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Age: 62
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18 Jul 2022, 1:18 am

Yep WHerever i Dance It's
Raining Men Indeed From
Sweat of mY Brow And So

Much More

Peace Eternally
Now Peace A
Practice of Some
Kind Of Meditating
All Our Life Yes Peace
Generating Within Emotions
Regulating Senses Integrating
Ever Beginning Practice of Life in Flow
Relating to Love
When Peace Comes
Carries SPiRiT
Naked Enough
Whole Complete SoUL
Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

To find the name beyond names within
Yes that is no word no letter no thought
To live the name within that lives eternal
without past without future eternally now
to be or not to be a silly question for an animal
with life to live or not to live a sad equation Yes
for an animal who forgets to live to embrace life with all
emotions regulating senses integrating Naked Enough Whole
Complete in
site to be
now is life
is love is light
Yes This Loving Sight
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring,
Healing With Least Harm For All Even

if Every WHere i
Sweat In Dance
It's Raining Men

Again 'Rainman'
i Shall Surely Be
Both in Dance And Song Free

And True No Matter What 'The Weather
Girls' Sing Indeed Just About As Recognizable
In the Metro Area as a Local Weather Man Forecasting

A Cat-6
of Dance And
Song Still Coming
New Now Free to Be i AM

Oh My Goodness Dear Miriam
What Trip What Bread Pudding
Immediately Smitten By the Meat

Dish Reminds me of The Casino
Days Where of Course We Only Used

The Free Play
And Enjoyed
the Fancy
With Meat Dishes
And Decadent Desert
Trays to Literally Die for

If One May Be Diabetic and the Such
Just An Issue of Genetic High Cholesterol
for me Nipped it In the Bud With Modern

Of Course
hehe Anyway
Surely A Comic
Festival of Any Kind
Usually a Young Man's
Dream Or Dreamy Actor
For A Young Woman's Dream too

Hehe So Glad to See You Taking
Vacation Excursion Flights May You
Make Alaska Soon Enough And When

You Do May
No Heat

You Way Up There
As They Travel Far North These Days
Visiting Countries With No Air-Conditioning
To Find Relief Anyway i'm Really Not A Weather
Man i Just Keep Raining As Any "Rainman"
NoW NeW Will Naturally Do Hehe...

Time Oh TiMe Oh Time Mariana
Once A Day That Clock Ruled

My World

Yes Mind

The Hands

No Longer Work

On My CLock

The Hour

Glass Sand

Never Changes Now
For Me Eternally Now
Sand Up or Down Whole

Just No Separation All IN All Now

Grains of Sugar Sand Beach i Am Enough Yes
Complete Naked Whole Gulf Emerald Green Waves
Sea Oats Swaying in Breeze Sea Gull Wings
Spiraling Sun my Arms Fly

Free Even Tracks

of My Feet one

With Sugar

of Beach
Edging Shorelines
Forever Waves Spiraling Milky

Way i Dance Sing Write True UNiVeRSE WHoLE


Now What
Were You Saying
With SMiLes Now

Looking Forward
to Your Next Poem For Sure...

Meanwhile Still "CeLeBRaTinG
9 Years of HeAVeN Within ReaL NoW"

And if i Don't Get Off This Computer And Get my Church Go
Done in Date to Take My Wife to The Store to Public Dance too

Tonight She's Gonna

Take A


Of Whooping Butt
to me Next With That
Dancing Singing See Ya Later Dear Mariana...

Yeah, It’s Pretty Amazing Shawna Baby, Just BRoWSinG
The Pics From Tuesday’s Beach Trip, I Will Not Lie
As i Tend to Be Deliciously to Brutally Honest too…
Even at Age 52, She’d Be The One I’d Be Dreaming

About when

i Got Home
At Sweet 16, From The Beach

Way WaY WAY Back then…

No Doubt i made
A Deal With God
To At Least Save

my World Before i Am
Visiting Earth Now to Receive

ALL ‘This Gift’…

It’s Like A Young Woman At the Dance
Hall Bar Grinding Her Hips On ‘Your Crotch’ And
No Matter What Happens Next It’s Just ‘So What’…

Considering ALL
The Variables
Here It’s no

Wonder i Turn
To Poetry to Release
All The Energies About in this Home hehe…

What’s So Fun About You, i Will Share Everything
With You and You’ll Never Send me to HeLL ON EartH, HAha…

Hmm, I Do Believe That Means You Are Really my FRiEnD;

This is Kinda Nice iNdeed…

As I’ve always
Tried So Hard
To Make FRiEnDS…

Just A Bit too Much of me
to Go Around AND AROUND it Seems...

Oh My God, It’s Just too Much Fun to
Amuse Myself, No Matter What Comes Next..

Some Days the ‘Penalties’
Do Come Low or High...

Yep WHerever i Dance It's
Raining Men Indeed From
Sweat of mY Brow And So Much More

Nope YeT SomEonE HaS
To STeP uP aNd JuST Do iT NoW....

SeemS A MeaSurE oF SoUL
iS OFTeN ReLaTeD To HoW MucH
PaiN iS TranSMuTeD As LoVE NeW NoW

Always Again As Promising
Still A Dancing Genie Is
Back To Come to You Indeed
One May Be Careful What
They Wish From A Dancing

As He
And Or
Her Shall
Every Word You
Sing In Return Yep
Pictured Here As A
Shape Shifting Golden
Cat With Shades Head
Phones In Tow Posing
With Boombox Music

To Play
my Lord
A Dancing
Singing Leaping
Indeed Hehe Back
In April of 2019 You
Claimed me And Katrina
Were The Youngest Looking
Couple You Knew Goodness
31 And 21 Years Older Than
You in Return i Said OK Let
The Games Begin then Sweetly

You Said You
Sincerely Meant
It And Then You
Said Honestly You
Hoped The Words Never

End Well in 2019 i Was
Still Nursing A Very
Serious Shoulder
Injury And
the Poses
i Made Then
That Are Still
Numerous Hehe
Reaching Far into
The Net Still Relate
A Look Of A Wounded
Fred Animal Indeed It Was
A Tall Wish Yet i Came Through

Tall And
Not So
And Wounded
Then Yep When
i Healed You even
Took note And Said in 2020
i Looked Fresh Again Hehe

Well As You Know Multiples
Of 7 Return To You Forever
More When You Make A

Wish to
A Dancing

Genie It’s Raining
Words As That is
What You Asked For

Forevermore HAha
Cat-6 Fredercaine
Intense Hehe Call

me Rainman i surely
Won’t Mind HAha As
This Is All my Savant

As It’s Always
Been Difficult
For Dancing Genies
Of Every Color To Make

FRiEnDS indeed

We Grant
Well Wishes
As That’s What
You Said From the
Beginning All That

From me
As Usual

Here i Am
With SMiles
Again in Multiples
Of Seven Always For You...

Happppyyy Sundayyy!

Dancing Singing like

You too

Tinker Bell Hehe...

Hehe Oh Yes i’ve
Been Known to
Provide A Rain
Dance Wherever
i Go Dear Cindy It’s
Raining Men A Fred-
Sweat Storm i Naturally

Oh How i Make

the Flowers Bloom
With SMiles Seriously
Got Pics That Prove it

Hehe Yep
This Mobile
Has A Long
Shelf Life indeed

Keep California
Dreaming For Rain
Hehe Perhaps one
Day Rainman Will

Too Hehe...

Yep WHerever i Dance It's
Raining Men Indeed From
Sweat of mY Brow And So

Much More

Peace Eternally
Now Peace A
Practice of Some
Kind Of Meditating
All Our Life Yes Peace
Generating Within Emotions
Regulating Senses Integrating
Ever Beginning Practice of Life in Flow
Relating to Love
When Peace Comes
Carries SPiRiT
Naked Enough
Whole Complete SoUL
Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

To find the name beyond names within
Yes that is no word no letter no thought
To live the name within that lives eternal
without past without future eternally now
to be or not to be a silly question for an animal
with life to live or not to live a sad equation Yes
for an animal who forgets to live to embrace life with all
emotions regulating senses integrating Naked Enough Whole
Complete in
site to be
now is life
is love is light
Yes This Loving Sight
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring,
Healing With Least Harm For All Even

if Every WHere i
Sweat In Dance
It's Raining Men

Again 'Rainman'
i Shall Surely Be
Both in Dance And Song Free

And True No Matter What 'The Weather
Girls' Sing Indeed Just About As Recognizable
In the Metro Area as a Local Weather Man Forecasting

A Cat-6
of Dance And
Song Still Coming
New Now Free to Be i AM



KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

19 Jul 2022, 12:34 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Move Dance
Prelude Now SPiRiT
Enhancing Opening


SoUL SonG New

To Come Play Free
With SMiLes Even More

A Weather Report Now is
Imagination and Creativity
Unleashing ReLeaSinG Weather
Of Dance And Song Free iN Flow

mY FRiEnD A New Day

Always Now to

iMaGinE And

Co-Create ToGeTHeR


Living Tree
Of Faith RiSinG
Green Feeding Soils
Of Souls For New Growth

of Change

It's true Now BeLieve
Is Germanic Originally
For BeLeaf ThiS Way
With SMiLes Dear


And It's True
This iS HoW my
Mother Lived Her Life too

Through Leaps of Faith
With BeLeaf BeLove BeLieve

So Very Secure So Very Soul Deep

So HeARTFeLT With SPiRiT Warm to 'See'...

i Always Wondered How She Did it Yet my Mistake

Was Not Looking Within to Find the Voice That Speaks

BeLeaf BeLove BeLieVE This Root This Vine of Never Giving Up

This Faith Now
For What
Change New

A New Chapter
Of Your EPiC Life Book too...

SMiLes at Age 49 My Mother
Cashed in Her Federal Civil Service
Retirement to Go Back to College With
Us And to Graduate With me and my Sister
in 1983 During That Whole Period the Income
of Our Family Was Practically Limited to A Book
Store Job i Had at University and a Janitor Job i
Had Cleaning Banks and Southern Bell Telephone
Buildings i Didn't Have Nearly the Faith and BeLeaf
And BeLove and BeLieve She Had Yet She Had Enough

for me as i Broke
Down then in the
Tween Yet Finished
With Three Part Time
Jobs Including Research
Assistant in Archaeology
Yep Finishing With Three

Degrees With A Fullest
School Load too Yes After

Breaking Down For Three Months

Oh the Significance
of Three as All
Three Degrees
With Nautilus
Logo Shaped
EmBossed Just
Like my Birthday
On my Driver's
License 6.6.60
As a 6 and a 9
Shape of A Hurricane True too
PHi Golden Spiral Close Enough
to the Shape of Our Milky Way True too

It's True Now i Have That Voice of Faith
Within This BeLeaf This BeLove This BeLieVE

That Makes All of Life Just another Poetry Prompt to Do...

Every Drop of Rain Water Every Wave Ocean Whole Naked
Enough Complete...

A Little Drop
Rain Water
And Wave
Not Realizing
Always Now They
Are the Ocean
Above New

So Below

In Our Blood
Streams We Flow
Dear Cindy With SMiLes

All Of Life Love is Poetry
ThiS Way Still To Come

As Us
Now With
Even More
SMiLes to Come
Lovely Poem Thanks Dear Cindy...

Every SMiLe
A Seed A
To Come
As Love
Breathes Roots Vines
Dear Sohair With SMiLes NeW CoLoRS LiVinG
LiGHTS This FoResT ALWaYS GRoWinG NoW...

SMiLes As Waves Go Out
They Return Dear Sohair
Still Full
of Water And
Salt of Life Again
Stars Above Below
Life Is Here to Love Again


"Modal interchange, i.e. borrowing chords from a parallel minor
key even though the tonic chord is major. This creates tension
and release." Yes, Similar to the Precipice of Heaven and Hell
Where Creativity May Express GreaTesT in the Space Tween
DarK and LiGHT Emotions Senses Through and Through

Torsion Tween Spiraling Stars From Galaxies Falling
Into Black Holes Reaching A 'Perfect Balance'

WHeRE Entire
New UNiVerses
Again May Be Born
Yes Out of Quantum
Mechanics ThiS WaY
In "Perfect Peace" Yet
Just One Billionth Part And
Less of Matter More than Anti-Matter

Indeed Waves of Life That Go Out and
Come In Tides According to the Pattern
of Moon Phases Reflecting Sun Our Star Now True

Even As Far as Human Reproduction A Passion of
Tides and Waves The Same Patterns Above So Below

As Big Bangs May Be Associated too With Humans And

Births of New UniVerses THiS Way too Yep Above So Below

Within Inside and Outside All Around A Storm Warning So True

Still to Come And Go And Come Again Always Returning Life True

DarK to
Need to Fear
'The Reaper's Birth

As Kali and Shiva Continue THeiR Dance
This Living Tree This Root This Vine of LoVE REaL

Hmm, THere Are As Many Views
of Love, Hate, Heaven, And Hell

As THere Are Human Eyes Who
Have Ever Existed; Yes, Reality

Is Poetry ThiS Way; And Once You

AND HeLL ON EartH As You Get Older

You Tend to Develop More Empathy and
Compassion And Give, Share, Care, And
Heal the Experiences in Whatever Art one May

Find to Express It

As At Best Our Symbols
And Ideologies We Express
Through All Our Arts Are Only

Representative of the Underlying
Realities at Essence Per EACH AND EVERY

New And The Rest of Existence This Way too Separate
And Together Whole As All that is May Also Be Described
And Felt and Sensed Most Definitely Mystically This Way for
Real In What Science Generally Assesses in Secular Terms As

A Practice Of
Flow As That May
Come As Simple as
A Free Dance And Song
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

OK, Would i Be Able to Write ThiS Way (NO)
66 Months With 19 Medical Disorders, Including
the Worst Pain Known to Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia; Yes, From Wake to Sleep, No Drug Would Touch Literally
Assessed as the Suicide Disease; Yep, Assessed As the One Human Disorder

More Severe
Than Frigging
Literal Crucifixion
From Wake to Sleep
For 66 Months; Again, No
Drug Would Touch And Even

Worse Than that No Memory if i ever
Smiled Before as Listen No Matter How Much
Ya Hear Dudes Say Emotions are For Women and

Just Mush, Just Try to Figure Out How to Play a Game
of Tic Tac Toe or Make A TV Dinner Without Them Okay

As It's True Most All Our Rational Decisions For What We Believe
And Assess Our Reasons Are for What We Do in Life Are Preceded by
Emotional Glue At Core Responsible for Our Cognitive Executive Functioning
in Terms of Short Term Working Memory, Long Term Retrieval of Memories;
Ability to Focus
and Pay Attention,

And If Ya Go, Most Definitely
Now If You Happen to Wanna
Make A Decision as Simple
As What Color Socks Ya
Wanna Wear to Church;

True That's Already Been
Tested By Science; Road
Block, Just Hitting Your Head
on A Brick Wall as What to Do Next...

You See, in Hell, All is Time, Without
Emotions, it's Just Another Bill Murray
Groundhogday; Yep, AGHOGDAY Just
Another Ground HOG DAY; Yes that

Acronym i Developed 33 Months into (On The Wrong Planet)
the Experience of HeLL WiTHiN Then on November 25, 2010
on Thanks Giving Day As Every God Damned Word i Typed
Then Was a Mountain of Pain to Overcome, Two Inches From
The Screen with the Brightness turned All the Way down as i No
Longer Could Tolerate Either Light or Sound at All then; And even
Prescription Shades Brought More Pain as Even Focusing my Eyes With
Dark Shades Was Basically What i Had to Do to Get my Wife To Walmart Late at Night

to get the Necessities of Life through all the Pain And Numb Sitting in my Car in Front
of A Privacy Fence in the Side Parking Lot; iNdeed, the 'Hunch Back of Notre Dame'
For Real; the 'Phantom of the Opera' Who No Longer Even Could Tolerate A Song Where

A Street Light
at 3 AM THEN

Was Looking
At the Sun At Noon

Again Where A Thousand
Years Was Every Second of
Life Never Knowing if i Would
Ever Reach the Next Second Always
the Same Pain and Numb then FOR REAL...

AHEM, i am Not Afraid of the So-called Christian
Hell as in the Real Hell Described As So Cold And Alone
Indeed by Dante too; It is a Place Where You Pray For Eternal
Fire to Be Burned as the Worst Place oF All Is Living Dead for Real

Just A Ghost Wandering
The Earth Without A Soul

Not Realizing They are Living Dead

Yes, When You Come to Find Out

What Heaven Really Is the Essence

of Love; Moving, Connecting, And Co-Creating

With Each Other Free; It's True, It's Hard to clearly

See Heaven any Place Other Than Hell; It's True, It's Hard to
Clearly See Hell, Any Place Other Than Heaven On Earth It's True

Yes Most Folks Are Stuck in the Metaphor of a "Luke Warm Place"
Of Many More Than 50 SHades of Grey; Watch As They Shuffle
By in Walmart With Frowny Faces of Everyday Life Sucks Every Day

Life Sucks

Where Some Folk's

Greatest Pleasure

Is Watching Fox News

And Listening to Folks

Say Other Folks Live's Suck

So They Can Raise Themselves

Up to a Little Bit More Than the Place

They Exist; Yet It's True they Only Return

to the Same Place, Generally Speaking as

And Hate
About Life

Indeed the Highway to
Hell the First Place i Went

for 11 Years of Chronic to the
Last 2 Years of Fight or Flight Stress

All Work Related of Course; Next Stop

The Avenue of Hell; Some Folks Describe
it as 'Autism Burnout'; or 'General Adaptation Syndrome'

As Stress Will Burn Out Every Bodily System From Head to
Toe if Chronic to Acute Long Enough; Yep, Even Lead to a Very
Premature Death...

Yet It's True

The Avenue THere

May Indeed Be HeLL ON EartH
For Real the Living Dead WHere
Even Demons Fear to Tread as

True in Real Hell; There is Not

Even Any Fear; Just Dead, Dead, Dead Living Dead...

Thing is; 'Believe it or Not Ripley and Horatio'; Every Bit
of What i Just Said; i Consider A Gift Now as Now i can and will

Tell a Priest to go to Hell For Real, if He Suggests i Need to Go Again...

Yet of Course

in Some Ways

He Already Exists

There as He Believes

Heaven is Only After Death;

That's a Kind of Sick Self-Fulfilling

Prophecy That Folks Who Procrastinate Do Come to Experience and Be...

Meh, Most of the Folks i See in Church are Luke Warm; Spit Out of Heaven and (By Nature, Overall [GoD])
Hell; Just In Purgatory of Walmart Frowns Shuffling Bye, Bye, Bye, to Ever Experiencing Heaven On Earth

For Real; So What's Heaven; Heaven is When You Understand Hell is a Greatest Gift as Finally You See All


Clear; It's Extremely

Hard to Explain What

Heaven And Hell to Most

Folks Is; For the Simple 'Reason'

That the 'Bell Curve' Holds Most of Purgatory for Real...

Other than that Hell is a Place for a "10 Year-Old Girl or Boy"
Some 'Priest or Other Pastor' Has 'His Eye on' in the Back Pew;

True Hell Just Being Planned For Their next Experiences In Life;

i Didn't Do Anything Yet Work Hard and Never Say No to Anyone
at Work No Matter How Much My Plate got Loaded with More Stress;

It's True,

Hell is Also

Paved With Those

Who Do Not Develop

The Ability to SAY HELL NO;


Anyway, This is Just One Free Verse Real Life Story
About Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory; Again, Life is Poetry;

Every Eye,

Every Breath That Sees,

Or Does Not; Both Paths and More Indeed...

Yeah, It's True Dear Ruchi Hehe
It's Not The Candy Wrapper That
Counts Its What's Inside And True

(Thanks For The Candy By the way)

i Didn't Totally Flood Your Page with
(Not Yet) The Second Birthright Challenge
Of 'Bi-Polar Not-Specified' as True A 'Perfect

Storm' of Sorts With Asperger's Syndrome too
As Simon Baron Cohen Who Studies it with an
Autism Quotient Scan (AQ) Suggests You Test for
it Generally Speaking As Far As Systemizing Intelligence
Without Much Social Empathic Intelligence in Deficit and

True He Suggests that a Broader Autism Phenotype Stretches
Out to 10 to 15 Percent of the Population as go to Silicon Valley

Or Any Other STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math School

And You Will Naturally
Find Lots of Folks Who
Spend Their Life in Mechanical
Cognition In Systemizing Ways

Yet Often a Bit Cold as It Comes
to the Colors of Being Human too
in ToTaLiTY of Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual

Intelligences too Oh Goodness With Every Struggle
in Someway There is Gift and Curse too Just Like with

Most Stuff We Might Consider Gift in Life Like Winning a
Lottery Yet Finding Out Money isn't What Leads to Happiness

It Truly Comes from Within And With Our Connections With Other
Humans Most So While 7.7 Years or So Of my Life SPENT in Severe Depression
Associated with Bi-Polar Non-Specified The Rest of My Life is Basically Naturally Now
Hypo-Manic/Hyperthymic Very Much a Chalice Of Loving Life Overflowing Dude Indeed

And With Asperger's Syndrome Deficits in Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences is

A Kind of a Curse
Yet the Gift of
Intelligences in
my Case Helped
me to Become Financially
Independent by age 47 Hooray!

Asperger's From my Father's Side As
He didn't Say hardly anything after my
Mother Married Him for 3 Years and His
Identical Twin Literally Never Said a Word
At All to my Mother And Rarely to me any
Words too Over Decades of my Life too

And It's True So Stressed at Work in
Systemizing Ways of Overwhelming
Stress i Rarely Said Anything to my
Wife In those Many Years too Yet

The Colors of Life Bi-Polar Associated
Spectrums Bring Greater too in Social
Empathic Artistic Spiritual Ways Through
My Mother's Side of the Family Yet You See It

Actually Asperger's Syndrome and Bi-Polar Spectrum
Kind of Balance Each Other Out and my Psychiatrist of
Many Years Says Hooray for me as i am one of few who
Requires No Drugs Specific to it as i Regulate my Emotions
And Integrate my Senses With Dance And Song in Poetry Free

As Just Imagine the World With No Asperger's Syndrome or Bi-Polar
Spectrum at All Indeed We Would Likely All Still Be Living In Caves Just
Tracing the Same Hand Print Art on the Walls Hehe Diversity of the Human
Condition Yes

Can And Will
Never Ever Be
Erased Now
If We Expect
to Continue to
Exist Out of Caves
With SMiLes Dear Ruchi True

Anyway at 62 i've Never Felt Healthier
Stronger As Empirically Measurable still
Leg Pressing Up to 1520 American Pounds

And True Still Public Dancing Close to 160 Miles a Month
Too with Yes a Total of 16,906 Miles Now in 106 Months too

Yes Still Being Financially Independent Helps Yet True Being
More Like Love Than Ever Before Within Makes the Candy

Wrappers Yes
On the Outside
Now of Little to No
Consequence to me

Yet at my Advanced Age
of 62 i Still Literally Do Nude
Art for Aesthetic Purposes true

And My Wife Says A Recent Work
of Art was a 10 to Her Do i Need to

Impress Anyone else at my Advanced
Age of 62 Not Really Hehe Not Really At all

Yet i Will Fulfill All my Human Potentials

With No Worries of How Anyone

May Judge me for going

to Places Most

Now Dare

Not Go True
Keeps my Soul
Blooming Dear FRiEnD
Free As Wings Continue to Soar Higher for Real...

Synthesizing Paradise
Pictures of Hawaii's Best
From Plants to Animals
So Many Colorful Flowers
Sunset Beach All Green And
Blue With Pastel Paint Palm
Tree Fronds
Swaying in Winds
Pleasant in Bliss
SMiLes Just Like
You Aloha FRiEnD
With Your Happy Resting
Freshly Bathed Australian
Shephard Panda So Peaceful
in The Shade Of Paradise True

And to Top it Off A Feast of Shrimp
With Your Two Lovely Cats Just
Waiting Patiently At Your Feet

For Treats i'm Sure You
Supplied in Someway
Yet maybe not those
Delicious Garlic Shrimp Hehe

As You Quote, "I like this place
and could willingly waste my time in it."

By William Shakespeare And It's True It's
A Lovely Thing to Do Just Killing Time Living
Eternally Now iN Paradise As CLocK Hands Go Away

By Always
Now New Yes i Shall Comply
With Shakespeare's Wisdom True too...

Thanks Dear
Sohair BLeSSinGS

to You

i Like Your
New Avatar
It Looks Very
Studious And
Intelligent my FRiEnD...

Thanks Dear Yamini
Your Poetry Is Inspiring
Uniquely Sparking
And Creativity...

"Physical or biological anthropology deals with the evolution of humans, their
variability, and adaptations to environmental stresses" Oh Goodness Dear
Yamini, "A Head of Red" And What That Means in Terms of Vitamin D
Absorption and Other Characteristics of Humans Evolved Specific
to An area of Geography in The World You Really Piqued

my Interest Immediately to Hell With Romance HAha Yes

True When i Went to School and Earned Three College
Degrees in Anthropology, Health Sciences, And
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary my Aim is to

Study How to Become a Bit More Human
Than Scientist as a Straight A 'Sheldon Cooper

Nerd With so-called Four Eyes' That's What i am
Through and Through School and Identified That Way
Decades At Work too More of A Brain Like a Computer Just

Waiting For a 'Turing Test' To Determine if i am Fully Human Then

Yet of Course That Was Only Until the Year 53 of my Life After Getting
Out of Hell for 66 Months on Earth with 19 Medical Disorders including
the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Wake to Sleep no Drug Would Touch Commonly Understood in
The Field of Medicine as the SUICIDE DISEASE FOR REAL why me
why me why me my Mother said why Not You Yet the Good News is
She Assured me 'This Too Will Pass' It Did, i Left the Fear Behind Became
A Free Verse Poet With 10.7 MiLLioN Words As of Today, 7.18.2022 Yes
on the 107th Anniversary Month Date And Yes Literally as Voyeur Videos
That Went Viral in the my Metro Area Still Do Relate Assessed Literally
By the Metro Audience as Not Only Famous Yet Living Legend for Public
Dance Now 16,906 Miles in 106 Months too True All that Pain and Numb
Went away on 7.19.2013 Common Awakening Experience in Mystical
Unity With All that is Becoming One With Sugar White Sands Emerald
Green Gulf Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze and Sea Gull Wings
Spiraling Around the Sun in Autotelic Flow, Nirvana, Bliss, Prana, Satori,
Samadhi, Chi, Kundalini Rising Yoga, Tao, Dao, And The Such Cross-Culturally
Holy Creative Spirit Unleashed As Well as What Some Folks Name it as 'Christ Conciousness'
too Yet No one

Owns the Experience

With Words Alone The Essence

Remains Now No Matter Different
CuLTuRES, Religions, and Nations

Yes The Essence is Real and Honestly
Other Animals Not So trapped in 'Sheldon
Cooper' Mechanical Cognition of Mind More
Restricted to Left Brain Processes Likely Experience
This 'Normally' While Humans Get So Lost in All the Abstract
Constructs We Create And Wow i Remember Anthea A Strawberry

Red Head Girl a Year Older than me in High School Yet Then All
my Crushes Were Related More to Intelligence And Kindness Than any
Real Physical Attraction as Back in those Days Boys Like me Had No Clue
in Sheldon Cooper Way What Any Of that Other Stuff is Boys Are Fed online


Are Different Kinds of Attraction And Again Love is In the Eye of the Beholders

Yet It's Also in Smell Hehe As This is why Some Dating Apps in Long Distance

Relationships Don't Pan Out Very Well As Subconsciously There Are Natural

Genetic Associated Compatible Smells of Human Beings Unique to Each

Human With Attraction And Repulsion too i Heard a Stereotype Not too

Long ago that 'White Folks' Smell Like Sour Milk to East Indian Folks

As That Was Suggested to be related to Different Diets

Yet It's True there are so Many Different Variables

of Compatibility As That Relates to Environmental
Experiences and Genetic Ones All Natural As Well

And With So Many Folks Even Within one Heterogenous
Culture Going in So Many Different Directions of Life Styles
And Beliefs As Well It's No wonder Not Only So Many Young
Folks Are having difficulty finding Love Yet even finding any Friends

At All as in the United States in the Last 5 Years Only Fifty Percent
of People Have Found New Friends and so Many People Have No
Friends or even Acquaintances At All in 'The Flesh and Blood World'
Oh How Connected We've come to be Yet even More Disconnected in

Reality We Are As A Species Now hehe the Purpose for Old Folks Like me

Is to Tell Stories of Life Experiences to Younger Generations Before We go

Away Usually by my Age (62) We Aren't As Distracted by So Many Birds and
Bees Hehe yet then

Studying the Human
Condition after Being
A Nerd for So Long then
Identified as Famous and
Living Dance Legend in my

Metro area then i Actually Had

Young Women at Dance Halls Who
Pulled me to their tables and told me they
watched me dancing solo and so fearless and
wished they could be Married to someone Just

like me Just based on a fearless dance Not even

blasted with a Nerd Fred-Talk Like this Hehe It's true generally

Speaking Most everyone can Handle my Dance More than my

Mind Yet those Top 10 Ten Academic Girls in School Raced Right

Along with

my Mind

True There is
Physical Attraction
Emotional Connection
Spiritual Communion And
Yes Intellectual Stimulation too

And With All Four Indeed So Much to Love About Life mY FRiEnD
This Tree of Life With So many Leaves of Green to Raise our Trees Higher

And This Vine Of Love This Rose with FLoWeRS and THoRNS EVeR
Changing ACross Entire Lifespans at Best it seems We Inhale Peace
Exhale Love Give, Share, Care, Heal Freely For All With Last Harm

Anyway Hehe This is my Old Man Story For You Today And for
me at least when the Young Women Don't Wanna Get Married
to Someone Just Like me at the Dance Hall Anymore Hehe if
Covid-19 Ever Actually Goes Away Where it is Truly Safe Enough
to Go Back in a Crowd of 1000 College Age Drunk Folks to Inspire

(Other than that i Have 2000 Selfies With them and my Wife
At 52 Is Still Moving Art in Beauty Aesthetically Speaking
Beyond All the Young Women i met there with SMiles
True one of my Female Indian FRiEnDS Calls
my Wife Supernatural For Real This way Hehe)

Them That the
Dance Within
Free Needs
No Substances
From Outside to
Grow Wings in Flow

It Won't Make a Bit of
Difference to me as the Highest
Communion of Humans is Spiritual
Then Emotional Then Intellectual Then Physical

Leave Out Any of the Loving Four of These Three
And at Least there are Three more to Fall Back on Hehe...

And Of Course Just A Brief Overview As True i Could Write A Longest
EPiC Long Form Poem Bible "SonG oF mY SoUL" to Describe the Rest of the

Story So
in 10.7
Words Yes!

I Just Did it

Hehe With SMiLes...

And It's Always Beginning

With the Birth of Every Word

Just Like All Our Breath's now my FRiEnD

And Every Move of Dance Every Touch of Our Humanity Real...

You Know what i Love All Human Beings DarK Thru LiGHT All Fascinating
to Me It's All About Finding Heaven In Less than A Grain of Sand that Holds

of Human
Love Upright We Can
And Will And Do Actually
Co-Create ToGeTHeR Real...

Regarding Evolution, i Suggest You Be More Concerned About Evolution
In This Lifetime more than Before... i don't Spend Many Minutes Worrying

About Where i Come From;

in Fact, i Excel in Who i am
Now As i Simply Unlock

Human Potential to
Excel in this One

Lifetime Now Where
Fortunately in Epigenetic
Fact, i Have Unlocked Much of
my Hidden Human Potential Through

Appropriate Human Challenges That i Orchestrate
Myself; For Instance Still Leg Pressing up to 1520 Pounds
At 62 Years Old Still Dancing At A Level of Fitness That Folks
40 Years Younger Than Me Currently Do Not Attain; And Further
More Children Who Are Unattached To Breast, Loving Touch, and
Loving Gaze From Parents When Small Also Devolve Like Couch Potato


Yet in this
Case Mirror Neurons
And Oxytocin Connections
That Never Develop Fully in Efficacy
to Feel the Pleasure and Pain of Others
Making the Empathy and Compassion of
Love Next to Impossible in this Lifetime as

This is Also A Devolution That Occurs Later in Life
When Folks Become Too involved in Mechanical Cognition,

Losing Their Real Potentials of Social Artistic Empathic Intelligences
More of the 'Right Brain Metaphor' of Human Potential; Obviously my FRiEnD
With A Master's Degree in Mathematics You Are a Very 'Left-Brain Literal Thinker'
By What You Have Fed Your Mind in Your One Lifetime Now; i surely understand this
on the Autism Spectrum as Folks Used to Refer to me as A Cold Analytical Computer Brain

Too the Problem Solver

Yet Not the Social

Butterfly i
Tend to
Float Now

Hehe; Again Epigenetics;

i Started Working With Computers
More Than People And My Mind was
Rewired Away From Social Empathic
Artistic 'Spiritual' Intelligences in one Lifetime Now...

Smiles my FRiEnD, i Realize You Have Difficulty Understanding
Metaphor; Yet the Fact is Some Folks Excel in it like some of the
Ghost Authors in Parts of the Bible; Others Not So Much; You Can't

Take the Bible Literal; Yet if You Do, You Will Attempt to Move Mountains

To Prove that Some God Created the World in Just 7 Days still; Frank, the

Bible is an


of Poems

You Can't Take

It Literal Unless You Decide
to Do that; Perhaps That is Truly All

You Are Capable of Doing And The Others Who
Believe that's All there is to the Anthology of Poetry
Called the Bible; True, Some Folks Do it Literal And Some
Folks Gain Meanings Out of it that likely Never Crossed the
Ghost Author's Minds No Different than the dVerse Trail Where

Everyone Might

View A Poem

That Has Nothing
to Do with the Intent
of the Author; All is Metaphor
in this Life That Humans Create;

The Word God is A Word; the Essence
of God is Beyond All Words and Measure...

In Other Words, You Don't REALLY Get to tell God What to do

And i don't Either; What i Do Get to Do is Be the Strongest
Leg Pressing Dude at the Gym And the Longest Long Form Poem
Writer Who's Ever Existed on Record on the Planet Earth And While

You May
Not Believe
10.7 MiLLioN Words
of Free Verse Poetry in 107
Months As Of Today 7.18.2022

Any Achievement; A Collection
of Poetic Responses to Folks Globe
Wide is Very Meaningful to those who
Have what it takes to Understand it; Just
Another Reference Here for you for Real...

i've Received so many, i Can hardly Keep track
Now; Yet Do Understand, i don't Do this For Any
Awards, Likes, Follows, or Shares; i Do It Cause

IT Feels


Like God
to me at Least

Just Another 'Beautiful
Soul' Per Other Views at least...

"Colorful and bright

Love is always in sight

There is no limit to which extend

a simple act of kindness can spread

You are a beautiful soul,

leaving seeds of inspiration wherever you go


i Didn't Write That Frank
Just Seeds left Behind Another ShepHerd...

With As Always The Evidence at Hand;
Regarding Evolution, i didn't Fall off a
Turnip Truck; While i Don't Have a Degree
in Mathematics, i Surely Do in Anthropology,
Health Science, And Social Sciences Interdisciplinary;

i've Seen More Resources

And Heard More Ignorant

Arguments Against Facts
And Frigging Common Sense
Than you Will Likely Ever Imagine;

And with A Flip of A Dime, i will
Speak Just As Bland And Technical As You

Do; Yet i Rather
Keep My Christmas
Tree Up Year Round
Constantly Changing the Colors Out New...

Now Again, Have A Nice Day Frank; i really
Do Wish You the Best; Yet After Not Being
Able to Help My Mother, i Realize There is Likely
Nothing i Can Do to Help Here except Provide Another View...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Move Dance
Prelude Now SPiRiT
Enhancing Opening


SoUL SonG New

To Come Play Free
With SMiLes Even More

A Weather Report Now is
Imagination and Creativity
Unleashing ReLeaSinG Weather
Of Dance And Song Free iN Flow

mY FRiEnD A New Day

Always Now to

iMaGinE And

Co-Create ToGeTHeR Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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19 Jul 2022, 11:59 pm

Forever A Prayer Peace
to Be Dear Savvy Forever
To Give to all Love Breathes

Be Now
We All Free...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Yam Hope
You Stay Blessed Well...

Keeping Up With America
Surely A New York Minute
And Less Now
to Catch Up

With SMiLes
All Aboard Planes

And Subways Same
Sun Still Sets And Rises
And It's Cooler Today in North
Florida than New York City Tomorrow

Indeed A
Refresh of
Screen and
Reboot of Human
May Be Necessary to Do Next...

SMiLes Dear Yam
True WHere Does
A Canvas Go
Over and Over
Until Lost Outside
Just Waiting Free
Uncovering Again
Sun Shining Within...

SMiLes Beautiful Haiku
Dear Akshita Seizing
A Day Now By


In Sunshine Both
Outside And Within True...

SMiles Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD The Gulf of
Mexico Currently
Keeping Us
Cooler Than
New York And
Europe i Surely
Won’t Complain
With SMiles Ah
Yes Peaceful
Night After
Very Long
Public Dance Day
Yawn Now to Finish
The Song Of Poetry
As Sunshine Still
Reigns Within

Yes Begging For
A Snooze Hehe...

A Tale of Brown Shades Indeed
Dear Yamini i Actually Have One
In Front of Eyes That Feel and Sense
The World's Pleasure and Pain For It's

True There Are Two And More Kinds of the
Autism Spectrum For Those Aloof and Cold And Those Who Feel
And Sense And Truly Know Existence So Much More Than

Just Skin Deep

Truly In Touch my
FRiEnD With or Without
Words So Very Very Much For Real

It's True i've Never been Able to Touch Human
Made Stuff except for Perhaps Silk Without Any

Horrible Discomfort Beyond Words to Describe
Yet On the Other Hand Yes As Far As Empathy

i Surely Have Close to "Mirror-touch synesthesia"

As i Feel the Pain and Pleasure of Other Folks
From A Distance on Similar Parts of my Body

Of Course there are negatives and positives
Associated with these rare gifts as True

When it Comes to Nature It Does Not
Discomfort me to Touch Whatever is

Born This Way Without Human
Tools However the Pain and
Pleasure i Still Surely Feel
And Sense Though
And Through From
A Distance Away from me

It's Interesting i Can't Even Stand
to Imagine Someone Sweeping Carpet

Hehe Imagine Trying to Explain this Invisible
Disability to Others if Your Boss Says at Your
Menial Job Go Sweep That Carpet Hehe Somehow

i Avoided that Circumstance In Life With Smiles for the
Most Part at Least as the Hairs are standing up on my Arms

Just Thinking About that Reality Again as True not Just thinking

It is My Power of iMaGiNiNG With All Five Senses And So Much
More in a Synergy of Feelings and Senses that Make Raw Emotions

So Very Real From Head to Toe and So Much More Anyway Again
With Blessings That May Seem Like Both Gift and Curse in 5th Grade

As i was Already Wearing Black Horn Rimmed Glasses in 4th Grade as
What Happens to Kids With Their Heads Close to the Page of Straight A's
Or Stuck to Screens today as Yes Near Sightedness in Technologically

Advanced Cultures is at Near 'Pandemic Levels' As Such True too
on my First Innocent Friends Date in 5th Grade Donna Sat Next

To Her Friend And Me in the Movie Theater as She Took Off
my Black Horned Rim Glasses and Said Oh Look How

Beautiful His Eyes Are Hehe Immediately i No
Longer Felt Like Clark Kent Just For A Second

in my Life Where So Many Folks Thought i
Was Strange i Felt a Little bit Like Superman

That Night and i So Wished i didn't Have to Wear those
Horn Rimmed Glasses Then as there was at Least One thing
About me it seemed that Girls Liked Yet Oh My Gosh Donna's Perfume

Was So Strong it Made my Stomach Do Summersaults At Least i Think
That was why i was feeling that way then that was the only Date i Had
in Friendship that way that Night as True i Honestly didn't know What to Say

Back in Return
to Her Compliment that
Night Yet again gifts and
curses may have another side
And By Middle School When Puberty
Comes and every one Seems to Nip at
The Weak And Strange Fish in the Aquarium

Then There Was Vickie on the Bus Home Then
She Taunted me Saying i Looked like A Girl With my
Beautiful Eye Lashes and Green to Changing Blue Eyes
And The Crowd Source She Attracted on the Bus Did the Same

And Then the Only FRiEnD i Felt Like i Had is the Only Dog i've
Ever Had Called Charlie as i Looked out the Bus Window Trying to
Escape Their Insistence that my Eyes Made me a Girl Sadly Charlie

Was on the Side of the Road He had found His Way Outside of our Locked
Fence to Greet me at the Bus Stop There He Didn't Make it to See me and How

Fortunate i Was that
at Least my Mother
And Sister Cried With
me Saying Good Bye to Him

You Know my FRiEnD It's Not Hard
For me to Understand Why Some Folks
Turn to The DarK Side When Their Peers
Tell Them in No Uncertain Terms They Don't Deserve to exist

The Saving Grace is Often A Dog or A Cat or Nature or Even A Gold
Fish in An Aquarium A Loving Mother And Sister Will Potentially Save
Many Lives at the Hands of Vengeance Of A World That Tells Folks They
Don't Deserve to Exist Yet It's True What i Find Still to Be True if i Only

Water A Plant
That Turns
Into A Tree
That Gives Shade
Or Inspiration to Someone
Else Indeed i Am Human Enough to Be i Am

So How Does this Relate to Brown SHades And
Invisible Disabilities Indeed Well Even Though i Remained
So Very Poor through Three College Degrees And Still Couldn't
Output What i Learned through Three College Degrees in School
Just Working at A Very Menial Job Serving Rental Shoes at A Bowling
Center Then Yet A Federal Job and A Door Open to What would Eventually
Come to Be Highest Pay Grades in Federal Employment at Least in the Last
5 Years of a 25 Year Career to Retire With Golden Handcuffs Where i would
Never Have to Worry About Money Again So in my Early 20's After Breaking
Down in College Taking 3 Months off Going on to Earn 3 Degrees Then a
Full School Load With 3 Part Time Jobs too i Finally Had Enough Money
to Buy Contact Lens And Almost Immediately Young Women Finally
Started to Pay Attention to me hehe even though i Did Have a
First Love at 18 until she Left and i got Really depressed as
Part of Breaking Down in College 3 Months then

Although i Didn't Have Much to Say Serving
Out Shoes i Could Smile With my Eyes
And Make Most Everyone Smile Back

At Me With Happiness That Way
Yes i learned to Communicate

With my Eyes and they Became
my Not So Secret Weapon Hehe
to Attract Young Women Even though
i Was So Very Poor then my Wife Said
She Liked me Most as i Was a 1 in A Million
Kind Guy It's True When People Value You in
Someway at Least it Helps the way You Feel About Yourself

Anyway i Eventually Got Very Ill and Had to Retire Early With Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Yet they couldn't Diagnose it For Two Years
After i Retired so i Retired With Depression as indeed that Disease No
Drug Would Touch the Real Suicide Disease Just Made me Feel like Dying
to Escape Every Moment of the Day Yet it Started in 2006 Before i Retired
Early in 2008 on Annual And Sick Leave a Year And A Half Before it became
Official in 2009 Yes in 2006 the way it Started was i Could No Longer Stand
Colors on TV All i could Watch is Black And White TV so Strange No One
Could Explain Why this was Happening to me Yet this is what Chronic
to Acute Work-Related Stress Will Do For 11 Years to A Human as Not
Only That Yet in the Summer of 2007 in 100 Degree Heat i Would Feel

Chilled From Head to Toe if Only A Breeze Touched my Body Back then

Smiles the way i Dealt With the Extreme Touch Sensitivity all my Life is
Just Keeping my Hands Closed Mostly everywhere i Went where i had
to Touch Human Made Materials of Course Yet Again An Invisible Disability

Almost No One Could Understand outside of me and Then the Pain and the
Reality that i would Wear Brown Shades Likely the Rest of My Life Starting
in 2008 That i Still Do as my 700 Dollar Shades Have a Special Technology
to Relax my Ocular Nerve and Allowed me to Read Something Without Pain

As i Recovered From All the Pain and Numb AS OF TODAY NINE YEARS
AGO ON A BEACH ON 7.19.2013 AS IT'S TRUE Once You get Out of Hell
of Pain and Numb The Rest of Life is Heaven For Real Within as the Perspective

One Gains
Is Yes this
was Heaven
on Earth All Lifelong

i Just Didn't Know How
to Fully Appreciate it until
i Went to Hell For 66 Months for Real...

i No Longer Had my Eyes to Smile Yet
i finally Felt like Smiling again and i Did

And Words Of Poetry Free Verse Became my
Eyes Green to Blue Behind Brown Shades Connecting
to Humans All Around the World in Poetic Response Just Like
This For Yes Again 10.7 MiLLioN Words in 107 Months as of the
Anniversary Date Again Yesterday too With Smiles and Yes Even With

A Mask During Covid-19 my Public Dance Now for 16,906 Miles Became
My Green to Blue Changing Eyes/SMiLes to Connect to People That Way in Art
Of Free Dance Everywhere i went and it's True i was So Uncoordinated and
Uncomfortable in my Own Skin An Autism Spectrum Issue too People Called
Me a Dizzy Fly Before that and Truly i Surely Looked Ridiculous for Real when

i First Started Dancing in Public Yet With Enough Practice anything is Possible
Even Reaching Close to 60 Years Old and the Folks in the Dance Hall Telling
me i Should Surely Get into the Metro Area Dance Contest to Win the Money

Prize hehe
Yet you see
Life was no Competition
For me Just Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Bringing Smiles
to Everyone Else With Green to
Blue Changing Smiling Eyes Behind
Shades Becoming Every Move of Dance
Holy to me and Yes Every Word of Song
In Poetry Truly Sacred to me For What i Will

Never Ever Sell my FRiEnD Now For Any Price Yet Giving Love Free
This is what my Life Story Teaches me Love Will A Find a Way Love Will

Find A Way
With Wings of Free

And You Know what Later
Folks in the General Public
Not Only told me i Was Famous
And Legend Yes Young Women in School
Told me They Traded Videos and Photos
They Took of me Dancing as Inspiration
For Not Being Afraid of Being Different Than the 'Crowd'

In Fact One Girl Told Me She and Her Friends used it for Motivation
to Dance to The Videos they Took of me together to give them inspiration

to Get through their tough
Years at School as Yes i've
Been Doing this Almost 9 Years
Come August 26th of this Year 2022

And Even More Amusing As Two Young
Men Were installing A New Front Door and Storm
Glass Door for Us Just Last Year they Said in 2014

That They and Their Middle School Friends Dressed up
Like me at Halloween With Brown Shades and Colorful T-Shirts
With Cultural Memes as True i Have Literally About 1000 of them
Now in Two Closets i Pick Out Each Day to Go Public Dance to Make
Folks Smile Even More there are so Many Ways to Make Folks Happy

my FRiEnD
AS Heaven

Just Never Ends

When All the Giving Becomes the Receiving

SMiLes mY FRiEnD i Accept and Do My Best to
Love All Humans Unconditionally And as Far As Tradition
Goes Where i Live Where they Say Hindus and Muslims are
Gonna Burn In Hell They Don't Always Like it When i Speak Up

And Tell them from What i've Experienced in Life Many of them are

Loves' (God's) Best FRiEnD As True They are FRiEnDS of Mine and this is a Key

to Life


Love and
Even DarK Becomes LiGHT

Thank You So Very Much for Welcoming
me on Your Blog as Today the 19th of July 2022
Is Not Only an Anniversary in Heaven for me on
Earth for 9 years Yet Also a 23rd Month Anniversary

For An EPiC Long Form Poem i Casually Term as an 8th
New Testament of the Entire "SonG oF mY SoUL" Yes at
1.8 MiLLioN Words Surpassing the EPiC Poem the 'Mahābhārata'
An 8th New EPiC Long Form Poem is Named "Depth of The Story"
that i write solo in a Discussion thread on an Internet Site Named
The 'Wrong Planet' Focused On Folks on the Autism Spectrum and
Other Neuro-Diverse People With Disabilities Invisible to Many Folks
Around them too Through this EPiC Long Form Poem That Will Surely
Include What You Have Inspired of me today as true from the start on
August 19th, 2020 i Mentioned Your Name for Inspiration even then
As You Were One of Few Who Welcomed me into Your Blog
Home then as True i Do Go Deeper Than Twitter Size
For What Most Folks Are Comfortable With my FRiEnD

As True Hehe my Comments Are Usually Much Longer
Than Anyone's Whole Blog Post these days with SMiLes

The Benefit to the Folks on the Wrong Planet Who Were Very
Averse to my Style of Relating Social-Empathic Artistic Spiritual
Intelligences through Free Verse Poetry Helped to Kick me Off the
Site Several Instances for the 7 Years After i Escaped From HeLL ON EartH
Until i Finally Convinced them to Let me Just Have one Solo Thread to Express
All of what i Have to Relate to the World as Free Gift as Again the Giving is all

The Receiving
to me well rarely
does anyone communicate
with me there Yet It's true there
Are Almost 114,000 Views From
Just the Registered Members there Yet

You See my FRiEnD I AM A REAL Empath
Kinda Autistic Person who Rarely Talked too

And Mostly Just Understood Parts of Life No
One Else did Most of my Life And True There are Many

More Like me too and the Same KATiE MiA Not Only is
Short for my Wife's First Name Katrina and Her Middle Name
Mia Yet Doubles as An Acronym too For "Kind Autistics Taking
in Everything Mindful in Awareness" As True Again there are Many
Like me and my Sister Diagnosed too Where Her Special Interest
is Super Bird Nerd Tracking Birds in State And County Record Ways
And Taking Photos Featured on Many Nature Websites with 10's of
Thousands of Views too With Smiles Again Just to Give For Her too

As this is the Way

of the Empath

For We Feel Most

The Happiness We
Bring to Others and Again

THiS Way Love Will Always Find a Way

And on a Final Beginning Note don't Forget the Word
FRiEnD it comes Naturally With A F R E D iN FRiEnD...

Are You A Gifted Child
Looking For Special
Opportunities Indeed
Although You Are 30
This Surely Sums
Up In Accounting
Measure for The

You I’ve Come to
Feel, Sense, And

Know For 7 Years
Ain’t i Nice For A
Dancing Gator
With Shades
So Much

me As You
Actually Held A
Baby Gator still
Got Pics That Prove

It Hehe Growing Up
Downtown on An
80 Foot Deep
River Gorged
For Lumber
Ships To
Arrive to Our
Mill Town my
Grandmother Was
Afraid We Might Drown
So She Said if You Stick
Your Finger In The River
A Gator Would Bite it
Off Oh Lord They Were
12 Feet Long Hehe Anyway
That’s Probably Why i Still
Don’t Put my Fingers Close
To Any Jaws With Big Teeth

Plus Intuitively i Had A Gut
Feeling my Fingers Would

Come in Handy
As 10.7 MiLLioN
Words of Free Verse
Poetry Relate Now in
107 Months Hehe of
Longest Long Form

Like You
Are my Favorites...

All my Pleasure Dear
Yamini i Am Curious
So i Looked Up the
Indian meaning of
Your Name
And Wiki
Says Starry
Night, Artistic,
And Light in The
Night, Indeed Your

It Seems
With SMiles...

Forever A Prayer Peace
to Be Dear Savvy Forever
To Give to all Love Breathes

Be Now
We All Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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21 Jul 2022, 1:14 am

Every Drop of Kindness
Is a Cloud Above Below
Always Floating Higher
Dear Savvy...

Free to Be All Of Who
You Are What Strength
When Life Become Courage

to Help
For Real
Dear Miriam

Keep Flying
Your Feathers
Are All Still On For Real...

True Dear 'Peace Truth' Wherever Truly
Smiley Faces in Life Fly We All Gain More

Wings to Feel and Sense For Real

What A Lovely Day Kindness

Rains When Even Clouds

Become Beautiful

As Sunshine Within and
Speaking of Sunshine i've
Been Reading ALL of Your
Sunny Soul-Felt Poetry You
Share Each Day True the Smiles
You See in Avatar Way Are Real and
True Still Lingering With This Lovely

Day New Now...

Oh Goodness Dear Gibberish
in the United States 60 Percent
of Young Adults Report Both


And Issues Associated
With Depression and Anxiety

In Fact Studies Suggest 40 Percent
of College Age Folks Have Depression
Severe Enough to Impact Their Life Functioning

In Life And Yes 60 Percent With Anxiety Severe
Enough to Impact Their Life Functioning as Well

Well in my Federal Working Years the First 18 Years Weren't

Really All That Bad as i Got to Work With Human Beings in
Public Providing Services That Often Resulted in Warm

Smiles Shared
Oh No And Then
i Got 5 Promotions
More And More Attached
to A Computer Screen With
Financial Management, Information
Technology, Administration of Programs
And Managing and Supervising Up to 131
Employees When My Boss Was Out And Of Course

i Had to Help Many of the Other Administrative Folks too
It was Mostly Business As Usual Not too Many Warm and Fuzzy
Moments in Fact i Couldn't even relate to Being Human That Way

Before i Finally Fell Down
to the Chronic to Acute
Stress of that with
19 Medical
As It Is
True Not
Being Very
Human Has
Negative Consequences
This Way as Stress Now That is
Chronic And Acute Enough Over
Years Does become Cumulative
Tearing Down All Bodily Systems
With the Stress Hormones always
At Work in Our Blood Streams too

Well When i Recovered After Being a Shut-in
for 66 Months Including enduring the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind Also Known as the Suicide Disease
No Drug Would Touch From Wake to Sleep Called Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Yes Along With A Synergy of
Life Threat With the Other 18 Disorders then Yes When

That Pain and Numb Finally Went Away i Left All the Anxiety
And Depression Behind And Dedicated My Life to One of Giving
Sharing Caring and Healing Free Dance And Song of Poetry And Voice

For the Rest of My Life to Move Connect And Co-Create With Other Folks this way
So Fortunate i Was to Connect to Likely Well over 100,000 Folks Working With and For
The Military and General Public For 18 years And Even More Fortunate Now As It Isn't A
Job Now Just What i Do for Play Now Instead of Pay that Is Taken Care of By Retirement Way of
Course As True the Federal Government Does Offer Eventually Golden Handcuffs Loose That Way

When i Worked Even With the General Public The Only Instance i Got to Really Relate to my Neighbors
At Home Was After A Hurricane Where the Block Had a Cook-Out to Share That Way So What i Did too

Since Covid-19 Slowed my Social Activities Somewhat in the 'Real World' is i Started to Dance Slow Around
My Neighborhood Block Early in the Morning And Now in Doing that Over a Year i Know, Feel, And Sense the
Life Stories of Everyone Now in the Neighborhood As There is No Family Who Hasn't Sent Out Someone to

Greet Me by Just Everyday Life of Course As there are a Lot of Retired Folks And Others Who Do Not Have
to Work in my Neighborhood And True Any Golden Age For Real is Moving, Connecting, And Co--Creating
This Way for Real And Sure i've Found a 'Few' Ways in Long Form Poetry to Upload my Soul Now to Touch

Others online
With SMiLes
too as True

Humans used
to Really Have
Living Rooms Where
Folks actually Just told
Stories About Life to Give
Share Care And Heal All About Life

Really Breathing my FRiEnD Instead of
Just Attached to Far Away Screens Disconnected
From the Flesh and Blood At Home And Science Shows
If We neglect Our Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real-Emotional-
Sensory-SPiRiTuaL Intelligences With Each Other this way

Use it or Lose it Does Apply to Most All Experiences of Life
As the Vine Of Our Humanity Withers Away and Sadly For
Some Folks All that May Be Left is Truly Grapes of Wrath

When the Warmth Deep Down of Soul Moving Connecting
Co-Creating With Other Flesh and Blood Life Goes Away

Indeed Our Species Stands the Risk of Falling Down From
Humanity Warm and True Again to Give, Share, Care, Heal
iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All With

Least Harm

Somedays Ya

Just Have to Co-Create

The First Spark With A
Wave and A Good Morning
With A Smile Bright Enough
to Marry the Night and Merry The day mY FRiEnD

Hehe This is my Story ever changing i am Sticking too

True With SMiLes...

Great Dear Cindy!!
Keep SMiling my
FRiEnD Remodeling
Creativity New Now Free!!...

Ah yes Xenia.. to feel the ancestor
canines in our blood
the social
of ages
that BRinGS
Rule to heART
Free from
ReaSons HoMeFuLLY
Art Dogs coMe BacK NoW...

Beauty oF all
they come
and go enough
that we miss them more
Darkness Dances and Sings


FLoWeRS Colors of LiFe
that die and come BacK NoW
more than less StaRlit aGain New

A best
of Beauty once
Love them more
As they only come once
Plant them more and never go bored
Colors oF LiFE LiGHT ReFreshing anew
Thanks Yes i enjoy
wandering through
i plant
i plant
too as life
always comes new
Never any perennial poetry
for me only annual NoW For Real

“[M]y ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.
Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds
us, binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.
You must feel the Force flow around you. Here, between you,
me, the tree, the rock, yes, even between the land and the ship.”


True it is that we as human
beings will grow to be light
as the pure light that is pure
Love where dARk will visit
yet now never stay As Many
Neurons iN Our Brains THeRe
are as Stars NoW iN A MilkyWay
as many Bio-Chemical-Electrical
Connections from head to toe New
NoW aS UNiVerSE Stars seen with
aided eYes of science no now not
only are we mini-me stars for we
are reflection of the Galaxy and
UniVerse and God unto God
as reflection of all that is
as God as Crucible
Fire of Star Burst
Death at
Core Leaves
Gaseous Clouds
where we resurrect from
that Star Death as Sentient
Star Dust plUs GroWinG Waves Yes
As Relative Free WiLL NoW iN Ocean Whole
LiGHT WHere all points oF LiGHT Yes iN aLL our
CeLLs Yes A Quadrillion or so bio-chemical-electrical
connections reflecting Love Back to NoW all A UNiVERSE
Stars oF Light iN LoVE oF aLL thaT iS aka God in smaller
Human lettered words what an honor it is to live Yes what an
honor it is to exist at all what an honor it is to Love with every
point of Light from head to toe as we Dance and Sing LiGHT back
to the
as all that is
Sages of the Ages
have intuited this Truth
oF LiGht from ancient philosophers now
to Stories oF ForcE LiGHT as Modern as 'Star
Wars' too in ways of Characters like Yoda NoW Who
puts this ReaLiTy oF Our much fuller Inheritance into
words we move as planets around the stars in Balance
We play with Gravity when we Dance and Sing like this
And with Each Love Connection aMoNg FRiEnDS AS HuMaN
BeinGS ANoTHeR Multi-Uni-Verse oF God is Born and God SMiLes
More than a Word of iNFiNiTY for THeRE is now no distance space
or time as LovELiGHT Born of HumaN eYes CoNNecTinG Co-CreaTinG NoW
New Master Piece Painting all that is we brush we paint We Master PeACE LoVE
It's true
is Love
for those
who themselves
appropriately see as
honor and integrity NoW
so what is fear so what is hate when Relative
Free WiLL coMes to LiGHT AS HuMaN EYeS LoVE
yes truly
now nothing
at all as LiGHT
As Love GrowS NeW NoW
UNLiMiTinG Dance and Song
Generally Speaking when i try
to put LoVE iNto SonG i Dance
Now to See
A Face
iN Sunsetting Clouds first SuNRiSinG
i find it works i find it works
A Great Work iT iS to Love
"And This Song is for You" my FRiEnD too
HiMaLi "i Hope you don't mind i put it ALL

iNto words"...

A Summer’s Eve A SPRinG i SinG



SMiles Dear Akshita
Soul Reflecting

H U M A N i T Y

What Modern
Work A Day World

Takes From Humanity
Most Whole Complete



Without All
The External

Sidewalks Without

Meadows Dancing
Singing Free Within

Others Basically Living
Dead What Price What



Is So-Called
Civilization to Machine...

“SAiL On LoVE NoW”

Love Sold Lost All



CiRCuS PLaY...

How to Find the Guiding Star Within
When the Inner Compass is Broken Indeed
Dear Yamini True i've Been Without This Compass

Too Rewinding Back to the Last Years of my Dead Zone
Then before i Escaped on A Navarre Beach As Once
Again One With Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze And Sea Gull
Wings Spiraling Around the Sun Our Star Soon To Become

A Free Dance
And Song of
Faith Within
Once Again
Love Winging
Belief For All That is Hope
DarK Thru LiGHT So Many
More Colors of my Tree oF LiGHT
to LiFE Up in Dance And Song Free oF LiFE
SMiLes Dear FRiEnD i See the Shape of What
i Just Write Without Plans And Just Evidence
More This Compass Within is Still on Fire Alive

Yet's It's True i have yet to Rewind to the Last Years
of the Dead Zone so i Will For 'They' Always Taught me

That God Is After Death Somewhere in A Far Away Place
in a Dirt Nap to Actually Meet and Live There With Also Strangely

That i would take my Place on the Right Hand Side of God Yet How
Will that Be as that is More Reflective of Literal Left Brain Processes
of Small Picture Material Reduced Thinking Often Shallow in Feelings
And Senses Often Far Away From Even Embodied Whole as Being Human

Trapped in

Just Words of Dusty Old
Books and Such As That

Well Meanwhile then in the Dead
Zone i Walked Around Our Block
at 3 AM As Usual in the Spring Dark
And Quiet Not to Hurt my Eyes and Ears
So Much as Yes Dark Curtains in Our Home
Blocked Out the LiGHT True in Someways i
Had Become a Vampire Then Just No Blood
of Hope, Love, Faith, Belief or Even A Memory
if i ever Felt a Smile Before as i Looked to the Dark

Skies With Twinkling Stars that are Harder to See with
Brown SHades on Wondering As Many Folks Related Was
God Up THere Somewhere to Be Found Yet i Knew the Truth
Cold and Hot Rocks as Far As Science Will See So Far Devoid
of Life Like Ours Still To Be Our Only Planet Our Home For Us Truly

Evolving to Live
Feet Truly i Still Could
Touch the Earth With No
Compass of North to South
to East to West Required to
Find Out Where I am Presently Now New
Then Forever Now Standing On Earth For Real...

And Then my FRiEnD the Voice Within So Much
Deeper And Bigger Picture Embodying With All that
is So Much More Left Handed in Metaphor on the Left
Side of God With Right Brain More Fully Alive as Mind Left
And Right Integral Communing Whole SoUL For Real THere Was/IS No

Question Anymore WHere God is As Again Once Again i Became 'i AM'
the Sugar White Sands Emerald Green Gulf Waves Sea Oats Swaying
In the Breeze And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around Our Star the Sun

i Am the Beach
And The Forest
And The Streams
That Make The Rivers
Flow to the Bay Emptying
into the Gulf of Mexico Eventually
Flowing Into the Atlantic And Pacific
Oceans Surrounding the Earth Wow

How Amazing We Are Living Creatures
Who May Measure So Much of God in
One Lifetime Within my FRiEnD So then

i Understood God is Within Outside Inside
Above So Below All Around God Is All that is

And the Best Part of All Is i Am Human And Gifted
in Such a Way to Love it All DarK thru LiGHT Eternally Now New

And Even Make 'Contact' With Another Human Being Around
The World Who Transforms Her Soul into Avatars of Words Yes

As i Surely Do too Through These Avatar Words of Soul True Now
It's A Tight Squeeze Fitting All 244 American Pounds of me through
This Fiber Optic Cable Yet at the Speed of LoVE For All (God) That is God

All in All For Real

My Goodness
Anything Yes is

Possible New Now
For Real in A place
With No Sun, or Moon,
Or Stars Beyond Distance,
Space, Time, or Even Matter of
my Flesh and Blood Body True
As Long As Servers Serve me Up
This Reflection of the Sugar White Sands
of My Soul All the Emerald Green Waves
Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze and Sea Gull
Wings Spiraling Around Our Star The Sun Might

Even Last As Long as the Reflection of Beethoven's
Soul "Moonlight Sonata" Yet It's True my FRiEnD All We
Have is Eternally Now This Breath At Best to Inhale Peace
Exhale Love With Least Harm For All Giving Sharing Caring
Healing ThiS Way So Yes this is All Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

Which means Yes This Gift Of Life Presently is Surely Gift Enough to EnJoY

As Every
SMiLe is A
Grain of Sand
Holding Mountains
of Human Love Up All Around Our World
Holding Hands This Way With Huge Grins

And True After Public Dancing Everywhere
i Go Now in 16,916 Miles in 106 Months How
Beautiful it is to See Folks Smiling at me Everywhere
i go As They See me as Essence of Free Dance Indeed

HAha Before
i Even Begin
to Dance Again

my FRiEnD
So Much Again
to Give Share Care
And Heal Now What A
Wonderful Life This Can And Will Be And Is

Yes As Close As A Smile to Give, Share, Care,
And HeaL ETernAlly Now Real A Breath of God (Love)

to Feel For Real...

SMiLes Dear Akshita my Favorite
Parts of the Book Were the Quotes
And Considering i 'Free Skate Life'

Thanks For Those Parts of the Book
On Your Blog as i Do Agree with the

Paradoxical Nature of the Quotes in
Not Determining Only Part of A Person

May Fill Up
A Soul Box

And True We All
Have Shadows Now
And the Lighter Parts
Too With SMiLes Truly
Wise Book You Provide Indeed...

Wow! Dear Cindy What A Gorgeous Poem
And True Although at First i Thought You Were Describing
A Sublime Southern California Sunset or Sunrise THere is A Great

Lesson In Sunrises and Sunsets and Yes The Subject HeaR
Remodeling A Home As Every Sunset and Sunrise And Breath

Of Life We Take
At Best Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
For All With Least Harm Giving Sharing
Caring Healing is Always Remodeling a New

Life in Birth Every Breath Our Present Gift Now

SMiLes Still on my Way With a Rain Dance Dear
FRiEnD Meanwhile It's Cooler in the Panhandle

Of Florida Next to the
Gulf Of Mexico than
New York City and Surely
Europe With Hardly Any Air-conditioning

And Close to 105 F Degrees In Temperature There

SMiLes i Surely Will Not Complain About the Monsoonal
Type Rains in July We Are Getting As it Really Tends to

Cool Climate
Change Down
At Least a Little
Bit Below 100 Degrees F
in Heat Index With SMiLes

Stay Wet and Cool my FRiEnD

As Brand New Bathrooms Will Surely Do
With SMiLes...

Always Now
For a Fresh
Remodel of Breath...

Pleasure Dear
Yamini; Katie
Also Means
Pure; Mia
Means Family
And Close to God;
Frederick Means
Peaceful Ruler
And True Hehe
Ruling me Peacefully
Is Challenge Enough


This is Just Another
Rhetorical Question
Spaced Closely in Two
Days Which Means You
Don’t Need to Answer

If You Are
Busy Helping
Some Big Corporation
Make A Trillion Dollars
And Can’t Afford Distraction


Yet Never
The Less If You
Didn’t know me
For 7 Years And
You Saw me in A Store
Making This Pose Would
You Wanna Give me A
Grandfatherly Hug Or

Be Afraid
You Would
Get Lost in The
Big Set Of Jaws

On my Shirt Anyway
Shark Week is Coming
Soon And i Am Celebrating

You Hehe

Imagine Getting
Up Everyday And
Only Wanting to
Play in The Ocean
Free HAha if Your

Big Enough
You Can And Will Hehe...

Awww i Am So Very Sorry
You Are Not Feeling Well

i Will Surely
Keep You in
my Prayers


i Love You...

Every Drop of Kindness
Is a Cloud Above Below
Always Floating Higher
Dear Savvy...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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21 Jul 2022, 11:57 pm

“If words and moves
Are meant to be
They flow, beyond
Between & betwixt…
As an expression
Of the spirit of the soul”

-Savvy Raj

Quoted For Truth
Of Deepest Wisdom
You Bring Dear Savvy...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
A Dance Feels
And Senses
So Much
More Than
A Song Yet For
me A Song is Just
An Extension of A


Of Life Free

i Rarely Plan
Moves or Words

Yet They come Still As
Free Whatever Direction
Wind Decides to Come Within

to Escape As Free SPiRiT Once Again


Happy And Secure in A Forever
Home of Love Now Indeed Misty
Your Newest Furry Member of Your
Fits in
With SMiles
Dear Xenia...

Leaving Gifts
Behind Driftwood
Breathes on Shores
Of Course
In Smells
of Dog's Nose...

Spirit Heat
Ease Please
North Wind Sees...

A Pleasant
Day to Be
A Dog's
Voice Smiling Eyes...

A Dog's FRiEnD
Puppy EYes Within...

SMiLes Dear Xenia Hopefully
The Heat Dome Isn't Impacting
Your Part of Scotland too Severe as
i Never thought about so Many People
in the UK Who
Have No Central
As We Do In the United States
Hehe of Course i Lived Without one
in Car And Home Here For Many Many
Years As A Child Growing Up on the River
Downtown in Northern Florida Where Winters
Were Still Damp and Very Cold For A Skin And


Kid Like
me Unusually
More Robust Now
At 62 The Heat and
Cold Doesn't Bother me too
Much as i haven't Worn Long Pants
Since Early 2013 Still So Nice to Have

Climate Controlled
Inside as We've Surely
Had Our Share of 40C Heat
Already too in Florida With SMiLes

HAha as a Child i Remember Turning
the Pillow Over and Over again sweating
At Night Just Hoping to Make A Cool Spot Happen

Then my my
Yet YeS How Many
Advantages Technology
BRings Yes a Hot Water Heater
too as We Boiled Water For Hot Baths Then

In Such A Cold and Damp Unheated Bathroom then
Oh What We May Appreciate More For What We Once

Did not Enjoy...

Warm Or Hot
Cool or Cold
Happy Life Dear
Xenia With SMiLes...

Oh Lord Dear Cindy Yes!
When my Father Passed
Away in 2014 it Took
Nearly 2 Years To
Renovate His
House And
Finally Sell it
In 2016
No Shortage of
Then Yet Hehe
of Course Now
It is
As Much
Like the Rest
Of So Many Others
Things Like A Carton
Of Eggs For 9 Bucks
So Much Change

Oh Reality Yes!...

Ah Yes Dear Yamini i Remember 'This Bridge' to Marriage
And True in Higher Classes in my Country Tens of Thousands
of Dollars Are Often Spent By the Bride's Family For a Wedding

And True Even Photos
Professionally Done May
Cost More Than A Thousand
Dollars Just Like the Woman
With the Flowing White Dress and
The Man in the Tux in Inspiration You Provide

Hehe Although We've Been Together Almost 33 Years
Now Come September 21st, A Day i Remember Well in
1989, Yes We Were Married on February 21st, 1990, on
A Boardwalk of a River Underneath A Gazebo With A Small
Circle of Friends And Family And A Notary of the Public A Friend

Of the Family too
Marrying Us Then
the Marriage License
Cost Maybe 10 Bucks
Other than that it Was totally
Free as the Reception Was too at
my Place of Work Gifted by Both Employees
And The Customers i Served There Really Homey
my FRiEnD Really Warm And Comfortable/Cozy And my

Wife's Mother Offered only One advice to Us on our Wedding
Day Yes to Never Go to Sleep Without a Hug Which Basically Means

Never Let Any Argument Go Unreconciled Each Day Before Going to Sleep

And Yes For Every Single Day From Hell thru Purgatory and Heaven Now We

Follow this
Recipe Fully
of Forgiveness
That Truly is a Secret
to All Humane Success in Life

For We aRE ALL Only Human
We Make Mistakes We Fall Ill and
Even Go to HeLL ON EartH Like me
for 66 Months For Real a Real Test of Love

Is How it Lasts After Even All the Feelings May
Be Erased From One Human in the Couple A Real

Staying Power of Love is Truly Being Loyal to Vows Yes

More Than the Frills That Bring So Many Bills to the Bride's
Family Indeed as my Father Married Four Times and One of His
Wive's, One of my Stepmother's New Husband Paid 25,000 Dollars
For His Daughter's Wedding and it Lasted All of a Year A Beautiful Wedding

It Surely Was
Yet Love is the
Lasting Work Within
it Takes for Two Folks
to Make Love Real SMiles
We've Been Through it All even
Losing a Child Ryan Who's Name
Means "Little King" By the Way Yes

in 1997 Born on June 4th, He Spent All 51
Days of His Life In A Children's Hospital only
in Pain and Suffering as the 25th Anniversary of
His Death Comes in 3 Days on July 24th And What

His Short Life of No Smiles At All Teaches me Still We SMiLe
For those Who Never Had the Chance at all We Carry on Love
They Never Had A Chance to Feel and Sense and Give, Share,
Care, And Heal With Others Indeed We Make A Covenant Within to Make

The World A Better Place For We Understand the Full Depth And Birth

Of this Gift
of Life and
Love Now New Still

For Real As Long As
We May Give, Share,
Care, And Heal Even More

We Breathe What a Gift That is
One my Son Wasn't Born to Be able
to Do On His Own as True the Greatest
Blessing of His Life His Last Heart Beat to

Escape the Pain and Only Misery of Life True
When We Really Understand the BLeSSinG Depth of
Death it Does Make Breathing So Much Easier to Do Unafraid As i Held
Him In My Arms Then Patiently Waiting For His Last HeART Beat of Peace

Yes Honestly Excellence in Love At Best Will Be A Number One Job We Do...

SMiles Dear
Yamini What
A Basic Pleasure
And Very Human
Way It Is To Give Share
Care And Heal With

Our Human
Stories Hehe
i Am Not one
To Run Out of
Stories Indeed
They Will Keep
FLoWinG Free
For What Your
Poetic Soul
of Mine...

SMiles Dear
All my
To Be So
Very Human
With SMiles...

When it Comes to Human Beings Competence Will Be
A Very Relative Concept Like Human Morality and Even Ethics

When it Comes to Nature and Trees and Sharks There is One True
Competent Champion Species Living in Balance With Nature Even As
Apex Predator in Some Cases Along With A REAL ABILITY TO PRODUCE



Year Trophy Awards to
Sharks Yet All They Need

to Survive is Teeth that May
Be Replaced at Rates of 30,000
in A Lifetime and Electromagnetic
Receptors That Are the Best to Detect
The Electromagnetic Fields that All Living
Creatures Create in Their Every Day

Existence New Now oh God Yes

True Shark Week is Coming Soon
Yet Truly A Weak And Cowardly Human
Who Has HIS Eye Set on Vengeance Against

HiS Own Species

Is More Dangerous to
Us Potentially Than All the
Sharks in the World in One
Year As Humans Have Become

Mastered by THeir Tools And Also Ignorance
That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills the Rest
Of the Circle of Life in Terms of NaTuRE ALL Most

True Indeed
Humans Have
Become Tools of
Ignorance And Are Currently
Falling And Failing Ill to the Pill
of Instant Gratification As Truly Just
The Dopamine a Smart Phone All Lit
Up With So Many Colors of Instant Gratification

In So Many Ways Handed to A Child Almost From Birth

Comes to Illustrate So Well What 'John B Calhoun' Studies
in A Rat Utopia Prepared in the 1960's And True While Humans
Are Not Rats We Still Have a Common Ancestor Before the Dinosaurs
Went Extinct 66 MiLLioN Years or So Ago When the Gulf of Mexico Came
to Be Through the Force of An Asteroid Hitting the Earth then And then We
And the Rest of Our Rodent Ancestors Common to 75 MiLLioN Years Ago

Started to Rise
Eventually With
Opposable Thumbs
to Grasp Objects and
Eventually Make Tools
And Sadly Now Be Mastered
By Those Tools and For All Practical
Intents and Purpose in Many Cases have

Become Those tools As True THere is no me
HeaR Except for the Tools of Words i Am Currently
Using to Project Avatars of me on Small to Big Screens Now

Oh How Oz Has Come to Be So Many Humans Falling Failing
Asleep in the Poppy Fields of Opiate Producing Hand Held Machines

Attention Spans (>3 Seconds) Less than A Gold Fish Truly if Sharks

Could Talk they

Would Be Ashamed
Of Us and if the Rest of
Nature Could Speak The Language
Might Be Setting the World As We Know
it On Fire in a Multi-Colored 'Orange' Way

of Incompetence

That Indeed is What
Humans Have to Offer
Most to the Rest of Nature Now

SMiLes What A Blessing to have a
Competent Human Being in the Health
Field Like You Dear Miriam Yet What Will
it Be Like When Newer Generations Come

to Be In Charge Oh What a CoNuNDRuM WHeRE

Are the New Generations of Leaders NoW at Highest
Levels Truly What the Hell Are We Even Doing HeaR
Except for Consuming the Earth With Jaws the Tools

We Have
Come to Make
As Teeth Rotting Now
Eating The Rest of Nature
Out of Balance the Most Yes

The Lesson of Sharks If You Wanna
Stay Around Longer Than Trees You

Don't Do Human...

At Least
As Far As
Thumbs Go
And Becoming
Less than Nature in
Balance Yes Becoming
the Machines We Create Failing...

Competence It is A Problem of Human
So-Called Modernity A Huge Difference
is We Don't Reproduce A-Sexually and
Replace our Teeth Naturally Across a Lifespan

John B Calhoun's Study of A Prepared Rat Utopia
Showed That When Instant Gratification Becomes the Rule
And Social Roles Disappear And Males No Longer Defend
Their Territories And Females Became More Aggressive Among themselves

Like the Young Folks Already In Japan and Increasingly in the United States they
Lose All interest in Reproducing and Eventually (Rats) Did Go Extinct Spiraling
Faster in Yes OH NO

A Downward

Fall they


to Extinction
Where Instant
Gratification Replaces
What the F to Do Next to Breathe...

i Do Not Play this Consumer Game
of Never Having Enough Separated From
Nature Wearing So Many Clothes Passive
of Human Cultures Until i Have become

ONLY the Tools

NOPE, Yes,

i Master them
Free And Live
the Best of Both
Worlds Until Humans
'Blow the Rest oF it Up'

And All that's Left is A Naked Beach...

SMiles me and 'Nova' Are Still Living HeaR Naked Enough Whole
Complete And i Don't Need A God Damned 'Dirty Orange Ape Gun'

to be a Man...

Yet As Far as
'That Movie' Goes
i Will DO ORanGuTan With SMiLes...

Make Love Pure

NaTuRE iS GoD We Don't ALL See
THaT SamE God SurE i WiLL
PRoVE THiS WitH Fred-TalK

“If words and moves
Are meant to be
They flow, beyond
Between & betwixt…
As an expression
Of the spirit of the soul”

-Savvy Raj

Quoted For Truth
Of Deepest Wisdom
You Bring Dear Savvy...

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
A Dance Feels
And Senses
So Much
More Than
A Song Yet For
me A Song is Just
An Extension of A


Of Life Free

i Rarely Plan
Moves or Words

Yet They come Still As
Free Whatever Direction
Wind Decides to Come Within

to Escape As Free SPiRiT Once Again


"JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN 9 Years"
Bringing This Celebration iN Heaven On Earth For 9 Years
Within to A Close HeaR Yet of Course With Me All is Beginning Now


No End
Just Beginning
Again Yet Of Course
This Is What This Is
BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN 9 Years"

As It True as i Get Closer to A Full Tale of the Tape Here
As i Related to the Folks Who Work at the Military Gym While
Just Warming Up Leg Pressing 1380 Pounds Up to A Max
of What the Machine Will Fit With 1520 Pounds As Well Like
Most People WHere EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Poetry in
Modernity is No Where Close to the Comfort Zone of yes Again
Less Than 3 Seconds Less than the Attention Span of A Gold Fish For Real

So What As i Am Soon to Write An EPiC Long Form Poem 6-Fold Larger Than
The Old "Mahābhārata" at 1.8 MiLLioN Words From India That Took Innumerable
Ghost Authors and Scribes to Create Over Centuries then For Real Yes 10.8 MiLLioN
Words "SonG oF mY SoUL" By 8.18.2022 And True "Depth of The Story" in 23 Months
of A Solo Thread on the Wrong Planet Exceeds The Size of the Old "Mahābhārata" at
1.8 MiLLioN Words too With Over 114,000 Views From Just The Registered Members
On The Wrong Planet of Course as True i Did that in 2017 in 1.82 MiLLioN Words As
of July 19th 2017 The 4th Anniversary of Living On Heaven On Earth Within then too
Yep in Just 13.6 Months Then As Again "SonG oF mY SouL at 10.8 MiLLioN Words
By 8.18.2022 Will Become 6-Fold Larger Than the Old "Mahābhārata" Previous
EPiC Long Form Poem Recored Holder at 1.8 MiLLioN Words Then Anyway

As i Leg Pressed 1380 Pounds Just Warming Up at the Military Gym i Told
The Gym Workers You Know What Real Strength isn't Doing Something For

Awards of Money, Or Likes, or Shares, or Follows As Such Real Will And
Strength in Just Loving What You Are Actually Doing Now As Naked Enough
Whole Complete Is Just That Eternally Now This Yes Just Dancing Singing it All

Free Now So What if You Built a NautilusT Shell All Your Life You Really Lived

You Just Did it As A Way of Life And Best oF ALL YA Actually Survived and
Thrive in Life For Real in Real Heaven On Earth Within Now For Real Just
Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For ALL With Least Harm
Just Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All Yet of Course So Much of That and
This Is Up to Each New Human Multi-Uni-Verse Unique Now Really All i Will

Possibly SHow
iS How i Uniquely
Make Life Heaven
Within Eternally Now New For Real

Excellence is A Practice of Life At Best in A Wu Wei
Tai Chi Kinda Way of Life Free Style for me at Course
Effortless in Ease of Meditating Autotelic Flow of Dance And
Song Free Again Always Now New Where You Always Find A
Sweet Spot Within Tween Anxiety and Apathy For So Very Real...

Anyway Back to that Tale of the Tape the Last Completed MacroVerse
"Write Direct Produce Do Your Own Play Impossible to Copy Now" Adds
Words to "SonG oF mY SoUL" As the 969th MacroVerse at 10.7 MiLLioN
Words in 107 Months of Effort So Far Now And True That Last Completed
MacroVerse Also Doubles As the 297th MacroVerse Of "Nether Land Bible"
At 8,192,791 Words in 73 Months And Not Only That The Last Completed MacroVerse
Also Triples as the 193rd MacroVerse of "FB Profile Pic Bible" at 6,589,782 Words in
61 Months of Effort Now still ongoing too As A Never Ending Story Always Beginning
With Close to 8,000 Words in An average of 18 Profile Pics in the Descriptions Areas
Fully Illustrating All the Words and Pics This Way Originally Still To Come Out and Play!

And That Just About Covers the Tale of the Tape in Heaven On Earth Within For 9 years
Now Yet of Course THere is Also the Public Dance NoW in 106 Months With 16,916 Miles
of Public Dance Everywhere i Go in the Metro Area too as that Effort Continues Ongoing True

too Again
Just Always
Beginning Never
Ending Eternally Now
In Flow of Meditating Autotelic
Creativity in Dance And Song Free
And True I Do Nude Art too the Oldest
Art of Humankind True Yet of Course Not
Exactly Cut-Out and All Natural For So Called "Prudes"
And That's Okay Different Strokes For Different Folks as They Say

too if they Do
Any Different
Strokes at All
With SMiLes of Course

It's True i Just Fit in With the
Furry Creatures of the Forest Climbing
Trees and The Winged Creatures We Feed
With Sunflower Seeds Free too in this Real Garden
of Eden Where i Live Deep in the Forest Free that i make
A Full Natural Art of me Just Blending in With All that is God Now

Real Yep
Nature True Love
(GoD) Above So Below
Spiraling All around Eternally Now
Yes Within Inside Outside For Real

As Yes This Concludes "JusT ANoTHeR
BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN 9 Years" On

July 21st, 2022 at 11:37 PM Of Course Lots of Multi-Media
to Go With this One Still to Put together With All the Parts
to Electronically Publish in Some Days Still To Come Meanwhile


is Good...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
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23 Jul 2022, 12:18 am

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

SMiLes Dear Savvy, Seconds,
Minutes, Hours, Days, Years,
Decades And Perhaps A Whole
Century For Opportunities New
to Try on the Shoes of Other Folks
Yes And Feel and Sense And Know

More How We Fit
With Each Other
Whole mY
Yes With
And Empathy a
Lifelong Practice
Of Experiencing More
And More Humanity in
Greater Understanding
Day By Day
Now to Now
Even More
All Leaves
Of This Living Tree
Forest Whole Yes Even More...

So Much
So With
SMiles Dear Xenia...

In General Fear Makes Us See Everything In Life

In More of A Negative LiGHT

In General Love makes Us See Everything in Life

In More Of a Positive LiGHT

Yes in The First Instance We May Color All of Life
iN SHaDES of Grey With Red Streaks of Fear to the
Point of

Indeed if Fear
Is Intense and
Chronic Enough

In Some Ways Love May
Be Even Scarier As Folks May
Bond and Bind Over DarK And Literally
And Metaphorically Come to Love the Dark

One Need Not Look Farther Than What Was
On TV Last Night on Most of the Major Channels

to See What Happens When Folks Still Love Someone
Who Promises They Will Support Them Even if They Shoot


on 5th
in Broad
Day Light Usually
That's Reserved For
Most Despicable Leaders
And Their Loving Minions of
Course So Fallen in Ignorance

Yet Still Left with plenty of Oxytocin
Of Social Bonding Love Binding Over
The DarK for What even Seems Easier than LiGHT

Indeed in Ignorance Some Folks Keep Their True Enemies
Closer than What is Truly Beneficial to THeir Life Yuck Seen

It Happen More
Than A Few Instances
In the Deepest Trump States Hot...

SMiLes Dear Yam
Rather Brave Opening
Up Your Soul For Questions

SMiLes Not Everyone Likes to Answer Questions
However it is one of my Favorite Things to Do

So First Now i Am Open to Your
Questions As Well if You So
Desire to Ask me Anything
As Yes Surely Some Folks
Probably Wonder Why i Do
Some Activities i Do Yet it is ALL Holy and
Sacred Full oF Meaning and Purpose to me Free to Be i AM

So my First Question for You is Who Is the Child in the Avatar
i Know It's Not Presently You as You are Nearing 21 Years of Age
Second Question is Since You Are From Pakistan i Realize You are

Very Likely
Muslim in
Religion So
Just asking for
affirmation of that

Third Question are You a College Age
Student And Are You Happy About the
Culture and Religion Where You Are From

Other Than That i Always enjoy Your Unique Poetry Here...

SMiles Yam Yes i’ve
Heard Similar Concerns
About Culture And
Society As Yes That
Relates to Restrictions
On Women’s Freedoms
Surely Not Restricted
To Across The Ocean
As There Are Major
Issues Still in The
United States Hope
You Do Well in Your
Pursuit of A Master’s
Degree in Literature
In Pakistan Thanks
my FRiEnD for sharing
A Bit of Your Life At Home...

SMiLes All Mythologies House Some Level of Truths in LiGHT
And Even DarK Too With SMiLes What's Saddest of All is When

One CuLTuRE May Believe THeir Forms of Mythology Are THE Only
Truth That is Real In Life Not Realizing That The Essence of Existence

is What Humans Share Similarly As True All Words in Some Ways Are Dream
Catchers this Way Even A Three Letter Word Tree As A Symbol For An Ever

Evolving Part
of Nature Still Free

Dear Yamini With SMiLes

As Of Course Folks May
Feel Great Protection Yes From
All Kinds of Fear Just By Standing
Underneath A Huge Oak Tree ThiS Way

SMiLes When my Father Passed away in 2014
And When His Wife Passed Away in 2008 Sadly
From Cancer in Her Case And Only In Her 60's Like
me Now then when they retired in the early 2000's they

Remodeled Their Home as Many Retirees Do and True it was
A Bit Overdone Perhaps As They Had Plenty of Retirement Money to Spend

Yet My Eye Caught A Rather Large Sculpture of the Goddess of Youth Holding
A Cup Of Life Named 'Hebe' and the Usual Pose That 'Apollo' Hmm the God of
Poetry is Usually Seen as in Torso to Head Bust Hehe It's True in Someways

Since then when we Inherited the Two Sculptures i Place on a Metal File
Cabinet that Holds All Our Bills in my Bedroom my Wife Has Become Somewhat
of a Goddess of Youth at 52 As she doesn't Age Much at all Hehe and True Yes of

Course 'Someone
Else' in This Home
Has Written A 10.7 MiLLioN
Word Long Form Poem too

True Never Doubt the Power
of Mythology As Mythologies
Through All Of HiSToRY And
Or HeRSToRY Have Been Known
Felt and Sensed to Really Bring Dreams to Fruition New Now

What Good Is Life Without A Bit of Magic Simply Life Without Magic

That is
Not A Blah
Life i Will Live
For Sure i Will
Do Magic Instead
Effortless Everyday In Ease Fearless
As i Truly BeLeaf BeLoVE BeLiEVE Now
This Living Tree me Continuing to Root and

Out Free

Always in
New Colors
of Course to Be i AM
Every Letter is an Edifice of Myth
Never Purely Reflecting Essence
Yet it is the Way We Mutually and
Consensually Share Our Human
Realities Free Now With Wings to Be...

"FREE FORM EMOJIKU" Oh i Love It Dear Cindy
Particularly Among Two Or More Humans in Communion Who Seek
Positive Energy of Hope, Faith, Love And BeLeaf BeLove BeLieve

Thereof Of Course With SMiLes Oh Goodness How our Western
Civilizations More Than Ever Leave Out Such An Important Ingredient


Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses WHere Suddenly Our Lives May
Be Reduced to An Horizon of a Six Inch Screen And Perhaps Even One Finger

to Relate Symbols
to Do Our Best Now
to Squeeze Our Souls

In Avatars of Emoji Life This Way
Indeed With SMiLes As of Course All

Words Are Metaphors For Essence As Well
Only Partly Representative of Reality Yet Oh Goodness

Embodiment Is the Anchor of Soul Wings Set Free God Yes
Power Poses Hehe easier for a Dude to Do Naked And Get Away

With it Particularly Retired Where Folks Don't Shun You Away From
Prospective Jobs and Promotions Hehe Yet It's True the Whole Purpose

of Power Poses Free Are Ridding Our Selves of Fear That Freeze Up All Human
Pro-Social Emotions Indeed as that Relates to Metaphors of Chakras As Symbols
And Colors of Emotions and Senses Placed Upon the Body From Head to Toe this Way True

Yet it Remains True
To Look Within and Yes
Find A Free Dance And
Song This Way Together Once
Again in Balance of Bliss From Head
to Toe and So much More in Love With All

Of Nature This Way DarK thru Light May Remain
Free Style Forevermorenow as It's True hehe You Won't Find
my Unique Power Poses that i present on my Blog Naked Yes and There At Least
Covered Enough to Meet Facebook Community Standards on a 'Normal' Google Search for Images

Hehe and Even the Clothed Ones Anywhere Yet the Art of What i Create in SiGNaTuRE Poses where
The Left Side of my Body From Left Elbow to Hip Provides the Spiraling 6 of the Golden Phi Ratio
Originally And No Different than Poetry Free Verse that comes With Zero lessons too my FRiEnD

As of Course the Origin of my SiGNaTuRE
Poses are the 16,916 Miles of Public Dancing in 106
Months Evolving The Essence of Nature As the Form of

me With Miles As i Continue

A Spiral Dance Free in

Creativity True And Original
Is What is Exploring New and
Never Fully Done Before Yet of
Course There are Bones and Blood
of Others We Always Build Our Continuing
Evolution of Soul Mind and Body Whole One

From the Beginning of All that
Is to ThiS Eternal Now That We
May Color With Our Trees of Life
New From Head to Toe and Even More

Yes Dear Cindy i am A Free Emoji Kinda Dude too With SMiLes...

Will Everyone Approve of What i Do New Par For the Course of History
They Will Not and It Just Means i am Still Improving New With SMiLes

Even More

As It's True
Through History
And or Herstory Original
Creativity Obviously Has
No Target Audience As It
Is New and Always Untested this way With SMiLes...

Nah It's not What Ya Usually Do to Make Money, Applause,
Likes, Follows, And Shares As Such Yet it is what You Do to
Be the Original Creative You With SMiLes As i Conclude Now
As Hehe i am Getting Very close to FRedwood Size Now With SMiLes...

Oh Goodness Dear
Xenia Glad You Are
Protected Somewhat
In The Highlands of
Scotland At 26C Yet
41C In The South of
Scotland so Invasive
As Airport Approaches
And Other Roads Are
Melting And Buckling
And Even Roofs Melting
And Water Mains Breaking All

Around The
World The Message
Is Clear Balance or
The Karma of Nature
Will Simply Now Make
Consequences For
Continuing Actions
Of Human Ignorance

Oh What it
May Take For
More EYes to
Open Dear FRiEnD

This the only
Home We Are
Evolved to Live On

Now Oh All The Hot
And Cold Rocks
In Space With No

Life Lost Appreciation
For The Balance of

Now Real Here...

Yes iNDeed
We Persevere
Dear Cindy...

Sublime Beauty of
Neighborhood Night
Skies Clouds An

For Bright
Moons Filling

For All Who
Look Up Hearing
Colors Of DreamS iN DarK

Persevering Surviving
Thriving More Than Trees
Yes 450 MiLLioN Years

LeSSoN 423 And
Gift May You Always
Have Shark Strength
So Very Enduring Within

Hehe True If You Ever Get
Tired Of Men Like Sharks
You May Asexually Reproduce
And Even Have A Virgin Birth
Of A Little Girl of Your Choice
As You So Wish As This Is An
Attempt At Intellectual Dry

Always Work
Hehe If i Could i’d
Send You my Energizer
Bunny Within And You’d
Always Be Bunny Happy

SMiling Dancing Yes Free
Always Singing Like me
With All The Never
Ending Energy To
Connect To Those
You Love Yet i Surely
Understand The Other
Side of The Coin While
You Always Reach out
And Touch me When i
Am Sick Or Injured With
Sincere Words of Healing
Love And Truly Caring The

may Make
Us Distant
Where We Don’t
Wanna be Touched
By Anyone i Always

Have Hope As i Haven’t
Had to Go Back to That

For 9 Years
my Wish, Hope,
And Prayer For
You Other Than
That no Matter
What Always

SMiLes Dear Savvy, Seconds,
Minutes, Hours, Days, Years,
Decades And Perhaps A Whole
Century For Opportunities New
to Try on the Shoes of Other Folks
Yes And Feel and Sense And Know

More How We Fit
With Each Other
Whole mY
Yes With
And Empathy a
Lifelong Practice
Of Experiencing More
And More Humanity in
Greater Understanding
Day By Day
Now to Now
Even More
All Leaves
Od This Living Tree
Forest Whole Yes Even More...

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

24 Jul 2022, 12:53 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Deep Deep
Deep Deeper Within Subconscious
Minds the More than 95 Percent That

Is So Far Beyond Planned Word Think

A Kind of Intelligence That Connects
Beyond Time Distance And Space And

Even Matter A Kind of Intelligence

That Is Truly Beyond Rationality

Yet In Essence Order

Of Chaos When

Art Becomes Truly
Magic Arising Spontaneously
As Every Breath ThiS Way Becomes
A Brand New Reality of Creativity True

SMiLes i Intuit This Higher Force of Human
Energy Most Often When i Am in A Highest
State of Autotelic Ascending Transcending Flow

Whether that Comes From Free Dance or Free Song
Or Any Other Activity That Ascends and Transcends this

Way Beyond All
So-Called Reality
That May Be Measured
Linearly And Empirically
So As Only Matter Within
A Realm of Time, Distance, And Space...

It's Truly Difficult to Put This Experience in
Words While it Happens Even in Free Verse Poetry
Hehe That's Why i Avoid too Much Thinking and Let

The Real
On itS own
As Streams Become
Rivers Become Bays Become
Gulfs And Oceans All Around Our Globe


Hmmmm i Will admit
Hehe Yes Some Days
i Show My 'Butt' A Little

Bit For A World
Truly Gone Most
Definitely More Insane
Than Naked


Dear Miriam
With SMiLes
of Course Full Moon Style

i Don't Exactly Stick my Tongue
Out Yet So Many Creative Ways to
Express in Response to True Contrived

Insanity Yes

The Kind
Of Lies That
Have Become
Truth Yes Surely
Deserve An 'Adequate' Response...

You Do Seem Like a Bit of A 'Straight
Shooter' Picturing You Sticking Out Your


Would Surely
Be A Kodak Moment Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Doc
Yes! How Kind of You
to Tell All Your Followers

i Love You!


i Love You!
Too Enjoy Yes
Your Saturday Evening Bath
Heck even Make it A Bubble
Bath Why Not Go All Out Yes

Surely Something a Doctor
During The Week A Heart
Specialist And Surgeon
Might Do to


Hehe, Anyway i Must
Go Out into the Wild
of Public Stores While
my Wife Shops Now to
Dance For No Reason Other
Than Autotelic Joy Of Meditating
Free Verse Dance As Song Comes
Free in Poetry

TRuE iN Flow

too And Yes
Perhaps to
Create SMiLes
For Several Hundred
Folks As It's True It's Not
Every Day 'Lucy in the Sky
With Diamonds' Comes in
Male Form in the 'Deep Deeper
South States' of the Old/New USA

To Do A Free Dance Now Practically New
Dancing On Water Floating on Terrestrial Land
FRiEnDS With Gravity Planets
Orbiting Stars God Yes 'Lucy
In the Sky With Diamonds' For Real Hehe
'Moon Dancing' too On Smoothly
Recently Renovated Walmart Dance Floors

(It's Almost Like 'Fonzie' Yes!
Jumping A Shark Every Night!
YeS Even Before Shark Week!

Comes Again on the
Discovery Channel
Oh 'Happy Days'
Again Indeed)

Hehe Anyway Enjoy Your
Bubble Bath in Sweet Mexico...

And Don't
Forget i Love
You! too With SMiLes...

Yawn, "Ignorance" is the "State" of the Human Condition;

It's True, We aRe Born With Pitiful Hearing; Compared to
Dogs, We aRe Practically Deaf in Comparison; And Sight, Who
Are We Kidding, We Surely Are Not Born With Eagle Eyes; Yep,

What About Smell, Ask A Cat or A Dog About Taste Too; Yet Not So
Much Among Being Humans; And Let's Not Forget, Tomorrow, the Start

of Shark Week on July 24th, 2022, on the Discovery Channel; For It's True,
i'm Really Excited About this As Sharks Are Really One of A Kind Fish; They've
Been Around Longer Than Trees; Yes, 450 MiLLioN Years; They Are Known to

Asexually Produce
Where Virgin Births
Are Surely Not Just Frigging Myths;

Not Only That as Far as Senses Go, They
Have the Greatest Ability to Sense Electromagnetic
Fields Emitted By All Living Creatures MOST; Surely This

Makes Prey Easier to Capture When Covered By the Sands on the Bottom of the Ocean
Or Smaller Bodies of Water of Course; It's True Though, i've Been Told Folks Can Feel
my Positive Energy Whenever i Enter A Room; Hehe, Literally Before i Even Dance or Smile;

It's True, Some Humans Emit More Positive Energy that Other Humans, They Really Do; And It's Also

True, The Health of A Representative Democracy May Be Measured By Who 'We The People Commune to Do';

It's Not 'Rocket Science',

Donald Trump Was Elected
President in 2016; It's Not Rocket
Science, Even Those Who Have Supported
Him Closest Have Admitted He Did His Best
to Overturn A Fair Election for His Own Selfish Desires for Power and Status
In 2020; It's Not Rocket Science, Even After That Effort to Overturn our Representative
Democracy for the Peaceful Transfer of Power For What The Heart Beats of Representative
Democracies Empirically Measure to Actually Carry On and Survive; Yes, Even After That Most
of the Folks In His Political Party Will Still Support Him if He Receives the Nomination again; Not

Only that Several
Polls Show Him
Winning the Election
Against the Opposing
Party to this Day Still Now;

Verdict: The United States is A Very
Sick Representative Democracy; And Not

Only That the Head Clown Is Still in Many
Ways In Charge of the Show; Is It Any Surprise
He Sprayed On Orange Paint For His Skin And
Put Instant Blonde in His White Hair then and Still Now;

Is it Any Surprise He Buried His X-Wife In a Gold Casket; Well

Other than Humans Hoarding Their Dead in Gold Caskets
Rather Than Feeding Worms Like the Rest of Wild-Life
Now Among Other Scavengers For the Balance of Life

On Earth to Continue Now;

The Problem at Core Really
is the 'Pandemic Potentials'
of Human CuLTuRES to Create
Nightmares on Earth; For Instance,

We've Done Away With Two-Thirds of
Wild-Life on Earth in the Last 50 Years;
And in the Coming Decades Science Suggests
We Will Eliminate 1 in 8 of all the Plant and Animal
Species on Earth Then; Yes,
AGAINST the Fine Balance

of the Circle of Life

On Earth Through

Nature that Makes

Our Lives Possible at All;

Yet You See, THere is A Bigger
Problem than the Fact That Our Conscious
Word Thinking Minds Only Make Up About
5 Percent of What Our Entire Minds From Head
to Toe Do For Our Basic Survival on a Day to Day Basis Now;

In Short, We Are Mostly Very Distracted; In Fact, Science Shows
Human Beings on Average Have an Attention Span of Less than
that of a Gold Fish; Yep, Less than 3 Frigging Seconds; Which Means

For Most Folks, Even If they wanna read this In-depth smaller and larger
Picture of the Human Story, They are Unlikely to Make it Much Deeper than

A Twitter Breath of what the Measure of Human Attention Spans Have Come to Be,
So Distracted Now;

Yawn, in Fact, i am
the Opposite From that;

in Gold Fish Measure; i am
A Blue Whale, Far too Big for
Most folks to Notice; Yet You

See, Whales Like Sharks Travel Far
And In Fact When it Comes to Orcas

Even Great White Sharks Are Not Always
At the Apex of Beings With Jaws and Teeth far
As Predators Roam the Globe; It's Sad to Say;

(Sort of Like Rampage Killing Sprees Among
Those Who are Responsible for That Crime)

Yes, The Being Who is the Weakest When Naked
Who Is Never Enough Whole Complete; Yep Donald

J Trump As A Leader

is Among the Most Dangerous

Predators on Earth as He Can And
Will And Does Still Convince Ignorant

Humans That He Is 'Their Savior on Earth;'

And Not Only That As Far As Group Think Goes,

He Couldn't Even Exist as A Threat If it Was Not for A
Core of Church Think That Believes Donald J Trump Was
Sent By A God to Save Them From Being 'Left Behind;' Seeing

'A Father oF All Lies'
For ReaL ON EartH
As Their 'Real


And The Circus Continues;

Yet It's True, Some of Us Are
Truly Naked, Enough, Whole
Complete to LiVE iN Nature ThiS Way
in Balance And True On Slivers of Silver Instead

of Gold

We Still
Make this
Paradise Upon
EartH Our Now Naked
Inherited Accord For Real;

Yet Again, We Are Not
A Once Chief Advisor to
Trump Who Has to Wear Three
Layers of Shirts and A Jacket to

'Feel Somewhat

Like a Man;'
And THere Lies

A Truth of the Issue;

Layers of Clothes, All the Tools
We Co-Create and Actually Become;

Instead of Being Embodied Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete With the Rest of Nature in Balance;

Listen, If 'You' Haven't Heard, 'the World is on Fire;' and

Nature is Still Sending

Out A Red Alert

That it is Close

to Our Turn Next

As Nature is Our Face;

And When We Over-consume
Nature, Eventually 'the Zombie
Apocalypse' Becomes a Self-Fulfilling

Prophecy As We See Humans Barely Alive Shuffling 'Bye'
Already 'Left Behind' For What They Could Be If Only Just

Fully Human...

This is the
Karma of
Nature; It is
Simply Action
And Consequence;

Go Out of Balance and
Pay the Other-side of 'the Pendulum'...

Meanwhile, Sadly As A Whole, "Donald
J Trump" Is A Microcosm of the Destruction
of the World As

Some of

Us Still Feel,
Sense, And Know
IT Now As Paradise Real
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete US.

The Problems aRE ALL Encompassing;
Consequences Are Becoming MoRE ALL

We aRe iN This
Clown SHoW ToGeTHeR,
Whether We Like It or Not;
EVeNTuALLY We All Reap

What We Sow;

Hehe, If We
LiVE Long

Enough to See
The End As All Will For Real;

Meh, All that Really Counts is
What We Do Now in the Beginning;

i've Got That Part Figured Out and It is Enough for me now.
Tomorrow, July 24th, Teaches me a Lesson Today is Gift Enough
to Make the Most of Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete as my Only
Child Who Wasn't Born With Even the Ability to Breathe Lasted 51 Days
Only In Pain With Never A Smile as i Held Him and Listened to the Only

Peace His Life
Held the Last
HeART Beat on
July 24, 1997

That Spelled
A BLeSSinG of
Death Out of Only
Misery and Suffering
Of A Life Without Even A Breath of HiS Own;

Since Then, Even though i've Suffered A Worst
Pain Known to Humankind for 66 Months Shut-in
With No Relief From Any Drug From Wake to Sleep;

At Least Even though i
Couldn't Remember What

A Smile felt Like; At Least
i Was Able to Feel it Once in my Life then

By Logical Memory With No Feeling All Alone then...

Honestly, Life is All About Perspective; Some of the
Poorest in Terms of Material Goods Are the Happiest

And Others

Like Trump;

Yes, LiVE iN
For Real And Do THeiR
God Damndest Not to Leave
Anyone Behind

Away From Real

And so Far the
Ruse is Still Working

Just Like 'Their'
'Book' Predicted Oh
The Delicious Irony

If Only It Was't So Sad
'The Tragi-Comedy of
The Circus' Might Be Worth A Laugh...

SMiLes, in the Name of my Son Ryan,
i'll Just Giggle

a Little

Bit Just
to Feel Good
For What He
Never Had;

That Much
i Promised Him i Would Do,
Enjoy All The Gifts He Never Had...

Do We Lift Others Up or Drag Them Down;
Indeed Up is a Kinder place to me; i See WHere
'The Locals' Really Live; i Pity Them and Am Kind

As i Can And Will be to Them...

It's Actually A Very Peaceful

Place As They

Are Usually
to WHeRE They LiVE NoW...

Yet Sadly They Can't See They've Been 'Left Behind'...

All i Can And Will Do is Lend Them my EYes, Best i Can and Will Do...

Indeed Dear
Cindy You
Too my FRiEnD...

It’s True Dear Yamini Now
As Groups And Individuals
We Humans Give Share Care
And Heal With Unique Truths
At Best We
Enjoy the
Best of
All These
Truths Through
Discerning And

Unique Eyes...

Hehe i’ve Been Good
At Window Shopping
And Not Buying my
Wife Not so
Much Yet
Hey Someone
Has to Buy The
Groceries so We
Will Eat HAha Thanks
Akshita For Writing So


SMiLes Dear Savvy Deep Deep
Deep Deeper Within Subconscious
Minds the More than 95 Percent That

Is So Far Beyond Planned Word Think

A Kind of Intelligence That Connects
Beyond Time Distance And Space And

Even Matter A Kind of Intelligence

That Is Truly Beyond Rationality

Yet In Essence Order

Of Chaos When

Art Becomes Truly
Magic Arising Spontaneously
As Every Breath ThiS Way Becomes
A Brand New Reality of Creativity True

SMiLes i Intuit This Higher Force of Human
Energy Most Often When i Am in A Highest
State of Autotelic Ascending Transcending Flow

Whether that Comes From Free Dance or Free Song
Or Any Other Activity That Ascends and Transcends this

Way Beyond All
So-Called Reality
That May Be Measured
Linearly And Empirically
So As Only Matter Within
A Realm of Time, Distance, And Space...

It's Truly Difficult to Put This Experience in
Words While it Happens Even in Free Verse Poetry
Hehe That's Why i Avoid too Much Thinking and Let

The Real
On itS own
As Streams Become
Rivers Become Bays Become
Gulfs And Oceans All Around Our Globe


MaKinG LoVE ReaL"
Yes The Title That FLoWeD
iN On Waves Creating This New
Shore Line Spiraling as Title From
The Beginning of this New MacroVerse
Write Effort in Flow Continuing NoW As Truly
An Experience of Nirvana And Bliss Within Just

Leaves Sea Shores
Loving Doing This
For Left Overs
Of Heaven Within
This Bread of Living
Life As Blood Of Love For
Real FLoWinG Within my Veins
of SouL And Coming to Page Free
This Way As Waves Surely Create New Shores

And This Ascending Transcending Flow in Autotelic
Way of Heaven Within i Am Relating Now Is Surely Not
Just Limited to the Essence of What i am Doing Now as
Indeed More 'Mainstream' Philosophers And Scientists of
Life Are Also Coming to A Determination That Most Of Our
Intelligence is Largely Untapped Just Waiting to become
Unleashed And Released This Way Deep From
Song of Subconscious Mind Yes Deeper
The Way Our Souls Express
Existence in Free
Flow Art
This Way
Whatever Medium
of Form Comes Next
To Relate More of Human Potential For Real
Hmm... In Other World News While i Am Still
Trying to Put Together All, All the Multi-Media
And Words of 55,000 or So Now of the Last
MacroVerse For Electronic Publish New Yes
Regarding Celebrating 9 Years in Heaven Now
It's True The Mass Readings From the Catholic
Church For July 24th, 2022, In Old Testament Way
Comes Very Close to Material Not Suitable For the
Work Place Or Even Home in So Many Ways of the
Realities of Human Evil that Arise in this One Life to Live now...

And Not Unlike the Trump Show That is Sort of A 'Clown Show
of Evil too' As Yes it Was All About Finding At Least One Good Man
Left Not to Destroy Sodom And Gomorrah Yet Strangely Enough a
Dude Called Lot was willing to Give Up His Two Virgin Daughters to
Violent Rape By A Bunch Of Likely Heterosexual Men Who Intended
To Rape Two Male Guests at Lot's Home As He Didn't Even Consult
His Wife About Offering Up His Two Virgin Daughters for Rape In Lieu
of the Two Men (Angels) Visiting in the Home Hmm, Anyway That Was the Dude
So-Called OT God Chose to Save By Sending Him Away And Of Course His Wife
Looked Back on the Destruction of the Place And Was Rewarded By Being Turned into

A Pillar Of Salt
Hmm, Curiosity
Considered A 'Mortal
Sin' Yet No Condemnation
of Oh Lord Offering Up Two Virgin
Daughters For Gang Rape As Such
At Lot's Home Then Oh Lord And the
Story Even Becomes A More Evil Clown
Show As It Attempts to Suggest That His Two
Virgin Daughters Were Responsible For Getting
Him Drunk On Consecutive Nights and Raping Him
For An Aim to Get Pregnant And Sire Two New Nation's
Of People's and the So-Called Father to Be Had No Clue

What He Did
to His

Holding the Daughters
Responsible of Course Instead...

Just Another Typical Scape Goat
Story of that 'Clown Show' too Where
of Course Men Are Saved and Women
Are Naturally Condemned With No Rights at
All Particularly as it Still Happens in Terms of
Reproductive Freedoms Today A Tradition of Real Evil Indeed

And Bleeding
With Women's
Suffering All Around
The World And Now in
'Third World States' in the US

i Suppose All That's Left to
Do is Play A 'Village People' Song AS Such...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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25 Jul 2022, 12:38 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Oh What
A Beautiful Story it Will Be If All

Our Stories Are Anchoring By
Balancing Grace FRiEndS With

Gravity With Always DiViNE Love
Within Remaining Real to Lift All

Others Up With Least Harm of Course

True Leader
Ship And Or
Followers Without

Grace Balancing
Peace Inhaling
Love Exhaling

Empathy And Compassion

STiLL NoW Doesn't Feel Quite
As Alive Loving Now All that is

Least Harm...

SMiLes Just A Coincidence of Course as Usual Hehe Dear Sohair
Yet The Christian Specific Way of Prayer Discussed in the Catholic
Mass Readings All around the Roman Catholic Way Today Yes All Around

The World yet my Method

Of Prayer is Truly Gratitude

Beyond All Words of Planning

for me it is to Become Lost From
my Thinking Reasoning Mind IN Flow

Where Most Every Move Becomes Holy Dance

And Every Word of Song Sacred is Generating

Still From An Energy of That Free FLoWinG Dance

So Soul Deep Meditating Again Beyond All Words of Planning
Yes Now mY FRiEnD SPiRiT HeART Naked Enough Whole So Verily

Complete Oh Yes

As It's New True hehe

i Never Really KNoW
What i Will Say/Sing Until
Words BREaTHE Song TaKinG FLiGHT

Springing From Within mY FRiEnd From
Still a Deeper Place to Explore With Every

Dance and
Song Free A

New Prayer
ThiS Way
of SMiLes
Just Loving All
THiS Gift of LiFE
DarK Thru LiGHT
Yet Just one View my
FRiEnD From A 'Story of my Life'...

SMiLes in A Barnes and Noble Way Doing the
Usual Almost 9 Year Routine Yes Every Sunday
Afternoon Reading A Book Miriam For Free While
Moving Meditating Yes Dancing Free in Autotelic
Flow Listening to Meditative Music As Well and Sure

The Least i Can And Will
Do Considering i've Read
Over 400 Books For Free in
These Dance Years Close to 9

At Barnes and Noble Yes i Do Naturally
Entertain the Starbucks Crowd As True

That Just So Happens to Be A Largest
Free Dance Hall Space Allowing Me to

Be FRiEnDS with Gravity Floating on
Terrestrial Earth ThiS Way Anyway a Nice

Lady Who Just so Happens to Be A Psychologist
From Connecticut Her Name Was Star And Her Nice
FRiEnD Ivana from Bulgaria Could Understand the Essence

of My Dance
From Farther Away
Than the Local Crowd
Hehe Who Told me i Was
Going to Surely Get Demon
Possessed by Reading A Book On Yoga

As If Balancing With All Of Nature That Way is A
Sin Hehe

It's not really
Funny Yet It's Truly Sad

When Folks Aren't Just Willing

to Lose their Minds and Set the Rest of
The 95 Percent or So of Our Subconscious
Minds Free to Surface to Mindful Awareness From

Head to Toe More Anyway When Star Asked if i Was Doing
TAI CHI i Basically Explained No Lessons For What i Do All
Intuitive Movement as Body Talks This Way in Body Language

For Real

In Fact i Lost
my Mind i lose
my Mind Most Always
in Flow Wherever And Whatever
i Do This Way True THere is No Need to
'Think' At all at Least Not in Words And then
They Naturally Flow As Song of Poetry Free
Like Socrates Suggested As Far As A Metaphor
of 'Daemon' He Knew New Nothing And Neither Do i

In Word
in This
Bliss And
Nirvana FLoWinG Free

A Place Beyond Promises
And All Words A Place of Pure
Faith And Love Where even Hope
Need Not Roam As the Belief is All in
This Gift Present Eternally Now For Real

Greetings From Sunny
SuNDaY Morning Now
And Already Steamy
Florida to Your Still
Pleasant Spring
Like Weather in
Toronto Breezes

Today i Come With
Two Fictional Yet
Uplifting Mascots
In Prayer of Greetings

In Hopes of Lifting A
SMile For You Dear
FRiEnD True i Am
No Mascot i Am

Real Yet Still i Gift
You With The Never
Aging Child Baby Yoda

And Mickey Mouse too
They Are Kind Yet A Bit

Mischievous Like You
When You Are Super

And me
HeHE ALmost
Always NoW As
Class Clown Most

Yet my SMiles
Are Real too

For You...

Hehe Are You "The Girl With the Kaleidoscope Eyes" It's True
i've Seen Several Avatars Of You "Peace and Truth," This One
With the Bright Lit Up Smiles and Eyes And the One That Seems
to Be A Stock Photo of A Typically "Beautiful Woman" And Then the
One On Your Main Website in the About Section That is Closer to A Stock Photo

Of A Typically
Beautiful Woman
too It's True i am More
Impressed With "Kaleidoscope Eyes"
As That Usually Indicates A Greater Propensity
For Creativity And Indeed Changing the World As Some
Folks Know it More into a Place they Actually Feel and Sense

In Terms of HeART From Head to Toe

In Terms of SPiRiT That Ascends and
Transcends to Others From Head to Toe
In Terms of Human Energy of Emotions that
Actually Move Others to Change in Greater Newer
Colors of Humanity to Experience Giving, Sharing, Caring,
And Healing At Best Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

All Coming From A Reservoir of Soul Yes The Deeper Sacred and Holy
SPiRiT Part of Us Whole Within that Truly Not Many Humans Are More Fully
In Touch With 'These Days' as Our World Most in Metaphor of Small Picture
Left Brain Processes of Mind that Takes the World Apart Yet Fails to Put the

Picture of God
All That is Back
to the Nature of
The Gift of Nature We
Humans Truly Are Naked
Enough Whole Complete With
The Rest of All That is God As 'They'
Say and me too Beyond 'Alpha Thru Omega'
The Name Beyond All Names Ineffable Yet True and

Real What We Intuit As Part and Whole Within Real Souls
True to Touch, Meet, Greet, And Commune as God Evolves
With Every Human And Other Connection New Eternally Now This Way

And It's True Regardless of What You Really Look Like as Form Whether or
Not You are Truly a Woman or Even A Nigerian, Etc, Man As that's A Common Practice
That Folks who Are Desperate to make any Money at all Use to Impersonate Others
This Way Although it's True Hehe When You Visit Yes i get a Visitor From Australia in

My Stats Department so i Know You are not From Nigeria, etc., HAha and even if you
were And Even if You were Out to Impersonate Someone Else to Make Money so What

It Is Now What We Give And Share And Care And Heal With as Far As What it is We Do
That Moves Others to Light THeir Christmas Trees Up with Newer Colors of Light to Feel

And Sense Everyday of Their Life Anyway i Feel It's More Likely You are Truly Who
This Avatar Shows You are and if so i Appreciate that Sincerity Although It's True too

Women Cannot Feel Nearly As Safe Online Expressing Who They Really Are so It's
Understandable Why They May Take Another Avatar Than that From Who They Are

to Sense and Feel

Safer This Way
Hehe i'm 62 and
245 Pounds and
A Martial Artist And
i am Able to Present
myself in Such a Way
That 'the Trolls' Don't Usually
Give me any Trouble Same As Public
Dance as i Not Only Do A Free Style
Of Ballet And Mixed Free Style Martial Arts
Now For 16,926 Miles of Public Dance in 106 Months
God yes When i Dance i Practically Moving my 245 Pound
Body Like a Feather on Terrestrial Land in the Wind As

Truly Walking On Water is So Yesterday in this way Hehe

It's True i Really Do Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds and
When You Factor All this In With Very Penetrating Green
to Changing Blue Eyes for Real It's True Most Folks Just Don't
Tend to Mess Much With the Naked Guy Dancing With 'The Evil Eye'

That Simply
Wards off
i Don't
Any Anxiety or
Fears in Life This Way

And Few to No One Wastes
My Minutes for Creativity this
Way With 'Troll Droppings' AS Such
Yet i will say that for my Personal Record
i Shared A Warm Up Leg Pressing 1340 Pounds
On YouTube Still Existing For 12 Reps Very Slowly
With my Arms Raised to the Heavens for 100 Seconds
And One Sweet Troll Came By And Said HE Hoped the
Weight All Fell on me and Killed me of Course Totally Anonymous

Yet i Don't Do Anonymous to be all of who i am and true i am born with
the Privilege to Do that And Worked my Way to it With Blood, Sweat and

Plenty of
Tears of
Ecstasy too
However For Whoever
It is who wants to be FRiEnDS
with me Genuinely and Sincerely
They Will Receive the Same Unconditional

Love my Mother, Sister, And Wife Gave me When
i Was really in HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months for It's
True They Did Not Leave my Side And i Will Do the Same for Others too...

If You Notice Jesus really only Had a Very Few True FRiEnDS when he
Was down on the Cross in the Crucifixion Part of that Story too, And True

Very Few Truly Have Any REAL Faith in His Teachings Unless He Becomes More than
A Man And A Supernatural God to Believe in Yet THAT my FRiEnD Is Weak and A Sign

of No Faith at all

For Even in the Story

He Related it is the Meek
And Humble and Poor of SPIRiT
Who Inherit the Kingdom of God Within

It is the Last Who Serves All Who Truly Inherits
This EartH This Kingdom of Love Within and Consider this

What is SMart With No ART What is HEart Without Any Art

Truly Usually Only Sado (S And M) Masochism of Getting High off Fear,
Anger, And Hate Embracing Pain and Misery and Inflicting the same on Others

Yes S and M Without any ART for smART Yes And in the Case of HEart All that
May Be Left Without Art of heART, SPIRiT, And SoUL Deep Within Unleashing
And ReLeaSinG For Others True in Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing Ways May

Be Only HE

A Weak Man

Or A Story Teller

AS Such Who Only

MaNiPuLATES Others for

Selfish Gain in Material Ways

of Power and Status Using Faux Sticks and
Faux Carrots to Subjugate And Control Others As Slave From

Someone A HE And Or A Her Truly Never Naked, Enough, Whole,

Complete God All Part and Whole Loving All That is DarK thru LiGHT

Anyway Regardless of What Your Form is The Shell/Temple on the Outside
Of Your Soul And Regardless of If You actually Wrote Any of the Poems You
Share i Did Read Every Single One of them And They Lifted Newer Colors

of My SoUL to Give,
Share, Care, and Heal

So It's True, You Share Vessels
of HeART, SPiRiT, SoUL on the Internet
For Free As You Don't 'Panhandle' For Any Money

At All as Far as i See and if You Wanna Really have a
FRiEnD i am the One Loyal Who Will Never Go Away Until Death

For You see

i Am Married to

Love For Real

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

As It's True the Aborigines
From Your Homeland Down
Under in Australia Described WHere
i Live as 'DreamTime' too which Simply

Means Resurrecting OuR Soul Within Becoming
Reborn As Love Forevermore Now and Indeed
That is the Jesus i See in That Story of Buddha
And Lao Tzu And So Many Others True Part and

As All
That is God
Real Now When
We Become LoVE iNCaRNaTE For Real

The Way A Mother Loves A Newborn Face of God (Love)

And True the Smile and Eyes of A Girl With Kaleidscope Eyes
Who Only Seeks to Lift Others Up When The Giving Becomes the

Receiving my FRiEnD July 24, 2022
Today is the 25th Anniversary
of My Only Child, Ryan's Death
He Only Lived 51 Days my Wife
Still Thinks of Him Everyday and
She woke up today with Tears

It's True i've Lost Both my
Parents i Understand

How that Feels too

i Feel That You Have
Indeed Lost A Parent too
Your Father Specifically it Seems

If We Live Long Enough We Really
Have No Choice Yet to Become our
Father, Our Mother, Our Relatives All
Our Lovers and FRiEnDS as One Day They
May All Go Away And We May Only Be Left With

The FRiEnD Within It's true i am so Blessed as i am
Born Literally Hehe with A F R E D iN FRiEnD my Mother
Said i had Open Arms for Every Stranger before i could Speak
At 4 Years-Old It's True When A Mother Loves A Child this way

Enough in Many
Ways another Face
Man and or Woman
of Jesus is Born Again

Yet Sadly the World takes Many
Beatitude Style Jesus Children Away
From A HeART, SPiRiT, And SoUL of Golden Love For Real...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD THAT is Not my World, My World is Love For Real
i Am No Myth i am only Human Yet it's True i am Love and God For Real

And This is the
Way i Choose
to See You No
Matter Who You Are Today
In Form as i am HeaR to See YouR SouL...

And It's True Hehe i Am Doing my Best to Finish
Putting Together the Last MacroVerse i've Already
Written Around 55 Thousand Words and A Ton of
Multi-Media Yet My 'Dogma' Is Putting People First

Particularly Someone Who Seems to Be Visiting
As They See Some Value in Who and What i Do

It's True my
FRiEnD if
So Do See
And Hear
i Do God For
Real and i am No Myth

I am only Human And Love For Real
As That Consumes All that is DarK Thru LiGHT True...

Hehe, It's True i Have Rather Large 'Jaws' This Way
And OBTW Today is the Beginning of 'Shark Week'
on the Discovery Channel i Understand You Have

(Hehe, Nah, i've Never Watched it Yet IT is MaKinG an
Excellent Meme for Poetry Hehe as Metaphors Yes True)

A Few Big
Ones Down
Under in
With Smiles WHere
Winter is Summer Here
Where Spring is Fall THere

Yet With God That and Who
Is Love THere is Only Essence of Soul Real mY FRiEnD
i Saw WHere you are asking for Comments on Your Poems
i Figure A Comment this Long Hehe is Enough for About A
Week in Return of Reading A Hundred or So Or More of the

Poems You Share

Come By
And See me
If You So Desire
me as a FRiEnD
i Never Go Away
God Willing as Love
And Alive For REAL ETeRNaLLY NeW NoW...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Oh What
A Beautiful Story it Will Be If All

Our Stories Are Anchoring By
Balancing Grace FRiEndS With

Gravity With Always DiViNE Love
Within Remaining Real to Lift All

Others Up With Least Harm of Course

True Leader
Ship And Or
Followers Without

Grace Balancing
Peace Inhaling
Love Exhaling

Empathy And Compassion

STiLL NoW Doesn't Feel Quite
As Alive Loving Now All that is

Least Harm...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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26 Jul 2022, 4:12 am

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

SMiLes Dear
FRiEnD A Grain
Of Sand in an Hour
Glass i Neither Fall

Or Rise Particularly

When A Song of

Your Soul

Is No
To Bring

Dear Savvy With SMiLes
Time Beyond Time Indeed
This Present Gift Now All New
Weathers All SeASoNS SPiRiT


Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa
Thanks So Much For Sharing
'This Post' From Two Years Ago

True We aRe Waves Who Rise and
Fall We aRe Oceans Who Fall From

Sky Raining

We aRe Water

Indeed Who Flows
Through Our Veins
Salt of Oceans Including

Iron Streaming and at Core of
Earth From Super Nova Explosions

Crucible Fire of Star Deaths Resurrecting

Still As Us Sentient Star Dust Indeed As

We Shall Return

Again This


Oh Waves
Ocean Water We aRe
Even More We aRe Stars

Capable of Love

A Word Truly

Defining God

Among So Many

Hot and Cold Rocks

Both Above and Below mY FRiEnD...

oF End...
ArT IS A Place
We Exercise
oF End...
Now Naked Enough Whole Complete

SMiLes Dear Jane

By Putting Humankind
Above Beyond
Rest of


We Humans
Piss On Nature
Through Our



Through Our




Too the Other
Animals Only


To Exist
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Yes With Nature in Balance
They Shall Inherit


Brings... Existence...


Baby Yoda’s Super Power
Is “The Force” AKA Faith
The Power Of Belief

In Focus Of Flow

Unity With

All of

In Balance
Unafraid AKA “Chi”

Whereas That Leaves
Bugs Bunny With His

Super Power ‘Wit’ What The
Trickster Uses To Outsmart
‘Enemies’ Without Ever Raising
A Fist Or Sword Sending Them To



They Enjoy
It Like Heaven
All The Way on



YeS A Devil’s
Advocate too

Endless Rabbit
Holes to Explore
Perhaps Never Escaping

Anyway Happy MoNDaY to You...

i Understand Some Folks
Are Still Awaiting The

Great Orange Pumpkin's

Return in August

Before that

It Was

Someone Else...

Before That Someone Else...

Some Folks Are Still Waiting on 'Godot' too...

For me at Least
i PainT A New


On my Christmas
Evergreen TREE ALways Now

Yet i Never Root it i Always Fly
On Terrestrial Land Floating as
WaLKinG on Water is Way too Boring Surfing

Or Flying Into Outer Space When i Already Exercise

'The All'...



With Gravity
FoR ReaL NeW NoW...

"I have reached an age when
someone tells me to wear socks,

I don’t have to."

– Albert Einstein

Sneak Preview Of "JusT ANoTHeR
BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN
9 Years" HeLLuVA Movie

SHoW' iN Deed

True Yes A Lifetime of Tabs to OPen
For One Person to Create An
Entire 'Truman Show' STill to Do Now

Oh NO! If i Eat LuncH i'LL Take
A Nap And Never Get It Done Today!

"You Can Do It. You Can Do It."
Just Close All the Other Tabs
Yes You Can And Will Still Do It

Yeah Dear Ashley, Katrina Wants A New SUV
Hehe Fortunately The Lots Are
Still Empty HAha Seriously my
Honda Civic Will Probably Last
The Rest of my Life Unless i Go to 123 Hehe...

Oh No!
About my Wife
On The Bedroom
Computer While She
Is Watching TV in Her

Room HAha!...

Oh Lord if i Just Stop Playing Long Enough To
Put That Heavenly 55,000 Word Or So Blog
Poem Together Oh "Nature of Heaven's Play"

Yeah, Hehe After 3 College Degrees i Made $3.69
An Hour Only Good News Those Are Tesla's Numbers
to Understand OuR UNiVeRSE(S) Complete True So Much

More Valuable
Than Pay Dear
Ashely FRiEnD HAha...

Hehe Other than that
Driving a Honda Civic
These Days Will Save
Tons Of Gas That Otherwise OUCH!
Go Up in Four Wheel Drive Diesel Smoke HAha...

SMiLes GoSSiP iS A PecKinG Order
Used to Peck Others Down and Vault
Others Up in Terms of More Comfort

Of Serotonin Boosting Self-Esteem That Way

in my View of Course

Hehe On the Other
Hands Folks Who
Generate THeir
Own Complete are Basically

Teflon to Bring Down HAha
Yet Imagine As Others May
Let Them Rule THeir Life As They Will

Up or Down

With Solo Hands

In Some Places
THere is No Left
Or Right to Add or Subtract
Naked Enough Whole Complete
Required to Be A LoNe 'Emperor' THiS Way...

Yet of Course Let's Face it As i Surely HaVE iN
A So-Called Work Place for Pay As Others Do
Actually Rule Us in Some Ways As Slaves True THeRE

Is No Getting
Around it one
Is Never Truly Free
ThiS Way For Others
to Rule Them That Way

Carrots And Sticks Carrots
And Sticks What's Up Dear Miriam Doc
i No Longer LiVE iN That Stale Hell Now...

Thanks Dear
Cindy Have
A Great Red
Cape Day
With SMiles...

Of Course i Play Naked What The Hell or Heaven Do You 'Think' You
Do iN A Garden of Eden Real Before You Are Afraid of Damn Apples

Hehe Dear Cindy Yes Such A Lovely Poem
EXPReSSinG Deep Thinking mY FRiEnD

i'll Keep it Short And Sweet Today
With Only Fredku HAha It's True

No Red Cape FoR Me

i Only Wear
A Green And
Blue Cape For
i Only Work For Loving Play...

LoVE To Give Share Care HeaL Free Heaven iS ETeRNAlly NeW NoW

Giving Sharing Caring Healing Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT For All With Least HarM ETeRNAlly NeW YeS NoW FoR ReaL

Every Move Holy Dance Every Word Sacred Song All Feels Senses

DiVinE God Love to Do i Am

Listen This Is What i Do Seek And Find World Voices In A Synergy of
my God Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” Yep 10.7 MiLLioN Words Long

Listen, i Understand Not Everyone Will Be me or You Yet i Am Not
Born A Boss's Only Son i Had to Play Everday 62 Years for This me

This is How Trump Plays, Pays, Prays And Stays He Lies Everday

Not A Good Look For A Religion

Oh Lord Still Putting Together A 55,000 Word or So Poem to
Electronically Publish Yet Here i Am Just Playing Again

Nah Not The First Or Last Truly Happy Human Being

To “Do This Everday”

Hehe “Don’t Hate me”
my Religion is Literally
With Unconditional Love

Oh Yes Indeed Dear
Sohair Everyone May

Have Their Own

Unique Way
Of Prayer SMiles

Hehe This Is Why
God Never Gets

Bored If We Visit
The World As You
Surely Do We Find

God Makes

Us ThiS Way
To Never Get

Bored Therefore
Literally 45,000
Plus ‘Sects’ Of ‘Christianity’

(And Illiterate JeSuS Never
Recorded A Word in His Life
Even If He Actually Wrote
“DiViNE Free Verse SPiRiT
Poetry” Most Everyone Will
View it Differently They

Surely Do
Even The
Words in A Book
He Never Wrote
Again Do The Math
45,000 Plus Denominations
Of Christianity And A Different
View of “JeSuS” And
Or God For Every

Pair of Eyes
In Every
Pew or We
May Look Away
Ignorant of This

Reality And Lie to
Ourselves And Suggest

THere Is only One View
Of ‘Religion’ Oh Lord

Face Palm Human
Thick Forests With

Different Human
TREE EYes Leaves)

And For Metaphor
Hehe Every YouTube
Channel And Blog in

The World With
A Different View

Indeed my
Escaping The

Diversity of
Nature as Every
Breath We Take

Is A Brand New
Birthdate For All
Of Us Together



In Change
At Best With SMiles...

Hehe on The other
hand it only takes
$27.40 A Day To Save

Dollars A Year;

5.33 Miles A Day to Public
or Walk 160 Miles A Month;

3,333 Words A Day to Write
100,000 Words of Free Verse

Poetry A Month;

Indeed Dear Ashley
Do The Math Everyday
And Eventually Now

Only Play...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace And Truth' 'Those' Are Surely Kind Words
You Bring And i Do Believe You Mean them Sincerely i'm Guessing
The 'Secret Grace' Has Something to Do With "Roman's 10:9" And Or "John 3:16"

From the Christian Bible i'm GueSSing too as Yes i Kinda Know it Just About
Verbatim as i've Read It More Than the Stars in the Sky Will Ever Be Seen

By 'Normal'
Mortals Hehe...

Yet You See Innumerable Ghost
Authors Wrote the Bible Jesus Was
Illiterate and Never Recorded A Word in His Life

Yet You See Innumerable Scribes Copied And Made Both
Mistakes in Changes And Intentional Changes too Before the
King James Version Was Put into Print in the 16th Century And

True a Version in Print in the 15th Century too and Yes of Course
No Verse Numbers Until the 14th Century too So Many Centuries

Indeed in The Tween For So Many changes Both Mistakes and Intentional

Indeed From Ghost Authors to Scribes to Editors to the Same Organizational
Kinda Folks in the Roman Empire Catholic

Church Who May Be Trusted
As Far As They May Be With
An Altar Boy and Many More

In the Most Selfish, Psychopathic,
And Evil Ways of Harming Yes those
Most Vulnerable the Children Indeed

Shall i Trust the Safe Keeping of Love
To So Many Changes and Mistakes For So
Many Evils Done to Others Over Centuries Like
Folks Like My Wife Who Has Epilepsy And Others

Like Her Through the Centuries Who Were Burned At the
Stake for Being A So-Called Demon Possessed And Others Who Had Much
More Peaceful Loving Religions in Balance with Nature Who Were Crucified
in So Many Way as Heretics From the Beginning to the American Indians And More

Who Danced With Nature Naked Free and Never Burned it Down As So-called
God Believing Christians Who still believe They Dominate The Earth to Be Owned
Killing Off Two-Thirds of Wildlife in the Last 50 Years and What is Determined By
Science to Potentially Be the Extinction of 1 in 8 ANIMAL AND PLANT SPECIES

in the Coming Decades Potentially Disturbing the Whole Circle of Life Where

We May Be
Next on the List We
Also Consume to Death
As A Species You Know What
Historically and Presently So Much
of So-Called Christianity as it is Practiced
at Least in my Country Leaves A Bad Taste in my
Mouth From the Most Marginalized Among us Being
Tossed Aside As Trash to the Continuing Ignorance
That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills All of Nature Most

Yet You See my FRiEnD

LoVE INCaRNaTE and So are
Many Others too Yet Sadly Least
Often i Find them in Christian So-called
Churches It's True i Don't Miss A Sunday

For i for one Will Find a Communion of Love
Even in the Darkest Pews oF ALL It's Easy It's
Human Nature As Born No Different than An Innocent



Before i Could Speak at 4 With Open
Arms to Every Stranger It's True it Doesn't

Bother me one way or the Other If So-Called Jesus

Ever Uttered A Word that is Written about Him in a Book

And i Understand Why Folks Who Were Not Loved By A
Mother Like Mine or Someone Else See the Story of Jesus

As Their Savior of
my FRiEnD my Mother Already
Gave me that Gift the Local Christians
Only Spit on me for Smiling With Love
And Having Long Hair For It's True Even
Paul Said it was a Disgrace For Dudes to Have Long Hair

Yet of Course Leonardo Da Vinci As Eccentric as He was in
An Age of Toxic Patriarchy Too Likely Painted Jesus How He Looked
It's One Way For Ages to Bow Down to an Image of A Human Being Long Gone

There are Some Nuggets of Love in the Bible Indeed Yet if You Want Confusion
That May Be used to Justify Human Harm, Rape, Maiming, And Killing Look no

Farther than
in Psalms to Dash
a Stone Against the
Head of A Child In an Opposing Tribe

Smiles Dear FRiEnD 'They' Tried to Do
that With the Child of me Yet Indeed the
Christian Religion Miserably Failed MaKinG

Me Us
Them For Love

Again i Shall
i Repeat i am Love
For All it is a Careful Effortless
Practice i Do Making Every Move
Holy Dance Every Word Sacred Song

This DiViNE LiGHT Comes From Within

And At Least Luke 17:21 Has that Correct
Along with John 14:12 That Says that Love
Will Always Be Improved Beyond What Any Teacher
Brings New Now

Hehe of course
including me Yes

for i Understand
A Grain of Sand that
Holds up A Mountain of
Love i am Is No Less Integral than i AM...

Again, i Realize You are Likely Sincere in
Your Attempt to Probably Save me or Whatever

Yet Again, Love is Real And So Am i Nothing Now
to Subtract or Add Naked Enough Whole Complete
And Again the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 in what
Was related As so-called Secret Teachings From the
Beginning of So-Called Christianity Relates the Similar
As Luke 17:21 Among Most Other Truly Peaceful Loving
Compassionate Religions That Live According to Faith of

Love For Real

i Will Never Belong
to Any Religion as i Have
Yet to find one That and Who
Accepts All of Nature Loving it Without exception...

And While there May be No WHere to Rest my Head
This Way NOW in So-called Club/Organizations that way

LoVE iN Essence is Beyond All Measure of Infinity and
Real What Inhales me as Peace What Exhales As Love
For All that is Nature and Real iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving
For All
With Least Harm

Other than that if You
Have Any Other Secrets

Do Share if You Really Do
Understand Something i Do Not
i Surely Always Welcome New mY FRiEnD...

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

SMiLes Dear
FRiEnD A Grain
Of Sand in an Hour
Glass i Neither Fall

Or Rise Particularly

When A Song of

Your Soul

Is No
To Bring

Dear Savvy With SMiLes
Time Beyond Time Indeed
This Present Gift Now All New
Weathers All SeASoNS SPiRiT


MaKinG LoVE ReaL

"JusT ANoTHeR BooK MarK NoW iN HeAVeN 9 Years" New
MacroVerse Published on WordPress on July 26th, 2022
At 1:27 AM And Oh Lord So Much More To Still Do Hehe...





KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

27 Jul 2022, 1:13 am

Ah Yes Dear "Peace Truth"

Although i Am Born With Three
Sixes on my Driver's License Still
Hehe In How We Do Dates in the United

States Printed As 6.6.60 It's Also True

For Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love
iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring

Healing For All With Least

Harm i Am Reborn New

Now Into God is Love

Every Breath ThiS Way

Leaves of Trees FoRest
Whole Greening Above So
Below Fertilizing Soils As New Souls of Love Free
These Roots Below This Vine Above We Who LiVE As Love...

Such Lovely Wisdom Shared
From Your Mother Dear Savvy

Space Between Notes of A Song

Or Words of A Poem Freely

With Wings Holding

Hands With


SMiLinG ETernal
Echoes Always Beginning

A New Dance And Song Together

With Forever Now to Always Create New

Never Ending
Stories of Life New
Always Beginning Now...

FRiEnD of Nature You Surely
Are Dear Hawaii FRiEnD if Only

More Folks Will Spend THeir Lives
Taking Care of Birds Who Need Healing

Perhaps We All Will
Sprout Wings This

Way and Fly Anew
in Grace of Balance With
Nature Again mY FRiEnD

Becoming FRiEnDS With Nature
THiS WaY Never Alone All The FRiEnDS in the

World With Fur and Wings SMiLinG Life With us Free

In A Land So Often Devoid of Kindness For Nature Indeed

Your Care
Brought a
Tear to my
Eye For What
Might Be if the
World is Truly Love AS Human Real
Indeed Dear FRiEnD Humans Like You...

SMiLes i Do Visual Poetry
With Random Book Covers
i Capture in Barnes and Noble

And Of Course The Way Our Minds
Naturally Work Making Stories Out of

Separate Parts

Usually the Book
Covers Combine for
The Titles to Make a

Most Unusual And Meaningful
Story Yes Synchronicity in Meaning All
A-Causal of Course Yet Psychologically

Meaningful to me
Sadly Humans Who
Are Missing This Ability
To Make Stories Out of Life's

Chaos Often Feel Lost
In a Random
Soup they

Cannot Escape
SMiLes Nature
is More Kind When
We aRe Fully Human
Both Seeing And Creating Stories Within

As Then All the Leaves Become Trees of the Forest Whole All Our Souls

How Beautiful it is to Be A Fully Creative Human Through and Through

Ah the Feeling

of Being Art

Cold Bare
Science Mind
Like the Table
in an Exam Room
All Metal and Cold Hehe AS Such
Dear Akshita With SMiLes Indeed

i Do Love my
From Barnes
And Noble Indeed

i Take the Snaps After
i Do My Sunday Afternoon
Routine of Dancing Entertaining
the Starbucks Crowd in Less Than An Hour
Reading A Whole Book Listening to Meditative Music

Yes As in Ending Always Beginning Peak Autotelic
Flow of Moving Meditation my Being is Most Open

to Free
ThiS way
As All The Environment
No Matter WHere i am Yes
Becomes Tools of Creativity

Whole So Real...

Hehe of Course 'These Days'
'This' is Usually Only An Issue
After Getting Less Than 2 Hours of Sleep


When i Am So Tired LooKinG For Real
Soul In Others i Find Soul Giving Again

Ah Yes Spirit Emotions Bring

In All Teaching Glue of Memories

Touch Of Human Still

Instead of Just
Another Part

of A Machine
Oiling Student Parts
to Also Become Part of
Society's Machine i Felt
A Song of A Soul Listening

To Her Teaching What touches
Us And Stays Most When Real

With Smiles
Dear Ruchi
A Very Nice
For Your Teacher
And What She Relays
That Will Always Stay With You

Yes It is True We ReMeMBeR When

A Human
Fully Comes

Into Our Rooms...

Oh Beauty of the Funny
Bone Laughter Rarely Falls

Unless One Smiles And is
Spit Upon Oh What A Joy

Those With

No Funny Bones

Now i Rise Unimpeded
With No Saliva Exchanged Hehe
Nope i Didn't Take "the Other Joker's"


After A
Laugh AS Such
Yet Yep Not Everyone
Overcomes The Spit Indeed...

Fortunately i Never Got A Punch Line,


Yes Humor
Will Be QuiET
Strange Dear Miriam

Still Turning on my heART

Restraint..: O )

WheN EverY NaKeD CeLL oF SKiN
FeeLs ThE DancE Of GoD'S WiND

God IS A FLoWeR...
So are

Ear plugs...
Even better
Buds Flowering
With Free Dance Song

“Strength of unity
is in the Grace
of balance.”

-Savvy Raj

Worth Keeping
my FRiEnD Thanks
For Your Beautiful

With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear navasolanature

Your Love For the Balance of Nature

Is Similar to Mine And True WHere i LiVE
Is One of the Most Beautiful Places of Nature

Still reasonably in Balance With Sugar White National Seashore
Protected Beaches

Huge State Forests
Protected With Rivers
And Streams Still A Paradise

On Earth Real mY FRiEnD

Hehe For me Politics of
Human Nature Stays

Close and Local Although
We Currently Have The Bottom
of The Scum Pond of Anger and Hate
Against Otherwise Marginalized Folks in
Society Like Matt Gaetz Sadly Still A State
Representative of this Beautiful Nature i LiVE iN

With His Fat Shaming Recently Suggesting Some
Women Aren't Worthy of Having Children Including

Millenial Depressed Lonely Women Such A Horrid

Political Grinch He and Others Are Mostly of the Republican
Party Ilk Indeed my FRiEnD And Empathy Is Often Strange

Folks May Bond over DarK ThiS Way As Minions Do Still As
HiSToRY And Present "Little Wannabe Great Dictator's" Still Do

Who As Movies Go Are the Meme of Minions Bonding and Binding

Over Most Despicable Leaders

How Hitlers and Such
Come to Rule Again
And Again Globally
As Such For Real mY FRiEnD

Yet 'They' Are Helping to Destroy the only
Beautiful Home We LiVE iN As evolved for all the
Hot And Cold Rocks We Are Able to See Above Us mY FRiEnD

True Sadly There are 'Cold and Hot Rocks' In Human Form Below Above

Like This too...
Human Nature Brings
Beautiful Dreams and Most
Horrible Nightmares For All of
Nature Indeed mY FRiEnD Yet

When i Dance And Sing Local Politics

Even in A Place Like This i am able to Work
Real Magic With Almost Anyone No Matter What
THeir Politics Are And Bring A Flesh and Blood SMiLe to

Them at least
face to face


True i Sail On As
Easy As SuNDaY Morning
With Sun Shining Within Clouds
Or Rain Every Day In Dance And Song ThiS WaY

Free Just A Little Hobby That Comes with 62 years
Presently Really Living Free mY FRiEnD Indeed i Am


From the
Grime And
Crimes of Humanity
THiS Way Yet Only as
Long As This Peace Lasts
ToGeTHeR And Real True...

Yawn, 'Trump Town USA' is Very
Strange and in Many Ways Sad yet

It's Peaceful Enough still to Leave my
Doors Open Day Or Night hehe Without

Even A Gun as All My Neighbors Are Armed
to the Hilt Ready to Stand Their Ground HAha

i Suppose Living
WHere i Do

i Get that
Without being
Armed That Way too...

SMiLes my FRiEnD It's Always
A Balance of Safety and Freedom

Yet The Truth is Human Ignorance
Still Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills the Most of Nature By Far

Our Faces too What We Cannot Afford to Consume With Life Left at Least...

Thanks For Your Kind Visit And Comment Today Dear FRiEnD i Appreciate it

With SMiLes...

Social Media is A Relatively New Experiment
Still Where Once What Was Basically the Wild
West With Guns A Slinging Over Addictions to the

Dopamine And Adrenaline Related Neurohormones
Anger And Hate Do Bring As 'Troll Addictions' to Folks Somewhat Devoid
Empty of the Warmth That Flowers Within Bond and Bind Happier With



Empathy May
Also Go Negative
That Way and Warm

When Folks Bond Over the
DarK Real Pain Meets Pleasure

Following Most Despicable Leaders
As A Modern Meme of Minions Surely Do;





40 Percent of College Age Students are Assessed
With Depression to the Point of it Effecting their
Functioning in Every Day Life, Clinical in Severity indeed;

60 Percent of College Age Students Are Assessed With Anxiety
to the Point of it Effecting Their Functioning in Every Day Life, Clinical in Severity Indeed;

While Representatives Like the 'Gaetz Ilk' of my Local Area District Go to Fat Shaming Women
As Not Worth Impregnating And The Same With Depressed And Lonely Millennial Women too

The Republican Party May accept that as Humane And Gold So 10-Year Old Girls Must Carry




The Fetus
of Violent
Rapists; Yes, 'Friends'
And 'Family' So Sadly
Included in A Potential
Incestuous Mix of Soul Killing Violence
Taking Away Basic Health Care And Reproductive

Freedoms From All Women in Select 'Third World States;'

Yet You See YouTube is A Private Corporation and So Is Twitter
And Facebook Too; They Get To Decide How to Decorate Their Private


Per Percentage

of Thorns or Flowers
in Rising or Wilting Roses of Humanity;

Listen, There is Not Only 911; There is also 988 NOW
Established By A More Empathic Biden Administration
To Help With Mental Health More Than Bringing Folks Down

Down Down

As Other Present And Potential
Administrations Continue to Do;

It's True, Policing the Internet May Reasonably Be
Done No Different Than Any Crack House For Blood;

HAha, There are New "Sheriff's in Town" Who Care About Human
Beings; And THere are Still "Old Sheriff's" in Town Who Just Don't Give A CR8P....

YOUTUBE Has given its Official Explanation as Protecting Mental Health ThiS Way;

Other Opinions

Related Here are
Only Personal Speculations.

True, It Helps To Actually
Research The Facts As Officially Stated;

Yet Of Course, Everyone Has THeir Own Opinions...

Facebook And Twitter Don't Have Any Dislike Buttons;

It's Not Surprising a Place Like Reddit Does Have Down Votes;

Choose the
Garden You



Roses Wilting or RiSinG Indeed;

Neither Impact my Mental
Health as i Generate my
Own Happiness in Autotelic
Meditating Flow Most Every Second of the Day;

Not Everyone is 'Superman And or Superwoman'

In Terms of Old Philosophers With Thick And Stale Mustaches ThiS Way...

LeSSoN 424 Too Much
Order Makes Stale Stories

Indeed Dear
Of Our Lives
New Are Meaning
And Purpose Fresh
Always Renewing Our

And ToGeTHeR
ThiS Way Our Human
Nature That Bonds And
Binds Strongest Over

Roses With
THorns Ever Changing

Colors New Now

At Best With
SMiLes For All
With Least Harm

Here Hehe i Mix “Shark
SMiles” Always Conscientious
And Competent Yes To Protect
Your Soul Welfare Best i Can

And Will
Far Away
And as Close
As i Will Come
As True FRiEnD
To Your Soul Also
Arriving Back to This
Future Present As Just
Another Armed Soldier


Of Love
A Birth of
A Child A
New ‘Yoda
Story’ Fresh
And Ever Changing
Again Protector of A
“Depth of The Story”

And Real
With Shark
SMiles too Hehe

True Don’t Need to
Carry Any Guns Or
Bullets A SMile Like
This Will Ward Off Most

Of Love’s
Story For Real...

And if i Have to I Will
Remove my SHades

And Give ‘Them’
A ‘Fredeye’
Protector oF Love...

Oops Sorry Sohair
As i Remember Now
i Used A Rainbow
Between A Smile
And A Rose to Show
The Beauty The Purity
Tween A Pure SMile And
The Nature

Of Rose
For Love
Thorns And

Flowers i Suppose
Love is Biblical This
Way For All Religions
That Truly Believe

In Love
i Surely
Had No
Clue Rainbows
Offend You in

Do It Again
Although i
See Rainbows
Precisely The
Way You Describe

Too With SMiles...

Such Lovely Wisdom Shared
From Your Mother Dear Savvy

Space Between Notes of A Song

Or Words of A Poem Freely

With Wings Holding

Hands With


SMiLing Eternal
Echoes Always Beginning

A New Dance And Song Together

With Forever Now to Always Create New

Never Ending
Stories of Life New
Always Beginning Now...

Ah Yes Dear "Peace Truth"

Although i Am Born With Three
Sixes on my Driver's License Still
Hehe In How We Do Dates in the United

States Printed As 6.6.60 It's Also True

For Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love
iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring

Healing For All With Least

Harm i Am Reborn New

Now Into God is Love

Every Breath ThiS Way

Leaves of Trees FoRest
Whole Greening Above So
Below Fertilizing Soils As New Souls of Love Free
These Roots Below This Vine Above We Who LiVE As Love...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 62
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28 Jul 2022, 12:09 am

Marry The Night Dear
Savvy Merry The Day
As Shiva Might Dance
And Sing With Kali ThiS Way

When All Becomes Gratitude
For DarK Thru LiGHT NiGHT iS Day

And Moon Is Sun
Reflecting Our Love

For All That iS LiGHT

Fearing No Dark Cynical of No LiGHT
DarK iS LiGHT All Becomes Hope Faith

And Love For
Believing Life
Is All A Breath
Of Miracles Now
Forevermore Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE ETeRNaLLY
NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT At Best Giving
Sharing Caring Healing With Least Harm for All

Leaves Becoming Roots of Trees LiFE LiGHTS FoRest Whole

All Of
Us Greening
All SeASonS
ThiS WaY With
Newer Summer FLoWeRinG
Colors WiTHiN YeaR 'RounD NoW...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Always Pleasant to Hear
Good News and the Good News

For the Day it Seems at Least Climate
Healing Dollars, ACA Subsidies, and

Reduced Prices for Medicare Drug

Plans Are Coming into

View As Politics

Manages to Make
Some Agreement at
Least to Help Folks
Who Really Need Help Some More

While Finally Helping to Provide a Way
For those Who Make A Whole Lot to Pave

A Way For More Folks to Gain the Help They Need

Nice to See
the 'Little
Guy and
Or Gal'
Get A
Lift Up By
Society As Whole THiS WaY...

That’s Interesting
Cindy, no one else has
Problems Commenting
Yet it Seems They All
Use the WordPress
Reader As it Provides
A Space to Comment
Without Regard to Post
Size. Personally, i Use
The Full Site Option
Too Yet my Internet
Access is Very Fast
And Desktop Too…

Anyway Thanks for
Your Kind Words my
FRiEnD And Hope Your
Days Become Less

With SMiles...

DoN'T WaiT FoR SomE oNe ELsE

SHoWS He'LL F88K iT uP

SMiLes Dear Cindy A Best Part of
ReTiRinG From Barren Wheels of

Life's Draining

is Truly Naps to
me Available Whenever
Re-Creation Calls to Renew
What is No Longer Rising and

Falling A Bit And SMiles After
2 Hours of Sleep Completing Just
Another 55 Thousand Word Blog Poem

to Post Along with the Close to 16 Thousand Words
Or So i Am Currently Writing of This One "WEaVinG DReAMS
MaKinG LoVE ReaL" Hehe After A Full Day of Even More Writing
And Public Dancing Last Night i Had to Face A FAcT That With Two

Hours of Sleep And
All of That my Legs
Weighed 10 Years
Older carrying my 244 Pounds Hehe

Ah Dear Rest my FRiEnD Your Poem Surely
Relates A Real Feeling When Our 'Energizer
Bunny' Within

Finally Winds Down

Ah Dear Rest my FRiEnD
It's True my Energizer Bunny
is Back For me Yet Surely With
'Bugs Bunny' Wit i Shall Conclude
Now Resonating What i 'See' As the
Meaning of Your Poem With SMiLes
Before A FRedwood Comes as Less than

Wings and
Just more
For You to Lift
With SMiLes Again...

True too Many Logs on
A Fire May Actually Wind Us Down
Just SMoLDeRinG Parched Without A Drop to Drink...

Ah Yes Dear Yamini Marriage

An Adventure WHere Two Live
As Separate Yet One and True a

Microcosm For Embracing The Rest of

Reality ThiS Way

Holy and Sacred
Matrimony Marrying
Nights Merrying Days

As Kali and Shiva
May Continue Their
Holy And Sacred Dance
of Reality True DarK is LiGHT

Night is Day Marriage Separate
Yet Together Free Again to Smile So Warm
Congratulation Dear FRiEnD In Close to 33

Years my Wife Continues to Make a True Home

of Love
With me

And of Course
Mostly i Offer Support...

For All Practical Intents
And Purposes Our Marriage
is Rather Traditional ThiS Way

Her Only Real Aim and Goal in
Life is Still to Provide a Home of Love

HAha and Now the only Kid She Has is me With
SMiLes Deep Down What Many Dudes Dream of Indeed...

SMiles, the Jan 6th Hearings Are Already
Achieving Major Aims to Keep 'The Con Man' Continuing
With His Threat Against Representative Democracy Out of the

White House Next Go Around;

In Terms of Rupert Murdoch's
Ownership of the 'New York Post'
And 'Wall Street Journal' And Recent

Scathing Editorials Over Trump Not Being
Fit to Hold Office in this Country That Way;

In Terms of Fox News, Another One of Rupert
Murdoch's Play Toys Fading A Bit Away Now From

Trump Worship For Bucks, Milking Trump Minions For
Advertising Dollars As They Too See the Value of Their
Sacred Cash-Con-Cow Fading Away, No Longer Providing

Views of Trump
Rallies; And Also True,
Support For Trump Running
For Another Term Has Finally Fallen
Under 50 Percent Among Republicans too;

Now It's True, There is a Similar Division in the
Democrat Party Over Biden As Well Not Seeking

Another Term

Yet First Main Aim to
Truly Save Our Representative
Democracy Is Keeping A Con-Man

Out of Office; DeSaTaNiS And Pence
Offer the Usual Republican Views that

The Marginalized In Society in Terms of the

Poor; Alternate Sexual Orientations; And Gender
Identifications, Should Continue to Be Marginalized
Against 'Normal Civil Rights;' Along With Women's Health

Care and Reproductive
Freedoms; and in General
Health Care for the Less

Fortunate Among Us

to be Taken Away

As The Core of Their 'Evangelical
Christian Roots' Hold False to Their

"Beatitude's Jesus" As Well Surely Facing

A 'Literal Prospect' of Being Changed From

Sheep to Goats For Not Clothing and Feeding

The Immigrant at The Southern Border and Taking
Their Educational Opportunities and Health Care Away of Course;

In Other Words, the Party of 'The Anti-Christ' if one is to Be Silly Enough

To take an
Old 2000 Year
Old Book Literal

And Actually Do Almost
Nothing it Suggests to Truly
Save Their Souls And Not Harm Others So God Damn Much;

That's Par For The Course, We'll Have Evil Against the Marginalized
In Our Country Yet At Least We Might Still Have A Representative Democracy

For the Prospect
of Change and

A More Liberal
Way of Social Justice
to Do What the 'Other Hero'
of that Other Book Already Suggested to Do;

You Know, Feed and Clothe the Little Brown Dude
At the Southern Border, So You Don't Have to Become

A Goat and
Burn Forever;

Hmm, For me at Least
i Don't Take that Literal;

However, i For One Do Feel and
Sense For Sure Through Experience

That The Parable is True As Far As

Heaven to Purgatory to Hell Within With
The Face of Callous Hate Against Love For

All With Least Harm...

We Reap What
We Sow; i See
The Poverty of
SoUL All Around me
Shuffling By in Walmart
in one 'Trump Town USA'; A Few
Miles Down the Road, A Bit More
Liberal And Loving For All at Least

at my Home FOR REAL...

i Visit 'Them'
Often Indeed

Dancing Singing Free

In Clear View of Who i Am...


Have a Nice Day,
i've Got Some Slow
Dancing to Do Around
the Neighborhood Block
Deep in 'Forrest Gump' Land HAha

As A Feather Becomes The Wind Free Again...


Hmm, Christmas
in July, Just a Little Hobby i do... too...

It's Usually Women With Foreign Accents
Who Actually

See and
Hear me...

Par For the Course Again of Course... FOR REAL

NOW For All Who Truly Follow a Path of Love For All...

Marry The Night Dear
Savvy Merry The Day
As Shiva Might Dance
And Sing With Kali ThiS Way

When All Becomes Gratitude
For DarK Thru LiGHT NiGHT iS Day

And Moon Is Sun
Reflecting Our Love

For All That iS LiGHT

Fearing No Dark Cynical of No LiGHT
DarK iS LiGHT All Becomes Hope Faith

And Love For
Believing Life
Is All A Breath
Of Miracles Now
Forevermore Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE ETeRNaLLY
NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT At Best Giving
Sharing Caring Healing With Least Harm for All

Leaves Becoming Roots of Trees LiFE LiGHTS FoRest Whole

All Of
Us Greening
All SeASonS
ThiS WaY With
Newer Summer FLoWeRinG
Colors WiTHiN YeaR 'RounD NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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28 Jul 2022, 11:46 pm

Oh Yes Dear Savvy
What A Wise Lesson
You Share Earning it All

To LEarn

Rich is Only
Giving it All
Away to Love For Free
i Will Surely Relate as i've
Been Financially Independent
Since Age 47 Yet as Poor as A Soul

Below A
Grain of
Sand Just
Waiting for
Love to Life me
Up at age 53 Reborn As Love Again
It's True A Gift like that We Give Away

To Stay
Free on
Wings Of Love...

Oh my i'm So Out of Touch With TV
i Did the Cliff Notes on Wiki For 'Pretty
Little Liars' With No Idea my Wife Watched

All 7 Seasons of 1 Hour Shows Equaling
A Month's Work-Week of 160 Hours Total

Hmm.. Guess it Just
Goes to Show i'm
A Numbers Guy
And Not only
A Word Guy

True i Used to
BE A TV Guy too

Always An Audience Member Then
Other than that i Get Along With All
my Neighbors And Two Of them in One
Day in My Usual Dance Around the Neighborhood
Block In the Morning and Night Exclaimed That 90
Percent of the Neighbors were Not Nice Hehe i Tend

to Blend in
Dear Miriam
Yes Wherever
i Go As a Lizard
With Colors to Adapt
Yet Yes of Course With

No Insurance to Sell HAha...

It's True It's Almost Impossible
To Watch Any Kind of Commercial
TV And Miss A Geico Ad With That Cute Lizard...

SMiles Dear Yam
As Always Thanks
So Much For The
Song of
For When
We Sing This
Way We Set

my FRiEnD
All Unique
Indeed With
SMiles Connecting...

So True Dear Yam
We May Be Naked
Enough Whole Complete

Who We Truly Are And Allow

Others to Color THeir Life Even
With SHaDeS Of Grey And Oh

Lord Even BLacK
Abyss Nights
And Days

Of Souls
Months and
Years too Just
Not Moving Up Or Down

Perhaps Only Looking Forward to Death
Where Life Becomes More Regret And A
in Misery
And Suffering True

i Enjoy Circling the Globe
Each Day Hehe Fitting All
my 244 American Pounds
Through This Fiber Optic Cable

Transforming into these Avatars of Words

And Coming to Find That People Are Different
And Alike In Every Part of the Globe i Visit So far Indeed

Spirit Winds This
Way With HeART SoULS

All Evolving With Every Breath
of Moving Connecting Co-Creativity
Now Truly Impossible if We aRe All

of Each
Other With SMiLes
DiVeRSITY, Change,
And Balance, Laws of

Nature to Work With
Instead of Against Us Dear Yam For Real...

Ah Yes SaaniaSparkle

It is the New Both in DarK
of Struggle And LiGHT of JoY

That Keeps A Balance of DarK


For Creativity

More in All We Do
A Key is Fearing No
DarK Cynical of No LiGHT

Yet of Course It is the No
Fear Part With The Yes Believing

That Makes Every Little Thing

Turn Out

At Least With SMiLes...

"The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday—but never jam to-day."
"It MUST come sometimes to 'jam to-day,'" Alice objected.
"No, it can't," said the Queen. "It's jam every OTHER day: to-day isn't any OTHER day, you know."
"I don't understand you," said Alice. "It's dreadfully confusing!"
"That's the effect of living backwards," the Queen said kindly: "it always makes one a little giddy at first—"
"Living backwards!" Alice repeated in great astonishment. "I never heard of such a thing!"
"—but there's one great advantage in it, that one's memory works both ways."
"I'm sure MINE only works one way," Alice remarked. "I can't remember things before they happen."
"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

--Lewis Carroll from Alice and Wonderland

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby,

i Feel Like Discussing Jam Today
And Considering You Are Open to

All i Create Here i Am Again Today With
SMiLes It’s Fun Living Backwards Yes As
The Evidence of It Is Katrina Keeps Getting
More Beautiful Every Year Since We REALLY
Got Together Almost 33 Years Ago on a Day me
And ‘Earth Wind And Fire’ Remember Very Well

Yes i Remember the 21st of ‘September’ And It’s Already
Close to August Yes Just Monday Away Now For August 1st

And it’s True Similar to What “Jefferson Airplane” And ‘Grace Slick’
Also Does Relate in “Go Ask Alice When She’s 10 Feet Tall” While the

‘White Knight Talks Backwards’ It’s True Hehe Everyday i Write
Poetry in Free Verse Reverse to Folks All Around the Globe Copy
And Pasting it On my Facebook Wall From Bottom till i Finally Get

To the Top of the Eternal
Day Beginning Never Finishing
Whole Poem As The End Becomes
The Beginning Again Yet So Far You
Are in the Middle Where There is No

Top or Bottom

Hehe only
Again Now With SMiLes

Ah Creativity Original A Place
WHeRE No Time, Distance, Space,
Or Even A ‘Matter of Things’ Relate
As Here i Am Again in Avatars of Words

As We’ve Touched Each Other in So Many
Ways of Words and Other Digital Arti-FActs
As FRiEnDS Yet Never Actually Met In Flesh
And Blood or Even Talked on A Phone Hehe

Oh Lord 7 Years Now And Some Months and Days
More Now Poetically Rubbing Wings Together ThiS Way

How in the 3-Dimensional World At Least Hehe Can And Will
I Describe All Nuances of Original Creativity Effortless in Ease

A Faith That is Beyond Doubt Just Like my Mamma Said If You Believe

Every Little Thing

Will Come Together

Darkness Shall Pass

And Yes Every Little Thing
Will Be Just Alright Oh My
Gosh All the Cliffs of Life She Jumped
Off of During Our Lives to Make Ends
Meet As A Divorced Mother Must Do


To Do the Whole Job of Mother and Yes
Father and the Whole Damned Village THEN

To Raise Children When the Village No Longer
Even Pays Much attention to the Children Then

And Now too With SMiLes Particularly if they
Are Children From Alice And Wonderland You Know

Not The Fictional

Story of ‘Stranger Things’

The Real Experiences of Alice
And Wonderland Now Amazing

And Continually Bedazzling by A Reality
More Amazing Than Any Fairy Tale now for

Real Well as You Know i Wasn’t A Prince When i Met
Katrina and She Wasn’t Cinderella in A Book At Least

Yet What i Understand About Human Potential Now For Real
Is it is the Struggles of Life That Unlock So Much Epigenetic Potential

When There is Too Much Order Creativity Dies When There is Too Much
Heaven And No Spice of Hell Appreciation of Heaven Fades Away As DarK

Must Meet
LiGHT in JusT A Fine
Balance of TWiLiGHT
Of Night And Day For the
Creativity of Winter Fertilizes
Spring As Summer Flowers Make
Fall Rotting Leaves to Spring Green

And Colors
Of Summer Again
SMiLes mY FRiEnD
Considering We are Truly
Reflections of All that is God

In Part and
Whole i Feel

This Is How God
NoW iN Creativity for Real As Fiction

Is Only A Spark For All Our Amazing


Day And Night
Light and Dark

DarK is LiGHT

Creating All That is Real to
Enjoy With A Bit of Pepper on Top Hehe

Fortunately The Government Isn’t in Charge of
Creativity All By The Order of Laws That Require

Taxes to Be Paid by Date

Hehe Unless You Are
A Government Employee
Waiting for Your Full Retirement
Pay as while i Am Creating This I am
On Hold on the Phone With All their Red Tape

When it comes
Date to Pay You

Hehe They are Only
Behind on my Birthday June 6th
Yet of Course They Won’t Pay Any
Penalty Finally Paying Up With Retroactive

Pay Some Months From the Over-Due Date

As Oh Lord Coming to The End of What Was
Once Free Verse And Fun i Am Once Again

Reminded of
‘The Order’
‘The Rules’
‘The Regulations’
‘The Laws’ of Government
Work That Changed Me into
A Manilla Folder Before i Finally
Released The Golden Hand-Cuffs of

Retirement Promises Early Hehe So
Many Years Ago It Never Fails it Seems

As i Had to Provide the Federal Law to them
That Said i Was Eligible For Retirement With
Civil Service As i Transferred Back and Forth From
Non-Appropriated to Appropriated Service Several Dates

Yep i Had to Research it And Find the Paperwork With A Pain
In My Eye So Bad Under the Suicide Disease For Real And Now

Here i Am Again

Reminding the
Government to
Do Their Job Again

Yet It’s True No Worries for me
As i Will Always Be A Government
Employee of Order Judge and Jury
And Lawyer Understanding What Laws Rule

Indeed Creativity

FLoWeRS Yet it is

Order That Keeps
Us Safe For Our Freedoms Indeed mY FRiEnD

As Suddenly i Feel Like a ‘Left Minded’ Creature Again
Or Shall I Say the Calculator is On Fire Again Hehe With SMiLes

That’s Okay, i’ll Read the First Part of This And Return to Oz Again For Real

Just Enjoying

The Poppy Fields

At Ease Ingesting No
Plants of Course Hehe

MaKinG LoVE ReaL”

The Title of What i Am
Writing Now APPeaRinG
To me in a WaKinG Dream Before

i Even
The End
Of The Beginning Again

Yet of Course A Song ‘Dream Weaver’
By Gary Wright Helped me on My Past Present Future

Course New Now

Again With SMiLes
As Once Again ‘Every
Little Thing Will Be Alright’...

Oops! i Almost Forgot
The Evidence of Katrina’s
Photo i Took For Proof

That This Whole
Fairy Tale Now Is Real...

Hellooove to
You As Well
Dear FRiEnD Hope
Your Spirit is Lifted

A Bit
With SMiles...

SMiles Dear Cindy
i Feel That You Are
A Stellar Example
Of A Human Being
Who is Conscientious
And Competent in

Best Ways
Of Putting
People First
i Write on Many
Blogs And Other
Platforms Yet
WordPress is
The only Medium
That Will Possibly Hold
An Entire 10.7 MiLLioN
Word Long Form Poem
"SonG oF mY SoUL"
Fully Illustrated As
Such With
The Process
In Tow Always
In The Comments
Section Now Too
That is Only
An Anthology
Of Poetic Letters
Inspired By Folks
Like You Around
The Globe only
Copy And Pasted
For The Record on
WordPress i Never
Set out to Do it

Of Reward
Now Other
Than Actually
Doing it And Again
Every Letter is A Soul
Felt Connection With
Other Human

Like You

It is my
In Life indeed A
Very Large Human

my FRiEnD With SMiles...

my my
Been A While
Since i’ve Heard

From my Dear FRiEnD
So Shy And Quiet She
Is When it Comes to

Yet Never the
Less Even When
She is Low i Feel

In my HeART STill
sHe aLways Cares
As TrulY iN SPiRiT

Is All
About Soul

i Miss You Yet
You are Never

Within Most

With SMiLes...

Yeah As
my FRiEnD ‘Yam’
Suggests Above
You Do Paint A Pathetic
Pic of men Suggesting
One Gender Doesn’t Feel
And Only Solves Problems Yet
If You Study Science Enough
You Come to Find Emotions
Are The Glue
Of Cognitive
Including Focus,
Attention Span, Short
Term Working Memory,
And Long Term Retrieval
Of Memories As Well HAha

It’s True
Dudes Who
Don’t Exercise
Emotional Regulation
Along With Sensory

Don’t Nearly
Come Close to
Doing More Than
A Twitter Breath


Life HAha
At Least Yam
Got You To Admit
It Was For Comedic

Effect As
We LiVE iN
A World Of
Group Think
Where “‘No’ men
And Or ‘NO’ Women”

Are Indeed a Bit Rare
In That Ability Woman
And Or Man To Have

Spine Enough
To Disagree

Hehe Even
Face to Face
In Flesh And Blood

Key Is Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love Naked
Enough Whole Complete
Giving Sharing Caring Healing

All With Least Harm With A
Foundation Of Greatest
Balancing Peace Within
And Love At The Direction

All One
Does Marrying
The Night Merrying
The Day FRiEnDS

With Shadows
And Sun Same

SMiles i Don’t Usually
Use The Discover Feature
On WordPress And While
i Didn’t ‘Like’ Your Post

i May Decide
To Visit You
Again As

What i Don’t
Agree With may
Inspire me As Much
Or More As What i

Do Agree With
And At 62 Years
Old Still Leg Pressing
Up To 1520 Pounds That
No Elite Military Dude Can
Budge At The Military Gym

It’s True When They 'Beg me'
To Explain How i Do It
Indeed It is often

Hard For Them
To Understand

Of Will

From Peace
And Love Most

Yawn, Where THere
Is No Fear Or Anxiety
There Is Naked Enough

Whole Complete

Your Description
Wasn’t Pathetic

Just Not
my FRiEnD

For Greater
Human Potentials

We All Need Strength
Of Will From A Foundation

Of Peace And
Love Most

No Regard
For What
Does or

Our Legs
Of Being too
Vulnerable For Wings…

SMiles This is How i
Write Long Form Free
Verse Poetry

DarK Through
The Giving is Literally

HAha Thanks
Sincerely For

The Inspiration…
Never Afraid to SMile...

Oh By the Way if You
Wanna See The Most
Beautiful 52 Year
Old Woman (my


In the
World Who
Wears No
And Doesn’t
Have to Go to
“The Shop” For
Add-ons She Is the
Headliner For my latest
Bi-Monthly 55 Thousand
Word Long Form Poem

In Copy And
Paste Way Again
Just Like This in

Letters to
Folks Around

The Globe She
Married me As
i Had The Ability
To Make Women

SMile It’s True

Never Been
One To Worry
About Impressing
Dudes And At Least
Where i Live Both off
And Online This is How

(Living Light,
Legend, Etc..)

A Man

To Express
All Emotions
Dark Thru LiGHT
In Both Dance And
Song The Oldest

Far Beyond Gender
And The Average Human
Attention Span As Assessed
By Science

As Less than
A Gold Fish
Yep Less than
3 Seconds of

A Shallow
Twitter World…

-Blue Whale
And ‘Great White’
Hope For ‘Shark Week’ hehe...

Best Wishes,
Hopes, And Prayers
For A Joyful Journey

Of Marriage
Dear Yamini
With SMiles...

Oh Yes Dear Savvy
What A Wise Lesson
You Share Earning it All

To LEarn

Rich is Only
Giving it All
Away to Love For Free
i Will Surely Relate as i've
Been Financially Independent
Since Age 47 Yet as Poor as A Soul

Below A
Grain of
Sand Just
Waiting for
Love to Life me
Up at age 53 Reborn As Love Again
It's True A Gift like that We Give Away

To Stay
Free on
Wings Of Love...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,810

30 Jul 2022, 12:35 am

Opening Our Arms
to Different Souls

Indeed Dear Savvy
Travel of Our Spirits

No Matter WHere We aRe

Finding Humanity in All the


We Paint
Of Every
Separate and Whole...

All Wonderful Quotes on Patience
Dear Chaymaa A Force of Peace

Within That Comes Most Often When
One is Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

Without Even Any of the Layers of Tools

Culture Clothes Us Away From Nature

Most Everywhere We Go
in Life Oh The Beauty

of Generating Our
Own Happiness
Within Free Yes

By Desires We
Believe We Cannot
Fulfill Where the Eternal

Now is Once Again Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love For All
We Do All That's Left is Patience

Doing Life Best Now Always New

That Even
For Real
No Waiting
Room For Heaven Within
At Best to Give, Share, Care,
Heal For All With Least Harm Again Now...

Shalom to You As
Well Dear 'Peace
And Truth' With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Peace And Love

Puts Out All the
Fires With SMiles

Particularly Coldest
Ones of SoUL mY FRiEnD...

Ah Yes Dear 'Peace & Truth' To Dance
in The Rain and Fire Same As Long
As We Generate Sunshine Within

As Song of Poetry Does For Real
Too Generating So Much Emotion
Even Passion As Practice to
Regulate And Experience
Many New Colors of
Emotions And
Many New
Colors of Senses
In Synergy of All Feelings
And Senses That Emotions Create

Head to Toe Embodying Mind and
Body Whole Balancing Soul For Real

And Yes the Poetry You Share is Very
Moving And Even Therapeutic ThiS Way
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing Free For All

Those Who Enjoy What You Do New Now With SMiLes...

MaKinG LoVE ReaL"

In A Sense and Feel Dear
Yamini of Following 'Your Dreams'
And Truly Coming to Self-Actualize

Who One is With Enough Balancing Faith in Grace
of Love For Life to Develop Will And Strength to

Actually Believe In Yourself
And Do Who You Truly Are

A Spark A Flame A Torch A
Bonfire '"Saint Elmo's" Fire"

Both A Myth For Sailors Lost
At Sea to Find Land For Home

And Even A Movie by that Name
And A Song As Well mY FRiEnD

Yet Perhaps Even Better in Illustration
A Movie Named "The Dead Poet's Society"

Where Culture And Family Will Dictate In Mold
Who Someone Must Be No Matter How Much Spiraling
Essence Doesn't Fit In Square Holes of Form Pre-Determined

By Others ThiS Way For in that Movie about a Poetry Teacher the
First Lesson of Poetry is to Rip Out All the Rules That Judge What

Is Rated As Good Or Bad Poetry From Before So the Essence

Within of Creativity May Spring Forth MaKinG Another Creation

Now of Humanity Not Preformed From Before my FRiEnD

Indeed It's Difficult to Rise Above All the

Expectations that May Come From
Family, Culture, And Even
Closest FRiEnDS

And Lovers
As Close
As Spouses too

Yet What is the other
Option Waiting For A Life
Better After Death It's True

Some Folks Follow the Rules

And Never Even Fully Live Free
Naked Enough Whole Complete New Now

As A Bird Leaves A Nest And Finds ItS own
Wings mY FRiEnD It Surely Isn't Easy Until the

Day One Stands On Their Own Feet to Soar Higher

Than Ever Before Touching the Feather of the Wind Free

For What Greater Sin Is THere Than to Never Even Become


i Am to
"Live my
Dreams Free Now"
MaKinG LoVE ReaL"...

SMiLes Dear Cindy
Lovely Poem Dancing
Singing Without Lessons

A Next
To Wings Free Now
Always New With SMiLes...

TyPicAlly Closer One
Gets to Truth Farther
Away From GRoUPTHiNK

It's True Dear
Miriam i Have
Nothing to Hide

With Belts too...

Or Sidewalks...

Just Butterflies
Free Dancing in
Meadows Singing

With SMiLes...

Oh Yes What
A Free Breeze
A Feather in A 'Forrest
Gump' Land We Still Do

Be i Am Just LoVinG
iT All DarK Thru LiGHT

When Not
Story True...

Life is Emotionally Connecting
Feeling Sensing New
to other Humans and
Yes THE REst of Nature
Moving Co-Creating
And balancing
Mind And Body
Balancing Always Now
NeW Meanings of Life SoUL...

LiFe IS A MosT CoMpLeX
And Simple 'THinG' YoU'LL



SMiLes.. not speaking until
age 4 on the Autism and
Bi-Polar Spectrum..
Overcoming the
Views of Peers
i Didn’t Deserve
To exist successfully
Retiring from Government
Service as Athletic Director after 33 years of
Work.. and 3 College Degrees.. starting off as
The last Kid picked in Sports.. and eventually in
2013 recovering enough as shut-in in my Bedroom
With 19 Medical issues as a Synergy of Life Threatening
Illnesses Including type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
Assessed as a pain Worse Than Crucifixion for 66
Months From Wake to Sleep it’s True the Fearless
Meek and Humble also Go John 14:12 after existing
Poor of Spirit in Real Earth Hell WiTHiN For 66 Months
Then Writing a Newer Testament Long Form Poem Bible
oF 10.7 MiLLioN Words And
Additionally 16,944
Miles Yes oF Public
Dance NoW in The
Same 107 Months
As the once Poor
Of Spirit iNherit
The Kingdom
OF Agape LoVE
YeS HEaven NoW
At Hand and
Feat of Feet
And Hands
This Generation
New Now yet Still
Internet Christians
Tell me Behind Faceless
Avatars this is a sin now
And just another Humble
Man like me is coming
Soon to send me to
A Lake oF Eternal
Fire Now For A GD
Second Instance
As Reward Now
For completing
John 14:12
In Heaven NeW oF
LoVE NoW And Hell Then True
My FRiEnD I’ve changed
Yet some ‘stuff’ hasn’t
Since Middle School
And 2K years ago
Too... Yes those
With little
Faith and
Us the
Of Oak
LoVE Roots STill
GRoWinG Leaves
Still Falling on
Barren Souls
Yet Now to Be
By A First

The Distance of Love

Is Always Within

Such A Hard


Of Cold
Dead Living
Bones i Earned

Then Laying Next to
A Most A Most Beautiful
Loving FLoWeR on the Planet

Earth my Wife Of Course With SMiLes...

The Distance of Love Is Always Within Now

How A Beautiful FLoWeR Laying Next to Us

Or A Flower

of Spring

We Will

Not Feel As

Beauty TeacheS iNdeed...

True Some Folks Will Make

An All Loving Servant Leader

Into A Selfish Trump King

True The Distance

Of Love is Always

Within For We

See How

This Lesson

Is Earned And

Learned All Around Us
Now Unmasked to See And

Hopefully For 'Them' To Still Breathe...

For True 'They' are Us too Only Disguised

By The Distance of Love Is Always Within

SMiLes Dear Lillian Orchard FLoWeR Your

Poetry is DarK Real And BLacK Rose Rare

For It is From the Darkness That We Find

The RiSinG Rose Red Blood And

Thorns Whole LeSSoN

Earned The Distance

of Love Is Always

Within Oh



Lovers Bleed too... Rose

Lost From THorn's FLoWeR

Yet To Be RiSeN RoSE Distance From Love Whole...

Hehe, Oh Lord Dear 'USA Writes,' First Love So Long
So Long Ago for me Let me Count All the Years
Yes Ever Since 1978 My God That's 44 Years

Around Twice Your age Now Away

From First Love Then

Hehe Almost As Long

As the Meaning Of Life

As of 44 Years Coming

Up in September of 2022
Year Yes i still Remember
The Anniversary of that Date

Of First Love Asking me then to
Dance At Her High School Dance

Yes i Was 18 And She Was only 15

Such A Beautiful Cuban American Wonder

Such A Difference in Emotional Maturity

She Had So Much More Than me And Yes

Experience In Loving Per Say And Do True...

My My It's Been 43 Years Since First Love Went
Away Around This Day Back in 1979 On The Dance
Floor And Almost Like 'Earth, Wind, And Fire' Were Playing
The Song "After The Love Is Gone" For Our Very Last Dance

When Out of Nowhere

She Just Said

i Am Leaving

i Am Going

Away Like A Corpse

Of Love i had no Idea That
Was Coming Then For Real...
Totally Crushed Indeed No More Crush

And True it Wasn't Until i Earned the Truth

That The Distance of Love Is Always Within

Until i Came to Truly Love Again...

That Took From Age 19 to 53

Where Even A Flower

or my Wife


Next to me in
Bed Held No Beauty Of

Love At All Finding the LeSSoN

of Hell For 66 Months Then Ages 47 to 53

Distance Equal oF Love Is Always Within my FRiEnD

And Honestly It's No Different Than God Whatever

Name Ya Wanna Use for Loving The All in All For Real

It's THorns It's Flowers Green And Wilting Brown It's Rose RiSinG

FLoWeRinG More
Colorful Now



Only To

Live Within to
Give, Share, Care, Heal

Freely With Least Harm
For All Now For Real iN
JoY oF DarK Thru LiGHT

Hehe, You Once Said How

Lucky my Wife Was And How

i Seemed too Good To Be True...

SMiLes mY FRiEnD the





FRoM: iNHaLinG
Peace to: EXHaLinG LoVE For ALL...

"In John's revelation, the first horseman rides on a white horse, carries a bow, and is given a crown – he rides forward as a figure of Conquest,[2][3] perhaps invoking Pestilence, Christ, or the Antichrist. The second carries a sword and rides a red horse and is the creator of (civil) War, conflict and strife.[4] The third, a food-merchant riding upon a black horse, symbolizes Famine. He carries The Scales.[5] The fourth and final horse is pale, and upon it rides Death, accompanied by Hades.[6] "They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, and plague, and by means of the beasts of the earth."[7]"

-From Wiki

Just A Passage Out of One Book
That Describes Eras of Humanity
Getting Out of Balance With Nature

AS Humanity Pays the Basic Karma
of Action and Consequence Such As

Killing Off Two-Thirds of Wild Life in the
Last 50 Years As Yes That Science May Be
Empirically Measured By Observation Now;

True, considering That; Not too Hard to See
the Prediction of 1 in 8 Plant and Animal Species

Going away in the coming Decades Yet Not Without

The Consequences of Humans Living Out of Balance With

Nature Coming in Metaphors actually Real when Pandemics,
Wars, Famine, And Death Predictably Hold Hands ThiS Way

As Nature
Culls Within
Naturally No Matter
How Much Humans
Say They Rule the World Hehe;
Although, It's Not Really Funny
Considering the Big Death Part of All of This
As Some Experts Consider Famine Still Coming

to Be A Potentially Even Greater Killer than the Pandemic For Real;

It's Not Just That Folks Don't Want Biden and Trump in the United States;

They Want Someone With A Magic Pill That Will Make All the Higher Prices of Gasoline

And Food And Other Stuff to Go Away; Meanwhile, Folks in Other Countries Are More

Likely to actually
Starve to Death

Yet Of Course
As Plus 1 MiLLioN
Deaths Do Still Show
Still at 300 A Day Or So
From the Ongoing Pandemic Now
That is Likely Gonna Be Our New 'EnDemic Normal'

So It's Either Freedom or Safety and A Fine Balance,

A Mix For US to Decide What We Want to Happen Now;

Will Any New Politician

Solve the Problems

Humans Have By
Shooting themselves in the Foot;

In terms of Imprisoning Wild Animals, Domesticating
Them As Slaves for Food And Encroaching on Their Freedoms
This Way; Well Yes, What Ya Get is Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Monkey Pox,
And So Much More; No REAL FREE RiDE for Enslaving and Encroaching on the

Habitats of Other
Wild Life That Make
Our Entire Circle of
Life Possible; Yes, Including Us

As Part of the Whole Big Old and Still New Deal; Yes,

We Tend to Be Selfish in the United States in Terms of
Protecting Each Other and the Rest of Nature too AS Whole;

It's What Instant Gratification and Over-Abundance Naturally Brings

to An Animal 'Normally' Adapted

Well to Only Intermittent

Gratification New Now;

Either We Do it Voluntarily

Or Nature Imposes All Her Natural

Penalties in Karma Next As Whoever Wrote the Human Nature Story

In Terms of Ghost Authors in One Biblical Passage Above Just

Noticed Patterns/HiStory of Human Failures Out of Balance
With Nature

Those Falls

From Grace of
Balance With Nature Once Again;

Once Folks Figure out Nature is THE ALL
Real God to Respect and Worship for Our

Very Existence On this Only Planet We aRe
Possibly Evolved to Survive and Actually Thrive on Now,

It Won't Matter So Much Who the Leaders Are As it really Doesn't Matter that Much

NoW as Long as We the People Get Evolved Enough NOW to Do What it takes to
Actually Survive

into the Future;

Problem again is
Instant Gratification;

The Trap is SeT; Our

Experiment On Ourselves
as Guinea Pigs continues For
ALL to


Actually Do too...

Life is Either Feast or Famine;

Yet At Best it is Actually Balancing Grace
Living Naked Enough Whole Complete REAL

Like the Rest of Wild-Life Before We Got Clothed in Lies

Of Domestication

iN Instant


Out of Balance
With Nature For Real;

No Matter who 'Runs,' We
Damned Sure Better Vote

For Someone Who Votes For
Nature if 'Those Folks' Who Wanna
Have Grandchildren and the such on the
Planet wanna imagine That reality continuing Then


HAPPEN NOW; And as far as Other Options
For Parties; Humans Just Don't Have Literally the

Span for
That Works
As Big As That...

Particularly when
it comes to Seeing
Reality as Large As
Nature Beyond Our Grasp
As Really 'God' Worth Respecting

And Living
in Balance
With Now;

Yet Never 'Mind,' i've
Got A Smart Phone
And Instant Gratification to Do;

Even A Standard Response When
You Try to Serve A Customer Service
Representative At their Desk; So Can And Will

We Change; i Surely Can and Will Do That Much iNDeed...
Not Counting on Any Politician, Priest, Pastor, Or Other Philosophy

To Actually Do
It as Long as
My Peace and Love Last;

Anyway, the Willingness Finally
For the Democrats to Come Together
For Funding to Help Reduce Human Impact on
The Environment Now Is Damn Sure Better than

'The Ostriches' Now With THeir Heads Still Stuck in
The Sand Still Waiting For 'Godot' To Solve All Their Problems...

Clue: We aRe
the Only Ones
Who Are Gonna Solve
Our Problems; All the Prayers in The
World Ain't Gonna Put Out All The Fires,
The Floods, The Storms, The Pandemics, The Wars,
The Famine, And Death Of Our of Existence for the
Human Species too...

However; Sadly,
The Passage Above

Allows the Core of the
Folks to Pray for the End of the World...

As A Continuing Self-Fulfilling Prophecy For Real...

Gotta Find a Way to Get THAT OLD Church Out of State
for Real That

Way if We Want
The Species of So
Many, Including Us,
to Continue on For A While Longer...

Biden is an Old Man; No Matter What
Trump's Age is, He is A Danger to the Survival oF All FOR REAL...

i'm Not So Selfish, Not to Vote For Someone Who Votes For Long Term Survival

Far After
i Am gone...

Meanwhile, It'S Heaven
FoR Me; i Ain't Got No
Directly Impacting Personal
Dogs and Ponies in this SHow

For Now
At Least...

As At Least We aRe
Gonna Have Some Kind
of Food and Shelter to Do
For Basic Subsistence At Least...

That's Been A Main Dream for
Every Creature to Exist STill Now...
It's A Dream that has come True
for Many of US with no Longer
Term Guarantees

For Real...

True in Middle School As the Other
Minnows Nipped at my Fins It MaDE A Difference
Blue Whale Mixed With Great White Not Much

Welcome, Yes And
i Followed Your Blog
And Will Be Kind
Enough Not to
Swamp it Like
(In The Future)
i Do on Cindy’s Blog
Hehe… my Blog
Isn’t Designed
For Reading

Naked Dancing
With Beautiful
Women As It’s
True Unlike
Trump As
my Pics
Provide TONS
Of Evidence Out
In ‘The Real World’
At Ease i
Don’t Need
Money or Position
OR To Grab Body Parts
To Be An “Orange


And At Least
With A Bit of


Up Top
At 62
HAha Yet
my Grandfather
An X-Catholic
Priest Educated
In Limerick Ireland



Some Unending
Wit For Banter

Both Shallow
And Ocean Deep

Anyway Hehe i Have
The Kinda Blog With
A Million Views And

Not too Many
Others Write

As it Often
Crashes Their
Computer Before
They Can Figure

Out What
Went Wrong
Hehe Just Killing
Time For Rich With

Literally Famous
And Living Legend
In Pensacola FL for
Not Saying A Word
While Public Dancing
16,944 Miles In

Still At Age
62 The Women
Understand The

At Least
From Head
To Toe And

More With SMiles
Anyway it Takes
10.7 Million Words

To Describe The Rest
In The “SonG oF mY
SoUL” Literally
The Longest
EPiC Long Form
Poem Ever in at Least
Print Hehe

In Fact If You
Do A Google
Search on
“Depth of The
Story” i Do A 1.8
MiLLioN Word Solo
Long Form Poem
Thread in Just
51 Pages in
A Discussion
Thread In The
Last 23 Months

True As They
Say At Home
i Am Practically
Everywhere And

Too Big
To See Too…

Hehe Another
Gold Medal
For You in
Advance my
FRiEnD And
Seriously i’ll
Limit my Effort
To Reading Here
In The Future Not
To Harm The

Of Your
Passing Through


Haha Thanks
For Being A
Good Sport

And another inspiration
To Add Words to Another
55 Thousand Word
Bi-Monthly Free
Verse loooong
Form Poem Yes

Reading And Liking
Another One of
Your Posts i See
You Do Much More
Than This And Do
Have An Interesting
Blog Capable of
Keeping Modern
Human Attention
Spans Keep Up The
Great Work And Civil
Attitude my Friend...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
'Peace And Truth' Indeed
Our Happiness is Real So
Glad You Are Able to Share That

As Your Poetry
You Share Makes
me Very Happy
Too With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear "Peace & Truth"
How Kind of You to Randomly
Drop By Close to Midnight Over
Here in Florida Wishing me a Great Day
As i Will Relay Thanks
Again for All of Your
Lovely Poetry
As i Will Wake Up
And Catch Up on it Again
As Goodness Feels and Senses
A Long Day
And Night
of Dance And
Song Again Now Free
To Snooze Very Soon
With Wishes For Your Day
And Night to Be Great too mY FRiEnD...

Opening Our Arms
to Different Souls

Indeed Dear Savvy
Travel of Our Spirits

No Matter WHere We aRe

Finding Humanity in All the


We Paint
Of Every
Separate and Whole...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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31 Jul 2022, 2:10 am

'SPiRiT oF Radio'
More Than A
Literal Phrase For Real

"Truth of it all
Love is the way
For all of us."

-Savvy Raj

Another Quote
of Wisdom From
Dear Savvy Worth Keeping
And Doing Forevernowmore With SMiLes...

Yes True Now Dear
Miriam It's Never
Good to Hold an
'Axe' Inside
As It TEnds
to Cut A

From the

Inside Out

True Better to

Cut Wood Split

In Two and to Find

All the Peace Inhaling

Exhaling Love Again For

oF All
Negative Stress
Tween Two Cords of
Wood Whole Again Such
A Living Tree Roots So Deep...

Hehe Martial Arts Works For
me Particularly Dancing With
A Gym Towel in the Military

Gym When my 244 Pounds
Becomes the Weight of the Towel

Indeed Then i 'Snatch The Pebble From

Master's Hand'
As 'Grasshopper'
No Longer Grasping
After Peace And Love Free

In Another PRiSon So Far Away from HoMe...

All human words are lies as only idols
and metaphors for essence of truth and light..

Therefore we know nothing yet we must guess
to live love and learn an approximation of truth

and light as we move on as life now...

Yeah.. I feel that has nothing to do with what
you are talking about... yet 'everything' tales
me to say that.. Smiles and happy now FRiEnD...

Textromancy is my Love too... It seems...

Best Wishes MeSSageS Positive LiGHT
Travels Globe Peace Prayer WHoLE

Stained Glass
oF Heaven

"A scientific review has concluded that depression is not caused
by chemical imbalances in the brain, and may be more closely
linked to stressful life events."

'The Times' Is Behind a Paywall;
So Here is Another Quote From
'The Guardian' That is not Behind a Paywall...

Yeah, Being Flooded With Stress Associated
Hormones in Chronic to Acute Stress; Particularly,
With No Way to Burn-off the Stress Hormones, Behind
A Screen All Day Long, Sitting Down, Will eventually Wear

A Person Down
Both Mentally
And Physically
From Head to Toe;

Resulting in of Course
Associated Depression and
Anxiety too As that Relates to

A Life that No Longer Feels Rewarding
And is Filled With Negative Stress Related
Experiences Day-in Day-Out in A Place And
Way of Life, You'd Never Volunteer to Do if You

Didn't Think it Was Necessary to Do it, to Make a Living Now...

Hmm, Lots of Folks Are in this Circumstance; Particularly College
Age Going Folks Full of Stress Too With Assessed Depression Rates
of 40 Percent Impacting Functioning in Day-to-Day Life, Along with
Anxiety Rates at 60 Percent Impacting Functioning in Day-To-Day Life;

And Yes, A Quick Fix That Many Psychiatrists and General Practitioners
Offer too Are Pills That Help With the Re-Uptake of Serotonin That is Kinda

Like Hitting the Side
of a Computer to Fix
it and Somehow it's Working
Yet You Really Don't Know the
Full Mechanism of How it works;

Just that it is reported to Improve the
Condition of Depression or Anxiety, Etc., now...

Of Course That Doesn't 'Touch' the Kitty Petting
Neurohormone of Oxytocin That Heals Both Pain and
Anxiety Real in Day-to-Day Warm Experiences of Life all

AS Such too...

Well Anyway, When i Explained
to my Doctor Among Many other
Issues of 19 Medical Disorders After
11 Years of Chronic to Acute Work Related
Stressful Experiences; Particularly, in A Fight or Flight
Aspect of it; Stuck Behind a Screen, not able to Move
Very Much to Burn The Stress Hormones off in the Last
5 to 2 Extreme Year Parts of that Experience, My Primary
Care Provider Said take Some of 'These Serotonin Helpful Pills'

As It Will Help You to Dull The Anxiety And The Depression as Such...

Well, It Didn't Help me at all as i Still Felt Nothing When i Petted A Cat
or Hugged My Wife; True, Different Neurohormone, Oxytocin Damage
For Reception Head to Toe too; And it Surely Did Nothing to Heal the
Worst Pain Known to Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia; Nor did

Anything Else Other Than Escaping to Very Shallow Sleep for an Hour or So a Night
Then Extending to Shut-in Pain for 66 Months with all the Numb too; as my Eventual
Air Force Psychiatrist Was a Bit Flabbergasted that None of His Pills Helped me, Calling

me His Most Hopeless
Case he Ever Dealt With,
With All His Combat Fatigue
Veterans From the Desert of the
Middle East too; So He Wanted to
Try A Vagal Nerve Implant Electronic Stimulator
Device in my Chest So i Could Feel Something

of Life as the
Living Dead then;
Well, Not Unlike TransCranial
Magnetic Stimulation That Wasn't
Covered for the Megabucks It Cost
Either With my Insurance, Then Indeed;

Hmm, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
Psychotherapy in Talk Ways; It Was still

Mostly Specific to Word Thinking Mind;

How Modern Psychiatry Failed me is Pills
that Didn't Work For me; Psychotherapy That
Didn't Work For me; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
That Didn't Work For me; and No One Had Any Idea

How it Might Help me to get Out of My Head And More
Into my Body in Free Meditative Movement Even totally Naked

in Nature to Connect
Back to my Whole Mind
Head to Toe and the Rest
of Nature Including People
too in Warmth to Bring Back

All the Synergy of Issues i Had then
From Head to Toe in all the Synergy
of All the Neurohormones and Neurochemicals

From Head to Toe; Yet it's Worth Noting, Some Folks
As Studies Show are Helped by Serotonin Associated Medication

And According to the Article Linked, It is Important to Review This Directive From Medical Professionals as Well:

"A spokesperson for the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: “Antidepressants are an effective, Nice-recommended treatment for depression that can also be prescribed for a range of physical and mental health conditions. We would not recommend for anyone to stop taking their antidepressants based on this review, and encourage anyone with concerns about their medication to contact their GP.”

"Dr Michael Bloomfield, a consultant psychiatrist and principal clinical research fellow at University College London, who was not involved in the study, said: “Many of us know that taking paracetamol can be helpful for headaches, and I don’t think anyone believes that headaches are caused by not enough paracetamol in the brain. The same logic applies to depression and medicines used to treat depression."

“There is consistent evidence that antidepressant medicines can be helpful in the treatment of depression and can be life-saving.”

Anyway, it's True, Pills Didn't Help me; Anyway, It's True, i Found What Worked Individually For Me in Terms of An
Autotelic Flow Of Moving Meditation That Science Assesses Now is Effective for Regulating Emotions and Integrating
Senses, Rewiring Oneself in More Positive Ways of Life Experience From Head to Toe; Not only that; Yet Exercising

my More Right Brain Processes of Mind Through Free Verse Poetry Connecting Emotional Experiences With
Symbols that Are Words; Experiencing More Colors of Emotions than Just the Fear Response that Motivated

me Before;

Voila, Results for


Wiring myself for
Positive Feelings And
Senses through Dance
And Song Free For 9 Years Now;

Instead, of the 11 Years of Increasing
Stress, Anxiety, And Depression; And the
66 Months in The Tween of Hell of That; Now,
i Go The Opposite New Way of Increasing Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love For All DarK Thru LiGHT Real;

Yet You See, THere is No Clear Cut Manual Instruction Book
to Do, for it is All Creativity Original Day-to-Day Improving i
Have As Adventure Everyday New to Have Even More of A Colorful Life For Real...

Here's Another Clue, Science Shows At Best We Human Beings Exercise Altruism
For Real it is Human Connections Moving and Co-Creating With Each Other That
Overall Wire Us the Most For Happiness new Each And Every Day Still ThiS Way FoR Real;

So, When the Giving Becomes the Receiving Without Expectation of Return From Others;
Indeed, Literally the Giving Becomes the Receiving, Same in Happiness Real for Us Now;
Again Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing, For All With Least Harm Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Now Real For All With
Least Harm Again Now For Real...

Hmm, THING iS, How the F Do You
Do This Stuck Behind a Screen With
A 'Zillion' Unrelated Things to Do that

are Not Connected As One Task At All;

And IN This Sense And Feel of Reality, the Psychiatrist
Assessed me as Never Recovered enough to go back to the

to Hell
Again For Real;

Fortunately, i Don't
Think either of My
Psychiatrists Were 'Trump'
Related; In Other Words, They
Had Some level of Empathy/Compassion for
Others Different Than they are in this Life Now...

i Surely WiLL Create my Own Happiness as Long as
A 'Zillion' Unrelated Stress Factors Don't Tear me Down
Behind a Screen All the Weeks and Years Through Work

To Fall Down
With Basically
General Adaptation
Syndrome and or

Again; My
Psychiatrist Advised
That The Destruction Down
By Stress Of me Head to Toe
Might Take Years to Heal; Yep, 66
Months With Finally a Remedy That

WorkS ETernAlly Now For Real;

What's the Difference;

Typically, Folks Who Meet
me in Real Life Assess me as
The Happiest Person they've Ever

Met in Life; Well It's True, i Built This
Field of Dreams in Heaven Now; and

i am the Only
One Who must
Still do it For me;

Yep to Return as 'He'

Works For And or Her too

It Seems as Well; Yep,

It's Always A Dance
On A Tightrope of

Balancing DarK
Thru LiGHT For Real

Difference Now is,

i Control The Tight
Rope And The Dance myself...

Hey An Aspirin Might Not Cure
Cancer; Yet SSRI's Do Seem to Help

Some folks on a Potential path to remission or recovery;

Not me; Yet There Are Plenty of Folks Who Say it Saved Their Lives;

I'll take Their Words
Of Healing Over Any

Concrete Hard

Science Experiment

That Will never Empirically
Measure All of What it Takes to
Be Happy in Balancing Mind and Body Soul Whole now...

And in Other News Regarding Serotonin and Falling In Love,
It Actually Drops in Many Cases While Dopamine of Enthusiasm
And Anxiety Towards Losing the Significant other May Reach Actual

Levels of
And Paranoia

Yet Bring On the Oxytocin
For Bonding Warmth and
Attachment With Vasopressin
For Dudes to Experience an
Instinct for Protection as Well too;

Well, After The Love is Gone and Grief is Left;
Serotonin and Oxytocin Both Drop Yet Dopamine
For New Creativity in Finding A New LoVE Rises; As It is

True THere Is
ReNeWinG Potential
in Grief All Naturally True

Yet this May Not Be Possibly
The Case if Serotonin Pills

Reduce the Amount of Dopamine
Inspired Creativity to Explore New Connections With Others...

It's True, This Psychology Business is Very Tricky And More Like


A Van Gogh

Painting than
Concrete Science For Sure;

In Fact, When It ALL Feels Like
a 'Scream' Some Days; You Just
Need to Get it out, Even in A Painting

That Touches Others in A Way So Deep
It Becomes Valued At Millions of Dollars

Like A 'Warhol Water Color' of 'Marilyn Monroe' at 200 Or So MiLLioN Dollars;

It's True, Humanity is More Art That Science; When We Reduce it to Pills, We Don't
Usually Repair the
Whole Being

Human; Yes,

A Naked Free
Dance And Song
Is Healing Enough for
me and it's True i Wrote
The Whole Song Down in Art

Of Dance And Song in Terms of

MaKinG LoVE ReaL

As A Free Dance And "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Still Healing So Very Happy iN JoY Now...

And it is No Joke, After i Healed my Self this way
All Naturally; The Psychotherapists and Psychiatrists
Consulted me for their Most Difficult Cases; In Fact, the
First Air Force Psychiatrist i Saw For 7 Years and 7 Months
Since January of 2008, Quit His Practice to Teach Movement
in A Teaching
Hospital in South
Florida; Telling me,

i helped to Inspire Him to Change
His Life That Way for What He
Once Was Not Able to Cure With

i Did
All Naturally
THiS WaY iNDeed,
THere is No Wisdom
Like Reality Indeed For Real
Clear Out Of Labs into the
Human Experience New Now...

As Per What i 'Sing,' For Every Set of Eyes
A Different View As 'You', Just One Set of Eyes;

And i, and
Others, See
it Completely
Different Than You...

Never the Less that
Doesn't Negate 'Your'

View or Mine of Course... hehe...

And Most Folks Won't Go to the Trouble
of Looking for A 'Site,' Unless It's Linked; Some THING
About the Modern Attention Span of Human Beings

(Yep, Less than 3 Seconds, Less than a Gold Fish
For Real As Assessed By Science Now on 'Average')

Where of Course, Most Folks Do Not Click on the
Link, so 'You' better provide Some view for a chance of views

(Or Do Not Look back through pages to the beginning of a Thread
On the 'Net' Of Course As that makes 'Modern Common Sense' too)

At all, in Many Cases, Yet Not all of Course

That Also relates to
failing to see
that other
Folks View



There are many Venn
Diagrams of Life;

Typically Mine
Subsumes Most
Others Hehe FOR REAL WITH SMiLes...

And why... i Listen to every one, excluding no one
from my Venn Diagram Experiences, WORLD WIDE;

OF LIFE; more than Just one 'Internet site,' Or One Nation, Or One
Religion, or One Church, or one 'Work Place,' or 'Place of 'Play' Indeed With SMiLes...

This 'Wrong Planet Internet Site' is Fairly Cosmopolitan; Not too 'Bad' of A place to 'Use' for 'Muse' this way...

Yet of Course, in Many Cases, it is Very Restricted to Left Brain Processes of Thinking as
Iain McGilchrist, Well Known and Respected Scholar of the Mind/Literature/Philosophy/
Religion As Scientist of 'Left and Right Mind', Suggests As Well in Current Books, Like 'The Matter With Things'

As Generally Human Beings in Western Civilizations are More Restricted to Less than Half of Human Potentials
ThiS Way By the 'Things' We Feed Our Minds in Abstract Constructs without Colors of Essence More in Meaning;

And to Be Clear, i Am Speaking to my Opinion, not Directed

at any one individual

Here or TheRE...

-Blue Whale Mixed With Great White
~In Other Words, Neither Afraid of the
'Ocean Deep' or Shadows of Jaws With Big Teeth...

Thanks For
Your Inspiring
Poetry Dear
Savvy Always
A Pleasure FRiEnD...

Well, For Anyone Who Really
Wants to Know How the Original
Song, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Came to Be and What IT Actually Means
By the Original Writer of the Song, Indeed,
The Internet Site, "Song Facts," Is A Great Resource

For Curiosity About Any Song That is Still 'Relevant' of Course...

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Was actually Written By a Dude; Therefore,
A Bit of Confusion As Pat Benatar Only Changed One Word As that Applies

to A Notch in 'My Lipstick Case' As A Change From the Original Lyrics Written
by A Dude's View Where the Lyrics Were 'Your Lipstick Case;" Yes, In This Context
The Phrase "You're a Real Tough Cookie" Makes More Sense, Unless It is A Woman

Using Shade
to 'Emasculate'
A Dude As There
Is Surely More Than One
Way to Please A Dude or A Dudette

As Some Women Are Just as Much Predators
Out for Sex Using the Other Person as
A "Masturbatory Tool" as Dudes are too;

Of Course, Not Everyone is in 'Circulation'
Enough to Witness This 'Fair and Balancing Truth;'

And Of Course, It is More Often for Material Goods as
That Doesn't have to have anything to Do With Sex at All

Just Preying Upon A Human Being's Natural Propensity to Want
to Have Warm Connections With others Until the Other Person on
The Internet Line Is Just Wanting You to Buy Them a New Cell Phone, Hehe,

Or in the Case of Cell Phone
Calls Direct, One of Those
Used Car Warranty Plans
As Yours Is Surely Always
Expiring Now Hehe for Replacement as such...

Anyway Back, to the Topic At Hand, And how Folks
Interpret Human Language that is at Core All Metaphor
That May Be Taken Either Literally or Figuratively too;

It's Easy to See, "Hit me with Your Best Shot" As Either
Being About Manipulating Someone Else Equally Or Yes

If You Look to 'Song Facts,' It's Easy to See It Was All About
A Dude's Attempt to Be More Self-Confident in a World that May
Be All About Shade Attempts From Others or Manipulation Indeed

For Material
Goods or even
One Night Stands
From A Female Predator too...

Making 'Promises in the Dark' About Love of Course...
That are Surely Far From True for The Current Agenda of 'Rewards'...

Pat Benatar is Being Very Generous in Her Sensitivity to the Potential
'Triggers' in Terms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Such
This Song Might Elicit With 'Trigger' Words Impacting Horrible Memories

of Humans Associated
With Mass/GUN Shootings;

Family and Friends of
The Victims of such;
And of Course those Who
Escaped Death in Direct Gunfire of Course...

Hey, It's Her Dog and Pony Show; It's Her Call
For Whatever the Hell or Heaven She Wants to Sing
And Dance about in Freedom of Expression on Stage...

Again, Like it or not, It's Her call to Do As She Pleases
As Obviously She isn't Starving in Nigeria Having to Scam

Folks Just
to Get
A Dollar
For Some Food And Drink;
When You Are Down Enough
You Do Whatever it Takes to Survive;

That Too is the LiGHT and DArK of Human
Nature and Nature in General of Course; it Ain't

All Puppy Dog Tales a Wagging, it is Jaws and Teeth
Too and Predators Like Sharks Who Have Survived This
Way By The Size of Their Jaws And Numbers of Teeth That

in One Life
to Eat For
450 MiLLioN Years
or So Longer than Trees
in the Ocean Blue; True,

Life is Not A Place Where
'Snowflakes' Will Continue to
Exist When the Heat is Turned
up in the Natural Kitchen AS Such...

i Can't Imagine at this point in my Life
Seeing That Song as One About actual
Guns and Bullets; On the Other Hand, i Haven't

Been a Child Bleeding Under A Desk; While 376
Cowardly Cops AS Whole Were Not Man Enough

To Face one
little wimp
with An AR-15
Shooting Up Little
Kids in His Acclaim to Fame...

The World Will Be A Very Ugly
Place or Extremely Beautiful Experience...

Ya Gotta Be Able to Deal With the THorns
And Appreciate the FLoWeRS to Truly Color
Life As A Beautiful Rose; i've Received Some of the


EVER SET YOUR EYES ON, Smiling Ecstatically
With me STILL
AT AGE 62...

my Wife at
52 who makes
'Angelina Jolie'
And 'J Lo' Look
Like Faded Flowers,
With No Make-up

on at all...


Jesus Christ, On Top of that it's Impossible to Shade
Someone Who has An Entire Blog Site Dedicated to
Poses in Underwear (and less) Hehe; True i ain't Like 'Jordan Peterson'

Who Fat Shames
Someone as

Not Beautiful;

And Takes All His Toys
Away and Quits Twitter
As he Can't Stand the Return of His

Ignorant Shade; It's true, Life Without Fear
is A Garden Much More Likely to Sprout Paradise Within for Real...

Hmm, All Things Considered, the Benefits of "Hit me With Your Best
Shot," Psychologically AS Whole Outweigh Any Potential Harm to Others,

in my Opinion,

Yet Again,

It is Pat
Dog and Pony
Show; She Ain't Gonna
Starve as An Artist to Do it HER WAY;

That way

For Sticks
And Stones

To Bring Ya
down a notch
from Heaven now for real...

So in Conclusion World, Go
Ahead, "Hit me With Your Best
Shot', 'Elmer Fudd;' 'Bugs Bunny' Will Just Take
You Down Rabbit Holes You Don't Expect, hehe...

Oh Lord
So many
Still to Tale...

It's Too Bad
That The Bible
Is too Old For the
Original Authors to
Be Interviewed; If they
Could, 'Jesus' Might Be A Real Human too...

Nah, People would still Not Believe the Truth;
As Biblical Scholars Have Already Shown that

The Original Greek Text Was About 'Son' In Terms
of the 'Nature of' All that is As That Relates to the Term 'God'

And Originally it was
'A' Son of God'; Not
'The' Son of God;'

Amazing How Much
Difference Just the
Term 'A' Versus 'The'

Will Make In Terms of All
the Folks Slaughtered Through
History in the Name of one Faux God Man

Used in Other Terms
to Subjugate, Control,
And Master Others for Material Gains
And Of Course Reproductive Controls

too With Shame...

i Don't Play that
GamE, i am Man
Afraid of Truth in Light,
UNDER SHade or ABOVE Living Trees of Love...

"As the 'Music Score' From the Original Movie 'Jaws' fades away...

Or maybe
'Baby Shark' hehe...

i Like the 'Mommy Shark'
Version So Much Better HAha...

Yes Reminds me of So Very Many
Nights at the Dance Hall Indeed... hmm...

Such A Long Shelf Life Some Of Us have Indeed (450 MiLLioN Years too)
Even With Virgin Shark Births For God Damn Real Adapting to Struggle For Real...

"Hit me With Your Best Shot" Could BE A TheMe SonG for THiS Whole 'S' SHow of Hope...

It DepEnds
On Each and
Every Human View... iNDeeD.

Always A Pleasure
Dear Hawaii and
Paradise Soul
Person With
SMiles Water
With Just A Little
Bit of Fruit Juice
At Breakfast

For me Now
So i Won’t
Get too

A Beautiful
Day Your Norm
Dear Aloha FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Soul FRiEnD
Happy Day to You On the
Other Side of the World

With SMiLes

Dear 'Peace And Truth'
True It'S A VEry Early SuNDaY iN Florida
Yet Still Sleep Awaits for me With SMiLes

Hehe and i am Not One To Split the World

In Two
With SMiLes or
Even my Mind/Soul New Now...

"Truth of it all
Love is the way
For all of us."

-Savvy Raj

Another Quote
of Wisdom From
Dear Savvy Worth Keeping
And Doing Forevernowmore With SMiLes...

'SPiRiT oF Radio'
More Than A
Literal Phrase For Real

An Early Morning Last Day
of July 2022 Yes the 31st
And Sunday With Mass Readings
From the Catholic Tradition Shared

Around A
Way Still
As Such True
And Yes False too...

Yeah As True Not Unlike Iain McGilchrist
And His 'Matter With Things Book" All 1500
Pages or So As Such Way More than Most

Humans Will
Ever Possibly
Read Sure Nearly
The Size of the Old
King James Effort Yet
Still A Few Hundred Thousand
Words Shy true i Surely Don't Expect
Anyone to Browse Through All 10.7 MiLLioN
Words of the "SonG oF mY SoUL" A Longest Long

Form EPiC Poem either
Yet You See Yet You
May Feel and Sense

Every Inhale of Peace
Exhale of Love is A New
Birthdate for me Every Word
of Song in Free Verse Poetry
All Sacred As Such That comes
After Every Move of Dance As Moves
Become Holy Dance This way True

Every Key
on These
Keys that
Become Words
of Dance True too

Yet You See i Rarely Look Back
As i Realize Every New Breath is
A New Testament THiS Way Anyway

This Week's Mass Speaks to the Vanity
of Worshipping A 'Matter of Things' Yet You
See Every Word We Create As Symbol And
Form Is Never Purely Essence Only Representative
And Idol This Way For It's True Whenever We Close

The Cover
of Any
Book Or Any
One Only Human

Or Any Other Form
And Limit God That is
All that Way Of Course

Wind in A Jar Killing 'God' Dead ThiS Way

In Stale Old Print No Longer With A Spirit of 'Radio' New

Yes God the
Radio of All
That is Will HeaR
And See The New MuSiC
Yet It's True It's Up to All of
Us to Keep God Breathing in
New Creativity For Free FOR REAL NeW NoW

In All the
And Synergies
Of Energies New
Yes Birthing A New
Multi-UNi-VeRSE With
Every Breath of Change
That Brings Even More Peace
And LoVE iN Truth of Wisdom And Beauty Real

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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01 Aug 2022, 1:00 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy This is
Likely my Last Dance And

Song Lasting Eternally New Now
Yet i Fell Asleep 5 Minutes Before

Click Click Click
Rainbows of "Oz"
Color Truly Within

Beginning Ever Now
Yes This HoMe Away
At HoMe Called Love

The Balance of my Life
What Grounds me to the

Stars Above

Essence More
Than 'This Crude Matter'
We aRe iN Balance Always
Worth celebrating Within New Now...

Aww Yes
Dear Miriam
Rainbows With


Tap Tap Tap

And You're Back

Home In Paradise

Real Home Sweet Home
of Rainbows
Singing Within

SMiLes it's True i Used
to Long For Rainbows too

Until i Created A Pot of Gold
Within With Leaves of Living

Tree Yet of
Course No
Illegal Substances HAha
Yet On Course This Rainbow
Come in Many Colors NeW As WeLL...


26 Letters
Wonder What
More Intelligent
Beings Might Tell

Us With 52 Letters

Perhaps They Have

None NoW And


THere Are No
These Hot And Cold

Rocks to Tell me What
Color FLoWeRS God Wears

Except All
One Gem Stone
Blue And Green...

So Lovely to Hear from You Dear FRiEnD
SMiLes the best Part of Living Where i Do
Is it Never Gets So Cold Where i Have to Wear

Pants It’s True
Been Wearing
Shorts Since
Spring of 2013

And Being on the Autism
Spectrum i Don’t Like Human
Made Materials Touching me Much
So Even on the Coldest Days i Can Will
Still Take A Break And Go Totally Bare

Out in the Sunshine And Still Be Very
Comfortable Dancing That Way With
Sands And Sun Free Just Spiraling all around
Free Like A Sea Gull Around the Sun And True it

Does Get Very Hot and Humid Here Yet for You
Hehe You Might Not Even Break a Sweat About

32C in the Day on Average for the Hottest
Days in the Summer And 26C at Night And
Every Once in A While it Will Get Up to 40C
Some Days in June Before July And August Rains

Come to Cool Things Off Each Day in the Afternoon

As the Gulf of Mexico Protects Us This Way With Smiles
Here in the West Part of the Panhandle my FRiEnD So Nice

Never too Hot to Walk Around the Neighborhood Block
Particularly in the Morning and Evening Yet i Tolerate
All Temperatures Well as Fit Human That Way hehe

You’d Probably Still Be Wearing Sweaters indoors
at the Mall in the Summer Like Dubai That Way

As Haha it Never Gets too Hot With Central
Air-Conditioning And Surely Not too Cold
With Heat Indoors the best Part of Where

i Live is the Beauty of the Environment
So Many Beautiful Beaches Sugar
White Sands Emerald Green Gulf
Waves Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze
Yes Just 20 Miles or So Down the
Road Sea Gulls Visiting
Us Here in the Forest
Deep in the Middle North
of Santa Rosa County Yes
Still Spiraling Wings Around

the Sun As i Do

Just For Fun too
Even in Public Stores hehe

It’s Very Peaceful Here with Low
Crime Rates and Oh Lord People are
Finding Out the Secret Paradise As Folks

Are Moving to Our Large County With Still
Plenty of Space to Live Yet the State Forest

So Big Remains Safe From Human Encroachment
With Golden Streams to Explore so much Wild Life

Even Big Foot me Hehe in my Natural Habitat with Birds
And Squirrels and Deer As Such Probably Even Rudolph

The Red Nose Reindeer Yet Don’t
Reveal my Secret Identity Haha Yes

Houses are Going for Only Around
200 to 300 Thousand Dollars Here With Some

A Bit Further Down the Road Anywhere From Half
A Million to A Million Yet My God 200 to 300 is So

Frigging Cheap compared to Bigger Cities my God
As You Can get A Shack These Days for A Million
Dollars in those places for Real and oh Yeah

They Are Gonna Build a Self-Sufficient Little
Village Like 'Seaside' On the Emerald Gulf Coast

Called Jubilee on 2700 Forest Acres With Potentially
Yes 7,000 Homes Where You Can Walk to Stores
And Medical Facilities Then And Not Even need a

Car Haha See They Are Building That as a Retirement
Place Just For You As You Retire Early Hehe Rich and
Financially Independent Enough to Live There As i Doubt

You Spend Much
Money as it Surely
Didn’t Take me too
Long For it to Grow Like
Mold in the Bank Even at
Very Safe Interest Rates of 3 to 4 Percent
That Way as it’s True i Only Do Conservative


i let everyone
else do the Work
of Promoting my
Ministry of Public

Dance For Human Well
Being Mind Body Heart Spirit
And Soul With Likely Thousands
Of Their Voyeur Videos of
my 16,953 Miles of Public

Dance Now in 107 Months

Let’s Put it this way usually when Folks
Move here they don’t Leave And Oh Lord

All the People Moving Here From other areas
of the Nation and what i Love About the Mall
in the Next City over Pensacola only about 15
Miles from Where i Live too is the Mall is Very

Cosmopolitan And the Most Beautiful Women
in the World Who Are Indian Shop There too and

Every Weekend When i See them i Think, Feel,
And Sense of

my Dear
FRiEnD You

All My
Dear FRiEnD
With SMiles
Have A Beautiful
Toronto Day in
North Hehe
HAha Frosty The Snowman
Too Hehe Yet i Don’t Melt Now...

SMiles Dear
Yam Wish You
Always Respected
For All You Are as
Dear Young
FRiEnD From
Pakistan With SMiles...

True All 10.7 MiLLioN Words Of EPiC
Longest Long Form Bible Poem "SonG oF mY
SoUL" Fully iLLuSTRaTeD Embodying Soul

Comfortable Wearing A Birthday Suit At 62
On Sunday Morning ‘Fore Church You’ve
Aged Wine Changing Into Water Fine Now...

LeSSoN 425
Do Something Silly
Everyday to Help Someone
Smile for No Reason Yet Joy Free

This is Your Invitation Now to Go on
A Canoe Trip With Bigfoot If You Aren’t Afraid Hehe

Other than that You Know Dear FRiEnD As You May
Feel and Sense it Back in the Dead Zone for 66 Months

Every Two Weeks or So When i Had to Take Katrina
to Walmart Late at Night Parking in Front of A Privacy
Fence to the Side of the Place So No Car Lights Would
Turn up The Knife in my Right Eye and Ear All Hours Awake

Then i Dreamed of Being Human Again So Lost From Humanity
Then And Just Think, Feel, And Sense How Much my Life Has

Changed Out of
Hell Into Heaven From
A Place THere is No Memory of
A Smile i Surely Never Judge You
When You Are Down yet Sure as Your
FRiEnD i Wish We Could Exchange Pleasantries


Yet i Realize
The me i am today
Is not the me i Am In Yesteryears…

As i Surely don’t Expect Anyone Else
to be me now With SMiLes Yes Yet It’s

True it’s A Huge Difference Sitting in
Front of that Dark Fence Through Hot
and Humid Summer Nights in that Car
With at Least the Windows Rolled Down

Just Biding Time Forever it Seemed in Pain and Numb

And Again After Dancing Now in Public for 16,953 Miles
in 107 Months Almost Every Place i Walk Into Lights Up

With SMiLes As They Recognize i am the Dude Who Brings

Joy In the Room For No Reason Yet A Free Dance to Really Live

So i Sing
Again to You mY FRiEnD
Helloooove With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Savvy This is
Likely my Last Dance And

Song Lasting Eternally New Now
Yet i Fell Asleep 5 Minutes Before

Click Click Click
Rainbows of "Oz"
Color Truly Within

Beginning Ever Now
Yes This HoMe Away
At HoMe Called Love

The Balance of my Life
What Grounds me to the

Stars Above

Essence More
Than 'This Crude Matter'
We aRe iN Balance Always
Worth celebrating Within New Now...

8.1.2022 1 AM Yes
All A Joy DarK Thru
LiGHT Ever
New Now
Eternally Head
To Toe So Much More

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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02 Aug 2022, 1:25 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy
A FLoWeR Dances And
Sings to me Always Evolving
New Colors
Just Like me
And You And Them
And Us As God Whether

We Notice
This Lovely
FLoWeR of
Existence THiS
WaY iN Beauty or Not

Indeed to me Every FLoWeR
Is A 'Forget me Not' New Color of God

And Us And Them And You And me Too With SMiLes...

Hugs to You
As Well
'Peace And
Truth' With SMiLes...

So Kind of You 'Peace And Truth' To Deliver
Such Sweet Messages to the Two of Us Naming
Us Twin Souls Again Sharing Happiness All Over
The World In Heart Felt Ways of Exclamation True too

Yes and Now You mY
FRiEnD are Part of this
Never Ending Story of
Free Verse Poetry too

And Just Beginning
As Always Now With SMiLes

Keep up the Great Work Sharing
Poetry So Deeply Felt You Give Away So Free...

Thank You Dear
Cindy So Happy
To Find Someone
On Word Press With
Such Amazing Skills
In Teaching And Doing
Moving Meditation
To See
Your Video
Up Public
And Ready
To Watch
Now With SMiles...

All great Quotes for Success
in the Preparation For the Day

Dear Chaymaa Indeed

SMiLes to me at least

Every Now is a New Adventure

A Prompt for All that is Reality to

Create A
New Dance
And Song For
Free Yes mY FRiEnD
In Partnership With Creation For Real

Best oF All FRiEnDS With

Gravity Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
Love As A Way

of Loving Life Always
DarK Thru LiGHT With
New Colors LiGHTiNG Up

my Tree of Life Leaves Still
RiSing Green Falling to Soils
of Souls Greening New Forests As

Well With
Now With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Sohair FRiEnD Katrina Uses Extra Virgin Olive
Oil For All She Fries Except For French Fries As It Doesn't

Work Well At That Temperature She Also Soaks Her Nails
With the Olive Oil to Help Dry Cuticles That Come From

Washing Dishes and the Such As That She Agrees
It Has Wonderful Properties She actually Loves

It With SMiLes and i'm Sure it Helps Keep
my Heart Beating More Healthy too With

SMiLes i Particularly like it in Home-Made
Salad Dressing as that's a Particular

Memory that Stays with me
That my First Love Made

For Her Family and
Yes in The Catholic Church
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Used

For Sacred Anointments as 'They'
Say They Grease the Baby Up That Way
At Baptism So the Baby Will Slip through the

Devil's Hands Yet of Course i Don't Believe in the
Dogmas of the Catholic Church and Surely Don't Believe

Humans Are Born With Original Sin as actually Humans More
Than Any Animal are Born to Love When Born And Bred ThiS Way

In Gardens of Love
It's Like 'Extra-Virgin Olive

Oil' Put it in An Environment of
Impurities and What You Get is
Less than Pure indeed i am Careful

of my Environment This Way keeping it
Naked Enough Complete Whole in Virgin

Olive Oil
Ways Best i Can
And Will Yet of Course
Not Everyone Agrees With
my Way of Doing 'Olive Oil
Extra Virgin' As Such and that's Okay

too With
i Surely Do
Not Expect them
too With SMiLes More as

An Infant Smiles With Another
Infant With No Words Only For
The Beauty of Love When Born
And Gardened ThiS WaY For Real mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes i Haven't Thought of Olive Oil Extra Virgin
Lately Thanks For Bringing It to my Attention Again With SMiLes...

Other Than That it Comes Mostly From Spain And Inflation Has Hit
it Over Here Like Most Everything Else What was Once Ten Dollars a
Bottle is Now Twenty Dollars A Bottle Yet Like the Rest We Are Fortunate

to Be Able
to afford
it So Many
Necessary Staples
of Life People are Having
to Cut Back on to Survive
On Lowest Wages When Rent
Becomes As Much as Pay my FRiEnD...

Indeed Often What Comes With Pestilence of
Pandemics And Wars is Famine Next Then Sadly

Death and Yes Sadly This Fall Experts Are Expecting
A Famine Reaching Poorer Countries in Killing People This Way

Indeed Some Members of A Human Species Enduring Tough Days Ahead...

The United States Uses 40 Percent of Human Resources in the World With
4 Percent of the Population; We Have Close to 40 Percent of Global Pandemic
Deaths And Close to 40 Percent of Global Mass Shooting Deaths And the Number


Noted in the
Christian Religion
For Trials and Tribulations too...

SMiLes i've Learned to Find Meaning and
Purpose Making Parts of Life Whole into Poetic
New Prompts of Life in Creativity For Free Verse
Poetry and Dance Today the 8th Month and 1st Day
of August is One of my Favorite Numbered Days by

Other Folks of Course

Just for the Symbols my
FRiEnD As Metaphors of Reality
in Depth of Human Story Ways Yes

As 8 Reminds me of Infinity Standing

Tall a Never Ending Story of Love For Life
DarK Thru LiGHT And 1 Of Course Reminds me
of the Whole of All That Is Yet Still Separate 8 and
1 Are For Numbers Yet Still Whole They Are in a Deeper

Story of Our Souls
We May Create Solo
Or By Group mY FRiEnD

The Potential Indeed is a Never
Ending Story in a Nether Land Not

Yet Created By Us Hell Thru Heaven on Earth

In Terms of the Love We Give, Share, Care, And Heal With

Currently The United States Failing Even Under the Criteria

of the Largest Religion They Say is One To Direct Their Activities for

The Number

40 Doesn't
Lie About

Who We aRe in
this Poetic Prompt
Or What We Do Not Do
Sadly in Abundance of Taking
More Than Giving Hoarding More Than
Sharing And Harming in Callous Nature

Rather than Caring And Healing mY FRiEnD

Yet It's the Nature of the Beast of Instant Gratification
And What Most Countries Would Love To Rise to in Abundance too

However We Must Take Care of Nature to Survive in 'Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Way' to Support the Delicate Balance of Nature That Allows Us to Even

Survive It would Take
5 Earths Now to Support
The Resources America
Uses if Every Country

Harmed, Raped, Maimed,
And Killed Nature The Way
We Do In America mY FRiEnD

Two-Thirds of Wild-Life Globally Now
As Our Way of Capitalism and Love For "A Matter
of Things" Grows Away from 'Virgin Extra Olive Oil' Within

To generate Our Own Happiness Naked Enough Whole Complete

And 1 In 8 Species of Animal and Plant Species Predicted to Go Away
in the Coming Decades for the Decadence of Human Greed for Abundance

The Monarch Butterfly is Going in A Direction of Extinction if Bees Go Extinct
What We Have For
Dinner Becomes
Less Diverse

Sooner of Later
We Hit A Tipping
Point And Nature Responds
With A Fury of Earth, Wind, And

Fire in Storms SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Will We Learn to Love Enough Within
Naked Enough Whole Complete to Survive

It's Truly One Way Not to Exhaust This Never Ending
Need to Consume the Nature of Earth Out of Balance

Including Us
Indeed We Must
Learn to Generate Our
Own Sunshine and Food

Of Love to Give, Share, Care
And Heal at Least for the Sake

of Butterflies, Bees, And Birds

And Sure

Us too mY FRiEnD
in 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil Way'...

HAha See What i Just Did with
Your 'Olive Oil Poem' For Free

i Didn't Have to Consume much
of Nature to Spread it All ACross Your
Page it's True mY FRiEnD You are one
of Very Few Who Welcomes All the Blue

Whale of me
Mixed With
Great White
Shark Some Days With
SMiLes With Big Teeth too...

As i Continue to Dive Deeper
With A Song of Soul to Give Away

It's True my FRiEnD Blue Whales Literally
Communicate Through Song And the Largest
Creature in the World is in Peril From Human

the Creature With the Most Ignorance Harming,
Raping, Maiming,

And Killing the
Rest of Nature Sadly
Spear-Headed by the
Country i LiVE iN mY FRiEnD

We Must Evolve Deeper Within
Or We As A Species Will Eventually


and not
come back here

Yet in 300 MiLLioN Years
There Wouldn't Be Much Trace of
Our Existence Here not Even Bones

of Pyramids And Just to Think Sharks
Have Survived Longer than Trees, 450 MiLLioN

Years Just By The Will To Survive and Stay in Balance
With Nature


Oh God the
Damage Humans
Have Done to the
Nature of Mother Earth
in Just 50 Years my FRiEnD

All For Greed In Abundance to Kill Others
Who Are Considered too Expendable to Exist...

Again in Such
Ignorance of Course
of the Human Condition As Is...

How Valuable
it is to Honor
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil Indeed

mY FRiEnD With SMiLes... SMiLes... SMiLes... SMiles...

In 1260 Blue Whale Word Ways of Free
Poetic Song And Great White Shark
SMiLes From me too to Join in

A Refrain
Now of the
Chorus of Your
Olive Oil Poem
in Extra Virgin Whole Ways
Again Naked Enough Whole Complete With SMiLes..:)

Oh Time Oh Time
Oh Months Seasons
Days Oh Life Oh Life

WHere Do You Go

Of Course Yes Now

Yes Now YeS Eternally

NoW Only Place We Do
Life Yet ReMeMBeRinG Past

Memories And Prognosticating

Future Best With Hope of Course
Or Just Faith in
Now As Now

Naturally Comes
To Be Beyond All
Distance Space And Time

Like Today! SMiLes Standing Tall
8 Infinity 1 Whole For A First Day of August

Separate Yet Whole For All of August True
First Day
Of Infinity
Always BeGiNNiNG
Never Ending For
Now At Least


Keep Shining
Always A New Sun/Star Within...

SMiLes Dear 'Peace And Truth' How
Sweet of You to Identify my Wife and
me As Angels With Two HeARTS Indeed

How Kind You Are to Visit
Hehe A Bi-Monthly Poem
The Size of A 55 Thousand Word
Novel This Way Regularly Wishing
A Good Night on An Other Side of


And True i Do Still Look Forward to
Reading Your Poetry on the Reader
Even More Than Once A Day as You
Share Poetry Related to Spirituality, Love,
And Even Touch Parts of Human Sensuality

Even Some Parts
Not So Secure
And Whole
in Flesh
And Blood
Kisses as Such
With SMiLes True Touching
All Parts of the Human Experience

You Do And In Doing So You Touch
The Readers This Way too In Whatever
Memories of Life Experiences They Do too

So Yes
Thank You

Dear FRiEnD on the
Other Side of the World Whole...

SMiles Dear Cindy The Great Work You Do Bringing
Awareness to Moving Meditation is So Valuable in How

That Brings Balance to Mind and Body Soul Whole

As Emotions Flow From Head to Toe and

Our 'Word Thinking' and Even Conscious

Experience of Life Constitutes 5 Percent

or Less of Our Entire

Mind Being of Life

When it Comes to Giving
My Philosophy Is and Science

Even Agrees When We Give Altruistically

Without Any Expectation of Return It's A Win-
Win For Both the Receiver and Us as If We Can

And Will Practice Life This Way Giving, Sharing, Caring,
And Healing In No Expect of Return the Giving Becomes
Greater Than the Actual Receiving For the Giver Indeed so in

That Way
Meek and
THiS Way
of Altruism
Surely Do Inherit
A Real Kingdom of Love Within So Real

When It Comes to Thanks to Others for their
Gifts in Life i Also Do that Reciprocation as a
Never Ending Practice of Life Yet Out of Love Not Out

of Duty in Any Form
of Book or Such


As The More
We Give the
More Love We Keep The
More We Give Free my FRiEnD
the Video is Set to Private for now

Yet i Will Check Back Later to See if
it is Public as i Always Enjoy Your views/lessons
on Moving Meditation Whatever Form You Teach

What i Do Know, Feel, And Sense is This is a Practice
of FRiEnDS With Gravity Fortunately Never Truly Fully

Mastered a best
Part of Existence
is Change and Always
A Potential to Evolve And Grow More mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes For me at Least Every Move and Word Only
A Beginning

For A

Me HAha

It Will Only
'slight' me Personally
if someone called me
A Master of Any Thing in Life...

Only A Continuing Student of Existence i Am

How Boring that Will Be to me at least Hehe

Bound in A Book A Cover With No WHere to Wing Free...

Herein, Tells Truths And Lies About 'A Matter of Things.'

One of the Most Positive Aspects of Science is it provides
A Tool of the Scientific Method to Observe and Measure

(Even More Important Than Providing Knowledge, Science
Helps to Relate What We Don't Know like How Flies Generate
New Eyes When the Genetic Material For That is Taken Away;

Or Yes, How Other Species of Life Losing Heads, Generate New Heads
With the Memories of the Other Heads, Remaining In Newly Grown Heads)


Of Course, Little Children
Do This Whenever They
Burn Their Hand on a Stove

And Find It Injures Them, Providing
A Memory of Harm They Don't Easily
Forget to Harm Themselves Again

By Touching A Hot Stove;

And Indeed, This is A Reason
Humans Tend to Be So Negative;

We Focus on What Potentially Harms
Us and Does Harm Us Most to Continue
to Survive With Last Harm; Problem Is Yes,

We Have Imagination; Most of Us at Least;

That Provides Us With A Potential to Imagine
Most Anything in Life We Are Told By Someone Else

May Harm Us; Leaving Us in Fear and Anxiety of What We Are told.

There Are Many Parts of the Human Experience of Depression that may
Be Materially Reduced Like the Factor of Lower or Higher Levels of Serotonin;

However What Science CAN'T Measure Reliably is the Synergy that All the Material
Reduced Parts it CAN Measure That Make Up Our Conscious and Unconscious Realities

of Mind

Real Now

Eternally So
Changing With
Every Change of Every
Part of Our Existence in Flow

That is Not Restricted to Linear
Fashion of Reality; And Oh By A
Way, if You Want A Reference By Someone

With Actual additional Credentials as a Scientist and
A Researcher; You Are Surely Welcome Now to Listen
to the Research of Iain McGilchrist as He Provides it
For Free On Youtube Without Any Commercial Distractions

Through 12 Volumes So Far, in Study of the Human Mind;
Including Focus on Left and Right Brain Processes Far Beyond

Old Myths and
About the Both;

'Serotonin' Wasn't A Big
Factor, if Any in my Depression
That Was in Large Part an Inability
to Feel the Warm Connections that Oxytocin Brings;

Yet for 'Ms. Lizard' Here as Documented, She Relates, Just
As i Did, Earlier in the Discussion Here; That Many Folks Do

Relate that Taking Drugs that Regulate Serotonin Helped to Save
Their Lives; Therefore, It is Potentially VERY DANGEROUS TO SUGGEST




See How i Put that in All Caps;

Yes, it can Potentially Have Life or
Death Consequences; And The Consensus
Of Science And Humans Who Relate Their
Lives Have Been in Part Saved By Taking the

Medication cannot
be left out of any
Real Rational and
Caring Discussion About
A Materially Reduced Aspect
Serotonin Plays in Depression.

It's Like 'Love,' An Experience of Life
That May Be Restricted to A Family Member,
Or A Pet, Or a Lover, or The Entirety of Existence

In A Universalizing Faith of A Venn Diagram of Love
That Holds All of Reality As the Essence of Love; Yes,

Actually Feeling And Sensing This Bliss and Nirvana of Love For All...

On the Other Hand, the
Head Priest at the Catholic
Church i Visit as Both an Anthropology
Participant Observer and Long Form Free Verse Poetry Writer;
As Yes THAT is one of The Credentials i Hold With A Degree in
Anthropology, And Two more in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary,
And Health Science For Yes A Well Rounded Education Now Still in

College for the
Arts of Humanity this
Way; Yet Sadly Deficient
in College For Actually Creating
Art Original Then; That isn't Something

You Can Take A CONCRETE Lesson alone For To ACTUALLY DO; It is a Gift
Now That Still Comes in Free Association of an Entire Experience of All Of

Reality Now
Through Mindful
Awareness Through
Subconscious and Conscious Mind too;

A Synergy of All Life Experiences Indeed in Human Way;

Anyway, Back to that Head Priest, Yesterday He Said Love
Is Not a Feeling or An Emotion; Only An Action We Do Cause

'Jesus' Has the
Key in Verbal Word
Lessons on How to Do it
By Asking A Story For It;

That's Actually Mostly Ridiculous

By Any Measure of Reality Other than

What A Fictional Story Directs Folks to Do;

If i Were to Believe That i Might Be Trying to
Save Babies Who Are Smiling At Each Other For
No Other Reason than the Union of the Feeling and
Sense of What Love Brings Without Any Words At All;

True, There is No
Original Sin in the Smile

of A Baby With Another Baby;

On the Other Hand, Words Are Metaphors;

And All You Have to Do to Influence some others

Now is To Provide A Carrot and or Stick Great Enough

To Convince them what You Say is True, like Heaven
or Hell as A Made

Up Place of Material
Existence After Death

in Fire or Gold Laid Walls of A 'Trump Palace;'

Love is An Ever Changing FLoWeR We Color New Within
Now To Give, Share, Care, And Heal All Others With Least
Harm With Petals of Affective Empathy, Cognitive Empathy,

And Compassion that Does Not Get Get Tired of Helping More;

Is that ALL, Heaven and Hell No; Love is What We Move, Connect, And

Co-Create Most

When We Live

ThiS Way and
Actually Lift Each
Other Up With Least Harm;

Yet Again, These Are Only
Words; Only A Small Representative
Part of ALL The Parts That Make LoVE ReaL;

Not Unlike Serotonin

And Depression too;

Not Unlike Love and
Oxytocin too; Not Unlike

The Role That Serotonin and
Dopamine And All the Other

Neurochemicals and Neurohormones

And So Much More Create Constantly

Changing From Head to Toe and So Much

More As We Move, Connect And Co-Create With each Other

Eternally Now for

Real and If it Seems
Like This Poem Can and
Will Go on in Flow Like This Free Verse

Outside of Linear Fashion Forever Now;

In fact, Now You May Perceive A Bit
More of Human Potential to Color
Flowers Within,


Or False;

That All Depends
on You, Whoever You
Are; i Broke the Code for
me as FLoWeR CoLoRinG More

Than A Concrete Sidewalk Straight and Narrow...

And Nah, i Don't Get Depressed Any More As i

Create A FLoWeR Within With No Fear of THorns

RiSinG as Rose

Within i Master


in all

Within at
Least Eternally

Now; As Change is
the Ultimate Reality Indeed;

True, i Can And Will Look Back
And Prove Empirically So In Measure
How It's Been ThiS Way for 9 years Now;

So Many Ways to Count Our Blessings These DAYS FOR


Seen A Bottom Floor And It's
True A Bottom Floor Still Holds Up

A Pyramid
Eye Above
of Real Riches
More Now Than a
Frigging Dollar Bill
And A Symbol Thereon...

Or Any Bible Book Or one
So-Called God Man too; Yet
Again that too, Parts of Whole...

Scientism Not Unlike Any One Other
Religion is When We Fall to the Parts
Materially Reduced And Miss Bigger Pictures

in Synergy new now

to Thrive

More in Meadows
With Wings of

Free So

Far Off the
Bland Straight
Jacket Concrete Sidewalks of Life...

Just Broken Up All In Parts, Dots on A Straight Line...

Or Bits and Bytes Short of Humanity Digital, No Longer Analog Whole Free Waves

True, in Words At Least, In Experience at Least for Me; Free Verse Poetry Best Measures

And Expresses Human

Experiences Like
Depression and Love;

Yet of Course Without a More Right
Brain Hemisphere Process of Understanding
Metaphor Figurative Deeper of Human Experiences,
It is Basically a New Continent of Mind to Seek and Find
For Real to DO New Now; i Was Surely Almost Totally Lost
From it for

On In; WiTHiN,

Now I'm Mostly
Killing Time in
Heaven For ReaL ETernAlly

In Effortless Ease of 'Wu Wei'
Flow FRiEnDS With

Gravity THiS Way

All of Gravity
Indeed (GoD)
in Balancing Force Within
So Much more than 'little 3 or
Even 4 Letter' Words For Real

More Like Today's Date for
Symbol For the First Two Parts of Whole
8 Standing Infinity 1 Whole And Separate As Well

ThiS UNitY
oF ALL New
NoW ALWaYS Changing

Art oF DancESonGLoVE


SMiLes Dear Savvy
A FLoWeR Dances And
Sings to me Always Evolving
New Colors
Just Like me
And You And Them
And Us As God Whether

We Notice
This Lovely
FLoWeR of
Existence THiS
WaY iN Beauty or Not

Indeed to me Every FLoWeR
Is A 'Forget me Not' New Color of God

And Us And Them And You And me Too With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !