Grace
of Confidence That
Has Been There and
Done it And no Longer
Feels A Need to Fight Again
mY FRiEnD An Air of Confidence
in Grace That Others Feel of Fearless Strength

Hehe Key is Developing That Without Ever Raising
A Fist in Will And Strength in Grace of Balancing Peace

Under Indeed
A Foundation
of Love And Peace

Yes Dear FRiEnD The Answers
Are Still Peace and Love AS Humans
Are Naturally Evolving Still For Unity
And Cooperation Naked Enough Whole Complete

For It Is True Without All Our Technologies That Provide
So Many Crutches for Survival if Humans Live in Smaller Groups
Without Many Tools Every Hand of Cooperation and Unity in Loving
Ways of Warmth to Survive and Thrive Will Be The Way Still No Different

Than Apes Like Bonobos
Who Live ThiS Way Naked
Enough Whole Complete Indeed

In a Way Peace And Love For Unity
of Cooperation to Survive and Thrive in Fact

Even Chimpanzees choose the Leader With the Most
Empathy and Compassion For Even the Marginalized Among
The Group and in Fact it May Not Be the Largest Strongest


Who Comes to
Serve The Rest with
Leadership Qualities
At the Head of Compassion
And Empathy Most yet You See mY FRiEnD

They Depend on Each other to Survive and the
Child is the Greatest Prize for the Future Surviving
And Thriving too and in this Way A Human Child May

Be Raised by the Village As Greatest Treasure of Love and
Peace for Cooperation and Unity Even More Where They too May

A Hero
of Proving
Servant Leadership
in Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Ways For All With Least Harm

This Is Humanity's Inheritance Still Now Sadly Newly Disguised
So Much By Layers oF All the Tools We Wear that Have Sadly

In Many Cases Become More Us Externally Than Humanity

Within to Give, Share, Care, Heal, For All with Least Harm

Yes in Respect

For the Rest of
Nature in Balance MY FRiEnD

For NaTuRE ALL IS A True Life Blood For Our Survival

For Life to Become A Great Adventure Of Love For All
Everyday With a New FLoWeR of Life to Color Even More

And Love For Real...

At Best We Make Technology
A Slave For us Instead of Being
Mastered By Technology And Becoming

Removed So Far From Nature And The True
Loving Peaceful Nature of Humanity mY FRiEnD

For It's True too All that Technology Provides me
A Free Overseas Travel to Visit You At Close to the Speed oF LiGHT

And Definitely

The Speed of
Peaceful Love Beyond
All DiMeNSioNS of Distance,
Space, Time, and A "Matter of Things"

What We Hold As Love in Our SoulS ETeRNaLLY
Now As Science Has No Tool To Measure ALLGod Within


Yet We Still
Travel at the
Speed of Love and
Peace This Way Far
Beyond Even the Speed oF LiGHT mY FRiEnD

For Again There is No Way for Science to Measure ALLLoVE WiTHiN...

Anyway Back to Bonobos The Females Are the Leaders of the Group
Through Cooperation Most to Survive And What Do the Males Do Besides
Providing A Hunt for Some Food And Providing 'Love' For the Group To Expand

Well They Kick
Back and Enjoy
A Nap at the Pond

Just Taking in All of
Nature Being One With
All mY FRiEnD And the Work
of the Hunt and Love Carries on...

Hehe in My Life Women Have Always
Been in Charge And i continue to Provide
A Supporting Role Just Meek and Humble

An EartH of
Peace and Love ThiS Way

As You Know in Many Religions
Including Yours With Muhammad
And Christianity With Jesus and
Even Hinduism With Krishna

Women Were Always
Favored By the

Most Just Carrying on A Tradition
mY FRiEnD YeS Oldest Story
Ever Told of Peace and Love
in Unity and Cooperation Real Most
For me at Least Behind Women Most

For It's true it is rare to Hear Any Other Name
in my Longest Long Form

Poem Now Other Than
Women of Cooperation
With Unity of Peace and Love

Men Increasingly are Just Lost From A Nature
That is Balancing This Way on a Foundation
of Love and Graceful Peace THiS WaY of

Greatest Will
And Strength

Indeed MY FRiEnD
They Do Need to Find
THeir Way Back to Balance

For At Least WHeRE i Live Women
are the Ones Now Evolving Most For
the Future of Humankind More Now
in Balancing Force New Than Ever Before

Woman Giver of Life Closest to God (ALLLoVE) Indeed mY FRiEnD...

i Know, Feel, And Sense Who The Real Bosses Are Serving them

my Pleasure

With SMiLes...

Indeed my FRiEnD
Most Folks LiVE iN
A Backwards World
Than What i See as Truth iN LiGHT And DarK
Credit my Mother Most Then My Sister and

Wife too of Course

And Yes Some
Women FRiEnDS
too Including You of Course too...

i Get Along Fine With Dudes Face- to-Face
For my Fearless Strength That Radiates From
me Now Respected Most As It's True Most of My
Life Before Age 53 i Wasn't Even Comfortable in

my Own SKiN mY
FRiEnD i Had to Answer
A Call to Adventure to get
That Fearless Strength that Was
Always So Easy For my Father in 46 Years
Of Law Enforcement Yet So Far Away Separated

From Love and
The Ability to

Express LoVE mY FRiEnD

Indeed Life is A Balance

Of Martial Arts and Ballet ThiS Way

A Fine Loving Grace of Balance With a Free Dance And Song

iN Will And Strength New Now that Comes With All in Loving


Indeed Adventure

of A Lifetime to Come

NoW For Real...

Thanks Dear FRiEnD
may Sunshine
Warm Your
SMiles New

LeSSoN 426 Through All Dark
Sides of The Moon Rainbows
Of Passion And Love Pyramids
And Other Associated Tools
That Sadly Humans May

The Most
Human Force
Is FRiEnDShip Now
When True and Real
For Each Other And
The Rest Of Nature
Naked Enough Whole


With All Of God
DarK Thru LiGHT

And Of Course You

Real MaGiC To Share
In Homes of Giving
Sharing Caring Healing

Love For All With Least Harm
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN


As Above So Below
Within Inside Outside
All Around
All Is Mind
Mind is All
Yet Only in
Human Language
Every Part Dancing
Singing Whole
Dear Savvy
In Deed






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

04 Aug 2022, 12:45 am

SMiLes True For me at
Least Peace is a Metaphor

For What every Mystical
Essence of World Religions

Seek This Balancing Mind and
Body Soul Head to Toe and So Much

More Inhaling Every

Breath THiS Way

Well SPRinG

Of Love For
All That Is As
Existence DarK
BeCoMinG EXHaLinG LoVE Birthed By This

Peaceful Balance of all Existence mY FRiEnD

SMiLes Again,

Thank You, Thank
You Very Much Indeed...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace &
Truth' Thanks For Stopping
By With Three Four Pointed

Stars Have
A Wonderful
Day On the
Other Side of
the World mY FRiEnD...

Oh Goodness Dear Akshita
Sylvia Plath And Her Stairway
into the Darkest Recesses

of Depression

in Mirror Ways

Yes Done that
Been There too

Oh Lordy Dear Akshita
Charles Bukowski And His

Stone Heart Trying to Escape
it Yet Shooting Himself in the Soul
And Spirit As such Yep Been there

And Done That too

And Finally Quite on Topic For Our
Modern Days As William Blake Speaks

of Plague and As Far As the So-called
'Four Horsemen,' He Surely Could Relate
With His Obsession With Christianity Yes

Pestilence In terms Of Pandemic, War In
Terms of Ukraine And Russia, and the Still
Coming Famine Predicted By Many Experts

In Poorer Countries Resulting in Many More
Millions of Deaths As 'They'

Dance And Sing Poet's
Are A Mixed Breed of
DarK And LiGHT Mood
Disorders Often Come into

Play with a Touch of Van Gogh
Madness in the Precipice of Hell
And Heaven on Earth of Mental Illness

That May Bring Forth Amazing Works of
Original Art One of A Kind Never Repeated again...

Yep Escaped That and Most of my Poetry is About Heaven
Instead of Hell Now

Rather A Rare
Breed oF LiGHT

i Am When it Comes
to Poetry online indeed THiS
Free Verse Way of LiGHTiNG my

Life Up
in Colors
Even More
For Close to
9 Years Now

True i Slayed All
The Demons They Remain
Behind me and i Don't Look
Back Even Though i'm not Afraid of

Being Changed
Into A Pillar of
Salt Again with
A Stone heART
SPiRiT SoUL of
the LiVInG Dead For
ReaL ON EartH Within
to Tread WHere Neither Hope

Or Fear; Or Faith

Or Love Even Exists Within, YeS HeLL ON EartH

Wow What Inspirations of Muse in Poetry You Bring

WitH SMiLes...

Ah Yes Dear Cindy 'MargaritaVille' Just Wasting
Away on the Beach in Paradise Hehe Yet 'TRuE' Hehe

In Other World News 'They' Couldn't Find Any Artists
to Repaint the Sistine Chapel As They Couldn't Break
Away From 15 Second Videos For Any Longer TIK TOK 'Attention


So They Hired A Contractor
to Wall Paper The Ceiling
And Are Still Waiting
On Him to Get Out
of Isolation for the
6th Wave of Covid-19

And While that's Just A Story
in Someways It's True As the Federal
Government is Still 2 Months Behind in
Giving me 100 Percent of my Retirement Pay
too As they Owe me 60 Percent for Two Months
Now Moving into the 3rd Month Yet Fortunately Unlike

A Home Remodeling
Project That Seems to
Never End in Getting Fixed
For Your Conundrum Here

They Are Just Doing Another
Bank Account Service in Accumulating
Money Like Mold as It's Basically Just Icing
on Paradise Cake When 'The Ship Comes in'

Hehe, my Father Use to Always Tell Us He Was gonna
Pay For Our College Educations and Such as That When 'The
Ship Came in' Yet of Course He Missed my College Graduation And Yes my

Wedding too
on the Other
Hand His Ashes
Still Sit on Top of Our
Book Case as He Didn't
Take Care of His Affairs For
Enough Money Then to Get Him
in the Casket He Wanted to Be

("Cat's in the Cradle" And All that Jazz too)

in Next to His Fourth Marriage of Course
Anyway This is MiniFReDwood Enough Already

Hehe Wishing
You Sailing in
Fair Winds and
Following Seas
in A Life of Tai-Chi
And The Such of Course

And Sure Choose Your
Favorite Mantra Like 'Not Again'
'Not Again' And 'Not Again, Again,' Hehe...

Wishing You Competent People at Your Side
Always mY


Can't See
Or Won't see
As Of Course
There is More than
of Ignorance too
Dear Miriam With SMiLes...

True, Dance Moves Alone are Not Eligible For Copyright Protection;
Yet Choreography That Tells A Story as Theme Has Been Successfully Copyrighted.

SMiLes, Public Dancing Now for 16,977 Miles in Almost 9 Years With A 17,000 Mile
Celebration Coming Soon That i Will Have to Put Off Until Probably September as
"SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Will Have A 9th Anniversary
Year Date for Writing 10.8 MiLLioN Words on August 18, 2022 that Just So Happens
to Be Reaching 6 Scale the Size of the Previous Longest Long Form EPiC Poem, the 'Mahabharata,' From India, Written Originally in Sanskrit, at Only 1.8 MiLLioN Words In
Centuries of Effort by Innumerable

Ghost Authors

As Such Similar
to the Old Biblical
Try of the Old 'King James'
800,000 Word Somewhat Minuscule
Endeavor; And Of course 13.5 Greater in Size
of Scale Than That Effort; And Oh Lord 135 Greater
in Size of Scale than the Quran At about 80,000 Words
Received in 23 Years that Also took Many Centuries to Put in Book For Print;

And Of Course, Even on the 'Wrong Planet,' "Depth of the Story," Another EPiC Long
Form Poem at Over 1.8 MiLLioN Words, in 23 Months, in One Solo Thread, on Page 52 Now;

It's True, i'm Not Exactly A '15 Second Kind of Tik Tok Guy,' or 'Twitter Character Dude'

Either hehe; And Therein Lies and Tells the Truth of the Problems of Our Modern Society in
Attention Spans Assessed By Science on Average of Less than A Gold Fish; Yes, Less than 3 Seconds;

Who Will the Story Tellers Be As Leaders in the Future Who Are able to Motivate A Deeper Story
of Life

Than Twitter
And Tik Tok Size Life;

And Additionally, the Way Social
Media Keeps its Customers in Line
of Use is Through Stimulating Dopamine
in Many Quick Hits of Variety Humans Seek
for Instant Gratification Like Monkeys Pressing
Levers For Cocaine, Sugars, and Other Opiates,
Stuff too;

True, without Flesh and
Blood Face-to-Face Warm
Oxytocin Connections What

We May Lose is Much Healing
Of All Kinds of Pain and Anxiety as Well;

Not Surprising, 'Generation Z,' Prime Users of Tik
Tok, Seeking Fame and Fortune For What Was once
Misappropriated to 'Andy Warhol' as "15 Minutes of Fame"
Reduced to "15 Seconds Now;" With up to Close to 80 Percent
Assessed Who Don't Give An F Who Uses their Personal Information

As Long As They Get
Their Lottery Ticket
of Play for Fame and
Fortune; And A Majority
of Generation Z, Seeks a
Potential of Fame and Fortune

In What They Call 'Influence' In Life;

Yet Sadly Also A Measured Most Depressed
And Lonely Generation too; College Age Students
Assessed With Levels of Every Day Life, Functionally
Disabling Depression at 40 Percent and Severe Anxiety
at 60 Percent Now too; Losing So Many Abilities For Real;

Yawn, Long Ago i Surpassed the Limits of
my 'Find the Pokemon Rage Fame;' Yep After Almost
9 Years of Public Dance As Recorded and Documented
too in Voyeur Viral Facebook Video too, Among 1300 Comments
From my Metro Area Assessing me as Famous, Hero, And Living Legend

For Just A Meditating
Moving Autotelic Flow
of Dance For Close to 9 Years Now

As It's True After 66 Months of Hell
With 19 Medical Disorders Shut-in With
That Synergy of Life Threat, Recovering From the
Pain and Numb With No Chance in Prognostication
From Doctors To Come Back to Living Life, i Did Recover

At Least From the Pain and Numb on July 19, 2013; Yet it's
True After that i Became Much, Much, Much, Happier Without
That Pain and Numb

Then Assessed
As Literally Bi-Polar
Non-Specified As Literally
Some of the Professionals Labeled
it a Real Miracle of Heaven From Hell;

Yet of Course on Paper; Bi-Polar Non-
Specified, for the Record Of Hell to Heaven as Such For ReaL ON EartH;

Anyway, For the Previous 5.3 Decades, i Wasn't Comfortable in my Own Skin;
Really So Unnerving, Even Going into Walmart Solo For All those years; More
Comfortable at the Side of my Wife Indeed; i Was Determined Never to Be Anxious
or Fearful Again; So i Did What Our Ancestors used to Do; A Holy Free Dance and A Sacred
Free Song of Poetry in Oral Tradition on Page; Regulating Emotions, Integrating Senses, in Sweet

Spot Tween
Anxiety and
Apathy All the
WaY iNCReaSinG
in Complexity Along the Way,

Opening UP So Many More Human Potentials, Yes;

And Unlike 'Ronnie Simmons,' 'Roid Raging' Leg Pressing
A Max of 2300 Pounds Versus What i Do Still At age 62 at up
to 1520 Pounds; And Of Course That 'River Dancer From Ireland'
As That's Where my X-Catholic Priest Grand Daddy Was Born too;

i Haven't Had to Have
Any of My Body Parts

Replaced to Walk;

In fact, i've been Accused
of Skating in Stores As FRiEnDS
With Gravity Practically Floating on

Terrestrial Land i Go; Yes, in Athletic Shoes, Hehe;

Yet For me at Least; True Influence is Lighting Up Smiles
After Almost 9 Years of Public Dance Most Everywhere i Go
in Public Now, Even Before i Dance; Just Coming into the Rooms;

And For me at Least, A 'Norm' of 'Cheers' Public Dance Where Everyone

Knows What i Do Yet Rarely is Anyone Aware of my Sir Name Doing it And of course
Benefit of Sticking With Federal Golden Hand-Cuffs For Retirement Benefits and
Health Benefits Life-Long After A Quarter of a Century of my 33-Year-Work-History

Hanging in There
Yet the Stress of
5 Job Titles in the
Last 5 Years Almost
Bringing me Down to Go Away...

Yet Better Than Any Reward of Dance,
It's The Days that the Customer Service
Representatives Tell Me i Bring Spring
Warmth Whenever it is Winter Cold At Walmart Now;

Sure And It's True Not Only Do i Change The Weather in
Public Stores This Way; i am Literally Just about As Recognizable
As The Local Weather Man on TV in the Peak of 'Cat 6 Hurricane Season'

In Size of
Free Dance
And Song i Bring;

The Positive Aspect Is Social
Media Platforms Transcend the
Old Passive Pass Times of Baseball,
Other Sports, And TV, And Even Theater;

i Lost my Attention Span to Focus And Truly
Create Original With Those Distractions in my Life;

Hey, It also allows the More Marginalized Among Us
All around the World, Where it is Available At Least, to
Express Ourselves Mostly Freely And Even Have An Opportunity

to Bypass
Other Middle
Men and or Women
of the Creativity Industry

And Assert our 'Nietzsche
Will to Power,' Yet of course
Rather Empty Fame and Fortune
Often Absent of Warm and Cozy Love For All;

Such Is the Nature of the Beast of Instant Gratification;

And We Have Fully Released The Experiment and We Are the


And Scientist
of the Experiment too;

Key, Master the Tool and
Do Not Be Mastered By It;

True too; Easier Said than Done;

Particularly with 3 Seconds and Less of

Span to
Do it on
Task with
No Distractions Now...

Sort of Like Forrest Gump,
PLAYING PING PONG; yet as far as

Special Interests in Autistic Flow of Focus
FoR Me; Nope, No Cleaning Guns For Me;

Anyway, 'my Will to
Power' Is Loving it All
DarK Thru LiGHT For Real;

Indeed, Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete...
And Basically the Dance is A Stim to Regulate
Emotions And Integrate Senses in Synergy As Such...

It Wasn't Exactly Easy Talking the Management Folks
In Public Stores to Trust me to Do It Without Running into
Folks with all of my 244 Pounds and up to 1520 Pounds of
Leg Pressing Strength;

However After Explaining
it to them for An Hour or
So i Wore them Out and they

Let me Have A Try; And True

i Have Eyes all Over my Body in
Proprioception, Far Beyond Most Folks
Ability to Do What i Do; And Nah, i Sure Don't

Have to Worry About Copyrighting Anything the
Blue Whale Attention Span And Fearless White Shark

Way i Bring
of Free
Dance And Song;

Hehe, i Don't Get Dizzy Spiraling Away
Like A Sufi Dervish in Mystical Dance True either;

Most Folks Who Try to Copy How i Dance Get Dizzy

And Just Wanna Fall Down In only Some Seconds As Try They May...

'Wax on
Wax Off;

i've Already Snatched
The Pebble From the
"Master's Hand" of FRiEnDS With Gravity;

Indeed a Free 'Grasshopper' As Beginning Student
of Free
Song i
to Evolve And Grow;

No Twitter or Tik Tok
Size Gold Fish Here, Hehe,

Full Blue Whale
Mixed With
Great White Shark Indeed...

Hehe, the First Try at Writing this
i accidentally Hit the Cancel Button
And Had to Do It ALL OVeR Again

Yet You See
That Doesn't
Phase A Beginner
As NoW NeW THere is Always
Room For Improvement More, Hehe...

Ever Move Sacred Dance, Every Word
Sacred Song, Every Breath
Inhaling Peace, Exhaling Love, A New

Life And
With SMiLes to
LiVE Now FoR Me...

Yeah, the Priest at the Catholic Church i Visit Expressed a Bit of Chagrin
Now That the General Public in Majority Ways Are Still Backing Women's
Reproductive Health Care Like Most Countries That Aren't Third World
And Under
in Common
Sense This Way;

For What is Often a Life And
Death Situation in So Many Ways
For Both Women And Men Who Respect

And Love Each Other including Retaining Rights
for the Sanctity of Breathing Life Now, Not to
Be Raped At 10 Years-Old and Forced to Carry

A Child at that Age with the Functional Disabilities
Like Incontinence That Often Occur in A Horrid

like that


Well, People are Living
Real Lives and in Kansas

They Came out to the Polls
And Made A Humane Decision for Humanity

No Matter if that was a 'Red State of Ignorance' or Not;

This Way for Equal Rights to Health Care for Women
In that Regard to Reproductive Freedoms and Overall

Well Being
For the
Sanctity of Breathing Life;

As They Say, 'Be Careful What You
Wish For,' It Appears the 'Wedge
Issue' May Now Favor Turn-out

For Democrats in Coming Elections too;
Indeed, Ironically What May Eventually Bring

Greater Positive
Change in Protecting
The Marginalized More
in Liberal Ways of Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing as
Opposed to Taking, Hoarding,
Harm in Truly Sick Ways of Humanity...


SainT ELmo
FiRE WiTHiN me

SMiles Dear
Sohair Perhaps
A World Will Yes
Come Together New
Now Like Body And
Mind Balancing Soul
At Least It’s Possible
For Hemispheres
Of Mind
And Globe
With SMiLes
Stars Above
Below As Us True...

"Twin Souls Angels Happily Hugging Peacefully in HeART oF LoVE"
And You my FRiEnD 'Peace And Truth' Are Surely Human
SPiRiT SoUL And HeART-Felt Deep As the Poetry You

Share Continues to
Express So Many
Deeper Parts of Our
Human Conditions SoUL Real

How Kind You Are Dropping By Words
Like These That Up-Lift SPiRiT HeART

of SoUL
So Sweet
Indeed my FRiEnD

You Are Verily A God
Sent Angel With Wings
of FRiEnDSHiP too Yes Much

Appreciated And So Valuable Indeed

mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes True For me at
Least Peace is a Metaphor

For What every Mystical
Essence of World Religions

Seek This Balancing Mind and
Body Soul Head to Toe and So Much

More Inhaling Every

Breath THiS Way

Well SPRinG

Of Love For
All That Is As
Existence DarK
BeCoMinG EXHaLinG LoVE Birthed By This

Peaceful Balance of all Existence mY FRiEnD

SMiLes Again,

Thank You, Thank
You Very Much Indeed...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
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05 Aug 2022, 12:53 am

8 Infinity Standing Tall

Naked Enough Whole Complete Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All With Least Harm New

More Than Being Ever Becoming Breathing
With God Anew We Still Do Loving Free Now

From: A Real Garden
Of Eden to: New

Blooming Now

Every Day Now IS A
Birth Of A New FLoWeR
So Are You Ever BLooming

Windows of the SoUL
HeART Sharped EYeS
Connecting With Warm

SPiRiT THiS Way With Us
As Pets More Often Do As They

Become All About Love And Surely
With Nature As Beautiful as Hawaii
Ocean Sunsets

Now On Pastel
Reflecting Beaches
EYeS Surely SPiRiT Dances

And Sings So Deep in Windows of Soul Free
Dear Hawaii and Aloha FRiEnD With SMiLes And
Of Course to Top it Off With Finch Resting Laid Back

On Top of
Lush Green
Vegetation Fresh
Dreaming of FLiGHT
Hehe As i Surely Do
in Dance No Matter
What my Feet Touch
With SMiLes So BRiGHT
Yes Other than That Happy


Now With Delightful
Blue Berry Muffins
As Such of Sweetness

Even More...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
What Sweet Birthday
Wishes For Your Dancing
Daddy With
Dance Guru too
i Surely Am Glad
He Brings This Dance

Of You
With SMiLes
Happy Birthday
Indeed to Him and
Many More with SMiLes


How Sweet
A Sunflower
Song For Your
Dear Yamini
Bond Grows
Our Humanity

FLoWeRS All...

SMiLes in any Interaction i Never
Really Feel Bigger Or Smaller than
Another Other Part

Of Nature

of Course THere
Are Two Ways to
See that Hehe Nothing Or All

With SMiLes of Course That

Continue New
to Begin Now
Dear Miriam

SMiLes Nature Is
Naked Enough Whole
Complete And So i Am
Naturally Nature True Real ALL too...

SMiLes Dear Yamini,
Your Son, Perhaps A Cat
Gazing Into Your Eyes From Door-Step,
Yes A Husband too; Or Even

The Sun Above
Lighting the
Reflections of
Day in Night With SMiLes

Yet What Do All These HaVE iN
Common Yes LiGHT That Makes

Sunshine Within Free to Give and
Share Care and Even Heal What GLoWinG

LoVE Does
For All With
Least Harm

As This Sunshine
Everlasting Does Return

With SMiLes mY FRiEnD
No Matter Weather Outside
Or Within Shining For All To Come Again...

Among A Garden of SuNFLoWeRS SMiLinG...

SMiLes Victoria one oF
My FaVoRite ParTS
Of WRiTinG iS
oF aLL
For oPeN
heART NoW...

Is Life How We
Touch Others
Or How We

Buy Or
Sell Now

Yes Of


Helps Yet
The Thought
Of Selling my
Soul Or Copyrighting
The Finger Prints Of
My Soul Song And
Soul Dance Same

Just A Thought
About it Makes

me Wanna Weep
And Gnash My

Teeth Yet Verily
i Already Made
That Sacrifice
Of 33 Years of
My Life to The
Great American
God Of Buy And

Sell Then Before
i Freed The God
Of me To Give

And Totally
Free What Love
Naturally Does

Breathing Free

Sadly Our Culture
Revolves Around
Book Sells Of Souls

Indeed For
Bibles That
Love The



Them Forever

The Enemy

Is Ignorance
That Harms
Rapes Maims
Kills Buys


Humans Souls
Listen i Understand
The Challenge


i Am To
Be Free


Copyright Life...
Thanks For The
Inspiration Dear
i Take All Muse
DarK Thru LiGHT

in Stride


LeSSoN 427
Our Differences Make
Us Whole As The World
Turns And You Go Dark
You Shall Always Rely
on me To Return to

You Up
Dear Moon
With SMiles
As Ice Melts
On Himalayan
Mountain Tops

And You Return As
A Mirror to Shine Light

on me

Other Than
That “For” Honor
Of YouR Favorite Number

LeSSoN 427

Looking Back on my Whole Life, i See Numerous Functional Disabilities;
Yes, Some Innate And Others Environmentally Acquired As Greatest Gifts;

On The Other Hand, For Example, Living Literally in HeLL ON EartH Within
For 66 Months From Ages 47 to 53, With 19 Medical Disorders, Including

The Worst Pain Known to Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia, Actually
Assessed as the Suicide Disease Worse than the Real Torture of Crucifixion From

Wake to Sleep; Yes, 66 Months No Drug Would Touch; My Mother Actually Bought A Book
On the Crucifixion of Jesus to Prove He Had it Worse Than me; However, Just By Coincidence
Or Synchronicity Per A-Causal Connecting Principle, Really Only Psychologically Meaningful to me
At the Date of the Event, When She Opened Up the Book Fresh From Mail Order, Almost Like Magic,

She Turned to A Random
Page and Started Reading it to
me and Actually on that Very Page
She Read to me, It Did Say Trigeminal
Neuralgia Was One Human Natural Torture
Worse than The Inflicted Torture of Crucifixion

That Can Take Many Hours to Slowly Suffocate that
Way; Yet of Course in my Case, No 3 Hour to 3 Day Tour;

i Got the Whole 'Natural Gift' From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
No Drug Would Touch Plus a Synergy of Life Threat for the Other 18
Medical Disorders; Yet Not even on the List Was the Fact i Could No Longer

Feel the Feeling of A Smile or A Pet of a Cat, Losing Almost All Emotions Including Not

Only Hope Yet Fear too; i Wasn't too Worried About Walking in a Lightening Storm Indeed;

As Remember IT WAS Called The Suicide Disease
Yet That Will turn into a Very Long Story of HeLL ON EartH;

Let's See if i Can Shorten it Up A Bit; Yep in College After
My First Love Left, i Got Super Depressed Then Finally Breaking
Down Getting Baker Acted Yet Getting Back Up After 3 Months off
From College And Returning And Earning 3 Degrees at Once, Also Working

3 Part Time Jobs
At Once too Including
Janitor, Research Associate
For Archeology, And Book Store
Clerk at the University too; True, i
Got About 2 to 3 Hours of Sleep Each

Night, Yet Becoming A Runner to Escape the
Depression and Continuing to Work-Out as my
First Girl FRiEnD Said i Was All Hers and i would
Spend all My time with Her; Until she decided to go...

It's True That Was Back in 1979, There Was no Diagnosis
For Asperger's Syndrome, And Although i Didn't Speak Until
Four, The Doctor Said, i Would Speak When i Wanted to, When
i Actually Had to Ask my Mother For Something as She Gave it all

to me Full
Of Love with
No Need for me
to Ask; Yet of course,

The Doctor Could See
i Had High Intelligence Behind
Green to Blue Changing Eyes; Yes,

And Not Like Every Person on the Autism
Spectrum, i Was the Kid who Was Mistaken
As A Girl Instead of a Boy With Platinum Blonde
Hair to With Open Arms for Every Stranger Before
i Learned How to Talk; And True That Was Very Difficult

Along With Social Expression Both in Non-Verbal and Verbal Way;

i Was Bullied Horribly, Particularly When Puberty Hits and the Weakest
Fish in the Aquarium, Socially Odd, Has Their Fins Nipped At in Schools
By Other More Well Adapted Fish Day-In And Day-Out Every Day Then; Yet

Fortunately for me, An Extreme Rote Memory For Straight A's in Every Multiple Choice Test;

Yep Close to the Top Areas of the Class All the Way Through College of Course With that Memory;

In Fact, i Can Still Remember Precisely
Statements that Were Made to me on
this Wrong Planet Website Back in 2010,
When i First Arrived on ThanksGiving Day
That Year; Trying to Escape A Mountain of Pain
in my Right Eye and Ear; Basically Trying to Avoid
Committing Suicide Each and Every Second of Every Day;

Yet You See, i Loved Life Before That Pain and the Chronic And
Acute Stress of 11 Years of Work That Led me Down the Road to
Autism Burnout And Or General Adaptation Syndrome; Just Total

Human Exhaustion; And The Disorder and Disease That Comes From
That Head to Toe too; Somewhere in the In Between, i Managed to get
A Job at A Military Bowling Center After College in 1984, Making a Whopping
$3.69 An Hour Serving Out Rental Shoes As i Was Still was horrible At Presenting myself

Non-Verbally And

Verbally to Others;

It was a Real Nightmare
Going Through a Job Interview
Even for that Job as Hehe, the Manager
Asked me What a Left-Handed Monkey Wrench
Was; And i Had No Clue of Course HAha; Yet You
See, i Did Have Super-Systemizing Intelligence For Solving

Problems that Were Not Socially Related; And that Bowling Center
Went Computerized for Automatic Scoring; And The 'Grease Monkeys'
Who Worked There Were Terrified of the New Technology; So Since i Had

One Computer Class in
College; Voila, i Got me
A $3.69 an Hour Part Time
Job That Moved into Full-Time
At Least With Benefits; Yet Even When
i Got Married at age 29, i Was Still Making
$5.12 an Hour And My Wife Didn't Work at

All From the Start; Eventually i Got Promoted to
Manager, Bought a Home and Another New Car;

And in the Last 5 Years of Government Service in A Reduction
in Force Trying to Keep My Head Above Water Keeping on the Golden
Hand-Cuffs For Retirement and Health Care Benefits For Life; Yep i Moved
Through 5 Promotions; Mostly Temporary And Excelled in Pay Double for my

Last 5 Years of Government Work; Including the Sick and Annual Leave i Was on
For A Year And A Half until Officially Retiring Disabled After 25 Years of Federal Service out
of 33 Years of Total Work History With Social Security Disability too; Somehow With all that Pain/Numb
i Managed to Create 100 Pages of Medical Documentation to Get Approved on the First Try By Myself;

Yep through all
That Burning Pain
in my Right Eye and Ear;

Yet of Course That was
Systemizing Intelligence, the
Gift that Saved All the Money in the
Bank too; Even With Decades of Very Low Pay;

And the Fact That Being Social Outcast, i Learned
to Develop Happiness Within to Accommodate the Social
Abuse Externally; Yet 5 Job Changes in 5 Years Just too Much Stress;
Socially and Systemizing Cognitively in Both Ways then; And if i Had Stayed
at the Less Stressful Job Perhaps i Would Have Never Gotten A Diagnosis of Asperger's
Syndrome Then at age 47 as i Navigated Life Enough to Survive At Work and Most Folks
Thought at Least Mentally i Had it All Together; Yet they Couldn't See me Dying Inside
As i Did Not Non-Verbally or Verbally Express it Well; as it all felt like do or die to Keep a Job then;

And After the First Break-Downs
in College Ages, i was Really Terrified
of Doctors as i Knew i was different Yet
Didn't understand why, like Not Being Able to
Touch Human Made Materials All of My Life; Most
of it with my Hands Closed in Protection From What Humans
Make This Way; So, Even With Great Insurance i Avoided them for
23 Years Until the Anxiety Got too Bad And i Went For Some Help;

Yet i Refused to Take Drugs as the First Go Around Drugs Prescribed for
me Sent me Just About over the edge Never to Return Again; On the Other
Hand Without Some Ativan to Put me to Sleep That Was About the Only Escape
i Had From Pain and Numb for at Least A Few Hours of Sleep those 66 Months Yet
Hardly Any Except a Shallow Hour A Night With An Alpha Blocker the First 40 Days of the Very Severe
Pain With No Sleep at All in the Last 5 Of those 40 Days yet at that Point i Still Refused Anything
Stronger than an Alpha Blocker As i Finally Gave in and Went to the Hospital at the End of 40 Days
As i Really Thought i was dying anyway as they Put me Down Finally With 4 Milligrams of Ativan then;

It Was All i Could Use to
Sleep During the 66 Months;

And i haven't Needed Anything Since
Recovering on 7.19.2013 Quite A Miracle
the Doctor's Saw it to Be as their Prognosis
Was No Recovery as i Finally Came Back to Life
at Age 53 then; Well, You Hear Stories When You are

in The Dungeon of Folks Overcoming Incredible Odds to
Come Out of the Dark and even my Air Force Psychiatrist who
Said i was His Most Hopeless Case Said Some Folks Come Out of These
Total Human Break-Downs Better than Before; Of Course i Had no Hope then at
All Just Trying

to Make it through
the Pain and Numb Always
Just One more Second of
Life Only Breathing,
Only Breathing Then;

It's True an Outlet to Write
on this Internet Site was all i
Had to Get my Mind off the Suicide Disease then;

And It Worked Well Enough for almost 33 Months and
Several Other Autism Community Internet Sites to Finally
Recover From the Pain and Numb Once i Found a Poetic Spark

And Started To Finally Connect Empty Shells of Emotions in Words
Back Again From the Living Dead to a Life Full of Colors Again in Joy
In An Autotelic Meditating Flow of Poetic Free Verse Writing And Additionally

A Public Dance Doing The Same In Autotelic Moving Meditation As One Part of
Life i Left Behind Was Fear; Finally In my Life No Fear or Anxiety and The Moving
Meditation of Public Dance Also Provided Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration

Improving all of my Social-Empathic/Artistic/Emotional-Spiritual Cognitive Intelligences Far
beyond the Systemizing
Mostly Mind i Had Before;

In Fact, i Moved From 45 on the
AQ Autism Quotient Test to 11;

And From the Mid 50's On the Emotional
Quotient EQ Test to the Mid 90's As Well

And While i Intuited i Finally Got Access to another
Continent of my Right Hemisphere Processes of Mind

It Was A While Later Until i Read Research That Affirmed i Did Open
Up Another Whole Hemisphere of Potential For me in Creativity and
Productivity in Enhanced Cognitive Executive Functioning in Focus,
Attention Span, Short Term Working Memory, And Long Term Retrieval of Memories too;

So What Happened After that Starting in August of 2013, Is What is Still Happening Now in Terms
of Rather Laser Focused Special Interests of Long Form EPiC Poetry in Terms of 10.7 MiLLioN Words
Now and 16,977 Miles of Public Dance in 107 Months Now Almost 9 Years For the "SonG oF mY SouL"
in 10.8 MiLLioN Words Coming on 8.18.2022; So It's True, i Basically Remedied Most of the Social Difficulties
And Motor Coordination Issues As They Relate to Emotional Regulation And Sensory Integration Through All

Natural Therapies
in Autotelic Flow
of Moving Meditation
And Writing in Poetic
Meditating Stream of
Consciousness in Free Verse Ways too;

And Now i Have FRiEnDS For Almost A Decade
All Over the World And Continue to Make FRiEnDS
All Around the World Who Share my Special Interests Now;

It's True That's Actually A Gift For me; As Well as the Systemizing
Intelligence Still In terms of Financial Independence And Solving Problems too;

And As Far As Bi-Polar Non-Specified As the Doctor's Were Amazed in all the Joy
i Had With More of the Hyperthymic Personality i've Had Most of my Life Out of the Jaws
of Stress; As Yes i'm Still Diagnosed With That along With Asperger's Syndrome too; As It's

True Although i Still Have
Highly Focused Special Interests
And Still Can't Touch Human Made Materials
For the Most Part New, The Social Part is Effortless Ease for me

Now; And i No Longer Get Bullied For Being Different And Am Instead
Celebrated For my Eccentricities for my Public Dance Named Famous, Hero,
And Living Legend By the Metro Audience As They Tell Me at Least As they Pass

me By Still Public Dancing in Stores Now; So Yeah, All those Amazing Stories of Folks
Overcoming Almost Insurmountable Odds Came True for me too; Yet a Lot of Blood, Sweat,
And Tears Went into Making it My Reality in Epigenetic Ways of Adapting to Challenge and Struggle
in the Environment And Breaking through Greater Human Potentials in Change; And True i am No Longer

The Weakest Fish in
The Aquarium As Assessed
By my Peers in Middle School;

True, i haven't Seen Any Military
Dude at the Military Gym even Budge
Up to 1520 Pounds like i am Still Able to

Leg Press at 62 Years Old;

Nah, i Don't Get Bullied
Any More; It's Not Very Many
Dudes Who at 244 Pounds Now
Move like a Forrest Gump Feather
in Wind On Terrestrial Land in Dance;

Some folks Accuse me of Wearing Skates;
Other Folks Say They are Amazed i Never Get
Dizzy Doing A Spiral Dance Stim; Hehe, i Remember

A Young Man Wishing for A Society Where it Was Seen
As Okay to Stim; i Didn't Wait For Society to Make Room

For it

i Forged
My Own Different
Path Where i Became Their
Everyday 'Norm' in Perhaps A
Most Conservative Place and Difficult
to Be Different Area in the United States As that
Is How Social Scientists Have accessed the Panhandle

of Florida this way;

i practically had to Become
Superman to Do It, Naked, Enough
Whole, Complete; Indeed a Greatest Privilege
And Gift to at Least Be Born With the Potential to Do it;

As there Were Surely So Very Many Years of No Hope at All;

Yet on the other
Hand, a Will to

Survive of

A Man of Steel
Will at Least in that
Way Against All Odds...

Yep, With the Suicide Disease for 66 Months;

Yep, Basically It Was All Up to me to Continue to Live;

Now i Thrive in a Kingdom of Heaven Within, i Never 'Knew' Existed At all;
Yes The Way i experience
Life Now at 62;

And yes i Keep
Co-Creating it this
Way As At Least For me
i Cracked the Code for Heaven Within for Real...

i Don't Believe i am that Special; So, i Even Have Hope
For those Who Have No Hope They Can And Will Potentially

too; of Course,
As i am Actually Able to Do it;

Like the Stories of Presidential Candidates
And the Such Who Overcome Similar Darknesses in Life;

It's Good to Hear Stories of Folks Who Have Overcome the Dark;

At Least It Means
It is Possible for
A World to
Exist one

Never Realized
Was Possible at all;

Indeed, A Greatest Privilege
And Gift of Life it is; yet Perhaps
Not Even Possible Without Passing through Hell First...

i'd like to Believe though that is Not Necessary at Least Not
i have



Yes, It makes Dante's Description of
Hell Seem Warm and Cozy and it is Literally
Impossible to Put the Full experience in symbols
as small as words as that Applies to Heaven Within

Now True too..

Yet Hey, at Least
i Take a 'STaB' At
iT iN as Deep A Way
As i Continue to Move,
Connect, And Co-Create THiS Way Even More...

8 Infinity Standing Tall

Naked Enough Whole Complete Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All With Least Harm New

More Than Being Ever Becoming Breathing
With God Anew We Still Do Loving Free Now

From: A Real Garden
Of Eden to: New

Blooming Now

Every Day Now IS A
Birth Of A New FLoWeR
So Are You Ever BLooming

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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06 Aug 2022, 12:18 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy At The Crack of Dawn
New Insights often Come From Lucid
Dreaming At Night Yet Also

TRuE iN Silent Sounds of
Midnight my Mind Slows
Through Alpha Through

Theta And Insights Flow
in Greater in Subconscious
Mind Waking in the Precipice
of TWiLiGHT Wake and Sleep Now

Only to Enjoy A Night of Dreaming
As Delta Dawn Returns to Dance And

Sing Deeper Stories of Soul to Relate

So Free
mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Yam i Surely Agree "daughters, wife’s,
sisters, and mother’s as they are the most precious

thing in the world."

And i Also Hope That You Are
Always Protected And
Cherished This
Way in Your

Land of
With SMiLes...

So Good
To Hear
mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Indeed Morning Glory
On the Other Side of the World
to You mY FRiEnD 'Peace & Truth'

Hehe Evening Stars
Begging For Sleep
Here Yet A New
Song Continues
Becoming Breath Now

Soon and Sooner i'll
Snooze Probably in the
Midst of Singing Yes Just
Awaiting Tomorrow's Free Dance True...

SMiles i had No
Idea Hehe i Thought
Little Finch Was Imitating
Its Hawaiian Human
Mama Taking
A Nap With
SMiles Yep
Still Desiring
Those Blue Berry
Sweet Muffins Happy
Ocean Sunsets And
Sunrises to You Dear


i Love to Study Human Culture; Alex Jones is Surely
One of the Outliers who has Impacted Civil Culture in
A Very Negative Way; i Appreciate the Detail Fnord Has
Taken to Describe Jones' Downward Spiral as An Example For

Others Who Continue to Use Lies to Make Money off of Naive People

In Media;

Indeed, Our Country,
The United States, in many
Ways Has Become an 'Alex Jones
Meme Country' of Conspiracy Theories;

And Mr. Jones, Surely Helped What Could
Be an Eventual Downfall of Democracy; Not Unlike

Trump and Yes His Cohorts, Like Mr. Jones and Fox News;

Indeed, Newsworthy; Political Worthy;
Philosophical Worthy;

And Indeed Religious
Worthy too as People
Have Made Conspiracy Theories
Into A Way of Life of Lies to Bond and
Bind Over In Common Sub-CuLTuRaL Ways,
Sadly Enough, and Often with so Much Naivety;

What May Be Most Disturbing is the Fear, Anger,
And Hate Conspiracy Theories Bring; Often transforming
Once Kind People into Literally Miserable Insufferable Human Souls...

Other than that it is of Relevant Note As Mentioned Above, Some of Us
Do Go LONG on Rather Narrow And Special Interests that Other Folks Don't Care

About at all;

Like Back in the 'Older
Renaissance Days' of Painting
Sistine Chapel Ceilings; Painting Swirling, Spiraling Colors Sublime
of the Natural Environment; And Sculpting Naked Religious Figures;

Thank God For Folks Who Are Not Afraid to Be who they TRULY ARE,

No Matter What
'The Nay Sayers'
Actually Say And Do...

SMiLes A Human Becoming
More Than Just Being Now
Dear Chaymaa Change


New All the

Colors of SPiRiT
Painting SoUL More

Anew in Every Leaf Rising
Roots Deeper Vines Ever Reaching NoW...

Effortless Ease
of Non-Doing Yet
Doing More Than
Ever Before Yet Of Course

That Doesn't Apply
So Much to Health Care

Where Tenacity
is Most Definitely
Required Beyond Just

Holding on
Loosely On
A Wing Free
A Bird With
Nary A Trip
To A Doctor of Course

It's Rather Scary Dear
Miriam to Imagine Folks
Graduating From TikTok
To Surgery Indeed Yes Part

oF A Reason i Take Good
Care of
of Course
In Effortless
Ease of Doing More...

SMiLes Dear Cindy no Inflation
For the Price of Creativity Waves
That Dance And Sing Tween High


Low SMiLes In
Other News the

Video is Set to Private
Again Just Letting You
Know With More Smiles

of Connecting
With Others Free...

Now It's Working Thanks!...

SMiLes, Regarding Potential Bickering on a Support
Site For Folks Who are Understood By Science Often
to have Challenges With Emotional Regulation, Sensory
Integration, And Cognitive Empathy As Well, What Could

Possibly Go Wrong
And Right; Yes, A Support
Site With Opportunities for

Folks to Improve With these Challenges
of Life By the Day They Reach the Level
of 'Veteran Status' Here Perhaps; i For one

Value the Support This Site Offers the less
Fortunate Ones of Us Who Haven't Already Adapted
And Are able to Fit in With the Rest of Society Easy this way...

Honestly, the only Way One Does it is through Experience; And This Site
Offers Folks Some Natural Bumps in the Highway to Balance That Occur to

Gain Adaptations to Struggles to Actually Gain Improvements in these Areas
By Being Exposed to A Wide Variety of Human Natures And Potential Social Interactions;

Do i Believe the Volunteer
Moderators Deserve A Gold
Medal For Keeping This Site
in Reasonable Tact to Achieve
This Human Potential; yes i Do,
Yes i Do Indeed; Perhaps Some folks
Are not Benefiting From It Yet For Others,

i Will Promise You This Much, it May be the
One Strand That is Keeping Them Motivated Enough

to Continue to Exist;

For Some Folks Addictions
to Bickering Helps them to Want
to Face Another Day; For Some Folks

Who Feel Very Small, They May Feel a Little Bit
Bigger By Winning What They Believe is a Debate;

For Others Of Us Who Rise to Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete, We Are Part of the Process Yet Not Ruled by it At all...

This Internet Site Helped me Keep my Mind off the Suicide Disease
the Last Tail End of that Shut-in Living Dead Zone of my Life, in Terms
of the Last 33 Months i Lived in Hell Out of 66 Months on Earth; i Understand

The Value of This Place;

In Fact, if the Owner Ever
Needs Help Keeping it Open
For Other Folks, Contact me as Such...

One Might Be Surprised How Much in
Resources Folks Have Who Visit Here now and then...

Yet On the Other Hand, Although the Owner asked me
Once to Be A Moderator, There is No Amount of Money
One Could Pay me to Do that Job or Any Other Job as

i No Longer
Work for Pay

Or Volunteer
For Work Now;

If it Ain't Play,
i Dont Do it;

This is Play to
me, So i Continue to Do it...

i've Received Many Pathetic Attempts
At Bullying On This Site of the 'Intellectual
Variety' of That Activity that Often Comes with
Nameless Faceless Anonymous Avatars; Yet Face-to-Face,

Never Now;

This is Part of the
Beast of the Internet;

Yet in my case, Even 'Sticks
And Stones' Tend to Bounce off me, hehe...

i Find it Both Amusing at Most And Sad at Best, Indeed...

Yet of Course, Not Everyone has actually Been to Hell And Escaped...

i Don't Expect
Anyone to have
Skin As Thick as
A Devil Who Got
His Wings Back for Real...

Other than that 'Have A Nice
Day' Yet i Am Not One To Tell
One What They HAVE TO DO, HEHE...

SMiLes Dear “Peace & Truth” With A Passion For Life Explosions
That often Accompanies Your Words in Emoji Ways You Include Of

Touching Others Yeah Speaking of Touching Others, Yes the Benefits
of Massage All Natural Without Pain Killers Yes Others Touching Us in ways

of Massage to Help Us Get More in Touch With Bodies So often Separated From
Minds in Mind Think of Words As True So Much of Pain From Injuries or Repetitive
Motions Make Ergonomic Injuries This Way Chronic as Well as Yep Sitting in Front

Of a Screen
As Sitting itself
Will Create Repetitive Injuries
in Keeping a Static Position Yes
Small Muscle Fibers Repetitively
Doing This Often Surprise Us in How Sore
We aRE When We Stand Up After Writing
Hehe for a few Hours Without Moving this way

As in The Whole Duration of Sitting All Those Small
Muscle Fiber Movements Hard At Work Allowing us to
Make Repetitive Movements This way For actually Sitting Still…

Am i Immune to
Still Becoming
Human This Way
No hehe as i Go too Long
Writing Losing Track of Time
Out of Time in Autotelic Flow
And Indeed i Must Unwind Slowly
If i’ve been Sitting For Very long as

Actually the Stronger You Are in Muscle
Strength the More Tension and Pain and
Even Repetitive Movement Injuries One
May Gain By Sitting Still that is Actually not
Being Still at All at the Level of Small Muscle
Fiber Moves This Way Yet You See Hehe i have

A Degree in Health Science, Along With Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary, And Anthropology Degrees All Earned at
Once in College Studying A Great Deal of the Human Condition

Yet Without the Social-Empathic-Artistic-Emotional-Sensory-Spiritual-Creative-
Interpretive Aspect of More Right Brain Processes of Doing Big Picture Seeing
Of Existence Within As Much as the External World i Was Practically Still

in Kindergarten
After Doing all
That ‘Book Worm Work’

True i am Still Evolving
ThiS Way in Soul Always
Becoming New This Way now
And Improving Hehe at Best of Course
in HeART of SPiRiT Moving, Connecting,
Co-Creating Most; Yes Massage Helps to

Break the Pain Cycle Where Even Minor Injuries
That Are Repetitive May Result in Spasms of Tension
in Muscles Indeed in What May Feel Like Chronic Pain
Day-Out and In, Key is Breaking the Spasm/Tension
Response That May Also Come From Emotional
Pain in Life too; Key is Moving Meditation
Indeed From Head to Toe Regulating
Emotions and Integrating Senses
This Way as Our Emotions
And Senses Are Our Mind
Bodies With No Separation
Regulating and Integrating ThiS Way

And Indeed the More Left Brain Processes
That Seek to Grasp and Control Life And Are
More Related to Fear, Anger, and Hate Must Be
Integrated With More Right Brain Processes that may

Color Our Lives
in Balance of Free
Dance And Song Even More

When We Sing our First Word
And Dance our First Move Free
in Balancing Ways Streaming As
Rivers Become Bays and Gulfs and Oceans Whole True…

Hehe, in My Dead Zone years of 66 Months i Had One Massage
Therapist Try to Help me with Chronic to Acute Pain From Head to Toe

And a Big Issue with me on the Autism Spectrum Was Separation of
Left Brain Processes of Doing the World Versus Right Brain Bigger Picture
Ways with More Nuances of Human Colors of Emotions too And She Clued

me in on Some of my Problems
As i Freely Offered Her my Left
Arm for Massage yet i Did not
with my Right Arm More

(Left Hemisphere of Brain
Controls Right Parts of
Our Body and Right
Hemisphere of
Brain Controls
Left Parts of Our Body)

For Control than
Giving Myself Emotionally
To Her in Moving, Connecting
And Co-Creating Ways yet it’s true i Was
More Uptight in Every Way And When she
Said Feel free to Take All of Your Clothes off

Under the Sheet Before She Began to massage
me Honestly Back in those Days that Kinda Freaked me out


In Short i am No
Longer Uptight
And No Longer
Experience Pain my FRiEnD

Except if i Sit Still for Hours on
End and i Must Get Up Slow
And Stretch to Get
Moving Again to

From all the
Muscle Work that
Happens Head to Toe
When Someone Believes
They are Sitting Still Doing Nothing…

Hehe, Anyway i Might Open Up My Own Massage
Parlor to Help other Folks Yet when i Retired i Was So Disgusted

With the Money God that i Gave Every Bit of my Money away to my Wife;

She Does All the Buying And Saving And i Just Go Around Empty Pocketed

And Complete

Literally So too hehe
As THere is Nothing Illusory
Now About this Human Condition
i Am Afraid of Including Standing
Naked in Front of the World this way Without Fear…

It Wasn’t always that Way For Sure When i Was the
Uptight Kid in Gym Class Who Always Kept His Underwear on Haha…

A Lot of Folks Don’t Understand How i Do God This Way Yet A Lot of

Folks Don’t
God is Naked
ThiS Way too For Real

We’ve Been Putting So Many layers
of Clothes And Other Tools on the Nature of

God All that is that Some Folks Are Practically
Not Only Lost From the Nature of God that is all that is

Yet Their Own
Bodies too
Their Temples
of God For Real

In Short and Long Hehe
i Am Very MUCH in Touch With All of God ThiS Way mY FRiEnD
With Empty Pockets my Wife With All the Money yet This is How

i Travel Now Through
Surrounding Villages
Naked Enough Whole
Complete ThiS Way

And of Course Folks
Are Welcome to Turn
Away From me if They Are
Afraid of God As me too Naked
Enough Whole Complete mY FRiEnD

Other Than That Have A Great Day in Australia
If That is Where You Live my FRiEnd as i don’t

Remember You Confirming it to me Yet it Doesn’t
Matter to Me Really Where You Live or What You Look

Like as Long
As You are
A Sincere
And Genuine
FRiEnD With SMiLes…

And On Top of that i Have A Very
Long History of Loving Folks Who
Imagine that i am Some Kind of Foe too Hehe…

Particularly Considering i Have A Birth Date with
Three Sixes Yes 6.6.60 It Used to Terrify the Cashiers
at Walmart Purchasing an Occasional Beer in my Forties
And Getting Carded By Them in Their Literal and Very Narrow
Left Brain Restricted Ways of Interpreting the Bible Thinking the
Three Sixes Then Made
me Ugh Some Kind
of Evil as They
Were Afraid of
That Combination
of Numbers Just Like any other
Common Conspiracy Theory Sadly
Yes That Separates Folks Now For Tribal
Dominance Rather That Accepting Others
Who are Different in Cooperation for Unity

For Anyone Who Listens to the Core and Very
Meaningful Message of the Jesus Story without all the Tribal
Competitive Yuck Dividing Ways of Being Yet This is Typically

Where They Gain a More Mystical And Unifying Understanding

Of Love For
MY FRiEnD True i
Learn as Much from
Folks Who Believe i am
Their Foe as FRiEnDS True

All is Part of God Whole and
Indeed i Leave No Left or Right Parts Behind mY FRiEnD

Except For those Annoying Robo-Calls for Car Warranties i Don’t
Need And Obvious Scams of People Acting Like They are my FRiEnDS
Trying to Groom me to Take advantage of my Kindness Thinking i’ve Got

A Lot of Money
To Give them

When i Have totally
Empty Pockets With SMiLes

i tell them They’ll Have to ask the
Real Boss the one Who Rarely Ages who
May Need that Money Many Decades After
i Go Away Indeed i Understand who Truly Feeds me mY FRiEnD…

i Feel What i Have to Offer in Terms of SPiRiT HeART SoUL is More
Valuable than all the Material Goods in the World as i’ve Already Lost
my SPiRiT HeART and SoUL Once Just as Financially Independent As i am Now

And Then i Was Most
Definitely A Poorest HeART
SPiRiT SoUL As That is Precisely
All that Makes Life Worth Living to me;

Without Love

i Am Nothing

Yet A Stone Who
Has Forgotten How to Live…

Yet Even Stones Move, Connect,
And Co-Create at Smallest Levels
of God Existence mY FRiEnD As Above
So Below Within Inside Outside And All Around

God Touches
Feels and
Senses All
Now When We
Actually Do Love
For All DarK Thru
LiGHT With Least Harm Yes Us With SMiLes…

Hehe i Hope You Enjoyed This Very Long Word MaSSaGE With SMiLes

i Will Be Sure to Give, Share, Care, and HeaL it Around the World aS Well…

And Indeed mY FRiEnD i Thank You Sincerely as You Helped to Inspire it For Real...

My, My, Rue Around Half my Age And Truly it Would Be A Nightmare

To Have to Evolve Soul ALL A Way From That Point Again

And Oh my Goodness to Go Past Half Your Age

Again in Youth Oh my All Colors of Soul

Less Such A Lost Boy

i AM iN

School Then

TRue Rue Don't Wanna

Be Any Age Yet Evolving Real
Soul Even More Now And Besides

If i Was Your Age Who Would i Meet in the

Entire World Yet Less than a Handful More

Freely Responding Poetically in Interaction

Tween Souls online Far Beyond Any

Time, Distance, Space or Matter

of Age online... Do Souls

Age Surely Not

As Long

As They Continue

To Evolve The Weight of
Gravity in Balance of Peace
Inhaling Exhaling Love my FRiEnD

That's One of my Favorite Sayings

From Dear FRiEnD Rue Can't Go Back

to Any Age Now Without Inhaling Peace

And Exhaling Love Now With Wonderful

Souls Particularly From India Globe-Wide NoW Evolving Souls...

Since the Pandemic i've Met So Many Lovely Souls From India it's Truly Magic...

And of Course

my Eyes Always

Lighten Up With
Soul When Rue Writes Another Poem..
Hehe, You Don't Even Need a 17 Year-Old
Outside to Be All the Inside of You Now WiTH SMiLes of SoUL..

Honestly, it Wouldn't Matter if You Were 40 or 50 or 60 or even

Older than me HAha...

i Seriously Doubt
The Bright of
Your Eyes
And Smile

Would Dim A Bit
Even Brighter as that
Is What Golden Ages of Soul Truly
BRinG TRue Just iMaGiNE Being
My Age 62 And Never Wanting

To Go Back Perhaps Not Hard
if You Try With Your Creativity On...

Phoebe, Monica or Rachel?

Definitely Rachel All The

Way Dear Rue Give Me HeART on
The Sleeve Nothing Too Complicated Pleeezzze...

On the Other Hand, (Man) if i can't Get Along

With 'Them' in 'Flesh and Blood'

Life At Least Not Likely

It's Gonna ever


With Anyone
Else Either Hehe
Seriously How Will You
Not Get Along With the
Wind As Long As the Eye

of the Hurricane Does Not Breeze...

Other Than That Wind Always Forgives
BLoWinG On All Equally At Home With Ease...

HAha... Freddiebouy
You Sing Rue A British
Irish Indian Whimsical

iN iMaGiNaRiuM
Of Mercury In



Poetry Pal Rue...

SMiles Dear Rue
i Just Asked The
Head Cook And
She Confirms
Cattle Tongue
Is Available For

Sell At
The Local
Meat market

And There
Is No Way
It is Coming

As A Dish To
Her Kitchen Hehe...

SMiLes, Will Under LoVE NoW...

Other than that in the "Chaos

Magic" of Human iMaGiNaTioN
And Creativity BRinGinG Arts and

Sciences to Fruition There Are 'Absolutely'

No Limits As the Only Constant Is Change...

in Other Words,

Just Be


iT Ain'T Happened

In the Past Doesn't

Necessarily Mean iT Ain't
Gonna Happen Now And This
Is How i Create All My Dreams in Fruition

Eternally Now Feather in The Wind Spirit
Becomes Fruition of All Dreams Now And True

What Process Makes This Really Come To Fruition Within
Is Faith, Hope, Belief, Love Beyond All Logic and Human ReaSon Now...

'Bout All THeRE

Is Left to Do

Is Realize

That Art Trumps
Reason And Chaos MaGiC
Is No Limits of HuMaN PoTeNTiaL NeW Now...

Oh Yeah, And Don't Forget to Just Do IT Ecstatically
Eternally NoW in Contemplative Autotelic Meditative Flow...

Ahem, A Free Dance or Write Now FOR REAL of

Meditation in Autotelic Contemplative Flow

Is Surely A Way to 'A Great Work of Life';

'Snobbery' of Specific Rules NOT NEEDED;

'Will Under Love' Is All That's Needed At Core


Or Do We Need to

Measure the

Results of

MaGiCK iN my Life Again...
i Don't See Anything of Good

That Came Out of "Aleister Crowley's"
Life For Him and His 'Friends' at Least

Or Would You Like to Provide Some
Empirical Results to Illustrate Differently?

True, the Dude Wrote Some

Magnificent Poetry; Yet

He Was in the Throes

of A Miserable

Addiction of

Life All The Way Through...

If We Can't Do it All On Our

Own Without 'Additives'; We Are NOT REALLY Doing Much...

Again, There Are Old Poor Black Grandmothers in Slums
Living More MaGiCK

Than Him...





Be A

Will Under Love...

Other Than That...

It's A 'Cold Inhuman Machine'...

Or Just Another Member of a
'Lonely Heart's Club Band', 'ON Drugs'...

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.”

—Lao Tzu

Oh Lord How Advanced "The Tao Te Ching" In Writings Attributed

to Lao Tzu Centuries Before Words Attributed to

So-Called Jesus Then

This Enough

This Whole

This Complete

is Always Within

Fulfilled to Be i AM Love...

True Perhaps There is a Message

Like that in the Old Bible too Somewhere

Yet True in False Once You Love Your Enemies

And Promise to Burn them Forever You've Lost

All Credibility From the Get Go Of the End of the Beginning Story



Yet Of Course

There Were about

A 'Zillion' Ghost Authors

Contributing to All

These Books

Yet Still

How True This

Wisdom By Quote
Is Forever Now For

Humans Evolved As We Naturally Are...

Dear Doc, Hope You are Safe, WeLL And HappY iN
Always Enough, Whole, Complete As Lao Tzu Relates True...

Oh God When i'm Late

Oh God When i'm Late

Late So Late to an

Important Date

My Wife


All the Alarm Clocks

Every Clock in Life With

Get Your A88 Off That Computer

Or Whatever i'm Doing and Go Go Go Go

Before i'm

Late Oh

God So

Late to An
Important Date

Like Death True i
Discarded That When
i ReTired too Always

Out of Time



Now Free

Until my Wife Reminds

Me Oh God We Are So
Late So Late to A Very Important Date...

Yawn, Dear Zoe, Have A Wonderful
Time out of Time in The Netherlands Now...

SMiles ‘That’
Makes me
Very Happy
To Hear too
Dear Savvy
With SMiles...


Who is this Manna?
Who is this Bread of Life?
Who is this God i Am Love?


SMiLes Dear Savvy At The Crack of Dawn
New Insights often Come From Lucid
Dreaming At Night Yet Also

TRuE iN Silent Sounds of
Midnight my Mind Slows
Through Alpha Through

Theta And Insights Flow
in Greater in Subconscious
Mind Waking in the Precipice
of TWiLiGHT Wake and Sleep Now

Only to Enjoy A Night of Dreaming
As Delta Dawn Returns to Dance And

Sing Deeper Stories of Soul to Relate

So Free
mY FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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07 Aug 2022, 1:31 am

Enthusiasm Common
Endurance Shining Star

SMiLes Dear Savvy How Beautiful A World It is Now to
View From A Place of Naked Enough Whole Complete

Of Course So Much Easier in Life When Money Worries
Seem Like They Never Existed At All And Surely Do Not Any More

One Part of Our Modern World That is Definitely Beneficial For
A Life Not Only of Abundance

Yet One Set Free to Give
Without Receiving And

Surely Share
Now Without
Hoarding my FRiEnD

Even More With Caring
And Healing When Possible For Real
Always With Least Harm Lifting Up the Rest
Of Existence This Way Realizing That We aRe
Both Part and All of All That is For Real Diversity

And Unity
In Will and
Strength Atop
Abundance of
Peace and Love For Real

Yes The Faith The Hope the
Love The Believing Trust That comes

So Far Deep Within And Beyond Words
to Even Explain How Ineffable a Real Magic

of the Deeper Within That Radiates All Is to
Explain in Symbols As Narrow as Words Even

When Metaphors Come to Play SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Word of Song A New Exploration of Loving Life

As Every Move of Dance From Head to Toe and More to
Give And Share And Care And Heal Even More From the

Different And
Diverse Parts
of Us and the Unity
That Holds Hands FRiEnDS
With Gravity RiSinG More Than


Now Out
Of DarK iNTo
LiGHT Even More
For Truth of LoViNG
All Life is Now For Real...

All Is Change
At Best Every
Inhaling Breath
Peace Exhaling Love

Every Now We Breathe
A New Birthdate of Change

For All Of Us for Real And True We
Have an Opportunity to Either Live A Story

Others Write For Us
or Set Out on Our Own
Exploration Within Inside
Outside Above Below and

All Around to Write Our Own Stories
in Co-Creative Ways Exploring Deep Within

And With Others
New Creations
Of Life True iN LiGHT
Out of DarK As Well
Dear Chaymaa

To Do


SMiles Dear Cindy Indeed
It Was Amusing Hearing
The Pluses And
Minuses of
Regular Food
And Soul Food
Tween You And
‘The Lightning Bug’

It Was
SMiles True
Both Kinds
Of Food Are
For Abundance
In Life With SMiles
Particularly Naked
Enough Whole Complete...

Star Date 'Chorizo'
Shelf Life Another
Alex Jones' Party

On A Closest
Sausage Star

To Ours

Indeed A Farthest
Star to Suggest the
Human Condition is
Even Close to Rational

THE Nature oF A Beast

FaKE BeLiEve MaKinG

NoW Everywhere From


to Bigger
Stars and Temples

And Of Course the
Politics Always of Irrationality
Such is the Condition of The
Condition Indeed in Bowling

Alley Life


As A Ball
Continues to
Turn SeeKinG
Ten Pin Gods And More...

Enthusiasm Common
Endurance Shining Star

SMiles Dear Yamini
And This is Why in
Part i Public Dance
Now 16,977 Miles
In Almost 9 Years Hehe
In A World So Diffuse
And Distracted with
Literally Attention
Spans on Average
Of Less Than a
Goldfish Yes
Literally Less
Than 3 Seconds
Per Measure In
Scientific Study
About the Size of
A Twitter Breath No
Surprise Typically Almost
Always i’m A Last Human
Free Dancer Wherever i Go

Our Ancestor’s
First Language is
Dance indeed This
Is Why When ‘They’ ‘See’
me coming Now No Matter

How Many many
Dances i Return

They Actually
‘Hear’ My Dance
And Pay Attention

With SMiles Distant
Memories Returning
Yes When Humans


And Happy
Dancing For Real...

Dance Is A Prayer
Humans Feel
Yet As
Loud As
Human Soul Free
heART SPiRiT Unleashed...

Again Free...

Thanks Aloha
FRiEnD Refreshing
Sleep Indeed mY
FRiEnD With

Day Spreading
Colors Of Joy Hehe

Come Again!!

SMiLes Been Awhile Dear Lala Rukh 18 Months And Since
Then As Promised on the 6th of Every Month i've Returned
And Hehe Written Altogether Over 13,000 Words Just in this

One Comments Section on Your Blog Since Then my my
Imagine How Many Words in All the Comments Sections

Yet That's What i Love to Do Write And Truly i Usually Have

No Idea What Word Will Come Next Always An Exploration

iN More of my SouL A Call to Adventure Always New Within

Yes As Every Word Becomes A Brand New Birthdate Now of

SouL Song Escaping
And Coming
to Life So
Verily Deep
Within For Real
It's Not Surprising that
Through History Most Every
Person Who Explores in Calls
to Adventure This Inner Voice Within
Relates A Meditative Flow in Autotelic
Ways As Angels Coming From Somewhere

For A Divine Voice to Ring So Deep From Within

Yet While It May Seem Rare it is Rather A Common Reported
Occurrence for Humans Called To Adventure Yes From So Deep

Within Indeed WHeRe All Seems Connecting With God's Breath
Everywhere Beyond Infinity Now For Those Who Experience This

Higher Level
of Creativity
to Come
To Play and
Yes Even Frolic
in Every Move of Holy
Dance Bringing Sacred
Song of Poetic Soul True Now too...

Other than that A Bit Profuse on Milestones
And Featnotes These Days Ending And All Afternoon
And Evening Dance Now In Public for 16,988 MiLes
This Saturday Evening And Early Sunday Morning Now the 7th
In Florida Yep Just 12 Miles more For 17,000 Miles of Public Dance

That May Likely Come This Coming Tuesday Then While i Am Putting
Together the Current MacroVerse i am Writing Named "WEaVinG DReAMS
MaKinG LoVE ReaL" Yet That's Not All of Course As "SonG oF mY SoUL" The
Entire EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem Will Come to Be 10.8 MiLLioN Words
On August 18, 2022 for the 9th Anniversary Date Again For this Longest Long Form

Poem Ever At Least Recorded on Google With SMiLes in Ways of Electronic
Blogs As That's an Only Way to Fit in Over 130,000 Photos to Fully iLLuSTraTE
The Effort with Around 10,000 YouTube Videos Providing Theme Music All ALong
The Way With Even Supporting Research As Such As Well in Links and YouTube
Videos too So it Appears i Will Be Celebrating "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old
10.8 MiLLioN Words" Long Next And the Celebration of 17,000 Miles of Public
Dance That Will Grow Even Longer By The Day i Get That MacroVerse
Electronically Published As Well Perhaps as Late As the Beginning
Of September Yet It's True Celebrating The 'Metrics' of What
You Do is Just Muse to Do Even More Yes For Those

Who LiVE iN Abundance Naked Enough Yes Whole
Complete Nary A Worry for Money or Lots of Stuff
Any More Having Plenty of Space to Give, Share,
Care, And Heal All Of Existence With Peace
Inhaling LoVE EXHaLinG Real New Now

Other Than That Happy 6th Moving
Into The 7th With A Mass Reading
Early Sunday Review for Catholic

Church Perhaps i'll Get
to Snooze Even Again

Before the Dance
And Song So

Deep Within
Free Starts Another
Birthdate of me in Every
Inhale of Peace Exhale Of Love
For Every Holy Move of Dance and
Sacred Word of SonG STiLL to CoMe Free New Now...
Anyway Hope You Doing Well mY FRiEnD Do Take Care With SMiLes...

Enthusiasm Common
Endurance Shining Star

Catholic Mass Readings From 8.7.2022 Something About Paul Not Writing the
Letter to the Hebrews at Least Bishop Barron the Head YouTube PR Dude For the
Catholic Church Admitted As Much in His Homily for The Readings For 8.7.2022 Yes

As He Also Described The Joseph Campbell and Jungian Archetype of the Hero's Call to
Adventure And Journey Through the DarK Side And Exist Out of that Cave and Dungeon
Of What May Be Described As HeLL ON EartH Out into Heaven For Real Within Exploring
Within And Giving, Sharing, Caring, And Healing It in Some Way Yes of Art For the Village

They Originally

Came From Before
And So Very Much More
Spreading Some Good News
Wherever The Archetype of the Hero
Still Goes Now And While Bishop Barron
Admitted The Same Archetypal Story is Repeated
World Wide and Many Instances in the Old Bible too

Of Course He Wanted to Make It Seem Like the Common
Hero Journey of Jesus By Metaphor Is the Only Reason We
Get to Come Out of the Dark Of Course Forgetting That Stories
Like Buddha Did that Centuries before too And In Many Other Stories

Passing Down Cross Culturally By Archetype of Common Patterns of Human

Behaviors Through The Ages
Captured in Innumerable Ways
of All Arts Globe-Wide ThiS Way

Every Hero Story Is Worth Repeating

Yet One Do of Human THiS Way is Not
Nearly Enough For The All Hands And Feet
Effort Already We Stand Upon as Blood And Bones Now

Other than that Of Course Considering A Parable About
Master's And Slaves Is used With Beatings And The Such
As that For Master Over Slave With No Condemnation of
The Practice Still Then It is Obvious That the Old Bible is Antiquated

And If Anyone Else Tried to Relate Such a Story it Would Probably Be

Something Like A CPAC Get Together for the Republican Party Where

Close to 70 Percent of A Straw Poll of Minions Often Called Evangelical
Christians Pick the Most Despicable Leader Of All Using Every Tool at His
Disposal to Remove Part of Our Representative Democracy For Real For only

His Selfish
Reasons for
Power, Status,
And Material Gains
in Truly Toxic Patriarchal ways

No Different than the Master and
the Slaves Accommodated As the
Norm in Parables Written By So-called
Jesus at Least Attributed that way by
Ghost Authors then With Eventual Famous
Pen Names to Go According By of Course

Like Scribe Mistakes and Intentional Changes
too For Who Controlled the Ink Next Without a
Printing Press For Centuries then Yet Again in the Feel
And Sense And Do of the Hero Archetype The Story of Jesus

Need Not Ever Die

As There As So Many

Other Stories in Art that
Present the Same General
Archetypal Hero Story of the Human Condition

Plus there are even Some with No Support of

As Such True that
Would Surely Be Canceled

Today Unless it is a CPAC Meeting
With So Many Minions Supporting A Most
Despicable Leader and Still Father oF All
Lies in Alex Jones' MeMe Ways of Doing Human too...

Yuck It is what it is
Truly Irrational and
Lies Yet it's Part of the
Condition of the Condition
For Real As the Villain Archetype iN Lies
And Evil This Way is as Real As Heroes

Doing Good True

Do Elect the Hero
if Ya Wanna Stay Free

It's Common Sense and
Feel For Those With Real
HeARTS SPiRiTS SoUlS oN Fire With LoVE...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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08 Aug 2022, 1:13 am

Nature SMiles
Green With
All Colors Free

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Abundance of Sun Salutations
Every WaKinG Sunrise Morning

Gratitude For All
Sunset Beginning
As Sunrise Again

TWiLiGHT Balancing

Shining Above Now Yes
New So Below Radiating
As Love From Us Now For

All That Is As We Return
Abundance for the Rest of
Nature to Survive and THRiVE iN Shine

Too Lifting Our Arms Up
in Praise Now of Shining

Sun Raining Rays Down
Upon Us All To Give, Share,
Care, Heal For All Others With Least Harm Now...

Most Always In Program(S) Administration, Management,
Supervision, And Yes Direct Customer Service With my
God Thousands Upon Thousands of Human Beings Then

Through my Career in So Many Hands-On Ways There's No
Way i Could Have Worked From Home Yet my God the Last 5 Years

It Would Have Been Just
Nice to Focus on Either
Mechanical Cognition or
Social Cognition Instead of Having
An Open Door Policy With No Escape

to Focus on Any
One Job During the Day

Anyway a Lady Who Worked
With me Named me 'Superman'
Also Interesting in College While
Earning 3 Degrees then With 3 Part
Time Jobs At Once One Of The Young

Women Peers Named me the Same then
Yet College Was A Breeze And Yes All Those
Degrees and Part Time Jobs Versus What Almost

Killed me in the Last Years of Work Yep It Surely Might
Have Been A Life Saving Device to Focus on One Task
on A Computer At Home With No Open Door Policy For All

The World It Seemed Yet

This Much Is True And Science
Shows it So Human Empathy Has
Dropped Off Particularly in Measure of
That Empirically So Ever Since the 1990's
As Humans Became More Attached to Screens than

Face-to-Face And Anecdotally i Find Humans Less Human
Than Ever Before Particularly in Relatively Easy Customer Service

Jobs As They Really Do Have Less than What Science Shows is the Attention
Span of A Gold Fish On Average 'These Days' For Human Beings Yep Dear Miriam

Less than 3 Seconds

As We Went to a Customer
Service Desk at a Grocery Store
And the Customer Service Person never
even Looked up to Let Us Know if He was Still Open

And Additionally College Age Folks Suffer From Some Kind
of Depression and or Anxiety at levels up to 60 Percent With
Generation Z Assessed As the Loneliest Generation of All even
Lonelier than the Oldest Generation With So Many Family And Friends


When the Youngest
Generation is the loneliest ones
Ya Got Real Problems in Society
And Ya Need Real Solutions However

When No one Has Much More Attention Span And
Focus than A Gold Fish on Average It's Just a Spiraling

Stair case

Lower and
Lower Until
Folks Lose All
Desire to Even Reproduce...

Well, Well, Well, Welcome to Mother
Nature And Balance It All Fits Together
Actually As We Are Just Eventually Culling
Ourselves This way Out of Balance With Two
Thirds of Animal Species Gone away in the Last 50 Years

And 1 Out 8 Animal and Plant Species Forecast to Go Away
Extinct at the Hands of Humans in the Next 50 Years Indeed There

is A Price to Pay From Encroachment on Wild Life Habitats and Pandemic Disease
to the Domestication of the Same And Swine Flu, And Bird Flu, And Monkey Pox

And All the Rest
Still to Come

Is the Rule
With Balance
LiVE iN Balance
Or Pay the Natural
Karma of Actions and
Consequences And Humans

Are Doing That Globally More and More
As We Continue to Live out of Balance Now...

Indeed Not Looking Up From a Customer Service
Desk And Noticing Humanity is Around is a Microcosm

of the
Out of Balance
With All of Nature now...

Yet Again When all is Twitter Breathing Shallower And Shallower
Depth of Becoming We Stall and Perhaps fade away into the distance...

Humans Are Evolved to Focus on One Task in Detail And Holistic Way

of Small and Big Picture

Views in Balance of

Left and Right

of Mind too
Modern Society
is Sheer Insanity...

Yawn At Least at Home
THere is Choice to Turn the Rest of it Off

Just Birds Singing Outside the Green And
Colors of my Windows Always FLoWeRinG

SPRinGinG into Eternity of Nature Free
NeW NoW As close As A Back Door Into Paradise Free...

Yawn, "The Mood of the Country;"

Listen, Or Do Not; i LiVE iN The Creme of the Crop
Of Republican Support for Trump in the Panhandle
Of Florida And It Bears Out Well for the Median Age
Group Demographic Who Watches Fox News at Age 68;

Now It's True, These Dudes are my Peers, i Get Along With them
Fine, and Interact With Them All through the Week IN REAL LIFE;

CHRISTIANS and many of them are Retired Military As Well; Yet What Most

All of them have in Common is

Not Only Do they Live in Nice Homes,

And Have Big Four Wheel Drives and A Super
Nice Collection of Big Guns; On Average What i Observe

Day-in And Day-Out is Most of them Get Winded From the
Trip From Their Four Wheel Drives into Walmart Or Even to

Their Frigging Mail Box in the Heat of the Day And Night;

Metabolic Syndrome is Common in Their (Our) Demographic too;

And A Big Reason as Well Likely That After the So-Called 'Big Steal'

Of the Last Presidential Election All the Big Promised Protests Other than
The Fringe Element of January 6th at the Capitol Got No Further Than Fox News
on the Big Screen And 'Big Man Talk' on Facebook and at the Hardee's Breakfast Club, Etcetera...

Yet As Far as any Big Protests
Across the Nation that takes more
Wind than the Trip to the Mail Box Each Day: NO.

Other than That 'The Texas Best' as Far As Law Enforcement
Goes Now Shows the Condition of the Condition of Modern Day
Heroes Weaponized and Shielded to the Hilt Where 376 of the
Best In Texas Were too Cowardly to Overcome one Little Wimpy

Dude in A Classroom
Slaughtering Children

With A 'Big Man AR-15 Gun;'

Likely too Afraid to Even Open
the Frigging Door; There is A Lot of
Talk Yes; Yet the Reality IS VERY LITTLE ACTION;

Unless Much Younger So-Called Liberals With Courage
Enough to Take it to the Streets of Peaceful Protests as
Assessed in 93 Percent of the Peaceful BLM Protests in study as well...

There are 36 Million Registered Republicans in 2022, and 49 Million Registered
Democrats; And Now the Democrats Have a Wedge Issue of Women's Reproductive
Rights and Freedom to Health Care Taken Away; Yes, PEOPLE GET REALLY PISSED

Additionally, the Democrats at least Got something Done for the Country and Not Just
Welfare For the Rich; in Terms of Infrastructure, in Terms of Expanding Health Subsidies
For the Common Man and or Woman for Another 3 Years, And In Terms of a Most Pressing

Issue of All for the
Survival of the Species
that is Human and Many
More; Yes, Addressing Climate
Change And actually Doing Something About it;

And Oh Yeah, For that Older Demographic That Actually
Reliably Votes; Lower Drug Prices In Medicare for them as Well;

And on Top of that Sure Gas is $3.55 a Gallon in the Creme of
the Crop of Trump Town USA Support in the Panhandle of Florida;

And It's True 'They'

Are Still Pissed
off About that

As 'They' Were
Fool Enough; Yes,
Many of them to Finance

an 80,000 Dollar Pick-Up
at 0 Percent Interest for 72
Months, Soaking Up The Rest of their
Second Job to Support the Big Camper
And Boat in the Back Yard Collecting Dust
And Bird Droppings And Such as Where is the

Time to Do Anything
When Everything
is About the
Work Ethic '
to Buy Stuff
Till Death Do Ya Part...

It's True, Their So-Called Hero
Jesus Said Go With Empty Pockets;

They Do It, Yet Many, Because They
Owe So Much God Damned Money

in General of Course, as There are
Outliers Who Are Conservative that
Way for Real Like

me Who Do Not
Have to Pretend
to be a Millionaire
By the Measure of Stuff, hehe...

Yawn, 'the Political Suicide' Was More
Likely Wishing for Roe Versus Wade to
Go Away So the Democrats Get to Inherit that

Wedge issue
to Bring out
the Vote Until
That Returns to
Sanity in All States for
Women's Reproductive Rights
And Access to 'Rational Health Care' too...

Other than that Happy NATioNaL FRiEnDSHiP Day,
mY FRiEnD in Toronto Who is Still Making Her Hero
Journey out of the Dark of India All the Way through
Many Other Countries to Achieve Her American Dream of

Me of that Today...

Yes, The American Dream;

One of Freedom in Unity Of Truth Now;

Not One In Strife of Division Over Lies;

She's Already the Most Patriotic American i Know

And She
Hasn't Even
Arrived, Spending

10 Years of Her Life
Coming From Nothing
to Several MBA's, Etc., Top of
the Class In India and all that Jazz

For A Big Four Accounting Firm Now

to Make Her American Dream Come True
Through Desert Summers Through Frozen Winters

And Meanwhile People b***h and Complain Out of Breath Making it to

Their Mail Box,


one more
Day Forgotten
For What it Even
Means to Be An American;

Freedom For All, Not Just One
Religion or One Cause or Caste Below the Eyes of An Eagle in Flight...

Anyway, Gotta Get my Butt Off This Ice Cold Computer Box and Get to
Catholic Church to Sing 'The Lord's Prayers' With all my Retired Military

Buddies Who
Vote Trump
Till They Die

In One form or another...

Any Form Will Do; Trump
is Just Another Stone, Ripple in A Pond;

He Will Be as Forgotten Soon As George W Bush;

Yet of Course Written into the Stones of Darkness of HiSToRY Books...

And Always
A 'Fun Dark
Meme' Who
Might Even Replace

'Adolf Hitler' as Darkness Incarnate...

Who Knows Perhaps Even A 'REAL DEvil'
In A New Religion Remembering His 'Kind' of Human...

And Making Sure They Don't Come Again to Threaten

Yes a True
Religion New Now of

Will Under Love For All...

Christianity Gave it a 'Good' 'Shot'
Yet it Continues to Change into the

Color 'Orange'....

And Running
STiLL Streams of
Blood in Ignorance
That Still Harms, Rapes,
Maims, And Kills Most;

Fortunately, Though, Now,

Much of it is Running Out of Wind...

For WHere An Eagle Still Flies FREE FOR REAL

with gravity
for real too...

Just Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
Love in Balance With Nature Free...

Oh Wow!
i Had No Idea
It Is National
Day Thanks
So Much For
Your Sweetest
Angel Wishes Dear
FRiEnD With Prayers
Of Eternal Joy For You

Happy SuNDaY too!!...

LeSSoN 428
Standing TaLL And Broad With
WiLL And Strength On
Top Of Love And Balancing
Grace No Matter Height
Or Weight A Place For A Call

To Adventure in Every
New Inhale of Peace
ExhalinG Love With
Joy For All With

Least Harm Out
Of Darkness into
LiGHT Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Lessons

For All of
Life Perhaps
No Giants, Genies,
Or Harry Potter MaGiC

Yet A Love For
Life Within That
Has No Equal Yes
God Within Yes

The Unique

You Dear

To Fly Love Free

This Journey Of Loving
Life THiS Joy of Both DarK


And Every
Call To Adventure
Every New Photograph

Of Your
Soul Now
Etched Too
In my Memories
Of Adventure And Play True...

SMiles Dear Rafiah
Happy 7th Today
i Pray You A Spirit
Of Play With Smiles
Of Joy A Call to
Adventure Now
For Happiness
To Spring Dear
FRiEnD Deep

With Wings
Touching heART
SoUL Loving Life...

Ah Yes And
You Too Dear
Cindy With SMiles
Of Paradise To
Play More

To Do Lists
Of Work Hehe...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Abundance of Sun Salutations
Every WaKinG Sunrise Morning

Gratitude For All
Sunset Beginning
As Sunrise Again

TWiLiGHT Balancing

Shining Above Now Yes
New So Below Radiating
As Love From Us Now For

All That Is As We Return
Abundance for the Rest of
Nature to Survive and THRiVE iN Shine

Too Lifting Our Arms Up
in Praise Now of Shining

Sun Raining Rays Down
Upon Us All To Give, Share,
Care, Heal For All Others With Least Harm Now...

Nature SMiles
Green With
All Colors Free

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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09 Aug 2022, 12:50 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy We All LiVE iN A Boat
With Paddles True Sails Will Do With Fair
Winds and Following Seas Yet Some Days

It Takes An All Hands
Effort Lifting Others

Up to Reach Land
Out Of Endless Ocean too

Indeed We Appreciate Each Other
More When We Lift Each Other Up
in Respect of the Value of All Humans Now...

New Found Confidence
Dear Xenia What i See in
A New FRiEnD'S EYes Pure

As White Sands
Touch Paws

of Love
Unique And Free...

NaTuRE ALways Changing
Other Animals Always Exploring

New is the Way of Nature

Change is the Way
of Exploring

Never Ending
New Adventure
For Humans And Other
Animals Yes Dogs Set Free True...

Indeed Dear Xenia
Leaves Play A Flute
of Dog Believing

In Nature's

Song Free
All LiVinG Trees
FoReST Whole Changing
Dancing All The Way Home Free...

Water of Life
Ocean Dreams
Rain Drops Fall
ANew in Breath
Ocean Above
Below So
Free in
of Us
With SMiLes...

Sunshine Greetings Above
Below Within Inside Outside
Now Just
All Around
Dear Xenia
Sun is Shining New
Within Now For SMiLes...

Thanks Dear Sohair
Yes Still Plenty of Place
Left To Give Share Care
Heal With Least

For All
Dear FRiEnD...

Sadly, 'This' is Where the 'Literal Effect' of 'Materially Reducing Scientism' Comes into Reality too;

Hehe, The Placebo Effect is Actually The Power of Believing One is Gonna Be Healed Through Emotional Feeling
And Sensory Intent Greatly Involving Our Subconscious Minds; And It's True Science Has No Materially Reduced

Way to Determine Discretely
Why the Placebo Effects May
Be Strong Enough in Some
Cases to Put Some So-called
Terminal Illness in the File Cabinets
of Unexplained Remission From So-Called Terminal Disease;

Oh by The Way, If 'You' Don't Believe in 'VooDoo'; Indeed The Power
of Negative Beliefs In 'Nocebo Effects' May Actually Influence Our Subconscious
Minds in Even Actions With Negative Feelings Senses in Emotions to Come to a Most

Unfortunate Early
Demise of Disorder;

Yet It's True, Science Also
Shows, Some Folks Are More
Subject to These Powers of Suggestion
in Feeling And Sensing Synergies of Emotions
Deep Within Consciously Than Others Are For Real;

And Here Comes the 'Drill,' Or in My Case Then, 66 Months
of the Worst Pain Known to Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep No Drug of Medicine Would Touch For me

in my Right
Eye and Ear,

Shut-in, in my
Bedroom Then for
66 Months; Well Guess
What as Restricted in Left Brain
Thinking Processes As Illustrated Well
By Respected Oxford Scholar, Psychiatrist, And Researcher
Iain McGilchrist, Modernly Today, Well Beyond Old Myths
of Right Brain and Left Brain Characteristics; We Have More

Potential As Human Beings When We Better Integrate Our Left Brain
Processes in Terms of Grasping the World With More Limited Emotions
of Fear and Anger and The Such That is More Inherently A Left Brain Hemisphere Process

Than Right Brain Hemisphere Process; Yes, It's True i Healed myself From What No Doctor
Could Do, With A Meditating Free Verse Poetic Way of Opening Up My 'Rivers of Belief' Within;

And Indeed, i Keep Myself in the 'Spirit of a Child in Play' of Autotelic Moving Meditation this Way too;

What are the Actions
And Consequences
Empirically As Such
For Living A Positive
Emotional And Sensory
Way of Life Like This; Well,
For those Who Cannot Move Past
'Scientisms', There is the Fact that i Still
Leg Press Up to 1520 Pounds at Age 62 as
Sure that may Be Discretely and Empirically Measured

At the Military Gym; and True, Folks Forty Years Younger than
me Get Out of Breath Trying to Keep Up With my Dance For 10 Minutes
Still Now; Also True, if they Try my Free Style of Spiraling Moving Meditation They Often

Are Ready to Fall on their
Butts Within Minutes

of Trying it;

And True, it is very
Possible to Discretely
Measure 10.7 MiLLioN Words
of Free Verse Poetic Responses
in A Longest EPiC Long Form Poem
to Humans All Round the Globe on
Average of writing 100,000 Words this
Way Per Month For 107 Months as Well as Documenting
16,996 Miles Now of Public in 106 Months too; So How Do i Do it;

i Couldn't Speak Until i Was Four, and Was the Weakest Assessed School
Kid Assessed in the Aquarium Then And Surely Not Assessed By A Metro
Area Community in Documentation Way of 1300 Comments in A Viral Facebook
Video with 90,000 Views As Famous, Hero, And Living Legend Just for a Free Dance in

Public For Almost
9 Years Now; Yet
of Course, the First
Day i Heard 'Living Legend'
Was About a Year in, in 2014
of doing That Just For the Healing
Therapy of Autotelic Moving Meditation
That Even Science Shows is a Successful
Therapy For Treatment of Autistic Kids in

Getting Them Out of their Systemizing Mechanical
Cognition Minds And Opening Up Pathways of Social-Empathic-





Don't get Caught Up in Religious Scientific Traditions of Labels for the
Essence of the Healing Power of Real Feeling And Sensing Synergy of Emotional

Belief Far Beyond
Just 'Word Think'

in the Subconscious

Minds and What This Means

Is the 'Little Wafer', the 'Little Sugar
Pill of Jesus' That Some Folks Receive


Than a Caring Physician
Who We May Trust at the
Doctor's Office with Complete
Faith that the Sugar Pill is Gonna
Heal Us And If We Really Believe IT, in Some cases it Does;

Voila, We Get Better Without Even Any Actual Medicine at
All Except for the Power of Suggestion in Positive Healing Power
By A Sugar Pill or A Wafer of Bread That Folks Really Believe is an

Imaginary Character
Named Jesus at Church too;

For It's True, if 'You' Don't
(Not Addressing Anyone
in Particular Here Now)
Believe it Works, You Don't
Believe in the Placebo Effect
Either That is Also Real in Sugar Pill form too...

It's True An Imaginary Figure Like Jesus Comes
in Many Forms of Sugar Pills in Healing Through

Wafers of Bread,
Etcetera too...

Yet Voodoo,
in Regard to
The Nocebo
Effect Is Equally
As Real Now;
i Don't Even
Feed Myself any

Scary Movies,
or Murder Mysteries;

What We Consume Indeed
We Come to Be More Light or Darkness For Real too...

Other than that Before i Created My Own Placebo Effects
in Autotelic Meditating Ways of Free Dance And Song there

IS ALSO THE EMPIRICAL FACT, i scored a 45 on the AQ Autism
Quotient Scan As Designed By Simon Baron Cohen; And the After

Effect is Still 11 Now;

And as Far As EQ, i Score
in the Mid-90's As Opposed
to the Mid-50's Before All for

(In Overall Increases of
Emotional Intelligence)

A Free Dance And Song of Life
Springing Deep Within in the 'Rivers of Belief' Real...

Not Everyone Takes Advantage of This; Not even Folks
In Church Who Basically Are Dead Inside, Even When They 'Eat So-called

Jesus in
A Wafer of Bread'...

It is Indeed A Very 'Occult' Tradition in Mysteries Science Discretely
Cannot Fully Measure Now in Practice for Real Like Sugar Pills too;

The Effects Are Real; Science Just Doesn't
Have a Tool to Measure What Cannot and

Will Not Be Fully Measured; Yeah, Like How
Human Consciousness Works Either For Real Within
When 'Lights' And 'Darkness' Are Turned on or off of Course...

Quantum Mechanics Relates How Little We Truly Understand about
Reality; And Nobel Prize Winners in that Field Are Assessed as Only

4 Percent

It Depends

on What one Experiences of Life;

Some View 'Deeper than the Ocean Blue';

Others Can't Even Get Below the Surface of the
Ocean Whole As That Relates to Autotelic Flow

And The Integrating of Much More Human Potential
Realizing in Creativity And Productivity For Real Sort of

Like the
'Depth of
This Blue
Whale Story
Here' Far Beyond
Average Gold Fish Attention Spans
of Modern Humans; Yes, Less than
3 Seconds As Science Assesses that

Reality Now True too...

Hey, i Understand What It's Like
Not to Have A Creative Bone in my
Body; And Hey, Now i Am No Longer The Human i Was Before...

What Folks Referred to At School As 'Four Eyes' And At Work Then
A Valuable Commodity to Solve Problems and a 'Computer Brain' too;

Hehe, Even When i First
Came to this Internet Site
Some Folks Actually 'Tried to Bully'
me For A Lack of Creativity then, HAha...

Change Happens,
As the Old Sayings
Go, Horatio And Ripley
Believe it or Not And All that Jazz True too...

So Let's (me) Answer the Age Old Question Is God Real;

All That i Do is Naked Enough Whole Complete For Paradise
Within Inside Outside Above So Below All Around Now Eternally Real

For Every Place i've
Explored, i've Never 'Heard' Or
'Seen' About A God More Real Now
Than What My Existence is As Verb For Real

It's Just All That is of My Life Experience Now For Real

As Real As Real
Gets in My
Dance and
Song of Life For Real;

i Don't Trust Anyone Else
Yet me With My Organic Soul;

Already Lost it For Long and i Ain't
Going Back to the Empty Place
Within for Eternally Now at Least...

“There will come to the people years of treachery, when the liar will be
regarded as honest, and the honest man will be regarded as a liar; the
traitor will be regarded as faithful, and the faithful man will be regarded as a traitor"

Oh Dear Lord Sohair This Rings So Prophetic And True still Today Where i LiVE
SO MUCH my FRiEnD Yet It's True 'These People' Will Not Be Successful

Unless They Have Those Who Sadly Walk
in Darkness And Support Their Ways

of Often Harming,

Even Raping, Yes Maiming,

And Even Killing Dear FRiEnD Too
And In the United States There are

Beloved Movies For Mostly Children
Called A 'Minions Series of Movies'

Where Sadly There Are Some Folks
Who Become Addicted to the Most
Despicable Leader And Follow

Them No Matter What

Yet of Course the

Reality and
The Message
Is Described As

A Comedy And Cartoon
For Children Yet Indeed it
Does Prepare them For Reality
In A Light Natured Way As Possible
too For Real As True in Life THere Are Heroes
Who Cannot Separate The Empathy For Others
From Themselves Who Bond And Bind Over Truth iN LiGHT

And in Fact This is the Kind of Leader Even Chimpanzees Pick
To Lead Them When Healthy in Well Organized More Loving Ways

of Surviving and Thriving my FRiEnD Yet Again There is the Nature of
The 'Human Beast' too A Villain Who Will Also Break Rules Yet to Harm the

Least Among Us Instead of Help Yet What Often Sets A Villain Separate From
A Hero Most Is They Have Close to Zero Levels of True Empathy For Others
And Live
An Empty
Life of Love

Within Where
Sadly They Often
Inflict Lies and Pain
On Others Who Are Willing
To Receive IT From These Most
Despicable Leaders As True

Sadly Many of them
Are Raised in

This Way

In A Real Kind of
Purgatory Through
Hell of Bonding and
Binding Even in Love of DarK

Indeed My FRiEnD Addicted to Darkness For Real
Every Mother Who Hugs a Child And Pays Close
Loving Attention to them And Father too

Brings A Child More Likely to
Withstand This Darkness

And Rule Life in

How Fortunate
Are We Who Are
Born And Bred
As Love THiS WaY For Real...

Always A
Dear Ruchi
With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi Asian Women
Are Naturally Blessed By Nature
As Inherently Beautiful True Skin

Glowing And Not Pale White Like Some
of my Ancestors From 'The Great White North' Hehe

Yet It's True Folks Always Wondered How i Tan So
Well in Florida When i Am Young With Such Light Coloring

Eyes From Green to Blue Yet It's Also true Not Only Was my
Grandfather Born in Ireland And His Father Born in the Black Forest

of Germany
His Cajun Wife's
Gift Olive Skin From France

Hmm my Mother's Side Mostly Pale
Yet Digging Deeper 23 and me The Fancy
Chromosome Test Reveals Like So Many Other

People Unsuspecting i Have a Nigerian Ancestor
And South Asian Ancestor From likely the 1800's too

Sure Probably on That Darker More Cajun Side of my Father too
And Also True That only Makes up 1.6% Up My Ancestry Yet Never the

Less it is Not 'Make Up' and Perhaps Real Enough For me to Still Tan
in Florida
With SMiLes

As It Surely Comes
In Handy Having Some
Ability to Generate Darker
Pigment in All This Sunshine

Here Year 'Round With Smiles

Anyway my Wife is Half Pacific Islander
With American Indian And yes Some Irish
too True my Dark Haired Girl is Naturally Beautiful

Like You Nope You Will Never Need Make-up my FRiEnD
Just the Way You Are You Will Be the Beautiful Soul Radiating

Your SMiLe
From Within

It's True i Will Be Driving
Down the Road And at 52 Years
Old my Wife's Face So Beautiful
Still Glowing i Must Touch Her Face to Make

Sure i am Not Dreaming Still Now and Of Course
Yes She Asks Why in the World Am i Touching

Her Face
True Because

She is One of a Kind
And Naturally Beautiful

And Even Beauty Specialists
Say That the Dark Under An Indian
Woman's Eyes is What Makes Her
So Naturally Beautiful too Yet What's More

Beautiful than the Shining Smile of A Soul
Through Windows of Ebony Eyes True You too mY FRiEnD

Walk Tall and Proud no Matter Your Height or Weight As You
Are A Gift of God's Love Shining Real From Within mY FRiEnD

And Don't
You Ever Forget

It i Surely Don't
Let my Wife Forget
it With SMiLes of Practically
Worship Fit for A Real Goddess in

Thanks and Praise For A Gift of
God All Naturally Real mY FRiEnD...

Haha, and Speaking of Make-up You
Can Ask my Wife if i Can't Make Someone

Blush They Must Not Have Blood in Their Face Hehe...

Anyway Oh my Lord That Blue Dress is Fit For A Goddess Indeed With SMiLes...

Art is the
of God For

Others to Breathe

Thanks For All the

Life Giving Breath

You Bring Dear Savvy...
One of Earth's Angels...

There is A Dance Now of Toxic Cooperation and Toxic Competition

That Literally Threatens the Long Term Existence of the Human Species

On The Micro-Level How Blessed Are the Ones Who Are Able to at Least

Temporary Escape 'IT' Yet What About Cultures Based on Toxic Patriarchy

And Religions that Do Everything These Arms of

Culture Will Do to Keep Married

Folks in Toxic Relationships too

Yet There's Pakistan

Where Families Have

to Buy Husbands for Wife's

Whether the Prospective Bride

For Sell Desires to Be Involved in

First Date Night Marriage of Organized Prostitution
Or Not With Statistics That Speak 50 Percent of Married
Women From Pakistan Are Physically Abused By Husbands
And 90 Percent Are Verbally Abused as Cattle Branded And Bred Same....

Rapes in Marriages At 40 Percent in Some States of India of
Course All Legal and

'Tendered' too...

Thing is Humans as
The Movie 'Contact'
As Inspired By Carl Sagan
With Jodie Foster And An Extraterrestrial
With All The Answers Provided Such a Simple

Truth A Strange Mix We Are of Neo-Cortex,
Limbic, And Reptile Trinity Mix of Brains
That Makes What

We Are Now

Capable of Such

Beautiful Dreams

in Fruition and Nightmares

Same What Makes Life Bearable

Is the Loving Giving Sharing Caring

Connections We Make With Each Other



Really the Same

Message of the Story

of Jesus the Good Parts

At Least in a Mustard Seed

Of Who We May Become A

Greater Tree of RiSinG Love

or Living Trees that No Longer Fruit With A Force Of Love...

It's Not that i'm Preaching to You Just Singing to my Soul

Again Thanks For the Cheap Rental Space in New York, New York...

It's Just a Soul Hack Imagining Singing to an Audience Always Enhances Soul Speak...

Just A Sugar Pill on

The Way to Church
Now Dear Miriam

Not Much Different

Than When A Dude
Becomes Sliced Bread...

Just So He Will Give More For Free..
And It Doesn't Matter How Folks Slice

Him If He's Not Really Real And Just Symbols For Deeper Soul...

How Kind of You Dear Peace & Truth
To Drop By The Night Side of Our Earth
To Wish us Good Night Wishes Even Naming

Us Angels
With SMiLes

i Particularly Enjoyed
Your Poem on Zen This
Morning and The Difficulties
of Closing Zen in Words to Describe
An Experience of Zen As Of Course

In Terms of Essence And Existential Intelligences
For All Our Unique 'EYeS of the Nature of 'God' Whole
And Separate And Unique By Every Part Now of the Whole
in Regulating and Integrating Now Even Human Feelings and
Senses in A Synergy of Emotions Feeling SenSinG EXPReSSinG
From Head to Toe And So Much More At Best We Use Metaphors
Perhaps in Flow To Help Others Feel the Samadhi, Satori, Prana, Chi,
Kundalini Rising Yoga; the Dao and Tao; And Creative Holy Spirit Ecstatically
EXPReSSinG Nirvana in Peace and Love Bliss So Much More of Human Potentials Realizing

Them Now Always
Evolving New Yes
In Deeper Views of 'God'
EYeS All Ours to Unleash
And Release More of Our Deeper
Subconscious Human Potentials in Social-
Ways of HeART SPiRiTUaLITY As the Higher Power that

Is More Often Found in the Metaphor of Bigger Picture Viewing
Right Hemisphere Ways of Mind And Body SoUL Whole Processes
Dear FRiEnD YeT AGAiN No Matter How Many Diverse Metaphors We
Use to Express The Similarities of the Autotelic Meditating Contemplating
Interpreting Creative Much More Productive Potential of Human Becoming Regulating
All Feelings And Senses in Synergy of Emotions And Yes Integrating All Senses ThiS
Way As Well Until One Does Actually Feel and Sense This Autotelic Flow At Essence

Similar Always Now
Cross CuLTuRaLLY
Many Diverse Forms of
Words and Other Symbols
Expressing Unique Human New
Ideologies Now No Matter What We
Dance or Sing Without the Experience of these
New Existential Intelligence Potentials 'The Blind

Do Not See' and 'The Deaf Do Not Hear Reborn' With Only

Eyes and Ears As Organs As This is Soul Whole Mind And
Body Naked Enough Always Completing Our Human Potentials
More Regulating And Integrating Feelings And Senses in Flow For Real...

As The Rest of Nature Spirals At Smaller Levels and Larger Levels Until
All Distance, Space, Time, And Matter of Things Disappear into a Way of Pure

Dear FRiEnD For
Real Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE With
Least Harm For All Giving
Sharing, Caring, Healing This
WaY ETeRNaLLY Improving Now Real

Always Worth LoVinG NoW...

"Christianity needs a complete overhaul to get back to
Jesus' message of love, inclusion, healing, and reconciliation."

For Real...

Hmm, 'This' Should Be One of Those Copy and Paste
Gimmicks on Facebook; i Will Think of A Few FRiEndS
Even in A Trump Town USA Who Might Actually DO IT;

Anyway, One Word
To Say in Affirmation
Of Every Word On the List:


iF iT Ain't Love
For All With
Least Harm
i Ain't Doing IT...

Thank You For Your Attention
Fnord To Detail in Big Picture Way

Of Christianity Indeed aS Overall
Practiced i Also Do See For God Damned Real...

Here's WHere "What Aboutism" Comes into Play
ON This Topic Where A Member Here And More
Championed Alex Jones As A 'Hero' Instead of a 'Villain'...

IF 'You' Meet Donald Trump and Can't Figure Out He is A Con-Man
One-on-One In-depth Of SHALLoWesT Conversation With Him Chances Are

You are Gonna Have a Much Harder Life, Perhaps 'Stumbling on 5th Avenue And Not Getting Up;'

Similar Applies to Folks Like Alex Jones, George W Bush; And Other Used Car Folks Selling Lemons
STiLL With Life-Time Guarantees that Never Pan Out; Similar, With Most Every Conspiracy Theory STiLL,

Including So-Called
'Sacred CowS' in Most
All Religions/Politics/
Philosophies/ And Even Only
Materially Reduced 'Scientisms'

That By Any Integrated View

Most Definitely Are Conspiracy
Theories too by Con-Men and
Or Women too; Or Through Ignorance That
Actually Still Is A GreaTesT Human CuLTuRaL
Pandemic That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills
Us And All of Nature Most; And Yes, THere Is Another

Side of this Story Directly On Topic too; Like The
Great Band, 'The Police' Sing With Lyrics, "When the
World is Running Down You Make the Best of What
Is Still Around" With Sting in the Lead As Singer See How

This Effortlessly in Ease Lyrically Is Coming to Be A Melody and
Song of mY Soul in Flow Not Unlike What 'Neo' Said Toward The End of

One of the 'Matrix
Movies Still Playing'

Gonna Party Like A
'Zion Rave Dance' on Fire
MakinG Love to ALL Existence New
Yes As Long as This Peace Lasts Now...

Peace of Mind is Worth All the Effort
it Takes to Actually Inhale Peace Exhale
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT All God Damned Day

And Night Long;

Yet of Course,

Only If ya Make



in the Real Case of 'Gnashing Teeth And Weeping' Cheeks All the Way

Through Life,

Never Writing
One'S Own Story And
Playing it Free Real Now
And Instead, Oh YUCK, Just Living

In Another Con-Man's Story Now Like
An Alex Jones' Con; Yet Yes, Make No
Mistakes, the Similar Applies ACross
Cross-Cultural Lies, Including 'Sacred

Cows' in Most Every Religion
Designed to Master
Control And


in Material
Still With An ORGANIC Soul
That No Longer Feels and Senses
More Beautiful Colors of Existence From


YEP, Far Behind/Ahead Any Used Car Sales Person
or Snake-Oil Sales Person on the "Side of the Road

to 'Damascus"
And The Such
All through HiSToRY
Still Recorded For All
Those Who Still See through


Yes And or
Woman Lies...

True, In ParT, This
IS What 'Being Awake'
REALLY Means Seeing through
the Lies and Making Life Good FOR YOU.


With A 'Little Help' From
'Some FRiEnDS' And
Technology of

Course too, Hehe;

i Do As True;

Yet Not Gonna Suggest
It's Easy for Anyone to Actually Do It

SMiLes Dear Savvy We All LiVE iN A Boat
With Paddles True Sails Will Do With Fair
Winds and Following Seas Yet Some Days

It Takes An All Hands
Effort Lifting Others

Up to Reach Land
Out Of Endless Ocean too

Indeed We Appreciate Each Other
More When We Lift Each Other Up
in Respect of the Value of All Humans Now...

Oh Lord A Shingles Vaccine and Flu Vaccine
Taken Together Truly Now Is Giving me a Feather
Weight Taste of Flu To Be Able to Do This Too Yep
Brain Fog Deluxe
Unless One Makes
Other Living Arrangements
With SMiLes of Joy TRuE iN LiGHT For Real...

And With that Said an Abbreviated Tale of the Tape
As 'SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest Form Bible Poem
Is Gonna Go 10.8 MiLLion Words By August 18,2022 Then
in 9 Years Yes STiLL Celebrating That World For Real Then Too
"Nether Land Bible " Ongoing Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2016
Now at 8.2 MiLLioN Words and "FB Profile Pic Bible" 6.6 MiLLioN Words
Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 With All the Facebook Profile Pic
Description Areas Filled In As Well with Close to 8,000 Words Or So True

In Newly Minted Adventures
ThiS Way With Even More SMiLes
And With 16,996 Miles of Public Dance
in Yes 106 Months No Question i Am
Alive New Now serving as the one
too Who Turns Lights
On And Off True with

When DayLiGHT
Comes as You too

With SMiLes of Course Now
As This Concludes "WEaVinG DReAMS
MaKinG LoVE ReaL" At 12:33 AM on 8.9.2022
Electronic Publishing Coming As Well Soon Enough Hehe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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10 Aug 2022, 1:57 am

"SonG oF mY SoUL
9 YearS Old
10.8 MiLLioN Words"

SMiLes Dear Savvy Out oF All CHaoS NoW
FLoWeR of Creativity ALWaYS BLooMInG
New Colors DarK Thru LiGHT mY FRiEnD


Lift A
A Breeze
Let Feathers
Ride The Wind

SoulS UNLeaSHinG
Dancing Singing
Freely With No
So New

SPiRiT Free
With SMiLes
oF LoViNG All
DarK Thru LiGHTFuLLY...

God Born Naked Real NeW
Humans Add Clothes NoW
God STill Becoming NeW

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Believe Every Day Now
Comes to Be A Fresh New

Color of FLoWeR Indeed

i Color Life
ThiS Way


THiS Way Year 'Round

No Matter SeASoN
Within mY FRiEnD...

Thanks Dear
Sohair Seems
Easier In Some
Ways For The
Older Than

Indeed Strange...

“Have you ever left the pain behind,
in search of some other state of mind?“

Prophetic Words
of Past TaLinG
Stories Birthing

Poetry of SoUL

Deep Within the
DarK to Doors New
oF LiGHT As Quoted
Above From Your FRiEnD
Jeff Dear Cindy Yet What

Is Also So Sad And True
Is Some Folks Never Make
it to the Other Side of the Door
of DarK Yet What They May Leave

Behind is Pain that May Transform Into
Greatest Arts Still With Hope Wings SMiLinG...

SMiLes Aeidolon
Indeed The World
Has Problems When
The Oldest Generation
is Happier to Be Alive

Than the Youngest
Generation Promises
Lived Promises Lost Indeed

It Seems
Yet Hope
to Lift mY FRiEnD...

So Sad it is Dear
Miriam When and
WHere 'Work' of
This Life Takes
Us Away From
Play of Nature
Real With
Peace Exhaling

Just Coming Out of the
DarK Again to SMiLe Free...

SMiLes Dear Sohair Indeed 'The Alien Meme' Makes Such A Great
Metaphor For Many Views of Our Existence And Separate From Nature

Too amusingly Humans Are Waiting For Aliens to Visit Us From Other Planets

Where Some Folks Have Become So Alienated From the Nature of Our Earth
They Already Make
Plans to Live
on Mars
Where We
Are Not Evolved
to Live Anywhere
Else Yet On Earth
We Come From All
Naturally As Part of
Earth Whole We aRe True

On the Other Hand the Elements that
Make Above Also Make Below As Super
Nova Explosions of Star Death Crucible
Fire Spread Iron into Our Bloodstreams
And Even Core of Earth From Gaseous
Star Dust Resurrecting As Us and True

After Our Sun Goes Away ThiS Way of
Death and Resurrection Ashes of

Us May Become New Life too
Breathing Again too Dear
FRiEnD Sohair Yet Now of

Course Sadly We LiVE Out
of Balance Alienated NoW as
Real Aliens from the Nature of
Our EartH We Clothe Our Lives With
So Many Technological Tools Separated
From Nature in This Way We Even Become
Distanced More From the Farthest Star Away

That is Truly Us Reflecting Nature of God Even
More in Reality Moving Connecting Co-Creating
With Nature Free THiS WaY SMiLes Dear Sohair this
EartH This Nature Our Only Home Still Evolving For

Love at Best
in Cooperation
Over Stingy Competition

Where if Everyone in the World
Used as Many Resources of Earth as
the United States Still Does This Would
Require 5 Earths to Work Now yet It's True
There is No Planet As Far As Science Aided Eyes

Are able to See Evolved For Us As Is to Totally Be i AM

And Honestly Any True Wise Species on Other Planets if they
Exist Likely Would Have Common Feel and Sense to Realize

WHere THeir
Only Home Now
Is to Be Naked Enough
Whole Complete WHeRE
FLoWeRS Truly Make LiFE Worth LoVinG...

SMiLes Dear Yamini Every FRiEnDSHiP Is A Season Unto Ourselves
Like A New Connection Tween Stars Lighting Up the Sky Below With
SMiLEs Oh How Modern Technology Allows Us to Hold

Onto Every Drop
of Stormy Memories

Every Shine of Eyes
In Sunshine SMiLing

Yes A Smartphone Will
Capture So Much of Life

To Treasure And Take Us to
That Day Far Away in Our Memories DarK Thru LiGHT
Yes So Very Close Again to Feel and Sense Now SMiLes

in the Last 9 Years After Losing Effective Use
of my Eyes and Ears With the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia and
18 Other Disorders the 66 Months Before That i Surely

Make A New Memory of Life Worth Keeping Every Breath
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love This Way in Art Of Life to Treasure More

It's True God Is Only
As Big As We Love mY
FRiEnD Every New Color
Of Loving Life We Create in
All Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Ways Of Life at Best Always Naked Enough
Whole Complete Giving Sharing Caring Healing
Memories Come to Be For Others True Shared As Art

Before Covid-19 Closed the Big Metro Dance Hall Down
And All the New Waves that Have Prevented A Safe Return
There 298 Weeks i Went to Dance 6 Years Starting at age 53
And Concluding There in 2020 3 Months Before my June 6th Birthday

A Solo Dance Brought Smiles to Thousands Upon Thousands of Young
College Age Folks And Out of 200 or So Thousand and Potentially More

i Captured the Memories of Ecstatic Frolicking Communal Dance in
Action of Dancing Smiles That Way Around 2000 Photos Some with
6 or More Folks SMiLing in Ecstatic Joy of Dance With me And It's

True i Was Always So Busy Making New Memories i Never Had
An Opportunity to Review the Counting of my Blessings In
Photographic Memories that way And so Now Away
From the Metro Dance Hall All Packed Like
Sardines Hundreds in the Big Dance
Hall Together then Now more
Restricted to the Rest
of Public places

Like Stores

i Still Have all those
Memories to Share From
6 Years of Ecstatic Smiling Joy
With Others And i Do Select
Memories From All 6 Years
As Seasons From the
Past Become


New Through the Years
Now Again in the "SonG oF mY
SoUL" The EPiC Long Form Poem i Write
Coming to 10.8 MiLLioN Words on 8.18.2022
That is the 9th Year Anniversary Date of That Long
Form Poem That is Just an Anthology of Poetic Words
too Responding to Folks in 'Real Time' Now As i Go Free
Verse More just Like This With SMiLes Now And It's True as
EPiC Long Form Poems go the 'Mahābhārata' Written Originally
in Sanskrit From India Hehe Used to Be the Longest EPiC Long
Form Poem Before i Was Born on 6.6.60 At 1.8 MiLLioN Words

HAha Now
my EPiC Long
Form Poem Coming
to Be 10.8 MiLLioN
Words is 6 Scale More
With SMiLEs Yet It's True
my FRiEnD if i didn't Literally
Go to HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months
of Memories in the DarK Dead Zone Days
Season of My Life Then Chances Are i Would

Not See And Do A Love As i Do Now For All That Is
Coloring in All the Empty Spaces of God i Used to Be


Blind and
Deaf to Particularly
on the Autism Spectrum
Then So Limited to Mechanical
Cognition Left Brain Hemisphere
Restricted Processing of the World

in Taking Things Apart instead of Putting
Life's Stories All Together As One Force of Love me With SMiLes...

Indeed my FRiEnD We Humans Come From the Blood and Bones
And Love

oF All Our
We Move Connect
And Co-Create With Others...

Hehe Dear 'Peace & Truth' i'm Actually the 244 Pound Angel
My Wife is the Little One HAha at 115 Pounds or So Half my
Size and Less Hehe True i Float on Terrestrial Land Close

to the Ground Now
Yet Sadly There
Are No Wings
to Lift me
Up Much Higher
Than i Already Am

As True Hehe i've Been
Known and Felt and Sensed
to Stay Very High even Attached
to Terrestrial Earth With SMiLes my my

How Sweet You Are 'Peace & Truth'' Writing
Both Us Twin Souls and Angels as You Name

Us a Wonderful Poem This Morning That Sings
We Are "Weaving Patterns of Mist Amongst the World"

And It's True Unlike the Old Testament of the Bible in
Passover There is No Green Fog of Death Here in Mist

Only LivinG Love Dear FRiEnD 'Peace & Truth' With SMiLes
And my Goodness 4 Kind Messages in One Morning as i will Also

Poetically Respond to Those too Here You Don't Need A Face to Follow
Twin Souls Now Only Love With Wings That Dances and Sings Within Free

And True Your Goodnight is Our Morning And True Our Morning is Your
Goodnight Yet WHere i LiVE iN LoVE There is no Time, Distance, Space
or 'Matter of Things' LoVE ETerNaLLY Dances Sings me With SMiLes For Real

Indeed Two Kisses of Love for Seven Doves Carrying Olive Branches Of Peace
And LoVE iNHaLinG EXHaLinG Free THiS Way Eternally Now New mY FRiEnD...

Secrets we Are
Secrets we Expose
Secrets we Become
DarK NoW

Winks Seeing
That This is
Just another
Part oF A Newer
Much Longer
Feat of Epic Long
Form Poetry It Is
Also written
As A Never


Wonder for
Anyone cut
Out New Of
ABox to Read...

Thanks Again
FRiEnD Verily
Easy Does
Bore me
As surely
Easy Bores
You too at
First Glance Mind...

Hehe in Any case For the
Metaphor of 'Wu Wei' This Never Ending
Always Beginning Complexity is the Non-Knowing-Doing
New Now of Effortless Ease As Wings Fly Higher As Wind Free

On GoD
SPeeD LoVE...
Thanks Sohair...

A Little Secret 'We' Understand 'A Real Jesus/Buddha/
Lao Tzu/Yoda/Neo' Remains Relatively Unscathed

Protected By Ignorance

A Double Edged Sword Ignorance Harms, Rapes, Maims, Kills
ItS Own Yet Closed SouLeD Leaves Poets/Artists/Prophets Unscathed

LeSSoN 429
Man Or Machine Who
Will Win Man With Brawn
Or Machine Intellect i Vote
Bugs Bunny Wit WitH Deeper

Holes Still
To Explore
Will Under
Love of Course
With SMiles Beyond
All Brawn, Empirical
Measure, And Wit

To Express
With SMiles
Power of LoVE iN
Deed off The Charts
Of Measure in Brawn
Machine Intellect And Wit

Hehe Yet
i Shall Employ All
These Virtues With SMiles
In A Saintly Way Of Course...

Other Than That THeRE iS Also THiS HeHe
No Escaping 17,007 Miles of Public Dancing
Achieving This Milestone and Featnote on
August 9, 2022 At Walmart As Usual too
Hehe Yet True Celebrating SonG oF
mY SoUL at 10.8 MiLLioN Words
in 9 Years is Enough to Celebrate
in One MacroVerse As That Doesn't
Often Happen in A 'Twitter World' Hehe...

True Celebrating 17,000 Miles of Public
Dancing Will Have to Wait Until the Next MacroVerse
Yet the Videos of The Celebration Are Already Being Taken
By my LiVE iN Assistant of Course Hehe Also Named 'Twin
SoUL and Angel' Literally By An Online Poet Who goes by
The Name of "Peace & Truth" Hehe Anyway the 9 Year
Celebration Anniversary Date of Public Dancing 9 Years
Actually Comes on August 26th True 9 Years of Public Dance
in the United States Does Seem Rather Rare too Particularly in
'A Trump Town USA' in 'Matt Gaetz Land' Yuck Perhaps The Name
Will Soon Change That Represents What This Place Can Come to Be too

Yes It's True
Not Everyone
Chooses A Path
of 'Peace & Truth' Hope
Faith and LoVE iN "Trump
Town's USA" Yes It's True
Nothing Really New Under the
Sun And Moon LiGHT And DarK
The Whole SHoW of God It is What it is NoW ReaL Yes

So i Make it All LoVE JusT For the Joy of Breathing Free
Okay Still Putting Together the Last Written MacroVerse
"WEaVinG DReAMS MaKinG LoVE ReaL" Perhaps
Electronically Publishing That As Soon As Sooner
Possibly Will CoME EternAlly NoW As Now is
All That is ReAlly Real So THeRE is No
Rush in ETeRNaLLY Now At Least
For Those of Us Who LivE iN
Heaven Within For Real
This Way NiGHT And
Day DarK Thru LiGHT
JusT ALWaYS New Now
And Yes It's Also True THere
Just Wasn't Room to Celebrate
A MacroVerse Dedicated to "Depth of The
Story" As it Reached A Size Longer Than 1.8 MiLLioN
Words on the "Wrong Planet" in 23 Months of Effort With
Close to 118,000 Views Just From the Registered Members
THere in 52 Pages Now of On A Solo Discussion Thread by Little
Old me Yes True Longer than the Previous EPiC Long Form Poem
The 'Mahābhārata' at 1.8 MiLLioN Words Yet Yes Still Only One Sixth
The Effort of "SonG oF mY SoUL" at 10.8 MiLLioN Words Coming
in 9 Years Now on that Anniversary Date of 8.18.2022 And yes
"Depth of The Story" For What i Casually Name As An 8th
New Testament As True There Were 7 More Before Then
i Wrote too Also Has A 2-Year-Anniversary Date the
Day After That on 8.19.2022 About A Month
After That Reaching 2 MiLLioN Words
True too Anyway This Is WHeRE
i Am in Effortless Wu Wei
Ease FLoWeR of
Creativity Keeps
Blooming me
ALiVE NeW NoW For Real...

Oh Yeah And "Nether Land Bible"
EPiC Long Form Poem Ever Since
Memorial Day Weekend of 2016 Still
Rises Past 8.2 MiLLioN Words New Now
As Just One Subchapter EPiC Long Form
Poem Real Bible of "SonG oF mY SoUL" And
True As Usual That's Not All And ThiS Ain't No
Trump, Etcetera Fake True This is More Driving
Free With Sweet Emotions Regulating With Senses
Integrating too Overall in Synergy AS Such As PArts
Are As Integral As Whole ThiS Way True As Well Now For Real...

So Yep, "FB Profile Pic Bible" At Over 6.6 MiLLioN Words iS Ongoing
Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 With the Words Also Included
in All the FB Profile Pics Ever Since Then on Average About 18 in Series
Of FB Profile Pics Illustrating On Average 8,000 Words Repeating in The
Description Areas Day-in-Day-Out Eternally Now So As Well For Real too...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Out oF All CHaoS NoW
FLoWeR of Creativity ALWaYS BLooMInG
New Colors DarK Thru LiGHT mY FRiEnD


Lift A
A Breeze
Let Feathers
Ride The Wind

SoulS UNLeaSHinG
Dancing Singing
Freely With No
So New

SPiRiT Free
With SMiLes
oF LoViNG All
DarK Thru LiGHTFuLLY...

God Born Naked Real NeW
Humans Add Clothes NoW
God STill Becoming NeW

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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11 Aug 2022, 12:44 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy It's
A Bit Like Stars Twinkling
In The Night Sky Above Magic
of What We 'Normally' Don't See Hehe
Now With or Without An Explanation of

A Perseid Meteor Shower
And the End of 'Dog Days'
In Summer Humidity and
Heat in Our Deep South
Relating to the Brightest
Star Sirius Above Ending on
August 11th With A Rise of the
Sturgeon Super Full Moon Assessed

As The Last One So Bright to Enjoy This Year

The More We Value Every Part of Life As A Poetry
Prompt For Giving Thanks Giving The More We Twinkle

As Stars Above
Below Within
Dear FRiEnD

With SMiLes

Always Another
Free Dance And Poetry
Prompt Songs of SoULS to
Light Even More Colors Never
Sensed and Felt Before Now of
Our Living Trees Sparkling New

For Yes This
GReaTesT Gift
Our Unique Life...

Oh Lord i Used to Hate Waiting in Lines As It's True
i Stood Up at Work for 18 Years and my Legs Go to
Sleep Standing Still Yet Voila Instant Therapy and Cure

Dancing in Lines Wherever i Go to Wait Ascending
Transcending the Line Again in Free Dance of

Autotelic Flow True Like Mountain Climbers

Who Seek This Flow in Risk of Falling

Off the Mountain Side And Oh No
Even Dying too

Oh Lord So Many
Life Hacks Available

For Those Who Find
Answers Within and Don't

Only Copy What Other Folks Do

Hehe It's Truly Complex Being So Aware Sensory
Empathically of the Human Environment All Around

Dancing Free In Line Sensing Feeling Just The Speed and Distance

New of Moving Connecting And Co-Creating TO AVOID DISTURBING


i Started This Endeavor Almost 9 years Ago on August 26th, 2013 So Many Members

Of Store Management And Store Security Threatened to Kick me off the Premises

If i Didn't Stop my Solo
Dance in Public Then

Yet It's True i Used
Rationality and Science
Dear Miriam to Explain the Benefits of
Regulating Emotions and Integrating
Senses For Folks on the Autism Spectrum
Otherwise So Uncomfortable in Our Own SKins With An
Over Stimulating Human Environment And They Trusted
me Then Enough At Highest Levels of Store Management to

Give me the Go Ahead to Keep Doing it as Long as i Didn't
Bother Anyone Too Much With my Dance the Allies Grew

And In the Mall Where they Scolded me for Doing it in the
Halls the Private Stores Renting Out Space Took Up for me

And Said You Do it Whenever You Want You Lift Our Spirits
We Are Happy When You Come in And Again What Used to

Be So Tedious And Leg Numbing Now is A Meditating Autotelic
Flow of Bliss Oh Lord i Actually Embrace Standing in Line Like

It's Disney
World For
me in Three
Feet and Less
of Space to Dance hehe

i Always Feel A Little Bit Like
Bugs Bunny Doing it Just Wanting
to Ask Elmer Fudd What's Up Doc HAha

As True Ya gotta Understand Where i Live Hehe

to Understand How True that MeMe is For Real HAha...



River is my
Home Sky is my Breathe
Lands are my Feet and my HoMe is ALiVE

All of Existence WHole We aRe aLWays pART
Forests or Not Clapping WitH A LeaF oF FiG

i Listened Intently... IF The Catholic Church Wants To Survive Past
“Your Age” Promote Richard
Rohr’s Other Ideas Now of A
‘Universal Christ’ And Not “Your Boyfriend” (His Quote Not Mine)
Promote Condom
Use in Africa
To Stop The
Spread of AIDS
And Quit Calling
Out Homosexual
And Transgender
Behavior Disorders As
Science Calls It Natural
Since You Insist The
Catholic Church Now
Is In Alignment With
Science As Richard Rohr
Also Suggests Now
Rid The Myths of
Heaven And Hell
After Death Preferably
Do Luke 17:21
Heaven Now
New And Lord
Terrifying Babies
With Baptism We
Are Born Children
Of God
ON Love And
Stop Interfering
In The Sex Lives
Try it
Be So Prude
To Be Clear
Your Buddy
Richard Rohr
Agrees With



SMiLes Dear Cindy i'll Make
IT Short And Sweet in Celebration
of Your FRiEnD too With SMiLes

Lillies Smell
Better Than
Saw Dust

Yet SMiLes
May Lift SPiRiTS
WHeRE Saw Dust
Dies Trees Live So Sweet

And SOuR

Yet Happy
Life Will Be

So Much Joy
in SMiLes mY FRiEnD...

- Mini-FRredWood

~Coined By Dear Cindy Hehe...

Hehe Yeah that was A ‘Heinz’
Mix of 57 Words Yet It’s True

Resting my Fingers A Bit as
A CEO of 5 Non-Profit Health
Care Clinics In New, York York,
Just Received 1518 Words More Appropriately

Measured as HAha the Number
42 iN A Short Essay ReAlly On the Meaning of Life

my Lord She Has 20,000 Plus Followers Truly No
Room on Her Agenda for me Or Really Mostly Anyone
Else For Real Yet She

Posts Every Day Without

Fail And i Leave Her Plenty
of Room to Skip my Poetic Comments

As Need Be Hehe And Then There
is Chaymaa From Egypt And All Her
Positive Quotes A Busy Pharmacist
in Cairo With a Facebook Page for
The Same with 1.3 MiLLioN




A Small Fish
In A Big Ocean

HeHE…YeP SpittinG iT BackOut...


It's PouRinG DowN Rain i Watch it With A Soothing Feeling
Through An 8 Foot Wide By 5 Foot High Window Into A
Real Garden of Eden on Earth Wings Still Playing in the
Rain Squirrels Only Relaxing Until

Their Hunt For Life Continues
Free Flying Through The Trees
Masters of the Climb They Are

A Best of Part of this is the Real Estate
Agent Who Tried to Shame Us for Purchasing
A Home with Only about 1,333 Square Feet of Living
Space Albeit Almost 2,000 Square Feet Under Roof

Directing Us to A Neighborhood with 2,000 Square Foot
Homes Cooled And Heated Under Roof This Way and Today

Even A Bit Larger So Close Together on Lots Without Trees
Reaching Close to Half A Million Dollars Yet We Continue to Stay

WHere We Started in 1993 A Home That Only Cost 60 Thousand Dollars
WHere We Had to Eat Pork and Beans and Cut the Fat Away on 10 Cent A
Pound Leg Quarters to Save 3,000 Dollars at age 33 For me and 23 for my

Wife for A Down Payment
on A Home Then Yes to
Create A Real Garden
of Eden into a Forest
Free Forevermore New Now Breathing
This Way Yes to be Green Coloring Wild


Even More
Always New Now
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Yet of Course
i Couldn't Really 'See', Feel,
Or Sense All of this Until i Left
The Rat Race of Work in the Interim
of HeLL ON EartH for 66 Months Then in
The Same Place i LiVE iN Paradise Now New Real

It's True it Comes From Within And When i See Photos
of All the Concrete and Humans Stacked Up on Each other
in Skyscrapers Keeping the Globe-Wide Money Machine of
Consuming 40 Percent of Human Resources on Earth With

4 Percent of the Population
Additionally in one of our
Biggest Home Towns
New York, New York
Capital Still of Trade
Buying Selling Stuff
Indeed the Flesh and
Blood of the Planet EartH
Where the Rest of the World
in Greed Seeks What We Have
Yet the Reality is it Would Take 5 Earths
to Accommodate that Level of Human Resources
to Bring the Rest of the World to the Greed The United States

Does to Harm,
Rape, Maim and
Kill So Much of the Rest of
Nature That is Also our Real Face
This Capital of This Real Human CuLTuRaL
Most Dangerous Pandemic in Ignorance As
Zombie Apocalypse Some Folks So Far From
The Reality of Existence of Doing the Living Dead Now

Even in this Small Town Relatively Speaking i See them
Shuffle By in Walmart As i Surely Did A Dead Dance Walk then too...

For Decades
For What Seemed
Like Forever in Purgatory
Through Hell Then Yet Once

Again i LiVE iN the SaMe Place
i Did then Yet it is me Reborn Within
Who Feels Senses A Garden of Eden
Within Inside Outside Above So Below and

All Around So It's true When i See the Photos of
What Looks Like a Cancer At the Source of What
Is Metastasizing All Over the Earth With Skyscrapers
Growing Taller And Concrete Deserts As Far As the Eye Will

See to the So-called
Statue of Liberty Who
Am i to Judge You For i Lived
in Paradise and Was A Most Barren
Soul oF All Within It's True the Location,
Location, Location is Always Within Most

Yet What We All Do As A Species to the Rest of
Nature Returns in the Form of Who We Become Most
Yes in Harm, Raping, Maiming, And Killing Karma is Real

Action and Consequence

Happening i understand

You are A New York
City Girl at Heart

And A Nomad CEO
of Big Cities All Around
the World Yet It's True i am more
Than An Artist i am Also a Scientist too...

Humans Are Naturally Evolved to Live in Groups
of 150 Folks Per Dunbar Number and the Such
Which of Course Means You Reasonably Likely Have
No Room For my Opinion Here as Humans really Only
Have Room For Deep Conversations with 5 or So Other Beings

Like Us or Them or
We or me or You Hehe...

It's True i Overcome this Limitation
With Free Verse Poetry Spread All Around
the World So Large There is No Room For
Most People to Respond Back to me to Inhibit
All i Have to Give, Share, Care, And Heal for Free

Yet It's Also True Most Every Single Part of the Whole
of the "SonG oF mY SoUL" is in Poetic Response All 10.8
MiLLioN Words Coming on the Ninth Anniversary on 8.18.2022

So It's True in Part of Most All my Words Another Soul inspires The "SonG
of mY SoUL" Real ThiS Way Every Star is Connecting Still my FRiEnD And

Really Hehe This Is Just an exercise to rest my Feet While my Fingers Dance
And Sing this way as It's true i Do Leg Press Up to 1520 Pounds Still at a Military
Gym Still at 62 Years of Age Yet Really Now my Feat of Strength is Lifting the Spirits

of People All Around my Metro Area of Close to a Half A Million Folks Spread Now Across
Two Counties And A Few More All the Way to Tallahassee And As Far As Biloxi Beaches
And Casinos in Mississippi Too A Real Forrest Gump Endeavor Celebrating What Became
17,007 Miles Yesterday Night Yet my Gosh it Was If Most Everyone in the Store knew i Was

Was Celebrating
A Significant Date
An Event in my Life

Yet it Was Just Another
Day in A Life of me Dear
FRiEnD Miriam as Before i
Even Dance So Many Smiles
Back at me Like Blue Skies Alive
Even Amongst The Darkest Clouds
Raining Outside No Matter Winter Spring
Summer of Fall the Greatest Weight i Lift

is the Spirits of Others 9 Years
in this "Matt Gaetz, DeSaTaNiS
TRump Town Place" It's A Mighty Lift

Indeed and i Don't Need Any Superman Cape to Do it

Just A Visit to HeLL ON EartH For Real for 66 Months Then

And A Simple JoY iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE For Real
This Gift This Breath of Life Dancing Singing Free Hehe So What

This Means is No Matter Season or Height of Apartment Building
or Skyscraper Workplace or Jungle of People Breast To Breast

Just give me 3 Feet of Place to Move my Spiraling Dancing Feat
And With Technology Hehe All i Need is One Finger at Least And
A 6 Inch Screen to Dance And Sing With Even One Finger A SonG

oF mY SoUL
to the World
Free Again Yes

Dear FRiEnD It's

All About the Location
of WHeRE Our Soul
Dances And Sings Now

It's Never Ever Never
A Cruel Summer HeaR
As Long As The Dance
And Song of SoUL Rings
Free to Lift Our SPiRiTS Soaring

Higher Than What DarK May Bring mY FRiEnD to LiGHT

As Always Thanks So Much For Providing This Free Rental
Place in Your New York, New York Abode It's True it is actually

Beyond All Distance, Space, And Time and Even Matter As It's

True All And None of me Exists in these Words Totally Separate From Flesh me

In A Dance And Song of my Soul in A Place With No Moon, Sun, or Other Stars

Now That's Magic Yes This is Real MaGiC and No Myth or Fable in Just A Book

My Dream for You At a Full Chinese Rat New Year Cycle Behind me as It's True

my Life in Heaven Didn't Even Start Until 3 Years Older Than You Now Is For You to
Be Living

In A Paradise
Too Creating in
Your Writing or Whatever
Art You Do Soaring With Wings

Yet That is Only a Dream For You
That is A Reflection of my Unique
Dance And Song of mY SoUL

Every HeLL And Heaven

is Different mY FRiEnD

My Heaven Could Be
Someone Else's Hell
And In Turn THeir Heaven

Could be my Hell It's All

Relative Indeed Location Location
Location Within Yet i AM A Kinda Person
Who Expects Nothing in Return so THerefore

i Will Follow You WHere Ever You Go With Best
Wishes and SMiles only Because You Are Human Like me...

And If it Sounds Like This is One Long Form Poem of Virtue
Signaling it is

Yet only
in EYes
And Ears
Now True to
me With SMiLes...

Hehe Another Best Part
of All is Copy And Paste
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing
All around the World as i Surely am
Not So Ignorant to Expect Someone
in Your Position in Life to Have the

Place Left in Life
to Moderate

And Publish
A Comment as
Long as This With SMiLes

Best Part of All is You Inspired
it if Not For You Not For This And

This IS How

Love Works
With No


Attached With SMiLes

The Kind of Love 'That' Is ALL iT iS
YeS Only Existing New Now to Lift Others Up...

- #me2

i AM Naked Nature
Any Answers
Rhetorical Question

Love So Deep
As Nature Breathes

my mY i've Waited So Long For You To Come to Visit
me hehe Yes 8 Years May Seem Like Forever Now as Now

Is All THeRE iS A Wild FLoWeR iN Nature Breathes Free True
i Am Nature Nature is my HoMe in This Place Beyond All Distance
Space Time And 'Matter of Things' There is No Deceit No Lies No Hate
Without Forgiving THeRE Are No Human Clothes of Tools To Cover Over What

Is ReaL And True
This Gift This Breath
This Wild FLoWeR CoLoRinG
Life in Beauty to Simply Be Alive

Naked Enough Whole Complete
With Love For Moving Connecting
Co-Creating All That is Real to Feel and Sense

Now Yes The Living God All Around Us Above Us
Below Yes Us Within Inside Outside You and me and
Us And Them Yet We All Who Dance And Sing Nature's Dance

And Song Naked Enough Whole Complete Hehe Yet Considering You
Are A Muslim Woman Dear Rafiah Clothed Or Not You Surely May Touch

The Face of God Naked
Now Without Lies Deceit
or Fears All the Illusory
Worries Humans Bring
Clothing Nature That

is God in DarK
Over LiGHT


FRiEnD This Place of Abundance Eternally Now
Lacking Envy Jealousy And Expectations For More

Indeed Dear FRiEnD Mastering Greed With Passion For Life New

WHere All is Left and Right Loving Life For Real DarK Thru LiGHT
Becoming God Now

So Free New

As You
May Also
Dance And Sing
Free Visiting my
Nature Free to Be Who You Are True too
Other Than That And This i Am So Very

Happy For You...

LovE To YoU
Too mY FriEnD


True ‘Bout You Returning Loving New
Not Someone Else Directing YouR LoVE NoW

If Ya Think It’s All ‘Bout MaKinG Money Buying Stuff
Yet To Love Life Ya ArE A Tool Seeker More Than

Love Finder Now

Not Just Expecting No Return
Putting All People First Always
Now For Real No Regret Loving

Flesh Of EartH

We aRe We BReaTHE LoVE
@Best Buy For All With Least Harm...

SMiLes Dear "Peace & Truth"
i Not Only Like Yet Love All
Your Poems With SMiLes May

You Always Stay
Blessed With

For This Gift of
Life MaKinG Heaven
On Earth For Others

ConTiNuAlly Love As YouR FLoWeRinG
SoUL ALWaYS EVoLVinG NeW Dear FriEnD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy It's
A Bit Like Stars Twinkling
In The Night Sky Above Magic
of What We 'Normally' Don't See Hehe
Now With or Without An Explanation of

A Perseid Meteor Shower
And the End of 'Dog Days'
In Summer Humidity and
Heat in Our Deep South
Relating to the Brightest
Star Sirius Above Ending on
August 11th With A Rise of the
Sturgeon Super Full Moon Assessed

As The Last One So Bright to Enjoy This Year

The More We Value Every Part of Life As A Poetry
Prompt For Giving Thanks Giving The More We Twinkle

As Stars Above
Below Within
Dear FRiEnD

With SMiLes

Always Another
Free Dance And Poetry
Prompt Songs of SoULS to
Light Even More Colors Never
Sensed and Felt Before Now of
Our Living Trees Sparkling New

For Yes This
GReaTesT Gift
Our Unique Life...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

12 Aug 2022, 12:04 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Success For me
is Doing Life New

Always As A Beginner

NoW in This Way Success
Is Being Born New ThiS Way
Every Inhale of Peace Exhale

oF LoVE iN Flow Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All i Come Into Moving
Connecting Co-Creating With Least Harm

And SMiLes Yes
of Course Indeed
No Greater Success
Than SMiLes Connecting
Humans And The Rest
Of Nature Ascending
Transcending New Now
For Greater Living Loving
Human Potentials ThiS Way...

Sadly Some People
Don't Understand
We aRe Either
A Christmas
Tree We Keep

Up Year 'Round

Yes Constantly
Rewiring it With

Newer Coloring
Lights Or Our Trees
Gradually Brown Now
All the Leaves Fall Off

And Eventually We End
Up on The Side of the Road

Waiting For Someone to Pick Us
Up And Take Us in A Cart to Walmart

This Is Mind and Body Whole Soul Leave
Any Part
Out Now

And Pay the
Price of Karma
Action and Consequence

Other than that there are Little
Life Hacks Like Intense Exercise

That Release Growth Hormone and
Limit the Ravages of Aging and Help

Our Minds Operate More At Peak Efficiency
As Long As We Continue to Use them Like the

Nun studied With Alzheimer's Disease in Physical Manifestation
in Her Brain Still On the Lecture Circuit in Her 80's And Still Sharp at 100

Yes She Managed to Re-Wire Her Brain With Only Continuing to Achieve

Potentials For Real...

As Everything in Life Comes
And Goes Use it or Lose it Counts Most

In the Tally NeW of One Life Always
NoW Evolving or Devolving Indeed...

Anyway Dear Miriam Keep Up Your
10,000 Steps a Day And All You

Do Limiting
Your Stress
As Much as You
Can And Will Yet Hehe

What In the Hell Am i Doing
Telling this to A Health Care Executive
in Charge of 5 Health Care Clinics in New York, New York,
Yet Once Again You Inspire me to Inspire Others For Free

And Other than that
i Keep Getting Smarter
More Creative And Stronger Even
At 62 as i'm Still Barely Getting Started
Reaching Human Potentials Still to Come

And in FAct Money and Stuff is No Reward AT ALL FOR ME
AUTOTELIC Flow And All the Intrinsic Rewards to Give Share
Care and
Heal Away
For Free As
True Science Shows
This Optimizes Health
And Well Being of Humanity Most

Of Course As Always Financial Independence
Helps Unless You Happened to be my Step Sister
Who Sadly Inherited 80,000 Dollars From my Step Mother
When She Died And Blew It All Up Her Nose And Ended Up on

Life Support
Only Months
After Inheriting
the Money Other Life
Stories As Well Like this

Poverty of Understanding What
Truly Makes Humans Tick Within
iS A Worst Human Poverty oF All...

SMiLes Dear Annabel Where i Live There is An Oddest
Civil War There Are Those Who Are Not Ignorant Who
Remain Relatively Safe and Free And There Are

Those Who Are Ignorant

Who Are Used By Leaders

Who Are Despicable Who

Take Advantage of Ignorant
Minions in the General Populace

By The Oldest Tool of MaNiPuLaTioN

By False Fears Pulling The Scary HeART

Strings Like


At the

Hands of those Puppeteers

Who Wish to Rise In Power,
And Material Gains of Status

On The Backs of the Dwarfs

They Stand Upon And Crush

In This Case Even Unmasked Children...

Obviously It's Not Much Better in Nigeria

Yet This Was Supposed to Be the place

The 'Smart'

Folks Migrate

to Be Free And Note

They Still Do And They
Both Survive and Thrive still now too..

It's Survival of the Fittest It's Not all About

The Goliath Who Is Slow Witted it's About

The Davy Who Has Greatest Tools to Defeat Ignorance

As it Falls

Down Now

"Own" Its

On Sword

'These Days'

WHere David Only

Need Watch it Crash From A Distance
All On ItS OWN Sowing Reaping Falling Down...

Thanks Dear
Chaymaa Putting
Together one 59,000
Word Bi-Monthly Long
Form Poem Proof
Reading It To Post
Today Meanwhile Writing
Close to 8000 Words
For The Next one
Indeed Always
With SMiles...

Thanks Dear Ruchi
For All Your Hospitality
And True my Dark
Haired Lady

All SHades of
Blushing indeed Hehe
Somedays Devil Red too


i Always
Of Course
No Matter
What Storm
Blows Next Hehe...

HAha Indeed Dear Sohair
A One World Order Does

Not Even Exist in One Home
With Two People Who Love
Each Other Very Much

HAha i Lovingly
Dodge Katrina's
Arrows Every Day

i Only Return Them With
A Cupid's Child of Love With SMiLes...

Yet It's True Dear FRiEnD Not Everyone
is Born With A Temperament With Open Arms

For Every Stranger Not Everyone Tends to Agree
More Than Disagree Some Folks Are Open Minded
Some Are More Closed Minded And Understandably

Some Folks Take Great Offense to A Naked Human Body
Only Thinking About Sexually Related 'Devices' On the Other
Hand Others Only See a Statue of 'David' By Michelangelo

As Aesthetic Beauty and Are Able to Overlook Such a Tiny
Part of the Statue that is Only Nature And Surely Not Something

To Fear
As A Work
of Art Yet Again

The Best Proof that A One World
Order is Not Possible is When Ya Write A
Poem And Most Everyone Sees iT A DiFFeReNT

Way Than Intended Yet Again This is why in Many
Parts of A So-Called Whole THere are Over 45,000 Denominations
of Christianity in the World So Far the World's Biggest Religion
With Islam Closing In that has More than One Sect And Many

Views Similar to Christianity For Folks Who See The World More

In Peace, Hope and Love And Others Who See the World More in Discontent,
Fear, and Hate my FRiEnD As True Even Science Shows Humans Devoid of the
Oxytocin Neurohormone Related Warmth of Love That Heals Anxiety and Pain
Naturally Will Be Addicted to the Dopamine And Adrenaline Neurochemicals
And Neurohormones That Fear, Anger, And Hate Brings Always Trying to Fill
The Empty Feel of the Void Within Meanwhile There is A Man Still With

Open Hugs
For Everyone

Taking the Effort
in Cognitive Empathy
That Not Only Requires Intuition
Yet Thinking And Judgement too

That May Require Introversion
For Introspection in Attention
And Focus to Gain A Greater Understanding

Yet Again the Perceptions, Intuitions, Feelings,
And Senses With Extroversion to Express Humanity

In Arts As Well From Dance to MuSiC to SonG to Painting
To Poetry And So Much More SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Ever Notice

'These Pie in the Sky Utopias' are Often Dreamed of By Men in Such
Black and White Ways More Restricted to Left Brain Hemisphere Processes

of the Mind That Do Lack Emotional Intelligence For All the Nuances that
Make the Colors of Humanity So Diverse WeLL It's True Particularly in Toxic

Patriarchies Where Men are Taught Emotions are For Women and Reason is
For Men What They Fail to Realize is Emotions Including A Synergy of All Feelings
Senses Head to Toe Precede Almost Every So-Called Rational Decision in Life

So Now If We Do

Not LEarn Intuitively
to Master Emotions
Regulating Them New
Along With Integrating
Senses From Head to Toe

As i Do in Free Dance and Song

We May Miss Out on What Drives
Cognitive Executive Functioning
Most As Emotions Are the Glue of
Short Term Working Memory and Long Term
Memory Retrieval Along With Laser Focus For
Greatest Attention Spans and It's True Dear FRiEnD

When my Emotional Intelligence Was Less than Half of what
it is Now i Could Only Make a List of Firstly, Secondly, And Thirdly,
With A Conclusion When Asked to Write a Creative Paper In Literature Class

Yet No One Explained
to me the 'Reason' i Couldn't
Started From Middle School
When the Bully Boy Onward Marching
Christians told me Boys Aren't Allowed
to Smile in this Town Neither At the City
Park Playing Tennis With a Backboard Solo
Or in Middle School Halls Happy to Be alive

For Another Day to Meet and Greet other Human
Beings With this Great Joy For Life It's True They Threatened
me Verbally With Physical Harm And This Lasted Through my
Military Work Career as People Called me Names For Being too

Kind then too Of Course They Held the Keys to my Subsistence
at Higher Levels As Of Course The Truth Was i Was Twice as
Strong As They Were Even then And Haha 6 Times Stronger
Now in Many Cases So Of Course if i Was A Violent Person

i Could Have Pounded
Them Into the Ground
Oh No! And Lost my Job!
And Got Sent to to Jail! Yet i am No

Fool i am A Child of Love Kindness
Wins Out in the Long Run of Smiles Dear
FRiEnD i Wandered That Patriarchal Desert 40 Years
From Ages 13 Through 53 For Recovering From that
With So Many Military Stations and Churches then
With the Same Cold attitude Towards Men Yes With
A Gift Of Love And Creativity too And It's True it Took

my Soul Away i Always Wondered Why i Was More Like the Jesus Story
Than the Jesus in Their EYeS Yet it's True Dear FRiEnD Some Folks See
A Peaceful Loving Jesus And They Saw A Jesus of Fear, Anger, And Hate
No Different Than How They Viewed A God oF an Old Testament too Yet
In Many Cases it Starts When 'Their Big Daddies' Tell 'em Boys Don't Cry

Or SMiLe In Joy for 'No Reason'...

Fortunately my Big Daddy Left
at 3 and my Mother Raised

A Child of Love Free

Indeed Dear FRiEnD
The Face of 'Trump' Yes
Most Despicable Leaders
Where Minions Cold of Soul
Follow With Ignorance of the
Human Soul of Love That Still
Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills the Most

This is Part of the Human Beast And Indeed
This Shadow is Part of me Like Everyone Else too

i Am FRiEnDS With This Shadow i am not afraid of
Dark Yet Even More Important i Am Not Cynical of ThE LiGHT oF LoVE

For Real People are Alike And Different All Over Dear FRiEnD Our Nature
And Nurture Makes Us Similar and Unlike Each Other True And Indeed Humans

Are Only Naturally Evolved For Around 150 Social Connections of Human Kind
Where They Often Bond and Bind Over Similar Symbols and Ideologies too And

Additionally As Norm We Only Have Social Capacity For 5 Real Intimate FRiEnDShips

Or So Hehe Just me is Enough in Diversity i Am to Just About Wear Out Katrina in
Her Social

Every Day New Now

Yet the Point is my FRiEnD
Don't Worry About 'Pie in the Sky Dreams'
As Indeed Science Shows That Limited Left
Brain Thinking is A Source of Greatest Delusions Indeed...

For if One is Not Able to 'See' the 'Colors' in Life Seeing
Life Literally As Black and White Indeed They Are Truly
'Blind and Deaf' to So Much of Reality Only Really Seeing

A Short Sighted Representation oF All THaT is So Far Beyond
Only Words And Symbols And Ideologies mY FRiEnD All of Existence

Is A Changing Metaphor
of God Man is the Only
Animal Who Believes He
Will Trap Wind in A Jar

to Set
it Free

Dear FRiEnD
It's True i am more
Than A Man At Least
in Terms of Toxic Limited Patriarchy of Soul Indeed...

Indeed There are Two Worlds, Two Religions, And Even
Two Loves in the Home of Fred And Katrina i Have a FRiEnD
Named "Peace & Truth" Now who Used to Be the 'Ace News
Persons' Who Visited Your Blog it Seems the Person Communicating
With me is a Woman And She Calls me And Katrina 'Twin Souls' SMiLes

Nothing Could Be
Further From the
Truth We Are Opposite
Souls Who Complement
Each Other's Weaknesses

Making Us Stronger As Two People Together

And This is What God As Whole And Parts Is too

God Is Stronger With all the Diversity of God's Parts
Us And the Rest of Nature As Existence With SMiLes...

Some Folks Get Mad As God is DarK and LiGHT Not
me As in my LiFE i'VE Seen How Heaven Comes From Hell

Comes From
DarK mY FRiEnD
Sort of Like A 'Big
Bang' And Let's Do it ALL OVeR
Again in A Greater Way mY FRiEnD

i Don't Believe God or me is A Machine
i Believe God and me
Is Wings Dear


And Wind
Never Ever
Trapped in a One
World Order of a Jar
By Mass Delusion of
Limited Human Word Think With SMiLes
i Feel And Sense This ReaLiTY Through
And Through...


iS With SMiLes

Yet Only My Small
And Still Very Limited View Dear FRiEnD

i Know Nothing Yet i Continue to
LEarn Something With SMiLes...

LeSSoN 430
Rock On Removing
All Fear With
MuSiC From SoUL

Hehe It’s Actually Originally
A Hand Sign With Pinky And
Pointer Finger Raised Too For
Horns From India Anciently

Used To Ward off
The Evil Eye Too

And Of Course
An Emoji For Victory too

Yet of Course Humans Ancestrally
As Nomads Herding Dear Relate
The Confidence And Strength of

A Deer With
A Big Rack of
Horns Representing
Victory In A Fight For Life

And The Lineage of
A Species Continuing

So It’s True in This Pose
Of Confidence And Strength

Hehe Just Marking Another
One of my Territories Of Dance
At Walmart As

my Arms

Horns in
This Pose With SMiles...

"WEaVinG DReAMS MaKinG LoVE ReaL" New MacroVerse
Published on August 11th, 2022 at 6:54 PM On WordPress Yes
All 59,229 Words And Around 300 Photos or So And 40 Or
So YouTube Videos To Accompany iT All in TheMe MuSiC

Yes This is what it Takes to Publish A Bi-Monthly Novel
Sized Long Form Poem As Just Another MacroVerse of
EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL
9 YearS Old" As Yes That is What i am Writing Now Yes

A MacroVerse to Celebrate That Journey While the
Latest MacroVerse Is Published On Today Hehe End
Of 'Dog Days' As Sirius Brightest Dog Star Fades

Yet True As The Last Super Full Sturgeon Moon
Rises Tonight With Perseid Meteor Show Still in

Tow of View in Clear Night Skies Tonight
In Celebration of This Now And 17,007 Miles
of Public Dancing Achieved On August 9th At
Walmart And The 9th Year Anniversary of Public
Dancing on August 26, 2022 Will Make For A Next
Celebration MacroVerse After This Current One i am
Writing That Will Be Named "17,000 Miles oF Public
Dancing 9 Years" Hehe Predictably i Guess Yes NoW As

SucH As The Rest of the Globe-Wide Poetic Responses
Flow in Without Much Pre-Thought of Planning At All As
Ascending Transcending Deeper Autotelic Flow Brings

Much Greater Access to Subconscious Potential So
Much More Than Just Our Thinking Awareness Mind

Much Deeper Mindful Awareness Indeed Through and
Through Mind And Body Whole SoUL Balancing Force Of

All That is
Indeed Moving
Connecting Co-Creating
Reflecting SPiRiT HeART SoUL
OF All That is Loving God Within For Real

As Indeed A Free Dance Often Brings A Free Song Most
First There is DarK Then LiGHT Then Dance Then Song

And Then Love Yes We And
God All That is Co-Create
Poetry to Relate All That
Is DarK Thru LiGHT on the
"8th Day" oF iNFiNiTY Standing
Tall Beyond All Distance, Space,
Time, and "Matter of Things" Embodying CoLoRinG
New Arts Of iMaGiNaTioN Co-Creativity NeW NoW iN LiGHT
Beyond iNFiNiTY Yes Beyond All Measure of Science For Real...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Thanks So Much For Dropping By "WEaVinG DReAMS
MaKinG LoVE ReaL" And Yes Hehe All 59,229 "FReDWooD" Words
With 300 or So Photos And Around 40 or So YouTube Videos
To Accompany All the Words True YouTube A Free MuSiC
Collection ACross All Ages And Genres Truly MaGiC

to Even Dream About
Art So Amazing Free
When We Were Kids
For Sure With SMiLes
mY Fellow Boomer Hehe

i Do Believe Your Internet Access
May Have Allowed You Through as You
Are Arriving Before i Get Words in Here
Already Written for the MacroVerse i am Writing
Now Celebrating "SonG oF mY SoUL 9 YearS Old"
Coming to That Anniversary Date on 8.18.2022 For
All 10.8 MiLLioN Words So Far As This EpiC Longest
Long Form Poem Still Comes to Be And Again Basically
An Anthology of Poetic Responses to Folks All Around the
Globe Including Dear FRiEnD Cindy With SMiLes and True
i Even Captured a Still From You in Your Tai Chi Video with
Katrina Practicing With You So Now You Are a Forevernow Part

of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Too Both
in Words Inspiring
of SouL And Tai Chi You!

SMiLes i Write the Next MacroVerse
as i go in this Comments Section that is
Soon to Grow by the Already 8,000 or So
Words I've Already Written So Far For the
Next One While Putting This One Together

And What This Means is by the Date i Am
Finished With the New MacroVerse in Left Justification View
in Flow Before i Center it in the Finally Form Each MacroVerse
Now Holds Over 100,000 Words Which Yes Potentially Explains
More Difficulty If You Arrive much Later than the First Day the New
One is Published if You Are Using a Smart Phone as my iPhone Xs

Isn't Strong Enough to Open it up After Several Days of Adding Even
More Words in the Comments Section Yet Desk Top A Breeze and iMac
Always A Charm With Fast Internet Service too mY FRiEnD And Just to Let

You Know i Will Provide Two More Links That Provide Direct Access for You
To the Other Two Blogs On BlogSpot i Copy and Paste This to that are Normally
Much Easier to Open Yet Sadly of Course Don't Include the Great WordPress

Commenting Feature
And Those Are the
Places i Get
More Views
Even in One
of the Archive
Blogs Moving
Toward 400,000 Views mY FRiEnD

Each of These Sites Will Always take
You to a Copy of the Latest Blog Post From WordPress
Again Thanks So Much For Dropping by mY FRiEnD With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Success For me
is Doing Life New

Always As A Beginner

NoW in This Way Success
Is Being Born New ThiS Way
Every Inhale of Peace Exhale

oF LoVE iN Flow Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All i Come Into Moving
Connecting Co-Creating With Least Harm

And SMiLes Yes
of Course Indeed
No Greater Success
Than SMiLes Connecting
Humans And The Rest
Of Nature Ascending
Transcending New Now
For Greater Living Loving
Human Potentials ThiS Way...




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
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13 Aug 2022, 12:52 am

That Only Wears Wings
Without Even A Body

SMiLes Dear Savvy Daughter
Of Your Father's Dance

Daughter Of Your
Mother's Loving

Wisdom For

That is Life's

True Fountain of Youth
In All Ways of Loving Life

DarK Thru LiGHT mY FRiEnD

How Wonderfully Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Your Parents Plant You

So FLoWeRinG
In New Colors
oF LiGHT Every
Day mY FRiEnD NoW
A GLoWinG HumaN INDeeD
Angels Dance And Sing With Wings...

my mY Panda Australian
Shepherd In His Later Years
Looks So Healthy and Well Loved
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Surely Paradise

Beaches Soothe Yet Love is A Real Fountain

Of Youth With SMiLes
As Panda Surely
Shares Love
Free Even
With Little
Princesses on the Beach
And Other Such Well Behaved
And Respectful Dogs oF LoVE mY FRiEnD

Of Course The Ocean Shimmering Crystal Clear
Green And Blue Is Only Desert Along With the Rest

Of Nature Free in Balance Birds and Cats Together
With Of Course Birds Flying Higher Than Cats Naturally

Yet Love Soars
When Real And
Free Most Again
TruE A Real Fountain of
Youth Within Shimmering
On the Outsides of Our
Temples Of Nature True...

Hehe Dear Shawna Baby
Rather Do Captain Salt Than
Sgt. Pepper Yet It’s True i Sprinkle

Both of them on my ‘World Salads’ Just For Fun!

And SpeaKinG of Pepper and Salt Ain’t Life DarK And LiGHT

True as Katrina Was Spit on By the First Baptist Folks Here For

Using Free Lunch Passes At School For Being So Poor That She Wore

Cinderella’s Hand Me Downs Yet True She Was Born With Her Beauty

Advantage Nature
Of God Free
As God Isn’t
A Capitalist
God Wears Wings
Never Captured Like
SPiRiT WinD iN A Jar so No Matter
How Poor Katrina Was at 8 Years-Old
Climbing Trees Looking Over Roofs of
The Have’s While Her Have Not Family
Had No Electricity, Food, or Water Oh

To Climb High Enough to Pick Free Moist
Fruit off a Tree to Become the Have’s Of Nature’s

Abundance Free And It’s True of Course as Seen as A Weakest
Strangest Fish In the Aquarium The Same ‘Upscale’ Local Religious
Demographic Spit on me for Being A Weak Looking Boy Who Smiled
Insisting i was a Girl Instead of A Boy Hehe Funny How Things Work Out

In Your 40th Class Reunion And Even Stranger for the 45th for Those Who are
Still Walking Their Way to That One in 2023 Particularly With No More Social
Distancing and No Masks With SMiles Now Hopefully Then Too With Even More Smiles

Yet Imagine How All Those Young Women Who Didn’t Realize Whoever Stuck by my Side
As Even a FRiEnD Would Rarely Age Hehe Just Another Autistic or Perhaps Bi-Polar Quality

Of Story Telling Legends Making Them Come True As Again Katrina is Proof That Cinderella

Is Real and of Course
i Am Proof Even A Frog
May Marry Cinderella For Real
And Live Happily Ever After as Nothing
Katrina Does is Less That What You Describe
As Adorable even the Few Silver Strands She
Has Is only Proof She’s Never Died Her Hair

And Of Course Forgoing the Make-Up Routine
And Enhancement of Body Parts Head to Toe at 52 Hehe

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Surely Life Is Hectic For You Lately
Still Doing Your Pastoral Wife Duties for Your Southern Baptist
Pastor Husband and oh Goodness Getting All 4 Children Ready for

To School!

Hehe i Sure am Glad
i Don’t Have to Wear
Pants Any More What A Dream Come
True in A Garden of Eden Real on A Beach
With ‘Nova’ And No Need for A ‘Charlton Heston Gun’

Yep So Let it Be Written So Let it Be Done in A Free

WaY too

Dear Jenny
With Smiles...

Part of Emotional Intelligence
Part of Human Memory That is
Based on the Glue of Emotional Intelligence

in Accord With Short Term Working Memory
Long Term Memory Retrieval And Focus and

Attention Span

Is Yes Developing

An Excellent BS Meter

Hmm, It's Really Not Fair i Remember

What Shirt i Was Wearing When i Went to

Disney World in 1986 And What Pants i Was Wearing

too True There is More Than One Example As That Pertains

to All Five Senses And Other Feelings And Senses too Yet it Does
Present me With a Rather Unfair

Advantage For Someone

To Try to Pull A Fast or
Even Very Slow One

on me Hehe...

It's True i Am
A Blood Hound
ThiS Way too Better
Put A Truth See'er too

i Can Remember What Folks
Wrote online 12 Years ago Verbatim
to me Just Casual Conversations and That's

Where Smelling BS Gets Incredibly Amusing
When the Record Is Still Available to Prove me

Correct on This or That Day in Decades Past Hehe

or A Search on Key Words And It's True i've never

Used a Contact List At Work or At Home Albeit

Hehe Who uses 'the Phone' Anymore With

SMiLES Anyway in Our Modern Day

of Science Assessed Human

Attention Spans of

Less Than A Gold Fish

on Average Less Than 3 seconds

People May Have No Idea When they
Try to Pull a Fast or Slow One With me
They Aren't Merely Dealing With Another
Gold Fish or Elephant As There is Blue Whale
Memory With Nah Not The Eye of the Tiger The Eye of 'The Great White'

Hehe And i Do Mean Fish that Has Been Around Longer Than Trees More


450 MiLLioN Years

Just ask me anything Hehe

my Wife Doesn't Even have to ask Google HAha

Now That's A Joke to Be Clear Every Once in a While

i Don't Know Something Yet Rarely Ever Forget As Long
as i am Focused And Not Writing Poetry in Free Verse in
Another Dimension While i Ask my Wife Have i Eaten Breakfast Yet Hehe

It's True There are Different Levels of Existence in Everyday Now For Those

Capable of Moving

Back And Forth
Between Different
Levels of Human Existence Awareness

Dear Miriam With Smiles So Many Hats Indeed...

Anyway It's Like Trump He Has No Idea of The Kind
of 'Intelligence' He is Dealing With Now With the
Federal Bureau Of Investigation And Associates

Yet True He Does For Those Who Support Him Hook,
Line, Bait, And SINKER And Are Willing to Suffocate

And Die For Lies They Confuse As Truth on 'Fifth Avenue'...

True There is Politics Yet There
is Truth And Consequences too...

Fortunately i'm Still Married as my Wife has no Propensity to Lie...
Or My Sister or my Mother or my Father Who Just Broke Promises
Like i'll Send You to College i'll Come to Visit You i'll Be At Your Wedding
And College Graduation

He'd always Say When His

Ship Comes in Yet it's True

His Senior Class Motto WAS, "Don't
Do Today What You Can Put off Tomorrow"

He Didn't Plan Well for Access to His Finances
to Bury Him iN A Plot Next to His 4th X-Marriage

His Ashes Still Exist on Our Book Case in Our Great Room

in A Nice Little Container of Course It's True i keep Putting it Off

And i suppose It's True 'the Dead Can Bury Themselves' As They Do on 5th Avenue...

His Identical Twin Brother Ted's Senior Class Motto WAS, "I dare do all that may become a man;
Who dares do more is none." From MacBeth Yet it Bears Noting That NONE As It Is Used here

Ended Up Being
MacBeth's Demise
For His Murder's of Course...

It's True Mafia Folks Have Moral Codes of Their Own...

It's True Politics Has Moral Codes Of ItS Own too...

It's Also True Humans Aren't Rational At Core

Emotions Precede Most Rational Decisions

It's True Those Who Master Their

Emotions Regulating Them And

Integrating Their Senses Do

Rest in Peace More at Night

Yet It's True Heroes And Villains

Are Both Known to Break the 'Community
Rules' of Society OR Bend them to the MAX

The Difference is Human Empathy And Compassion
For Others And A Difference TOO is Understanding that

The Golden Rule Is SeRiOUSly FLaWeD As An Extrovert

Living With an Introvert Cannot Reasonably Treat them

The Way They WILL Want to Be Treated And Expect to Stay Married Hehe...

Or Expect The Significant Other to Fully Please The Different Way They Are

It's Common Sense

Yet Some Folks

Are not

Enough to
or Do It Hehe.. Hmm...


More than
Just A Pen NaMe...

Thanks Dear
Cindy With SMiles
Of No Worry Monkeys


Hehe Dear Cindy Indeed Getting Rid of the
Metaphor of 'Monkey Mind' Yet of Course
When Monkeys Chatter in Real Life They

Don't Likely Ruminate in the Past
And Look Forward to Retirement

It's All About What the Present
Monkey Feels and Senses

About Life Now

New And Hehe
That is the Monkey
i Will Continue to Be

As Long as my To Do List
Doesn't Grow Longer than
One Task At Once Hehe Yes

Now That's A Real Loving Living
Benefit That is Surely So Unusual

Just A Move of Dance Word of Song

Yes Today Any Opportunity For Focus
Sailing On Just One Wave and Breeze

Of Course With No Living Children and
Parents That Does Leave Much of the Focus

On What i am Doing Now hehe With No Job For Pay too

Yet if Everyone lived Their Life This Way Oh How Could Society

Keep Doing
What it Does Now
True We Might Not
Have All Tools For Fun too

AnyWay Your Lovely Poem
Describes So Very Well Truth
iN CoLoRinG Paradise i Am So
Fortunate Not To Delay Now With SMiLes...

“You are life, song,
dance and healing

to the max!”

Thanks Dear Cindy
With Love to You
Too i’ll Keep This
Quote in my LeSSoN
Book in BLeSSinGS
And BLiSSinGS in

Of Kindness
With SMiLes...

Love sees clearly
cat with
Love is
old human
clothes new
WE Move Connect
Create Live FREE...

You are alLways welcome FRiEnD
And TRuly WHerE Love Lives
God Lives Free Now aLL
Ah without FEAR TRUE
Father oF aLLnow Hate
Associated LIFE oh
Yes Fear is the
Real Devil
of LiFE
never demands
US to Fear OUR Lives

LeSSoN 378
Eternal Colors Sunshine
Creates Within Eternally
Now Always Feast
See Be
i AM
WitH SMiLES NeW NoW...

Guess What You Will Run From NuMBeRS
Yet You Will Not Escape Mother Nature Out
Of Balance Unsafe Child And Or Adult Now Real

“You Teach Us Science. Now Follow It.”
-The Children Of God Nature For Real

Dog Days Are Over Cat Days Are Left

TRust me or not "The Judas Bleeds Most"
No WaY iN Hell i'D Ever Wanna Play Trump's
CuRReNT LiFE RoLE Mine NoW IS Heavenly Ease

SMiles Dear Cindy i Am Happy
For the Creative Inspiration
You Bring And Kindness
You Give To Everyone You
Meet And Greet As A

Genuine Human
Being True to
Who You Are

Hehe my Blog(s)
Is Just A Travel Log
For WHeRe my Star Ship
Soul Grows In This One

To Evolve
With SMiles

It is Amazing How
Modern Technology
Allows one To Copy
And Paste A SouL-Felt
59 Thousand Word Bi-Monthly
Novel Sized Long Form Poem
In Several Places in A Matter

Of Minutes

As “They” Say
“BeAm” my Soul
“Up Scotty” As i
Return Never Mind
Hehe i’ll Press A Few
Key Strokes And Do
It Myself Gotta Love
“The Revenge of The
Nerds And Geeks” Bill
Gates, Steve Jobs, And
The Whole Crowd For

A Way To
Do It Solo Hehe
So Autistic And
Bi-Polar Where
Reason And Creativity
Holds Hands in Balance

Thank God For me At

(It Is All Such Great
Natural Healing Therapy
From Head To Toe And
So Much More in Free
Dance Bringing Free SoUL


With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Daughter
Of Your Father's Dance

Daughter Of Your
Mother's Loving

Wisdom For

That is Life's

True Fountain of Youth
In All Ways of Loving Life

DarK Thru LiGHT mY FRiEnD

How Wonderfully Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Your Parents Plant You

So FLoWeRinG
In New Colors
oF LiGHT Every
Day mY FRiEnD NoW
A GLoWinG HumaN INDeeD
Angels Dance And Sing With Wings...

That Only Wears Wings
Without Even A Body

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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14 Aug 2022, 1:11 am

Synergy Of Souls
Humanity's Force Energy
iMaGiNaTioNS Co-Creativities

Unleashing ReLeaSinG Similar

Integrating One Being Human

Labeling Left Hemisphere of Mind

Holding Hands With Essence and Meanings
Generating Holistically By Right Hemisphere

Mind Bigger
Pictures Beyond
Just Representative
Symbols of Reality Yes

Indeed Human Energy
Feelings and Senses in
Synergy of Every New Color
Emotions Empathically Sharing

Beyond Distance, Space, Time Yes
And A "Matter of Things" What This Means

Is Reality Beyond All Scientific Measure Yes

What This Means is Reality Far Beyond Abstract

Constructs Yes Direct Conduit Through All That is

Existing Dear Savvy Yes
Every EYe A Multi-Universe
Window Every Soul Holding
Hands With More Souls in Synergy
Co-Creativities Bringing Dreams Deeper

NoW iN

Out of
DarK iNto Fruition

Tapestry ReaLiTy
All Us Fibers This
Master Peace Painting

Every Shadow New Adding Depth
SHaDeS of Grey Now Beyond
Rainbow Colors DeLiGHT On Fire...

Yes Flash
Dance Without
Burning Out YouR 'Haiku' 'Aku Aku'

FRiEnDS With Gravity Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE Butterfly
Wings in FLiGHT Effortless Ease

Increasing Complexities in Autotelic Flow Yes
Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety Free Wings

And Sing
Always Spiraling
Higher Neither Ending
Or Finishing Always
Starting Beginning

Now For Real

Hehe i Vote None Of The
Above And Do As Thy Wilt
Under THE Force oF LoVE New Now
iN OTHeR Words Yes A Mercurial Trickster
WHere THere Is No 'Real Evil' OR 'Good' JusT Do LoVE
in other words too Direct Produce And Act YouR Own Play
Don't Just Play Someone
Else's GamE hAha No

Yes 'Neo' Dances Sings
With Relative Free Will
Live And Let Dice PLaY

Art of Loving
Life Painting


Every Breath
A New Prompt for

Existence Yes

Every Inhale of
Peace Every
Exhale of Love

Painting Balance
Indeed Every Color
of Life Left to Explore...

SMiLes Nice to See Your
Poetry Again on WordPress
Adriana Hehe Glad to See You

With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

BeLeaf BeLove BeLieve

Indeed Leaves Different
Yet From Similar Trees and

Forests We All Are As It's True

No One Religion Owns the Essence

of BeLeaf BeLove BeLieve Our Living
Leaves and Trees So Forest Whole in Faith

So Deep Within
This Energy
This Force
That Brings
Miracles and
Hope Back to Reality
As Faith Becomes The Essence
of Love For Real As Us iNCaRNaTE For
Real mY FRiEnD Roots Below Vines Above

Ever Reaching
More As Love


in Flames
That Ignite
Torches Bonfires
And Forest Fires of
Change iN LiGHT out of DarK mY FRiEnD...

The Best Part of The Song Is it Didn't Own Out
BeLeaf BeLieVE BeLove in Faith Hope to Birth

Miracles to Any Symbol Other than Words

That Relate to the
Real Essence
of Faith
LoVE That
Bring Miracles
Of Change in LiGHT of Fruition
i'm Always Disappointed Where at

The End of a Song When It Sings BeLiEVE iN
Some Thing Some Symbol So Far Away From
Essence of Energy of Faith Hope Love WiTHiN

Indeed SPRinGinG Now
Miracles to Birth Yes New
Hand-In-Hand ToGeTHeR of
Dance And Song ToGeTHeR Real

A Force That Cooperates And Unifies
Traveling For Away From Divide And Conquer

So Deep

For Real
This LiGHT
SHiNiNG For All
This Faith This Hope This
BeLiEVE This Love For Real SMiLinG

Alive to


And Truly BREaTHE...

"Various ethnic groups collaborate and enter into a dialogue
with one another without having to sacrifice their particular
identities. It can describe a mixed ethnic community area

where multiple cultural traditions exist."

Imagine a Place Where Various
Ethnic Groups Get to Do This

Yes Various Folks With Different
National Origins And So Many Different
Religions And Other Ways of Spirituality too

And True Some With No Spirituality at All...

Wow Just A Dream Really For Any Participant

Anthropology Observer to Actually Do And Yes

New York A Classic Example of A Biggest Multi-Cultural Town of

All And In Canada Toronto Where Multi-Cultural Traditions Are Supported

And They Also Thrive too Oh All the Benefits of Experiencing Different Foods,
Clothes, Ways of Language and Speech, And Yes Even Different Religions and
Spiritualities too And Particularly GREAT! FOR MORE OPEN MINDED FOLKS TO


As it's True too Folks So
Much Averse to Differences
And Change in Closed Minded

Ways May Want to Basically Stay in A Similar
Cave With Others Who Look and Behave Like Them

Even With the Same Old Hand Prints for Art on the Cave Walls too

Oh, Oh,
So Very
Boring to me

Yet Oh, Oh, Oh,
my Wife is Basically
A Homebody and i Do Love

To Go Out and Explore, Explore, Explore,

Yes Even New York Would Be Fun to Visit

Yet It's True i Already Have to Watch to Make
Sure my Wife does not Fall Down When Stressed
From Partial Complex Seizures Caused By Epilepsy

In Fact Even When i Write Subconsciously i Am Aware
Whenever She Gets Up Off Her Lazy-Girl Chair And Starts
to Do Work in the Home She Has Become Rather Attached to

Feeling Safe This Way
Understandably So Oh

True i Would Love to Explore
The World Yet On the Other Hand
She Can't Drive And Oh It's So Nice
Not to Drive too Far Without Getting So Very Sleepy

Anyway She Isn't Gonna get on Any Crowded Planes

And She is Truly Afraid of me going to Dance at 11 PM in the Next Big
City From Us Anymore for The Potential Drunk Traffic at 2 AM of Course

True i understand that
too as She really Depends
on me to Drive 'Ms. Daisy' Wherever

She Goes For Real and Also True She
Basically Does All the Rest of the Work
Around the Home As She Explains She is

The Very Best at it and i am Just no Good At


At All Indeed
She Calls me
A Mess Maker
Even When i Attempt to Clean

Anyway at Least Virtually As Avatar Online
i Get to Go Globe-Wide Each and Everyday

And Visit Diverse Cultural Flavors of Humanity

In Different Ways of Viewing the World With SMiLes

Typically Kindness is the Glue of Everyone i Meet Who

Wants to Be Human With Open Arms With Differences Among Others

That is
And Open
SouLED Enough

to Understand in Some Ways

People are Mostly Different and

in Some Ways in Terms of Genuine
And Sincere SMILes They Are Alike too

Thanks Dear Miriam For Providing The HeART Beat
of New York, New York, in the Art of Your Photos Far
Beyond the Cold Tall Skyscrapers That Humans Live

And Work On Top of Each Other Day By Day True

At Least they Have Rooms With a View for the

Most Part One of the Most Horrible

Work Spaces i Ever Worked

At was in A Promotion

i Got in A Corner


AT ALL IT'S TRUE For me at least
With A Love For Nature It Was if for 8 Hours
A Day i Got Promoted to Purgatory and Less on Earth

Reminding me of that 'Twilight Zone' Show Where Roddy
McDowell Exclaimed, 'There Are No Windows,' Opening up
Curtains and Finding Walls' until Finally the 'Ivory Tower Folks'

Opened Up the Curtains and He Found Himself Living on Another

Planet Behind Bars for the 'Ivory Tower' Folks to View Trapped in
A Home With Carpet And Central Heat and Cooling Where He Would

Spend the Rest of His Days in His "Natural Earth Habitat As A Human"
till Death While the 'Ivory
Tower' Folks Viewed

Him From
A Safe
of Course

To A View of His
Earthly Zoo It's True
Dear Miriam At Least

i Have a Window to the Great Outdoors

And An Avatar Online Through a Computer Window to Explore the World
in Words And Other Digital Artifacts From the Human Species Globe-Wide

And Also True my Wife Doesn't Mind Walmart Where Even in one of
The Most Conservative Towns in the Country Folks Still Have Their
Own Unique Styles of Being True There Are A lot of Different People

in Walmart
Even in Very
Towns Hehe

Yet it's Also
True if You
Get Closer to
the County Seat
Small Town the Local
Owned Stores Tend to
Smell and Look The Same
Through And Through For Everything...

Oh Pensacola My Wife Doesn't Mind the
Mall And The Paradise Tourist Destination
Pensacola Beach is Basically Year 'Round

Oh the Cultural Diversity World-Wide that Visits
The Mall True it Feels Like at Least 7 Heavens to me...

All the Different Flavors of Humanity in One Ice Cream Cone Mall Indeed!

And Indeed Per 'Dunbar Number' of 150 Humans to Interact With at Most
to Be Socially Comfortable With Day-to-Day my Neighborhood Has Over
40 Homes and Before i Started Taking Walks in the Mornings As Yes Both
my Sister and Wife Are Rather Introverted And Love to Do it in The Dark

The Windows in All the Homes Seemed Like Portals With Empty Souls

Yet Now i Strike Up a Conversation With Practically Every Neighbor

And It Really Doesn't Matter That Most of them View the World

Opposite From me as it's True the Way My Wife Does Life

Is Mostly Opposite too except for Core Beliefs

of Fairness, Justice, and Love For All

of Humanity It's True

i Can And Will
Visit Someone
Who Divides Humanity

Yet Never Ever Actually Live With
Someone and Share the Same Bed that Way

It's True in this Sense even i Divide Humanity too....

We All Have Potentials Unfilled And Limits That Are Core to Who We aRe

i Do My Best to Respect The Differences of Others Hehe As Long as it ain't

Under the
With SMiLes
As that Relates
to Fairness, Justice,
And Love For All With "Wings"...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Eden is Only As Far Away

As Naked Enough Whole Complete Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring,
Healing For All With Least Harm In Cognitive Empathy

And Compassion More in
Understanding the
So-Called Golden
Rule is Rather Far
And Near Sighted Regarding
Extroverts And Introverts Living
ToGeTHeR Hehe And Treating the Other
As They Wish They Would Treat Them Yes

Of Course That Only Works if One Considers
The Reality that One Person’s Heaven on Earth
Is Another Person’s Hell As We All See the World

Differently This Way With SMiLes As It’s True
A Psychopath Who Has No Ability to Feel the

‘Warm Touch’ of Petting a Cat Or A Human Hug

Who Only Feels A Change of Being in the
Dopamine and Adrenaline that Comes

In Sado-Masochism Way
Inflicting Both Emotional

And Physical Pain on Self And

Others Often Comes From Yes a
Vicious Cycle of Both Nature and
Nurture For my Savior a Dog For Warm
Petting A Mother For Warm Hugs and at
Least A Sister For A FRiEnD in Childhood Before

The Social Stresses of Bullying At School Over my
Androgenous Pretty Eyes With Long Eye Lashes
Thin Form and Smiles That Come From an All
Loving Mother Whose Name Helen Means
Light Like Saint Elmo’s Fire A Gift to
me That in a Land Still oF An
Old Testament Tribal
God Still Readied
Boys to Become
‘Men’ With the
Ability to Discard
The Basic Human Aversion
To Killing Other Folks that
Comes With ‘Normal’ Balancing
Human Beings Who LiVE oN A Foundation
Of Grace in Balance And Love Full of Empathy And Compassion
Yet in Unwarranted Wars Those Human Virtues Must Be Disposed
Of to Kill The Enemy Who Actually Is A Much Greater FRiEnD to Survive

And Yes Thrive
In A Greater Balance
Of Cooperation For
Unity Rather Than Competition
For Dividing Blood And Bones oF ALL…

Nah, i Don’t Wanna LiVE iN A Fairy Tale of
Castles That Must Be Protected By Alligator
Moats To Protect The Excesses That Come
From Taking More Than Giving Hoarding More
Than Sharing and Harming Others More Than Caring And Healing For Real

i Rather LiVE iN Eden as i Look Away From this 27.1 Inch iMac Screen And
Outside my 24 Inch Window of my Bedroom to the Left Nature is Beyond
iNFiNiTY of Constantly Changing CoLoRinG FLoWeRS And Trees And Other
Furry Climbing Creatures and Others With Wings Flying So Free Just to Be

With No Worries
Of Past or Future

On The Other Hands Yes Two
With 10 Fingers And This Digital
Keyboard With Symbols i Do my Best
To Bring Breath to my SoUL iNTO Avatars
Of Words And Other Digital Representations
Of my Reality in Eden YeS HEaVEN Now Within
Inside Outside Above So Below And All Around

It’s True i Will Fit Presently all 242 Pounds of my
Human Body in Metaphors of Words And Bring my

SoUL to Life For You To Feel and Sense Hehe Whether
You LiVE iN Alabama or Anywhere Around the World
At the Speed of Peace and Love mY FRiEnD With the Natural

WiLL And Strength
That Comes With A Human
Being Balancing Equally With
Divine Feminine Grace and Love and
Divine Masculine WiLL And Strength
To Completely Become Human at Essence

Naked Enough Whole Complete With Virtues in Tow

And No Longer This or That Label Alone Dear FRiEnD

SMiLes i Learned More About Existence From 3 Cats
Than 3 Degrees in Anthropology, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary,
Health Science And Additionally all 19 Years of School and University
And 33 Years of Pay For Work and All the Humans Hundreds of Thousands
Of them i Still Interact With Off and Online now too Yes Arthur the Inside-Outside
Cat Who Lived 20 Years as the Vet Said my Gosh He is So Old Yet WOW He Still Has
Such A Handsome Face And True He Spent His Whole Life on His Feet Still able

To Jump to the Kitchen Table For
Food And on His Last Day He
Just Went Away and

Didn’t Come
Back Returning
To the Earth He
Came From mY FRiEnD
And the Rest of Existence True…

Meanwhile Big Moby Was Declawed
Pampered And Fed All He Had to Do is
Purr to Get Fed Until Down the Road Where
He Originally Lived A New Baby Born With Allergies
To Cats and Big Moby With No Claws Became an Outside
Cat Suddenly as the Owner Said Moby Is a Big Boy He Will

Be Fine Out There
In The Wild of the
Kitty World Without Claws

Indeed a Very Neurotic Cat We
Inherited A Cruel and Unfair World
Forced Upon Him Without Understanding Why…

He Ate to Soothe His Anxieties And Sadly The Third Cat
Yellow Boy Didn’t Make His Fears Go Away as Yellow Boy
Was the Feral Outside Cat Who Lived in the Woods the
First Year or So of His Life Lightening Fast Catching
Squirrels Nearly His Feral Size Meeting my
Eyes in the Backyard With the Squirrel
Bleeding From His Mouth
And Just Like
He Flew Over
The Fence in A Flash Gone

Yet There Was that Day of an Unusual
Long Term Drought Yellow Boy Whining
Loud Under Our Shed So Dehydrated Begging
Nature For Mercy it Seemed then So i Responded
With A Slow Approach with a Morsel of Food And That
Was His Path to Eventually Become A Lap Cat Attached
Back to Katrina’s Lap No Different Than Making Biscuits
On Mother’s Breast Oxytocin Comfort of Trust in Warmth
And Finally Predictable Subsistence Yet He Would Always
Search out New Sources of Water Like Licking the Sink and
Tub Hehe And Also True Diagnosed With Feline Leukemia
That Would Also Shorten His Life to 10 Years Like the Diabetes

(As the Once Feral Wild Cat of the Woods Trapped Inside
For The Rest of His Life Not to Infect The Other Wild Cats

Who Were Not Vaccinated too)

Eventually Did to Big Moby
Who Could No Longer Jump
To the Table for A Treat Who Could
Sadly No Longer Make His Way Over
Two Inches of a Litter Box to Do That Life Business

So Yeah, The Inside Outside Balance of Life With
Active Nature Moving Connecting and Co-Creating
Kept Arthur Active And Vital With A Vaccine That of
Course Saved Him From Common Feral Feline Leukemia
And Kitty Aids too And It’s Interesting Getting Yellow Boy

Neutered at 2 Years-Old After Living in the Wild As Feral that
Long in the Next 8 years He never Lost His Muscle Mass And

(Hehe The Vet Always Said He Had Shoulders of A Body Builder
All Those Trees Climbing Them To Catch Wild Life to Eat of Course)

He Never Had a Desire to Over Eat And HE ALways Retained A SPiRiT
Of Play With A Kind of Aware Intelligence That Never Took Life For Granted

Again Always Looking

For Another Source

Of Water

In Other Words the
LeSSoN of Balance mY FRiEnD
The Lesson That the Indoor-Outdoor Cat Brings
For the Domesticated Only And Feral Only Cat

In this Way i Master the Tools and Do Not Become
Mastered By Them to Retain my Naked, Enough, Whole, And Complete Being

i Am Neither Afraid of Standing in Front of the World Clothed or Naked ThiS way

For It’s True

i Am An Inside Cat
And Outside Cat too
And Now i Will Make my
Way Back through the Backdoor
For Paradise Free Again Naked Enough Whole Complete
Always SMiLinG Totally Free With A Mix Of No Fear And ALLLOVE…


All the Pepper
And Salt Mix
Of Life All the
Colors ALiVE Dear FRiEnD With SMiLes…

Anyway Katrina’s Muscular Legs And Always
‘Active Figure’ Comes From Climbing Those
Trees at age 8 and All the Rough And Tumble
Play that Comes With 6 Siblings in Indoor-Outdoor Life

And Of Course Her School Was Slightly Less than a Mile
Away and a Single Mother With No Car Meant Walking to
School Every Year Every Day Rain, Sleet, And Even Occasional
Snow in the ‘Dead of Winter’ Without An Umbrella As that Was

Just Another Luxury
Her Family Wasn’t
Able to Provide

Yet It’s True the Love
Of Her LiVE iN Grandmother
Paved A Way of LoVE iN Hugs

As She Didn’t Work And All She Had to Do
Is Love Katrina Day-In-Day-Out Always Now

It is Most Often the Warm Grandmothers Who
Retains THeiR Beautiful Smiles With Teeth or Not
At A Hundred Years And More of Age Or Of Course

‘The Man’ Who May LivE Still to be 123 Who LEarned

All the Secrets of Life

Yes: Love
Fearless LoVE iNDeeD
It’s True The Three Cats Were my Real Saviors
And All They Had to Show For it is Loving Fur

Not to Mention Hehe
‘A Little Help’ From Mostly
Hairless Family And FRiEnDS hAha

On The other Hand my Father Remarked
When i Was Born Our Son Sure is Fuzzy hehe

True Warm
And Fuzzy mY
FRiEnD Eternally So Now For Real...

Well, Actually 'it' was Both Transphobic And Homophobic Yet i Am Not Going to Repeat The Disgusting Comment That
Was Made to A Homosexual Man on 'this Internet Site.' On the Other Hand, i Could Have Reported it; Yet That is NOT

my M.O.

i Believe In Doing 'STuFF' Face-to-Face; However, This Is the Internet And Words Will Have to Do In Text Instead.

Transgender Folks Have Always Existed And So Have Gay Folks and All the Mix In Between That Some are
Labeling With More Colors Than the Rainbow of Course as that Pertains to Metaphor. There Are Some

Folks Who Do "Black

And White" and Other

Folks Who Do Colors; THere
Are Two Processes of Mind,
Where One Hemisphere Does

Labels and the Other Does Substance (Essence/Meaning);

At Best We Excel in Both Areas in Both Style And Substance.

On the Other Hand, my M.O. Is Not Attacking Other Folks
Personally in Some Vague So-Called 'Intellectual' Way When

i Enter
into A

And Of Course that
is at Lowest Levels of Both Style and Substance;

Okay, If You Don't Want to Get Back on Topic i Will.

Donald J Trump Has Met His Match and that Match is the Law.

It's Sort of Like A Community With Leaders/People With Rules That/Who
Protect the Least AND MOST OF US Among Us From Harm; Particularly As That

Applies to Most Well Kept Government Secrets As Assisting A Captain of A Very
Large Navy Installation in the Headquarters Building That WAS One of My 'Collateral'
Duties of


For Pay;

iS iNdeed
IN Deep 'Do Do'
Like 'Do Do' Birds Now...

And to Be Clear That's A Metaphor

Like The Rest of Words Humans Use;

Key: Treat Humans Like 'Humans' And
One Does Much Better in Life From

(TRumP iS An EPiToME of Failure

in This Way of Being 'Human'
That May Be Measured in
Empirical Way of Course)

Birth To Death For Real;

No Matter if They Wear
'Black and White' Or More
Colors Than 'The Rainbow'

Ever Dreamed Of...

Synergy Of Souls
Humanity's Force Energy
iMaGiNaTioNS Co-Creativities

Unleashing ReLeaSinG Similar

Integrating One Being Human

Labeling Left Hemisphere of Mind

Holding Hands With Essence and Meanings
Generating Holistically By Right Hemisphere

Mind Bigger
Pictures Beyond
Just Representative
Symbols of Reality Yes

Indeed Human Energy
Feelings and Senses in
Synergy of Every New Color
Emotions Empathically Sharing

Beyond Distance, Space, Time Yes
And A "Matter of Things" What This Means

Is Reality Beyond All Scientific Measure Yes

What This Means is Reality Far Beyond Abstract

Constructs Yes Direct Conduit Through All That is

Existing Dear Savvy Yes
Every EYe A Multi-Universe
Window Every Soul Holding
Hands With More Souls in Synergy
Co-Creativities Bringing Dreams Deeper

NoW iN

Out of
DarK iNto Fruition

Tapestry ReaLiTy
All Us Fibers This
Master Peace Painting

Every Shadow New Adding Depth
SHaDeS of Grey Now Beyond
Rainbow Colors DeLiGHT On Fire...

Hmm, Catholic Mass Readings For 8.14.2022 That
Just So Happens to Be my Sister's Birthday Too Oh By The Way

Anyway Something About Bringing Division Instead of Peace Yet You

See There is Division in Every Mind In Processes of More Material
Reducing Grasping Left Brain Hemisphere of Parts Oh Lord And
When Holistic Bigger Picture Reality Right Hemisphere Processes

Wither Away True Left Hemisphere Delusions in Literal Black And
White Think Tend to Go A Route More Toward Delusions And Yes even


Refusing to
Let Go of Pre-Conceived
Labels As Such That Only
Represent Reality In Parts and

Will Not See More of Reality In Truth
Yep All Lit Up Integrating the Parts With
The Whole of All Human Reality What You May
Do in Practices As Simple as Free Dance And Song

Outside of
From Before Yep
Connecting Deeply
Within Unleashing ReLeASinG
iMaGiNaTioNS InTuitionS All Instinctual
Innate in Much Greater Human Creativity
Productivity And All Around Evolving Whole
Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses From
Head to Toe And So Much More in Truly A Compassionate
Empathic Life Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
Giving Sharing Caring Healing With Least Harm ThiS Way Yes

For All

Listen There is No Use in Beating
A Dead Horse Yet to Be Reborn THiS Way
With Greater Creativity Human PotentialS UNleashing
ReLEaSinG Them ThiS Way Or Trying to Force That Horse

NoW iNto Drinking
New Water of More
Human Potential Yes

Even If You Lead the
Horse DirectlY iNto A
Fountain of Eternal Youth
of SoUL iN Creativity New

This Idea of Division is Reality
For Most Change What You Can
And Will And Be Patient With Those
Left Behind So Restricted in Left Brain
Process Thinking So Devoid Now in Void
From Right Hemisphere All That is SoUL Mind For Real

Meanwhile THeRE iS Essence of Hope Faith Love BeLeaf
BeLove BeLievE That Can Will And Do Bring Miracles oF Unity to

Fruition Real Both for Human Soul Trees With Free Leaves of BeLieVE

And Forests of Human Trees Sharing Leaves of Love Fearless And Free Forevernownew

Those Who Seek And Find Greater Human Potentials Out of DarK into LiGHT Yes 'Just
Doin' It'

iN 'Victory'

When 'They'
Simply Find
THeiR Way of Doing

So Effortless in Ease New Now Oh God Yes Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Freer Spiraling Ever More in Flight of Fearless LoVE

For All LiFE Offers Both DarK and LiGHT
As Struggle ReLeASinG iNHaLinG Peace

LoVE Continuing
Free For Those of
Us Who Truly Fully
BREaTHE Peace iN LoVE iN Peace...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Gender: Male
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15 Aug 2022, 1:29 am

Every Move A New Dance
Every Word A New Song

Within Deep

iN SoUL Now

Truly DiViNE

Yes Roots Below
Vines Reaching
Above Within
Inside Outside
All Around Now

Driving Every
Move Every Word

In Melodies of Peace
Force of Beauty’s Wisdom

Dear Chaymaa Always CoLoRinG


Strength in Will

Out of DarK Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

Indeed iN ThiS Way
‘God’ Lives in Poetry
oF All Of Us Free Yes
Breathing THiS Way New...

"Colours of the Flag

In the national flag of India the top band is of Saffron colour,
indicating the strength and courage of the country. The white
middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra.
The last band is green in colour shows the fertility, growth

and auspiciousness
of the land.

The Chakra

This Dharma Chakra depicted the "wheel of
the law" in the Sarnath Lion Capital made by
the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.
The chakra intends to show that there is life in

movement and death in stagnation."

Indeed Dear Savvy THere is Life in Dance

And Slow Death in Stagnation When We Quit

Creating New Dances And Songs of Life to Free

Each Other More
NoW in Beauty And

Wisdom in Truth of Peace And Love
LiGHTinG New Colors oF Loving Life

i Never Noticed The Dharma Chakra in
The Middle White Color of the Indian Flag

Until i Saw it Flying on Your Page Today and

i Sort of Wondered At First iF iT Might Be
A Symbol of 'The Evil Eye' STiLL to Protect

All From Darkness or Perhaps A 'Wisdom
Eye' to Assist iN LiGHT of Progress mY FRiEnD

And Indeed it is Happy Indian Independence Day

In Freedom And Peace And Love to You First and

Always Within
mY FRiEnD Free for You Enough
To Love Life Whole And Complete

Always Evolving More Colors oF LiGHT...

Truly Sad Dear Ruchi When Childhood
FRiEnDS Are Separated By Divisions
of Religion and Politics
And Even Sadder

Perhaps Even Family
And Civil Wars in

One Household
Over Politics and
Religion in Competition
For Divide And Conquer
Over Unity And Cooperation

Yet This is the Nature of the 'Human
Beast' Really Only Evolved Still Relatively
Speaking For 150 or So Close Contacts in

Social Way to Give, Share, Care, And Heal
in Bonding Binding Ways of Dance And Song
With Symbols And Ideologies Folks Will Actually

Mutually And
Agree Upon for
Loving Peace Yes

Goodness Hehe Just
An Every Day Challenge
in Every Household Among
A Couple And Even When One Goes
Solo in Life As Civil Wars Occur in Separation
of So-Called Mechanical Cognition Versus Social-
Empathic-Artistic-Real Emotional Sensory Spiritual Intelligences

at Much Bigger
Picture Mystical
Ways of Unity Versus

Breaking Down the
Whole into Tiny Parts
And Losing The All In All

In Grasping Tiny Parts Of Existence Refusing to Let Go Yes STiLL

In Literal/Metaphorical Left Hemisphere And Right Hemisphere
Differences of Mind In Processing And Doing Existence

True Mind and Body and Soul And Country
And Religion And Politics Does Often Find
This Challenge in Life as It's True the Human

Species Woefully Lives Out of Balance with the Rest
of Nature Now Killing Off 50 Percent of Wild Life in the
Last 50 Years With Projected Losses of 1 IN 8 Animal
And Plant Species in the Coming Decades For the Civil

War That the Human Species Declares to Dominate the Rest of Nature

Yet Of Course the Whole of Nature is Our Face the Same Making A Civil

War With Nature

Is A Real New Zombie

Apocalypse Now Of
Eating Our Own Face

The Blood Bath and
Whole Extinctions of
Species is For Real in A
Civil War We've Declared in
Ignorance That Harms, Rapes, Maims,
And Kills All Of Nature Including Us the Most

THere Are FolkS iN the United States Who Long
For the Kind of Blood Bath That Happened in India
Separating into Two Countries in 1947 And The Years
And Decades That Follow With Conflicts Still Occurring

Of Course the United States Has Done it Before too in Civil War

This Experiment for A Declaration of Independence for the Rights
to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is Surely Not Without its
Flaws in A Country That Uses 40 Percent of the Human Resources of the
Earth With 4 Percent of the Human Population Globe-Wide With Close to
40 Percent of Pandemic Deaths World-Wide too Well Over A Million Dead Here

From Just That in a Real Civil War of Ignorance too mY FRiEnD And Of Course
Close to 40 Percent of Mass Shooting Deaths With So Many Hundreds of Millions of

Guns to Assist in that Blood Bath of Ignorance too Other Countries Want the Abundance

We Have Although it Would Take 5 Earths in Resources to Provide That Abundance For
All And True i Know Indian Women Who Spend Close to A Decade of Their Life Still Now in

To Come to
What's Left of
This American Dream

Yep i've Mastered that
Freedom for me Like my
Wife, Sister And Her Partner too

Yet the Poverty of the Soul Within
is Great Here my FRiEnD Obviously
As The Friendliest People i Meet are
From India It seems Women of Course
As Women Are Just More Agreeable in General ThiS Way

Yes i'm Glad This Poem Wasn't About You and Your Friend
And Your Family Now Yet Of Course It's About All of Us mY FRiEnD

And the Effort it Takes All of us to Cooperate in Unity Versus Divide and Conquer

Any Marriage That is Gonna BE A Real Love Requires Unity of Cooperation Like

Any Church,
State, Yes

of Politics too mY FRiEnD

It's All Culture And We Humans
Are the Nature of This Beast We

Move, Connect, And Co-Create Dancing Singing Freer

Standing Together Stronger or Separate and Weaker

Thanks For A Very Inspiring Poem It Really Fits into
What i am Writing New About Always Now For What i am
Dancing And Singing Free All About Peace Love Cooperation

MaKinG Unity

Yet It Always
Starts New With
A Challenge NoW iN
Unity of Peace And
Love Within First mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Generally Speaking Now
Whenever A Poem Comes On
Anywhere Around A Globe my

Movie Maker Memory
Selects Songs of Soul
From At Least the Last
6 Decades With SMiLes

Tina Turner Hit me First With "What's
Love Got To Do With It" Then A Lament
For "Old Fashion Love Song" In Three

Part Harmony Dear Miriam as True It Seems
i Am Hearing at Least Two Voices in Your Poem

So Far And i Am Not Familiar With Any Modern
Day Dating App Age Songs Appropriately Yet Indeed

This Sounds Like
A Couple of Folks
On A Dating App Yes

Oh Lord So Fortunate
Enough to Be Way too Old
For That And Still Young Enough
For Old Fashion Love Songs Not Only

Then Yet
Now Too
For Real
For Real
For Real
Really For Real
Could Be A Two
Word Phrase This
Year Yet For Real...

SMiles Adriana
There May Be
No Greater Love
For Life Than Flow
Of Creativity
Truly An
Way To Become
A Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Human Being
That Those
Who Do
Not Partake
Have Great
Relating To The
Experience Within...

Thanks Dear
Sohair Such
Angelic Voices
Those Two Girls
Katrina Loved it
Too And i Am Using
The Song About

And Miracles
On my Blog

With SMiles...

Dance NeVeR EndS Now
THiS Much Of A SonG



EndS Now

DanCinG SinGinG New

Dance NeVeR EndS Now
THiS Much Of A SonG
EndS Now
DanCinG SinGinG New

LeSSoN 431
Be “An” Original
Not “The” Original

Hehe Some Folks in
Line At The Store to
Pay While Katrina Was

Paying Noted it Seemed
in The Near Distance That
i Am Experiencing Euphoria
Floating In A Free Dance
FRiEnDS With Gravity in
Autotelic Flow True An
Ecstatic Euphoric
Peak Experience
Of Loving Life
As High NeW As
i Regulate NoW in
Emotions Integrate
In Senses Through
A Bio-Feedback in
Autotelic Flow of
Free Dance Or
Song in Voice
And Writing
Free Poetry
Too Hehe They
Said They Wanted
“The Drug” i Am Taking
In Heaven For Real Now
Yet They Fail to Find

A Stairway
Of Art
New To
For Real
Out of Darkness
Into Light Yes Yet to
Leave A Cave mY FRiEnD
Anyway Currently Celebrating
10.8 MiLLioN Words of Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem “SonG oF
mY SoUL 9 YearS Old” And
“17,000 Miles oF Public
Dancing 9 Years” Yet

It’s True
Both Are
Only Form
Of Essence of
Heaven Within

Indeed mY FRiEnD
Fumes Left Behind

Hehe Just For “The Records”...

Yawn, It Takes Balance to Get Anything Done That Lasts.

So Far A 'Best Possible Scenario' Has Played Out With A Whole

Lot of Harm And Injury Along The Way in Terms of Pandemic Deaths,
Hate Crimes, And The Such And Of Course What Those Who Worship the

Money God Most; Yes Of Course With Fear of Not Enough to Eat Living Pay-Check
to Pay-Check as Studies Show 50 Percent of Folks Do Making 50,000 to 100,000 Dollars
Even Reaching Upper Middle Class Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check at 40 Percent of Those Folks Making

Above 100,000 Dollars too...

Is it Any Surprise that the Have's Who Live Pay-Check to Pay-Check Spent Every Bit of Their Recovery
Money Pandemic Related; Well No, We LiVE iN A Capitalist World, WHere Instant Gratification And Quick

Pill Fixes
is the Rule
More Than the
Exception as That
Also Comes in terms
of Distraction as Science
Shows Humans On Average
Have less than the attention Span
of A Gold Fish; Yes, Less than 3 Seconds...

Hmm, Even though Biden Has A Speech Impediment
He Struggles With His Entire Life, The Dude Had 40 Years
of Experience Understanding the Ups and Downs of What it takes

in Compromise to Get Anything Done in Grid-Lock of Power Attempting to Maintain Its Hold...

It's True, We've Lost 'Roe Versus Wade;' The Only Real Promise Other than Welfare For the Rich
That Trump Was Able to Do After He Left Office of Course Stacking the Supreme Court AS Such

With Catholics Who Make it No Secret in Church That their REAL Allegiance iS iN BRiNGING WHATEVER

As Yes This is REALLY What Conservative Means Sticking to Tradition And Continuing to make That Order the Rule.

However, Conservative Does Not Mean Lying And Cheating and Careless Control of Traditional Government

Secret Documents

Which of Course
Hillary Failed to
Do Without Enough
Conscientious Ways
of Being Conservative too...

Conservative or Liberal Leanings
Change According to Both Nature
And Nurture of The Environment Across the Lifespan;

It's Already Been Studied, Governments Become More Authoritarian
During Plagues and Pandemics As Such As No Duh, Some Folks Don't
Have the Discipline to Protect Human Life Without Even Stricter Rules to Push them

Along to Save Even Their Own Frigging Lives; Advantage to Conservative Leanings Yes

However It is NOT Conservative To Value Freedom Over Human Life; Indeed, There are
A Whole Lot of Conservative Folks Who Vote Democrat And a Whole Lot of Liberal Folks

Who Vote Republican at Least When the Actions Show Who They Really are in the Environment at Hand.


Biden is More
Conservative than
Trump By Far; Trump

Is All for Trump and A Nightmare
Scenario for Any Leader With Almost
Zero Levels of Empathy Only With Selfish Desire for
Material Goods, Status, Power and Control of Others.

Hillary Was Hated By Many Folks In Her Own Party; And
Of Course Extremely Hated by the Other Party too; Sanders

Was Considered An Extreme Socialist Dude By the Other Party;

It's True That Paved the Way for a More Unified Republican Party

to Make Way For A Con Man to Rule the Oval Office And Truly Risk
Our Representative Democracy and All Civility From Going Down the Toilet Drain of Anarchy...

Now The Democrats Have the Wedge Issue of the Rights to Reproductive Freedoms and Women's
Health Care Stolen Away by the New Catholic Tradition Savers of the Supreme Court Against Public

Desires for
The Rules of the Land
of Yes 'We the People' As Whole...

A President Will Be Measured Most By The
Legacy They Leave to Make Life Better For Those
He Serves with Empathy and Compassion in Balance Best for All Who May Be Concerned...

My God We've Had a Pandemic, There is An Ongoing War Between Two Countries That Hold
Much of the World's Resources for Day to Day Subsistence And Energy Reserves; The Entire
World is Dealing With Inflation And Supply Issues as Expected in Years of 'Pestilence', Wars,
Potential Famine and More Death; Yet it's True in the United States, even though Bread is

Double of what
it was Before;

Yes, It's

At Least
Still Available
For Purchase and
Now Gas at $3.49 Cents
A Gallon in the Panhandle
Held by the Notorious Gaetz
in His District with of Course

(So God Damned Dirt Cheap
Cheap Compared to Other Countries)

DeSaTaNiS Doing the 'Normal' Republican
Rule according to the Traditional Values of
The Biggest Traditional Religion in the Land;

True that is What Conservatives Do, they Keep
the Glue of Tradition Together even if it Harms

the Marginalized Among Us as A Sacrifice Indeed for

'Their Sacred Cow;' Listen Folks, This Is Kind of a 'Complicated
Situation'; 'Lots of Strands' for Even this 'Old Duder to Keep in His Head' Hehe...

Yet i am Not one With Gold Fish Attention; And i am Not One Who Needs Instant
Gratification or Quick Fix Pills to Survive, Although i am Financially Independent


As It's What You Do When You Understand a Storm is Coming, You Set Your Anchor in Safe Harbors

(On the Autism Spectrum And On the Bi-Polar Spectrum This Indeed IS a Life Long Challenge for Real)

Until the Storm Passes

And Yes When my 'Ship
Came in' For Financial Independence
i Gave Most All the Control to my Wife as
There Was No Way She Would Spend it all

And Even if She Came Close, the Hammer
of my Fiscal Conservatism Would Come Again...

(She Lives Well on Her "Allowance" Now Sweet Little Angel For Real)

As True in Someways i Can and Will Be Very Liberal and


And Meh, this is the way it is with Most Folks; It is Very
Narrow Thinking to Suggest that Humans Are 'Black and White'
Non-Changing Creatures As Change is the Only Real Constant in Life

And True Some Conservatives Don't Like Change and True Being Financially

Independent Tends to Allow One better to remove a stick up Their Butt Indeed ThiS way

So very Tight
So very Hard

to Let Loose
And Just Fly
with Wings that
Don't Worry about
Past or Future and this

IS A Real American Dream

Setting Our Wings Free Yet it's
Tricky as Instant Gratification and
Even Lottery Winners Go into Ruin
With Drug Abuse As such Just God Damned Dead

From Ignorance and Poverty of even Understanding THeir own Human Nature;

Biden Might Not Seem like the Sharpest Tool in the Shed for A Silver Tongued Devil;

However, 'the Dude' Has Enough Wisdom to Leave a Legacy of Accomplishments in

Less than a Calendar Year Since November of 2021, Hehe, 9 Months to Birth a Baby That include:

1. New Infrastructure for a Country Falling Apart at the Seams; Indeed, By Nature, Very Conservative For Real...

2. (True, Before This, an Emergency Bill Passed to Send Money to Everyone to Get Out of Dire Straights of Pandemic
Needs Yet of Course that went to the Have Nots and Never Have Enoughs too, And Both Groups, Yes, Spent the Money

Making Supply Side Issues a Real Headache; Yet You Do What Ya Have to Do to Help the Least Among Us to Survive.)

3. A Bill Passed For Chip Manufacturing in the United States; Both Rational And Economic Good News.

4. A Bill Passed to Help Veterans Who Are Sick Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Foreign Wars.

5. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Remedy Climate Change Woes;
And Additionally Tax Credits For Folks Buying Energy Saving Cars, And Solar Panels, And the Such.

6. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, Enough Cooperation to Pass A Bill to Cap Drug Costs
for Medicare at 2,000 Dollars A Year and Negotiate Lower Drug Prices As Well FOR REAL.

7. And Finally, Almost A Miracle, YES! Enough Cooperation to Extend Health Care Subsidies
3 Years to Help 13 Million Folks Obtain Affordable Health Care for THeir Most Basic of Human Needs.

8. True, A Minimum Corporate Tax to Insure Rich Corporations That Pay Zero For Taxes, Pay 15 Percent
That Make Number 5, 6, and 7, A Reality to Both Lower Inflation Somewhat And Decrease the Deficit As Well.

Clinton And Sanders is A Moot Point Now; That Division Provided Trump in a Unified Republican Party, The Entrance
He Needed to Create Chaos and Potential Anarchy in the United States; All For His close to Zero Levels of Empathy
And Compassion For Others; All for Selfish Personal Gain for His Personal Empire of Life That Cold Freezer Way of


Listen, the Fact
Is We LiVE iN A Nation
of 'SPOiLeD' Brats, Used to
Using 40 Percent of Human
Resources on Earth With 4 Percent of the
Population Where the Rest of the World Wants

Meanwhile, We Have Folks So Separated From the Nature of Reality
That Includes Flowers And Blue Skies who Believe Human Nature is so
God Damned Precious that We Should Live on A Planet We Are Not Evolved for

To Keep
'This Condition
of This Condition Going'...

It Ain't All Bad; It Ain't All Good;

Yet Let's Face Facts, Life is DarK and LiGHT,
Night And Day; Piss and Vinegar; With a Little Sugar

And Spice; Yep, Even i Love Spice So God Damned Much hehe...

Yet i'll Be

God Damned If the Flowers Are Not Blooming
Outside Even in God Damned Trump Town USA
Now in Gaetz And DeSaTaNiS Land too;

*"When the World is Running
Down, You Make the Best of
What is Still Around," Unless
A Human Is Just Addicted to

*('The Police,' Circa 1980)

Misery and Suffering as It's true

Guess what that Means that there is a Willing and Ready Target Audience
For Whatever 'TRuMP' Comes Next; We Don't Need Heroes Without Empathy

As Indeed
They Make
the 'Best
for Real

And Will Take
Away Every God
Damned Thing We Have for Themselves
IF We Let them Have their way as 'Minions'
in A Worst Kind of Pandemic oF All, Ignorance
That Harms, Rapes, and Maims, All of Nature Worst...

We Do Need Safe Harbors And Anchors in Storms..

We Do Need Sails to Explore Fair Winds and
Following Seas to Continue to Progress and Evolve...

Indeed Both Conservative (Tradition That Glues) And
Liberal (Wings Free)

Are Required
to Both Survive
And Thrive yet


And to Be Clear That's Just A Metaphor as
We Need Both 'We the People' and 'Leaders'
With Will And Strength on A Foundation of
Loving Balance In Grace Fearless Enough to Truly

Love With Empathy and Compassion For Real;

Never the Less, the Empirical Facts Already Relate Biden's Administration

And Party Achieves this Legacy in Less than 12 Months of A Calendar Year

in One of the Worst Trials and Tribulations This Country Has Ever Faced;

It May take a While
For That to SinK iN
For 'SPOiLeD Brat


Let's Just Hope We
Don't Have to Lose Our
Representative Democracy
For 'Them' to 'ReMeMBeR'...

i've Faced Most Every Trial
And Tribulation Most Human
Beings Can't Even Imagine
Exists in Reality of DarK too..

And this is why i ReMeMBeR For Real Now...

There are So Many Soul/Life Hacks for Real that Come
From Experience and Wisdom For Real; So Very Many, Indeed

To Both Survive
And Thrive For
Real; Indeed This
Is How 'the Meek
And the Poor of Spirit'

HEAVEN And the Kingdom oF iT on Earth For Real Within NOW;
And Sure With a little Giving, Sharing, Caring, and Healing With
Compassionate Understanding Cognitive Empathy With That Kind
of Human Intelligence

So Deep Within

Fully Humanly

After Coming
Out of the
DarK For
So Long
For So Long
Indeed aS WELL Being For Real...

Anyway Today at Catholic Church A Priest
Directed The Congregation Not to Give Any
Homeless Folks Wandering The Church 'Campus'
Any Money If They Ask For it Instead to Direct Them
Now To the Church For Free Food As He Seems Afraid

The Homeless Folks Might Use the Money For Non-Approved
Church Purposes and That Reminds me of Not Only Some Other
Things the Catholic Church Funds With Money As Far As Court Cases
Go and Of Course What the Southern Baptist Congress With Over 47 Thousand
Or So Churches Is Accused of Doing Not Too As Far As Sweeping Child Abuse
Cases Under the Rug And Ignoring those Guilty of the Worst Crimes Known to

Children As Such

Who the F Does the
Priest Think He is to Have
the Moral Authority to Tell His
Congregation What they Can't Give to

A Homeless Person Obviously the Landlord of His Property

On the Other Hand i Own the Keys to The Kingdom of Heaven Within

And i'm
Not Even
Jesus Just
Someone Now
Who's Been to A Place

Where You Most Definitely

Would Drink a Beer if It Did Anything
to Put Out the Fires of Hell Within Yep

Yeah Baby Some Folks Can't Afford
'Mental Pills' as We LiVE iN A World

In A State of DeSaTaNiS And the Such
Who Refused Medicaid Expansion for the Least Among us

in 'The Party' that the Church so Reliably Supports From the Pulpit
and says go Vote for them Indeed the Hypocrisy is Amusing
As NeveR A Word to JudgE 'A Trump Negatively is Spoken

From the


A 'Father oF ALL
Lies' Has Come to Be
True in Colors (SHaDeS oF Grey
to BLacK Abyss DarKesT Parts)
For What 'The Church' has come to be...

Anyway We Long Ago Decided to Divert Any Funds
That Might Have Previously Been Shared With The
Church Coffers to the Homeless Folks on the Street

And If Lazarus Needs A Drop of Beer To Quench the Devil Within

Who the Hell
Am i to Judge

For the Lesser
Among Us And
Often Greater than the Greatest For Real...

For Where They've Been That Folks Who Wear
Robes and Funny Hats in Ivory Towers Can't Imagine
From Their

in Front
of the Church

Not Thanks i'll take
A Back Row and My
Wife Won't Step Foot in the Church...

Yet She Has Her Own Reasons and Sure
She Delivers Food to the Church Lobby Each Sunday
to Distribute From A Plastic Bag Yes With Boxes and
Cans And Stuff As Ironically That Much 'The Church' Will
Be Trusted


Indeed So
F iN Ironic it is...

Yes i'll Judge the
Church Yet Not the
Homeless Dudes And or Women on the Street

Yep, Another Day Another Forrest
Gump Face Palm

You Guessed
It Yes In Forest
Thick Face Palm Way...

The Church Is Not my Home...

And i Don't Need Any Clothes

to Dance and Sing Free...

Every Move A New Dance
Every Word A New Song

Within Deep

iN SoUL Now

Truly DiViNE

Yes Roots Below
Vines Reaching
Above Within
Inside Outside
All Around Now

Driving Every
Move Every Word

In Melodies of Peace
Force of Beauty’s Wisdom

Dear Chaymaa Always CoLoRinG


Strength in Will

Out of DarK Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

Indeed iN ThiS Way
‘God’ Lives in Poetry
oF All Of Us Free Yes
Breathing THiS Way New...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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16 Aug 2022, 12:17 am

"What is poison?

When we have something more than our needs it becomes poison. It can be power, wealth, love, hatred or even hunger.


When we do not accept impermanence it becomes fear. When we accept impermanence it becomes adventure.


When we are not ready to accept the goodness of others it becomes jealousy. When we start accepting it becomes a motivational force.


When we cannot bear things happening beyond our control it becomes anger. When we start accepting it becomes tolerance.


Not accepting others as they are turns into hatred. Unconditional acceptance becomes love."

SMiLes Dear Savvy These Life Lessons
Your Mother Translates From
Tamil Are Surely Worth

Sharing With

Quotes For
Life Lessons Indeed They Are...

And Indeed They Also Relate to Unconditional Acceptance
Of Others Becoming Love For A Story A Priest Told As
Well in A Catholic Church i Visit as Participant
Anthropology Observer And Of Course
EPiC Longest Long Form Poem
Writer/Singer From MuSiC
Deep Within A Soul
of Subconscious
Mind Unleashed and
Released Indeed in Poetry
of Autotelic Meditating Contemplating
FLoW THiS WaY Yep Just Like the Neuro-Diversity
of me Tapping into Greater Human Potentials ThiS Way

Anyway the Priest Related A Story of A 19 Year-Old Man
Coming to Visit A Bishop Wearing Only Shorts Doing
50 Push-Ups In Front of the Bishop Exclaiming
He Was Jesus Christ As the Priest Chuckled
Making Fun Of His Eccentricity as Quite
A Few of the Congregation Did at
The Expense of the Young
Man's Adventure in
Exploring Who
He Feels He is in
Life of Course Passages
Taken in the Bible Like Jesus
is the Least and What You Do to the
Least You Do to Him and the Father And He
Are One Will Be Very Confusing to A Very Literal
Left Brain Restricting Mind As Of Course The Priest
Literally Believes He Can Change A Wafer of Bread
Yes into Literally the Flesh of A 2,000 Years Past
Dead Man And Wine into His Blood Before
Covid-19 Took That Wine/Blood away
From the Practice of Swapping
Spit in A Communal
of Wine/
ThiS WaY as A
Congregation Together
It's True i Understand Sugar
Pills in All the Forms they May
Come in May Actually Create Healing
For Those Who Truly Believe They Heal
A Sugar Pill of Jesus in Metaphor Of Body
in A Little Wafer of Bread And Blood in A Sip
of Wine From A Communal Chalice Is Surely a
Sugar Pill For Belief to Heal For those Who truly
Believe in it And the Parents Contacted by the Bishop
Said Thanks For Letting Them Know About What Their
Son Did As 'Psychic Breaks' Are An Ancestral Part of
Their Family History And They Would Assist Him as
Necessary So No i Don't Laugh at the Priest
Suggesting He Has Some Magical Power

No Less Irrational than A Boy Believing
He is Jesus and 'One With The Father'
And the Least And Poor of Spirit
Inheriting the Earth Meekly
That Way in Just A
Pair of Shorts
With Intense
Exercise of
Passion For Life True For What
Life is NoW And Human CuLTuRES
For What We Are Spoon-Fed From
Birth Surely is a Labyrinth to Navigate For Real

Determining What is BS Or Not Fed From Birth ThiS Way
Yet It's True 70 Percent of Even Catholics Who Go to
Church Don't Believe the Wafer is the Real Body of
Jesus And Wine is His Blood too Yet They Still Go

To Church And Apparently it Brings Some
Communion Of Love With Others And

Indeed The Warm Oxytocin Communal
Feeling When Foks Get Together

Reduces Anxiety and Heals Pain too
And This is Why i Still Visit Church
Sunday too Communing With Human
Beings in A SPiRiT oF UNCoNDiTioNAL
LoVE iN Free Dance And Song Just Like Anywhere

Else i Dance And Sing Free iN LiFE For my God is Really Love

To Do New Now

And It's true
i Don't Have to
Be Any Mythological
Dude and Or Woman
to Do It All By my Little Old Self

It's Also True A Major Source of Delusion
Comes From Literal Left Brain Thinking Restricted
Minds As it Really Surprised me that A Poetry Acquaintance
With A Master's Degree in Math And a Very Systemizing Mind
Started Literally Believing in the Q-Anon Conspiracy Theories

And Of Course
Bible Stories
Taken as Literally
As They Are Described
In Ancient Print Before Printing
Presses And Change By A "Gazillion"
Or So Ghost Authors And Scribes in
Mistakes And Intentional Changes ACross
Centuries Before Verses Were Even Numbered
in the 1300's and the First Rudimentary Book Put

Into Book Print
in the 1400's too

It's A Story Yet the
Placebo Effect of Belief
Works in Essence of Belief
No Matter What Symbol or Ideology Is

Used to House And Vehicle And Vessel
The Power of Belief/Love...

Thanks So Much
Dear Savvy With
SMiles of SoUL Songs...

Very Welcome
FRiEnD Your
me Joy
Of SMiles...

i Don’t Usually Visit
Toronto on Rainy
Monday’s Yet
A Rainbow
Appeared in
A Hail Storm

And Oh Dear
Lord Some of
The Colors Saffron
Yellow Through Green

Reminded me of The Indian
Flag With The Eye of Dharma
For Peace And Love With

Compassion and Oh Dear
Lord i Almost Forgot to

Wish You A Happy
Indian Independence

Day in Toronto
Yet The Honest

To God Truth is
i Am Wondering
How You Are

You Are Okay
With Hugs And SMiles
Of Every Little Thing
Is Gonna Be Alright


SMiLes Dear Cindy
'The Pearly Gates'
Are Your Mothers' Smile
As You Carry A Family
to Fruition...

SMiles Dear Sohair, Sadly The 'Imams' in Terms of
Metaphor Too For the Christian So-called Leaders

Of the Southern Baptist Congress of 47,000 or So Churches
And Lord Knows All the Ones the Roman Catholic Church

Directs Fall

to Sexually
Abusing the
Most Vulnerable
Children oF All at
The 'Altar' of Their 'God'

And Now They Wear
Shame Instead of A God Of Love

That Does Not Abuse The Least Among uS iNDeed

In Every Position of Authority, Power, and Status
A Rotting Garden is

Ready For

For DarKesT
Leaves of Humanity
Trees to Spread A Decay
Of Callous Human Ways that Harm

SMiLes it's Safe Outside My Backdoor in An Eden
That Wears No Human Selfish Clothes of Taking
More Than Giving; Hoarding More Than Sharing;
Harming Callously More Than Caring and Healing

And Indeed A Place Where
Those Who Harm The Least
Among Us Most Now Are Not

Protected By A Lesser God Than Love...:)

"How Important Is It For The Human Race to Continue?"

Fascinating Philosophical, Political, and Even Religious Question too;

For Instance, Some Politically And Religiously Related Folks Believe It is Evil
If A 10 Year-Old Girl Who Is Violently Raped By A Close Family Member Does not

Carry the Child to Term As They Suggest That Is A Sin and A So-Called God Would
Rather See the Child
Who Was Violently
Raped at 10,
Suffer Even
More Mental
And Physical Anguish

The Rest of Their Life; In Terms,
For Example, of One of my Youthful
Friends, When i Was A Youth; Never Impregnated
Yet Still Sexually Abused By a Father; Her Mental Anguish

Never Went Away and She Had the 'Final Word' When She Shot
Herself in the Head With A Revolver in Her Father's Bed After She

Already Had A Loving Husband And Two Loving Children then; True, i Was
THere As Her FRiEnD As She Described What Her Father Did to Her; Yet Again

Even Her So-called Religion That i Shared of Catholicism Demanded That if She had
Become Pregnant By Her Father, She Should Carry that Child to Term As 'God' Demands

New Human Life
Yet UnBorn is More
Important than Breathing
Lifelong Mental Anguish

And Physical Issues When
Particularly Young And Violently
Raped Like Incontinence For the Rest of
the Human Young Woman's Life; According

To the Catholicism i Visit, 'God' Still Says It is Very
Important For Humans to Still Continue to Fill The
Earth And Even Let Humans Suffer at the End of Life Needlessly

Where We Wouldn't Do That to One of Our Pets Yet Indeed Misery
And Suffering Pro-Longing Death is seen as Sacred And Sick Suffering

to Some Religions ThiS Way Over Mercy That We Give to Our Pets at the End of THeir Life.

In FAct, Humans Through Their Cultural Practices, Including Philosophies, Religions, and Politics

Shared Are Capable of

Great Dreams Fulfilled

Of Heaven-Like Conditions
on Earth At Least in Balance Within
For Those Who Still LiVE iN Balance With Nature ThiS Way

Or the Philosophies, Religions, Politics, And Worst Human
Metaphor of Pandemic oF All; Yes, the Ignorance That Humans
Support in Their CuLTuRaL Ways That Harm, Rape, Maim, And Kill

The Rest of Nature That is Indeed Our True Face As Well; Which Means

Hello, Welcome to the Human Zombie Apocalypse Living Out of Balance Eating
Our Face of Nature Out of Balance ThiS Way; Particularly, the United States that Uses
40 Percent of the Human Resources of The Earth With 4 Percent of the Population; Yet
Here's 'The Thing', Humans Are Deluded to 'Think' They Dominate Nature ThiS Way of Harming,
Raping, Maiming, And Killing IT the Most in Ignorance ThiS Way; Yet the Rule of Nature is Balance at Least/Most;

And The Karma of Nature is Simple Action And Consequence of Species' That Pay That Consequence When
They LiVE Out of Balance

And True For the Rest of
Nature A Natural Culling
Process Comes When Species
Come into Population Pressures ThiS Way;

And in The United States, We Also Endured
Close to 40 Percent of Global Pandemic Deaths
So Many More Than A Million Now and Hundreds of Daily
Deaths Still With Another Nature 'Sponsored' Pandemic Variance

Other than the CuLTuRaL One that Human CuLTuReS Still Bring
Responsible for Killing of Two-Thirds of Wild-Life in the Last 50
Years and Forecast to Give a Human Hand-Down to the Extinction of

1 in 8 Animal And Plant Species' in the Coming Decades As Not So Well in

Balance At All;


to Real FRiEnDS With Gravity as the Lion Walks Gracefully Conserving Every Calorie
When it Comes to the Fight or Flight For Survival For the Hunt of Life in Every Roar too;

Those Who Do Not Become FRiEnDS With Gravity Squander Away Life Giving Calories and

When the Drought Comes on the Savannah When the Grass Dies and the Antelope No Longer

Eat Their Numbers Fall too; So Goes the Lion Too, Falling to the Grasses too In Decay to Grow
The New Grass After Rains

To Feed The Offspring
Of the Antelope the

Lion Once Ate;

This is Nature; This is Balance;
This is Reality; And the Price to Pay
For Folks Who Are Not FRiEnDS With Gravity
in Balance, Overall ThiS Way Pay the 'Piper' of Nature's
Karma in Action and Consequence; Perhaps Not Immediately

Yet the Way of Nature Will Have His And Or Her Own Way; As that
Applies to A Country With Close to 40 Percent of Shooting Sprees of Death too;

Anyway, Meanwhile, i LiVE iN Balance With Nature Deep in the Forest; We Return More
Than We Take to the Wild Life Whose Habitat Continues to Be Taken Away in Pristine

Forests Where i Live

For More Homes of Humans
And General Dollar Stores and
The Such to Be Erected Here And
While it's True i've Eaten Frog Legs at
The Chinese Restaurant And They Were Very
Tasty to me; My Wife and Sister Are Quite Averse to
That And Even Take Great Care to Move Frogs and Toads

Off the Neighborhood Road Where We LiVE iN A Deep Forest

WHeRE the Garden of Eden is Indeed Real i Inhabit in Balance With

The Rest of Nature Seamlessly As It is Obvious to me my Existence is No
More Integral to the Rest of Existence in Nature Than A Frog, A Squirrel,
A Feathered Bird with Wings; the Crawling Ant That Aerates the Soul For Spring

Growth; The Falling Leaves that Feed The Green of Spring As Well and Flowers of

Summer to Come Even in January When Climate Balance Influenced By Humans These

Days is Changing
More Rapidly
Year-to-Year too;

In FAct, my Existence is

No More Integral Than A Grain

of Sand in my BackYard That has the

Potential of Holding Up A Mountain of Human
LoVE CoMe to Be Keeping A 'Christmas Tree' UP Year
'Round CoLoRinG it With Even Newer Lights of Love For NaTuRE ALL;

SMiLes, i Don't Have Living Children Yet i Have Enough Love for Nature

to Love it All Like A Real 'God 'Every Little Part of DarK to Fabulous Colors of Art i'm Able to Create;

The Humans i Interact With Are Literally Angels on Earth Day-to-Day; Some of the Rest Not So Much;

Here's A FAct,

if We Don't All Get More
Attention Span than The
Three Seconds Science Assesses
Humans With As Less than A Gold Fish
On Average And Develop A Less Selfish View of

Nature That Is Indeed Our Living Face; It's Easy for me to See

It Won't Take Long For Us to Destroy Ourselves in Callous Selfishness
That Comes With Taking More Than Giving; Sharing More Than Hoarding;
And Harming More Than Caring and Healing the Rest of Nature That is Our Face.

The Zombie Apocalypse
in Real Human Pandemic
Ways Humans Inflict on Nature
Out of Balance, No Longer FRiEnDS
With Gravity to Survive and Thrive

Is Truly Up to Us As A Species

to Get Back In Balance

Or Send Us Away

too Like the Rest of Nature

We Have Aborted Out of Balance

Harming the Only God Who Truly
Exists This Nature Now All Around Us
What is Possible to Measure by Science

And the Love Beyond Measure That Will Possibly Save our Butts Now...

Note: Out of Respect to 'Ms Lizard', i Don't Eat Reptiles; Amphibians is as Far
i've Gone in that Regard; As my Sister and Wife Continue to Save Toads, Frogs,
And Even Pick up Baby Snakes off Our Forest And Garden of Eden Neighborhood Road

As It's True the Big Four Wheel Drives Around Here Are Not Kind to Their Fly Trappings

in the Full Moon Light

As Road Kill Becomes

Their Sad Destiny

Indeed Sponsored

By The Human Race to
What may be Soon or
Sooner BE A Same Sad Destination inDeed;

Meanwhile, the Garden of Eden in my Back Yard
is A REAL Most Beautiful Place in Existence to me;

i See my Reflection in the Mirror of the Window of
my Home Just Another Furry Beast in A Hunt for Life in Balance


With Gravity

i Understand

What it Takes
to Survive and Thrive
Like my Brothers and Sisters
Etc. in Nature; Yes, Naked,

Enough, Whole Complete

As High As A Lion of Love

And Less Than A Grain of Sand that Holds me Up...

Nature in Balance is my Religion, Politics, And Philosophy

Love is my God

For Real Both
Literally NOW YES

And Metaphorically

For All DarK Thru LiGHT
Keeping my Christmas Tree
All Lit Up Within to Give, Share,
Care, And Heal For Free With Least

Harm for All Always Lighting New Colors
Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Even More

What A Wonderful World Life Can And Will Be in This Balance of Love

For Real;

Just Ask the Antelope
And Lion, It's Always A
Grass Roots Movement...

And Vine of Love Above Never Ending GiVinG SHaRinG CaRinG HeaLinG NeW

NoW; AnYWaY i'm Still Just a Small Seed Dancing Singing Free GRoWinG iNTo A Tree

Feeding Winter Soils With my Falling Leaves Decaying For Love Springing Green For Summer FLoWeRS AGAiN

And as i Write the Line Above A Thunderstorm Brings Rain And Sunshine Through Our Great Room
Eight-Feet Wide By Five-Feet High

Sliding Glass Picture


Taking A
Pic oF A Rainbow

Now the Hail is Falling Soon
Birds Will Return With Song

And the Squirrels Will Frolic

Together Enjoying Sunflower Seeds We Provide;

JusT ANoTHeR DaY iN Paradise Wishing Others
Won't Be Left Behind as i Once Was in the SaMe HoMe...

Life IS A Greatest Nightmare And Dream for Human Beings

And The Tween

i've Seen Both
Sides; A Storm is
Over for me at Least now...

It's Up to 'OTHeRS to 'Uplug'

Breathing Free Naked Enough Whole Complete;

Now What was Once 100 Degrees Heat Index Today
IS A Real Garden of Eden And Grass Covered With Ice (Hail)
i Have Never Seen it Before Like This Living Here Almost 29 Years

iT iS
it is STiLL Now
Nature With ALL Its DarK And LiGHT
And The Tween of What Makes Us Real too;

Humans Will Be As Relevant to this Planet As Balance
Comes or


For Us
For Real

From Seeds Through
Living Trees Through
Falling Leaves To Do Life Again THiS Birth NoW NeW

To BREaTHE TO BREaTHE This Gift of Breath NeW NoW

"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle, oh, it was beautiful, magical
And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily
Oh, joyfully, oh, playfully watching me
But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible
Logical, oh, responsible, practical
Then they showed me a world where I could be so dependable
Oh, clinical, oh, intellectual, cynical"

A Few Lines From 'The Logical Song' By 'Super Tramp'
From A First Year of Serious Depression i Experienced at 19
After A Break-up With A First Cuban-American Love in 1979

i'm Not Sure if it is the Size of my Fredenstein Forehead as
i Did Wear Just About the Biggest Size Cap That Went With
my Gown For High School Graduation True A Sign of Course

Tying With my Best FRiEnD Lynn She 11 and me 11 out of A Class
of 381 Indicating A Propensity For Achievement in Systemizing Mind iN

Data Download
Ways of Mechanical
Cognition Suitable Perhaps
To Fit in as a Well Oiled Part
of the Machine of Culture As Is Then

However What Good Is a Computer Without
A Soul Only Left With Mechanical Cognition So
Devoid in Deficit of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
Emotional Sensory Spiritual Moving Connecting Co-Creating

Intelligences That Truly Color Life With Feelings and Senses

Instead of Just Taking
It All Apart And Laying
It On A Table After You
Remember The Parts Yet
Never Putting Them Together Again Now

Indeed When And WHere You No Longer Identify
With Wings of A Bird Flown By Wind And Fins of A Fish
Swum By Currents of Streams Through Rip Currents of Beach

'They' Say That Somehow Humanity is Set above the Other Animals
As We May Be Enlightened Someway They Can't Yet i Disagree Being

Full of LiGHT is Being Fully Embodied in Touch And Feel With Senses
And Feelings Head to Toe and So Much More Yes as the Other Animals
Who Are Wild and Free Don't Suffer From A Greatest Human Cultural
Clothes and Tool Disease of NDD Yes Nature Deficit Disorder For Real

As Indeed We aRe
Increasingly Even Becoming
Our Tools Even Separated From
the Person Standing Next to Us
Who Has Eyes more Than Without A Face

Normally the Other Wild and Free Animals
LiVE iN Balancing Force With the Rest of Nature
Through and Through And There is Never Any Question
of Words As to Whether Or Not 'They' Are Inseparable From

The Rest Of Nature There is No Written Or Multiple Choice Test

Of Being Whole Never Separated Living Free With the Rest of Nature Real

Best Of Course
In Mind and
Body Balancing
Force Of Loving All
Life So HeART SPiRiT SoUL FelT...

Indeed my FRiEnD Missing Art SonG
of HeART SPiRiT SoUL Winging Free

No Longer So Very Trapped in
Wearing Human Clothes of

Tools with Attention
Spans in Distraction
As Assessed by Science
As Less than 3 Seconds Yes
Literally Less Than A Frigging Gold Fish

Humans Are Social Animals Indeed 'We'
Will Bond and Bind Over Whatever The Group
Think of the Crowd Around Us Defines As Our Reality Next...

Or We Won’t And Will Continue to Drop the 'Logical Song' off
At The Dry Cleaners Or Leave It in A Hot Car With the Windows

Rolled Up Losing
Our Child of Creating

in Wonder And Awe of Life

Even In A Death Hunt For Life
To Survive As We May Pay Attention
to the Capture of Prey With Very Left
Hemisphere Mind Processes of Existence Yet
Leave the Right Hemisphere Part of Attention
As Well Described by Oxford Literary Scholar,
Psychiatrist, Researcher, And Writer Iain McGilchrist;

Yes, Losing Sight of the Big Picture Further From the Hunt
Of LiFE That requires Attention in Bigger Picture Ways Lest

We Don't notice
The Tiger in the
Environment And
Get Eaten by The Tiger

As We Water/Feed Our Colorful Flowers
Grasping What Is Small Taking it Apart Now

The Youngest Generation is Among the Most
Depressed and Anxious in Our General Population
Indeed A Fire Alarm Going Off About Our Future Existence...

And The Fact That Part of Our Country Still Supports A Proven
Flim-Flam Man For Leader of A So-Called Free World Meanwhile

Naked Birds Are Still Flying And Fish Are Still Swimming Masters of the

Winds and Ocean Tides my FRiEnD Living in Balance With Nature As Nature

So Enlightening
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Without

Even A Millstone Of Humanified
Human Tools of Clothes to Wear

And of Course NaTuRE ALL ARound Us
Is Sounding Alarms For How FaR AWaY We've Fallen...

Away From


i AM
Yes From
Who i AM NeW NoW
BacK To The FuTuRE PReSenT WitH SMiLes
This Gift This Breath This Treasure Real oF LoVinG LiFE

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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17 Aug 2022, 12:11 am

Yes “Mother Nature” “Father And
i Are One” Eternally New Now

When Give Becomes
Receive The Love
Naked Enough
Is Us Indeed
Agree Beloved
me to Give Away

Dear Yam...

Indeed Dear Yam
Reading It Aloud
To my Wife i Had
To Stop At “To Be
Continued” It Is
In These Moments

We aRe
Most Human...

Is Is
An only Place of
Existence THiS ETeRNaLLY

Now Is

Dear Yam Yet
Is Always Changes
Now Every Inhale of
Peace Exhale of Love Best

Is Every Birth New Our Breath Now
Of Love Giving Sharing Caring Healing

For All With Least Harm RiSinG iN LoVE iN

Free CoLoRinG
Our SoULS Within

With LoVE Even More WHeReVeR We Go

Now Yet of Course THiS iS Only My Definition
Of Is Yours Is YourS Eternal Now Is All Yours Yes

To Co-Create
Eternally Now
Changing With

the Rest of Nature Free

Indeed For me i Wish You
ALWaYS RiSinG SoaRinG LoVE With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Yam in the DarK Lost For So
Many Years i Saw one Fire-Fly So Magical The
Night Light Was Yet i Did Not Wait for the Fire-Fly's

Return RiSinG iN LoVE Is Finding Everyone

Expecting No Thing Not Even A Thanks In Return

Fearlessly Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For All

With Least Harm Inhaling Peace ThiS Way ExhalinG Love

ThiS Way Until the

Giving Becomes

The Receiving

And THere is No

WHeRE Left or Right to Go
Yet RiSinG iN LoVE More As
Yes THiS WaY iNDeed The Fire-
Fly Becomes Home Within to LiGHT An Entire World

Yet It's True Dear FRiEnD Not Everyone Has 'Eyes or Ears' to

'See' The Fire-Fly Dance And Sing THiS LiGHT Within Indeed

i Sang ThiS Way of RiSinG Love to A Young Woman Sad

As She Had No One on Valentine's Day And

Wonderfully Shortly Later She Found

Someone And Described

She Was Not

Falling in LoVE iN
Deed She Was RiSinG iN LoVE iNDeed
Sadly Shortly After That She And Her Mother
Passed Away from the Horrid Delta Variant of Covid-19

Yet Before The Variant Captured Them She Wrote A Poem

About RiSinG iN LoVE And at the End of the Poem She Sang

Her Last


"To Be Continued"

And Indeed i Continue Her
Song of LoVE too RiSinG iN LoVE

mY FRiEnD As This iS HoW the Fire-Fly

Continues to LiVE RiSinG iN EYeS of Those

Who Have Truly Been Loved Giving Love All Away For Free

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD my Fire-Fly Who Loved me Unconditionally

Was mY Mother As She Took Her Last Deafening Breath i Understood

Her Fire-Fly Still Lives in me Free To Give Away RiSinG iN Love The Rest of

my Life

It's True
my Mother's
Fire-Fly Still Breathes
RiSinG iN LoVE Unconditionally
For All Who i Meet And Greet to Give Away Free

The Greatest Gift is to Give the Fire-Fly Away to Continue to
Soar With

in The
EYeS of
Love That
Become All

So Free Yes Soaring Again Love

And This Story is No Myth or Fairytale
Every Bit oF iT Is Real Continuing Now to Breathe


Splendid Dear Miriam
Finally On the Other Side
Of 'You Know What' Vacation
In Columbia Well Deserved
With Refreshing Far South

Of the Border
Food And Drink
And Get Away for Peace
And Joy With SMiLes For

Really Living

Freer With
Farther Higher...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
As Long As Love Lives
And Is True LoVE ReTuRNS
LiGHT More
For All For Real...

What’s The Difference of “The Pope” Not Acknowledging
the Nature of Transgenders And Taliban Closing Girl Schools:


Honesty, Integrity, And LoYAltY iN LiGHT
Perhaps A More Perfect Path NoW REAL

Yawn, NeuroDiversity Isn't 'an Organization',

It is A Descriptive Term That Relates to Diverse Neurology


Both By Nature And Nurture; Specifically, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Is Identified By Behavioral Deficits That Make Functioning in Society More Difficult;

More Specifically, Criminality is Not Part of the Behavioral Deficits As Assessed by Qualified
Professionals in the United States, According to The DSM, Diagnostic And Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders Volume 5; Additionally, In Accordance With Insurance Requirements in
the United States to Be Coded With A Disorder to Be Properly Treated By A Qualified
Professional For Insurance Benefits to Be Processed As Such. Anyway, 'Your

Claims Here' About Neurodiversity Somehow Being Connected With
Anti-Scientism and Criminality HAS NO BASIS IN FACT; in Fact,

Autism Spectrum Disorders Assessed By Scientist, Simon Baron Cohen,
Developing the AQ Autism Quotient Scan, Relates A Substantial Correlation
in Autism Spectrum Disorders As Strengths in Systemizing Mechanical Cognition
Where One May Even Find A Broader Autism Phenotype in Up to 10 to 15 Percent of
The Population Where 'STEM Type Folks' May Be Assessed in the College And Working

Environments As Greater Disposed to the Broader Autism Phenotype And More Specifically
Higher Functioning Aspects of the Autism Spectrum As Diagnosed As Well; However, Not All
Folks on the Spectrum Are of the 'STEM Major Ilk'; in Fact, Some Studies Show Only 33 Percent Are.

Iain McGilchrist Oxford Scholar, Psychiatrist, and Researcher on How the Right Hemisphere and Left Hemisphere Processes Our Realities, Suggests that An Aspect of Autism May Be Related to Deficits in Right Hemisphere Processing
of the World As that Relates to Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual-Contemplative-Interpretive Bigger Picture
Processing of the World; However, He Also Admits that there Are Many Kinds of Autisms; Yes With A Plural

Emphasis as Indeed it is a Spectrum Ranging From the Non-Verbal to the Precocious Verbal As Well;

From Those With Intellectual Developmental Disabilities, Through Those With Gifted Levels of IQ; And

Additionally, Those Who Excel in Original and Creative Arts Who May Not Be as Verbally And Mathematically

Gifted in Systemizing
Ways of A STEM Major
in College And Those
in Related Work Fields;

Yawn, If it Wasn't For Neurodiversity,
We Might Still Be Living Naked in Caves
With the Same Old Hand Prints for Art on Cave Walls.

In Fact, 'The Opinion Here' That Relates Neurodiversity
to Anti-Scientifism And Criminality Specifically Really Makes

Absolutely No Sense to me; Of Course Criminality May Be Found

Across the Board of All Human Beings, Depending on Nature and
Nurture And the Complexity of What Make Our Existence What it is;

However, It is Not Specific to Any One Neuro-Diverse Described Condition;

Even Psychopathy As Assessed Informally Outside of DSM-5 Assessment
May Not Result

In Criminal Behavior;

In Fact, It Has Been Associated
With Surgeons, CEO's, And even the 'Clergy'...

Yet When it Comes to Surgery, i Want the Job
Done With a Steady And Focused Hand of Skill;

Whether the Person Has a 'Soul' Or Not of 'Love,'

May Not Have Any Bearing on A Job Well Done to Save a Life;

Indeed, We Need
All Kinds of Folks
to Survive And Thrive;

'The Opinion Here' Holds
No Merit in Respected Science.

And Indeed, Every Breath We Take
Is A New Neuro-Diverse Condition of Humanity

in Both Smaller Ways Than We Will Perceive Today Now;
And Surprises to Others They Never Thought, Felt, or Sensed

From the Same Human Being They Knew, Felt, and Sensed Before...

True, Neurodiversity

is a Huge Human Spectrum Indeed;

Some Folks Are Helped By Modern Medicine;

And Some Folks Like me Find Their Way Naturally

Out of Purgatory and Hell on Earth into A Place of LiGHT
That Colors Life

Most Other
Folks Cannot
Even Imagine
Exists; Good News,
We all Have the Potential for Change;

A Beauty Most of Neurodiversity Across an
Entire Life Span in Terms of Epigenetic Effect,
And Overall Neuroplasticity ACRoss Our Life Spans too...

Indeed, my FRiEnD Evolve, Spread Out And See More of
Potential Realities True...

Other than That
Gotta Go And
Get my Ritual
Every Four Weeks
on Tuesday at 2 PM, Hair-Cut, Hehe...

Translated from ‘Mahabharatha’

"All time companion
Courage of mind

Heavier than earth
Mother’s mind

Taller than sky

Faster than wind

Grows faster than grass

Companion to one who leaves home
His education

What helps to earn wealth
One’s efforts

Greater than all wealth
Contented mind

Greater than all profits
A healthy body"

Thanks So Much Dear Savvy For Sharing
Wisdom Translated into English From the 'Mahabharatha'

Which Historically Of Course Is Understood to Be the Longest EPiC
Long Form Poem at Approximately 1.8 MiLLioN Words From India

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD on 8.18.2022 Celebrating 9 Years of 'SonG oF mY
SoUL" An EPiC Long Form Poem Covering The World NoW as i Manage
to Squeeze All 242 Pounds of me Uploading my Soul Through This Fiber
Optic Cable In Flow Creating Soul Deep Poetic Responses Now to Folks

All Around the World
Indeed Synthesizing
Global Voices i Hear
In Poetic Responses
In One Longest EPiC Long
Form Poem too Illustrating it
With Over 130,000 Photos i took
As Well As Sharing Over 10,000 YouTube
Music And Informational Videos to Accompany

All the Words Through And Through With SMiLes
As Yes the Whole Long Form Poem RiSinG to 10.8 MiLLioN
Words in Effort on 8.18.2022 Every Month For 108 Months on Average
Writing 100,000 Words of Poetic Global Responses Yes Every Consecutive
Day And In Fact Hehe Warming Up for the Effort in Writing Every Consecutive
Day Now Since November 25, 2010, Thanks Giving Day At A Place Then Starting
A Birth Online of Writing Called the "Wrong Planet" For NeuroDiverse Individuals

Often Gifted
Yet Lonely Feeling
Outcast On This Earth
As It's True the 'Long Form Poem'
is Related As A Literary Way of
the Marginalized Among Us
Finding A Soul Voice in
Song of Their Own
SoUL Free
for me the
Autotelic Flow
of 17,042 Miles
Also in 9 Years
of Meditating Public
Dance Generates the Force
Deep Within Soul to Never Run
Out of Soul Energy Day-By-Day
Yes for 4283 Consecutive Days
Writing Both Through Hell at
Start and Heaven All the Way
Through the EPiC Long Form Poem
Dear Savvy Doing my Best to Capture
The Real Sense and Feel of Heaven to

Put Into Words Becoming Avatars of my SoUL SonG For Real

i Thank You For All the Inspiration You Bring These Last Two

Years mY FRiEnD

Yes “Mother Nature”
“Father And i Are One”

Eternally New Now That Just Means i Am Part
of All in All As All That Is All Is mY FRiEnD Now New...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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18 Aug 2022, 12:01 am

Indeed Dear Savvy Yes
Even As Science Shows
A Synergy of All Our Feelings
And Senses All Our Emotions

EXPReSSinG From Head to Toe
Preceding Almost All Our So-Called

Rational Reasons For The Be Causes


Yes New Now Regulating
Emotions Integrating
Senses With Dance
And Song Free More

Positive Thoughts Will
Naturally FLoW iN SonG

Afer A Free Dance THiS Way
As It's True Anthropologically
Dancing Singing Dance is Actually

Our Longest Loving Living Language

All Of Nature Moves We Really Can't

Afford to
Sit Still
And Lose
A Dance Truly
BRinGinG A SonG
oF LiFE HuMaN Energy Head
To Toe and More in Balancing
Force Yes Loving LiFE NeW NoW...

Humans Become Tools
Contrived Of Culturally
Manufactured Standard IQ

Book Covers Better Seen iN
Letters PAges Free Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All

With Least Harm

"The Light in me Recognizes the Light in You." God Yes

Similar Philosophy of Indian "Namaste" in Respect For

Others Through And Through; True, Looking Within

And Seeing


Others New Now
At Best In Higher
Vibrations, Frequencies,
Energies, Synergies THeREoF

We Give,
Share, Care, Heal

Yes For All ALL

Fearlessly Now
With Least Harm
Freely iN Truth New of
LiGHT NoW Towered By Love...

Fullness; Reciprocity;
Fairness in Justice;
Empathy For Others
With Compassion;


Of Consoling
In Loss True Even
Chimps Will See Farther
Than Their Own Skin With
Mirror Neurons And Feel
Emotional Contagion
Oxytocin Comfort

Brings When It Comes to Humans
We Have the Ability With Our Abstract
Constructs to Create Alternate Realities
of Politics, Religion, And Philosophies

That Suggest We Are More 'Fallen' Than
Chimps In Our Reliance on Abstract Constructs
Associated With Symbols In Religion Including
Ideologies That Really Do Become Human Made


And Nightmares

Too As Blood Will Run
Deep On Roads in the
Name of Loving A Symbol/Ideology

Instead of Retaining All The Natural
Potential We have to Get Along With Each
Other At Least As Well As Chimps Who Truly

Need Each Other to Live...

Yes Again, Indeed, Religions Come to
Be Metaphysical Realities That Are Often
Practically Insane For The Reality of Who We

Are Actually Evolved Born to Be i've Heard

So Many People On 'This Internet Site' and
in Church Suggest That Humans Are Naturally
Fallen And Evil in Competitive Ways of Greed...

True Our Metaphysical

Realities Our

Spoon-Fed Cultures

Create Yet According to Science

At Least Far From The Nature of Cooperation
We Are Evolved to Survive and Thrive NoW In

Reciprocity, Justice, Empathy, Compassion

And Again Consoling Those Who Do Fall Down in Life...

It's Still True, Life is Basically A "Rorschach Test" Where

Some Humans See Free Beautiful Birds on Loving Wings

And All Others Will See Is Monsters Without Even An Ability to Fly...

Yet Again, Neuroscience Suggests We Hallucinate Our Realities
Based on the Experience We Hallucinate Before In Life One




Not Be Seen
By Another Meanwhile

Bonobos are Thriving in the Forest
As True They Live More in Nature's
Reality Not Clothed And Lost With
And As All Human CuLTuRaL Tools...

"In modern philosophical terminology, metaphysics
refers to the studies of what cannot be reached
through objective studies of material reality."

According to NeuroScience All Of Our Conscious
Experiences of Life Are Verily The Metaphysics We Hallucinate...

SMiLes Dear Cindy Some Years Rain in Southern California
Must Feel A Bit Like Snow in Northern Florida Personally
i Find the Thunder And DownPours Rather Soothing
Particularly on Days the Heat Index is Over 110F
mY FRiEnd With SMiLes

The One Year We Didn't
Have Winter Until January
i Never Realized How Much
i Missed Homecoming Hot Chocolate
Months You Know Blankets Over Laps
At Football Games And Cozy Dreams of

Love Particularly
For Outcasts
Oh That
Lonely Desire
For Warmth Indeed

SMiLes Remembering
Laments of Youth Weathers
And Seasons Brings Yet Like
So Many Oldsters These Days

my Sunset Years Feel Most Like Sunrise oF All
mY FRiEnD It's Always A Within Game Most This Life in Play

Sooner or Later Some of Us Do Find Paradise Smiling For Real

Anyway The Layers of The Geography of Your Canyons And Mountains
Just Amplifies my Overall Appreciation For this Breath of LiFE NoW How

Peaceful it May
Be to Have Older
Poetry FRiEnDS Like You
me and my Boomer Neighbors too

60's When They Become the 60's iN Heaven New Now
Hehe Only Difference is You Live with the Rich And Famous

And i Live
With Only
Pine Trees And Etc

As You Have Redwoods
mY FRiEnD Wonderful of
You to Share A Southern

Cali Way of Dreams...

Love Listens
Love Hears
Love Sees
Love Helps
Love Lessons
About You
A Me i See
No Eclipse NoW HeRe...

Yawn, Modern Science Has Long Since Refuted The Myth
That Other Social Animal Mammals Don't Experience Emotions

And Don't Experience Empathy DOING ALTRUISM; And Cannot Discern Beauty

As My God Even A Frigging Butterfly is Studied to Discern Imperfections in
Symmetry Of A Prospective Mate in Differences of Symmetry of 1 in A Million.

And True, While Humans Aren't The Best At It, Sharks Are Studied As Having A Best
Ability to Detect Electromagnetic Fields Of Other Creatures in the Sea Under the Sand
of the Ocean Floor, For A Bit to Eat of Course With Really Big Jaws And Teeth That May
Replace And Regrow in Numbers of 30,000 or So Teeth in One Lifetime, Along With the
Ability for Some Species to YES Actually Reproduce Asexually For 'REAL VIRGIN BIRTHS.'

Some 'Worms' Are Studied to Regrow Heads And Yes So-Called Rudimentary Brains that
Still Retain Memories of Previous Heads Lost and Rudimentary Brains too; Oh Yeah and

Scientists May Remove the Genetic Material for Flies to Develop Eyes, And Somehow Beyond

Grow Eyes Again.

Yawn, Other Social Mammal Animals Bond and Bind For Least Harm to Others
At Birth and After With the Same Neurohormone Oxytocin That Humans Benefit
From this way; Yet Not all Humans, AS Humans Studied Just Like Monkeys Who

Are Neglected And Or Abused in Childhood May Not Develop This Wiring For
Warm Comfort And May Even Wither Away And Die Without the Love of A Mother This way.

Okay, So Let's Move to Chimpanzees And So-Called Alpha Males, Where That Term Has Been
Misappropriated By Human Beings to Suggest Powerful And Dominating Without Empathy/Altruism;

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth as the Actual So-called Father of the Term 'Alpha Male'
in Regard to Studying Chimps, Frans de Waal, Shows The So-called Alpha Males Most Often Chosen
to Lead the Chimps Have the Highest Abilities for Both Empathy And Compassion for even the Least
Among the Chimps In Giving, Sharing, Caring, and Healing Ways to Gain the Respect Yes of the Other

Chimps, Even If the So-Called Alpha Male is Not the Biggest And The Strongest of Them All; Yes This
Ability to Cooperate,
And Gain the Trust
and Respect of the
Other Chimps is His
Highest Perceived Virtue in Life Achievement
As Leader With Typically the Highest Stress Levels
of Cortisol Like Empathic Parents Naturally Have With Lots of Children too...

(And of Course Among Bonobos Who Live by A Rule of Peace For Love are
Ruled in Matriarchal Ways of Cooperation With the Females in Charge too)

Yes, While Other Animals Don't Have the Complex Tools and Language We
Use in our So-Called Advanced Cultures That Currently Consume the Rest of
Nature Out of Balance in Taking More Than Giving, Hoarding More Than Sharing,
Harming More than Caring And Healing, Typically Among Humans Who Have Grown

Cold in Mechanical Cognition Associated With Tools and Other Clothes of Culture That
Separate Us Not Only From Our Nature Yet the Rest of Nature Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

Yep, All the Challenges and Struggles
From 'DarK of Life to Light' That Entails
For All Sentient Life On Earth and What
Some Folks Call So-Called Lower Forms of
Life like Worms That Are Able to Regenerate
Heads and Brains With the Memories of Learning
That Were Associated With Lost Heads and Brains;

Humans Just Aren't All that Special; Sure We Are Special
In Some Ways, Yet i've Only Touched A Piece of Dust of the
Higher Levels of Intelligence Other Animals Possess that Standard

IQ Doesn't even Touch in Human Ways of Higher Potentials to Keep Existing as Life;

Yawn, Sharks Have
Been Around Longer
Than Trees At around
450 MiLLioN Years; Perhaps

We Should Explore Bigger Jaws,
More Teeth, Asexual Reproduction,
And The Ability to Uncover Prey With

Electromagnetic Field Probing Ways of Life.

Of Course, From This Human to That Human,

Human Potentials Either Realized or Never Realized

Are the Real Red Meat of Existence; And Also The Emotional
Intelligence, Empathy, Altruism, And Compassion That Other Animals Experience

That IS A Source of Our So-called Morality That Is Most Definitely A Construct
We Create With Both Language And Vastly Different Cultural Ideologies For Symbols
And Yes Ideologies Always Changing, Depending on What Humans Co-Create Next
With Our Vast iMaGiNaTioNS And Feelings And Senses that Make Up the Synergy of


Our Emotions
That Science
Shows Precedes
Most Every Rational
Reason We Come Up
With For 'Be Cause' New Now;

Yawn, In Other Words, An 'Idea,' A Construct
That Without Humans All there Would

Be Is Changing Atomic Particles And
No Morality or Beauty Left On Earth;

Is Most Definitely a Sign of EgoCentricHumanity

At Work So Far Away From Humanity That Sees and
Feels and Senses the Rest of Nature Much Deeper than
Language Alone, And Other Human Mostly Left Brain Hemisphere
Reduced Constructs That Sees No Humanity Without The Tools We Create

Both in Words
Written and
And Such;

It's True, There is the Above,
And the Below, the Within, the
Inside And Outside and All Around too;

THere are the Parts And THere is the Whole;

At Best We Pay Enough Focus to Capture Prey,

And Have A Big Enough Picture of the Rest of Nature
Not to Be Eaten By The Predator on the Horizon We No Longer

See Stuck
in A View
of A 6 Inch
Screen, a Desk-Top,

Or an HDTV With Perhaps
A Screen As Big As 86 Inches
for 1500 Dollars or So on the Cheap;

No Thanks, I'll Take my Five Foot High
By Eight Foot Wide Picture Window And A View
to Paradise in A Real "Forrest Gump" Garden of Eden
Always Changing Vibrant in Colors Alive As Once Again i am No More Integral
To Existence Than A Grain of Sand Holding Up A Mountain of Human Love or

A Feather Just
Floating With
The Wind Where
Every Destination
Is Full of Meaning and
Purpose as i Truly Keep Fulfilling
my Human Potentials in iMaGiNaTioN
And Co-Creativity; And Feel and Sense
Every Part of LiFE DarK Thru LiGHT, Challenge
And Success, A Miracle and Gift of LiFE to Inhale
Every Breath of Peace And Exhale of Love Fearlessly
As Such Retaining my God Damned Human Potential

To be Strong As A Frigging Orangutan at Age 62 at Least
By Empirical Measure of Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds;

12,000 Years Since Sedentary Human And Other Animal Domestication;
Even 40,000 Years is a Relative Drop in the Bucket Per Classic Evolution;

Indeed, We Still Have Epigenetic Potential to Recover So Many Potentials
Lost to the Tools and Clothes of Culture We Do Wear Covering that Up)

Of Course, Before i Started Dancing Everywhere i Go; i Was Stuck at only
500 Pounds From ages 21 to 53; So Much Potential Realized in Some Cases;

So Little
Used in
Other Cases,
For Those Who
Believed That they
Are Only Materially
Reduced Parts of Nature;

Obviously, There Are No Sharks That Believe that BS
At the Hands And Lies of Scientism, No Different than
The Kind of Religion That Kicks Out Truth With 'Ladies

Called Cheney'
And Promotes
Real "Father's oF ALL
Lies" and Calls that So-Called F iN Morality At Church And City Hall.

Indeed, i'll take the 'Morality of A Chimp Leader' Over that 'Bull Stuff'...
Of Course That's Just A Metaphor, Bulls Are Lovely Creatures Yes too...

And Humans Do Have The Potential to Be 'Real Demons and Angels' too;

It's True, i Fall Among the Most and Rise Among the Least; Yet It's True i Don't
Fall Nearly As Much


As i Got
my 'Orangutan'
And 'Angel Wings'
Secure in Balance
From Smaller to Bigger Picture Views...

And On the Other Hand, Considering Science
Shows the Average Human Potential For Attention
Spans is Now Less than 3 Seconds; Yes, Less than A Gold Fish

i Don't Expect Average Human Beings to Be able to Read this;

Yet It's Worth Noting, i Didn't Speak Until i Was 4, i Finally Caught

Up and Surpassed Most of my Peers Who Did Much More than me before
As An Assessed Weakest Fish in the Aquarium then, Scoring an 11 on the
AQ Scan for Autism in Regard to Weakness in Social Empathic Measures of Intelligence,

As Before the age of 53
Catching Up With that i
Scored a 45 And the Mid 50's
in EQ Tests for Emotional Intelligence
Versus the Mid 90's And Above After Age 53 too...

Sadly, Most Humans Are Consuming More of The Earth;
Wearing Fancier Tools and Clothes; Yet When it Comes to

Evolving or Devolving in One Lifetime in Regard to Cognitive
Executive Functioning in Terms of Short Term Working Memory,
Long Term Memory Retrieval; Yes, Focus and Attention Spans And Social-Emotional
Intelligence That Always Defined Our Human Virtues Most Before We Started Wearing


Indeed, We
Have More External
Stuff Yet Are Mostly
Lost When it Comes to
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

Is there Any Turning Back; Just ask

Instant Gratification and Human Discipline

to Embrace Struggle That Brings True Success...

Typically Monkeys Still Press Levers For Cocaine and Sugar Until they Get Sick...

Guess, What, We Aren't That Much Different From Monkeys or Even Rodents We
Share A Common

Ancestor with
75 MiLLioN Years ago...

Master Our Naked Ape or Fall to Clothes...

Anyway, A Real Garden of Eden Exists FOR REAL
Always Changing in Colors, Fur, And Feathers
Outside my Back Door; i Shall Attend to that
As A Naked And Somewhat Furry Ape Next; God Damned Straight,

"Proud to Be JusT ANoTHeR HAiry Ape WHerE At Least i FeeL And

Sense i'm Free;"

True, 'The Locals' Have Part of
(To Be Clear, in Trump Towns USA)
This Figured Out, If only Now They
Will Find Their Wings And Rise

Out of 'THE MucK'...

Just Surviving Surely Notable
When A Dollar A Gallon Reduction
In Gas Prices Seems Like A Windfall

To Some Folks Even Living Pay-Check to
Pay-Check As Studies Suggest Even 40 Percent
of Folks Reaching Over 100 Thousand Dollars Do...

It's Really Sad What the True Insanity of a Culture Is
Of Instant Gratification Lost in Discipline of Less Than

Three Seconds

of Attention Span
Science Assessing
Humans Less Attentive
Than Gold Fish True
Houston We Have
A Problem Where
We Might Not
Make it to
the Moon
Again For Lack
of Interest Particularly
In Moving to Mars With No Flowers

Yet Who Gives An F About That Anyway Or Should
When Gasoline Cost 5 Dollars And The End of the
World Comes at the Gas Pump As Such And What

About A World When Those in Power LiVE iN A Land of Lies
in One Particular Party Getting Rid of Those Who Tell The Truth
And Worshipping Those Who Always Lie Just to Stay in Power

With Status AS Such...

Should Anybody Really Care
Yes Particularly in Soul SucKinG
Jobs That Have No Elements of Human
Warmth At All SMiLes i've Lived Among Folks

Who Always Did the Least they Could Do to Get by
in School and Work And Even Been Chastised For
Trying to Reach Some Human Potential even in
The Most Mundane of Classes/Jobs Yet What Still

Gives me Hope is The Enthusiastic Walmart
Cashier Just Happy to be Interacting With
Other Humans And the Waitresses
And Waiters Who Display
The Same Human
Element of
It's Like After i Worked
At A Military Bowling Center for 18
Years And The Military Cops Would
Come in To Eat Perhaps Looking For
A Doughnut to Brighten Up their Boring
Day as Folks on A Military Station Tend to
Stay Out of Trouble Hehe They Always Asked

How i Could Still Be So Happy Working There
And When A Lady Found Out i Was Manager as
i Was Still Passing out Rental Shoes at the Front Counter
And Running the Entire Facility Before That Some Nights
Snack Bar and Behind the Machine Mechanics Literally Running
Dripping With Sweat A Whole Night Long With No Break Yes She Said

Now i Understand Why You Are So Nice You Are Manager as if i Needed
to Make More Money to Be Just Be More Human As the Same Lady Later
At the Catholic Church i Started to Visit Again Accused me of Drinking Too Much
of the Chalice of Wine Up Front Like the Deacon Did too for Slow Dancing And Singing
Free With Happy Smiles Just For Being Alive Hehe SMiLes People Have Been Asking

Always For

me to Curb
my Enthusiasm
In Life And Just Do
The Average Yet That's

Just Not My Human Nature

Even Going Without Sleep with
the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia 'Lent 2008'
Almost 40 Days With No Sleep Just 1 Hour
of Sleep with An Alpha Blocker to Slow my Heart
Rate Down to Keep Up with my Blood Pressure with
Dysautonomia Where i Couldn't Catch my Breath Gasping
For Air Drifting Off to Card Board Shallow Sleep Yep 1 Hour
of Sleep for 35 Days and None the Last 5 Of 40 i Still Managed
to Do Some Minutes in my Home Gym Literally Almost Crawling
my Way Toward it And It's True Conscientious Following the God
Damned Rules When i Managed to Get the Energy to Find the


to Get in the SUV And Ram myself into A Tree i'll Be God Damned
i Couldn't Even Go Faster than the Speed Limit to Do it Rule Keeper to the

Very End And i'll Be Damned if i wasn't too Damned Weak to get Out of the
SUV to Jump off the Bridge It's True Fortunately i Failed That Day to Do What i Set

Out to Do True 5 Promotions Most All Temporary Trying to Keep a Job in A Reduction
of Force with Asperger's Syndrome and Bi-Polar Disorder Non-Specified Still as Such
Was Quite A Challenge that Took me Down With 11 Years Total Out of A 25 Year Work
Career With the Federal Government in Chronic to Acute Stress Ending Up Then With
A Synergy of 19 total Life Threatening Disorders Shut-in in my Bedroom for 66 Months
All I'm Gonna Dance
Sing Totally Free


is Change is
A Greatest
Gift and
Back to An
For Life is Possible
Again at Lowest Levels
of Human Existence As i've
Witnessed Experience That Even
Real Demons Would Fear to Tread in
A Place With No Feelings No Fear No Hope

Just Nothing Just No Feelings and Senses of Connection at all...

Fast Forward 9 Years Recovering From That Back to Just the Joy
of Finding Human Potential in Moving Connecting Co-Creating Ways

Thank God For No Money No Boss Just The Potential of Self-Authoring me
So on the 18th of August 2022 A 9 Year Anniversary of Writing A Long Form
EPiC Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" at 10.8 MiLLioN Words Literally 6 Scale
Yes Longer Than the Previous Longest Long Form EPiC Poem From India
Named the Mahābhārata With 1.8 MiLLioN Words in Centuries of Effort Yes

9 Years Anniversary of Public Dancing 17,042 Miles Coming on August 26th,
2022 too Yet You See From The Get Go i Understood it Would Likely Only Be

Meaningful to me in my Purpose For Achieving my Own Human Potentials

Yet i Never Dreamed i'd Come this Far As It's True Every Move And
Every Word That BeCaMe Free Dance And Song Was/Is Always
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete As That is What Hell

Taught me Most When You Don't Ever Know if You
Will Make it one more Second In a Life You No
Longer Can And Will Feel and Sense Now Then

WHere A Thousand Years in Hell
is Just One Second in that

Place Forever Now
Then Yes It's True

Dear Miriam 'Things'

Will Get Worse And or Better

Yet Change is a Greatest Gift Presently
oF All When in A Dungeon or Purgatory
of A Shallow Sleep in a Cardboard Job

Where It's True the Most Homeless oF All
Humans Exist in Grind Stone Without Even A Nose...

Anyway A Walmart Worker With A Genuine Smile a Heavenly
Sight to me With Still Hope For the Human Species to At Least Keep THeir


Indeed Dear Savvy Yes
Even As Science Shows
A Synergy of All Our Feelings
And Senses All Our Emotions

EXPReSSinG From Head to Toe
Preceding Almost All Our So-Called

Rational Reasons For The Be Causes


Yes New Now Regulating
Emotions Integrating
Senses With Dance
And Song Free More

Positive Thoughts Will
Naturally FLoW iN SonG

Afer A Free Dance THiS Way
As It's True Anthropologically
Dancing Singing Dance is Actually

Our Longest Loving Living Language

All Of Nature Moves We Really Can't

Afford to
Sit Still
And Lose
A Dance Truly
BRinGinG A SonG
oF LiFE HuMaN Energy Head
To Toe and More in Balancing
Force Yes Loving LiFE NeW NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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