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10 Jun 2021, 8:25 pm

"Still Planting Potatoes
With EYes Who See And Grow"


Yes Doc She Loves
To Garden Thank You

6.10.2021 Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire
Won't Be Seeing It Yet Never the
Less It Does Exist Like The Rest oF IT

It's Gotta Be Better Than The Solar
Eclipse in North America in 2017
The Year of the Trump As True i
Had Lost my Sense of Smell With
A Pre-Covid 19 Corona Cold Virus

As That Goes With Taste too and

on That Very Day of the Solar
Eclipse on 8.21.2017 My Smell
And Taste Came Back Yet It Was

All Messed Up As It All Came Back
As What i Metaphored As A 'Doomsday
Smell' And Taste For It's True Our Mind Makes
Our Senses What They Are Lose the Hardware
For A While And The Soul Must Learn to Smell
And Taste Again Yet True That Was the Beginning

Of Many Natural Disasters Culminating in the Death
Of Around 600,000 FolkS iN A Deadly Pandemic
Where Trump Fans Followed Unmasked Behavior

Sadly Straight to Their Graves As Promised on
5th Avenue Ready And Wiling to Give Their Lives
To Dear Biggest Father oF ALL Lies Just As He

Admitted To Them From The Start They Would Surely
Do As Yes Trump Got That One True Self-Fulfilling

Prophecy Correct in the Halls of Death
Yes Doomsday for Many To Come True

TRueR i 'SEE' 'God' Moving NoW
Connecting Co-Creating NoW
With Two Or More iN LiGHT NoW

"We can’t really be wrong if we’re just

following God's orders

You know, '''''He''''' wrote this book here
And in this book He says that He
made us to be just like '''''Him'''''
So if we’re dumb, then God’s
dumb (and perhaps a little

ugly on the side)"

~~ Frank Zappa ~~

I've Been Very Happy
Ever Since i Realized

God Is A She And

No Pronoun too...

“I have no problem with God.
It’s his fan clubs I hate.” — Smart Bee

Hehe i Will Surely relate gigoid in the Last

Few Years Since The Country Changed into A Circus

Orchestrated By The Pulpit And ALL ITs Revelations about 'The Big Liar'...



on 5th


Democracy Barely

Escaping The Pulpit

Till Next Try to Make Church State

Anyway my God You Know How it Goes

When You Get Enough Muse From 'Beautiful Souls'

Ya Fall Behind on the Brick And Mortar Ya Once Relied

On to Get the Job Done in the Early Stages And Earlier Ages

Hehe.. Passing 60's Far Away From Driving Just 55 at 61 i Do
Still Thank You For Inspiring me to Do So Much More Just By

Providing A Space to Be Free in Creativity i Continue And
Will Return As Beautiful Muse of Soul Allows too Hehe You



it Goes

We All

'He' 'See'

(at Least me)

Best With SHe...

SMiLes Angel-MindRetrofit8

Expressing Nostalgia About my
Childhood Days A Facebook Memory

Reminded me of You And How in A Very

Big Way When i Was So Lost in the Deadzone

Of Emotional Life You Introduced me to Poetry

And Prompts And the dVerse International Online Poet's Pub

And From There on Soon i Gained

Wings And Set Myself

Free Truer


Freer than

Most Folks Please to Be

Just Wanted You to Know to Feel
And Sense i Remember You on Life's

Journey As Truly You Were A Step A Path For
me Out of the Ordinary into A Land of iMaGiNaTioN

And Creativity Truly Making Life's View Extraordinary And

Magic to me... Hope You Are Doing Well i Guess Your Children

May Be Close to Grown As 8 Years Ago Surely is A Lifetime

When We Are Children A Child's EYes i Have Now None Then

Before i met You only A Cog in a Machine Mind Online Yes Now Truly

i BREaTHE Free Feels Good With No Weight

to Express Gratitude

To the Ones

Who First

Provide a

Spark Through
Their Art to Come Back to Life...
Thanks i Remember Angel Mind
Retrofit 8 A FRiEnD of Soul Helping me Retrofit Child EYes...

'WHeRE Two Or Three ArE GaTHeReD
ToGeTHeR iN mY nAMe THeRe i aM iN


A Life Living
Never Dead Now
Thanks just Thanks
For the
Gift Now...

ReAlly JusT A Matter of getting Back
to: God Born i am on Date Mastering
Technology From: ReFuSinG to Be A Tool NoW

ChangE THoRN

‘They’ Believe No Value in Life That Does Not
Lead to ‘Trump Green’ Or How Others Do ‘Stuff’

Re-Born Golden Age Any Age HEaVeN Is Simply
ReMeMBeRinG Do of Play Original God CREaTiViTY iN


Storm Enduring Sun Shining Green
NoW Do You Only See It Or Do You FeeL iT

Interesting ParT of HaVinG A "61 Since 6660"
BD Party Online Is It Will Last Practically 61 Years
And 4 Days You Select Who Comes With A Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

True Savvy Most of the Animals

Spend Most of Their Place Now

Of Breathing In A Balancing

Place Whole Enough of

UBAE Universal Basic

(H O M E O STaSiS)

Animal Existence



Truer Away

From Poorer

Feeling Wholer

Never Just Part oF iT All

Being All No Separating

Dancing Touching Singing

Universal Basic Income isn't Gonna

Happen in A Country That Refuses

To Raise Taxes on the Rich, Who Agree

Their Taxes Should Be Raised, Just to Placate

'The R-Base' That Is Intent on Saying No To Anything

Flavored With A Democrat 'D-Win'; However, i've Had

'Universal Basic Income', A Large Part of my Life; Just

ReFuSinG to Buy

In Excess

And Say to

Hell With the

So-Called American

Dream of Buy Buy Buy

Everyday Low Prices Filling

Up Double Car Garages; i Realize

One Must Earn Some Money to Do this;

Yet on the Other Hand, i Surely Am Still Enjoying

A Whole Lot of Universal Basic Income that means i'm Free of Being Anyone Else's Slave....

Small Things; Keep the Same Car 15 Years; They Will Last That Long; Keep The Same Modest (And Wife)

Home, LiVE iN the Forest Where Flowers Are the Riches With Birds And Bees And Other Furry Free Creatures;

Best of All, Become A Furry Creature With Wings; In Other Words, Retain An Ability to Climb Trees And Float

On Land


Terrestrial Cloud Ease

Being Complete, Whole

And All Filled Up Within

Might Just Make You A

Millionaire in the Room,

Dressed in A T-Shirt And Shorts Year All Around;

True And Truer, There is More Than One Way to Measure Money in Life;

Yet True it is, Finding A Way to Create Whole And Complete Without Buying


Is A Life

Saver of Bucks too For Real...

A Root of Many Folks Problems

With Money Is 'The So-Called American Dream'...

(The Grand Illusion) And I'm Not Talking About The Real One about

Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of the Essence of Real Lasting Happiness...

After Covid-19, Some Folks, Just Aren't Going Back to the Same Old Crappy Paying Jobs;

in Turn


Wages Just

Went Up to 15 Dollars An Hour;
Dam Sure Beats A Lot of Places At Slave Pay;
And True Universal Health Care Would Cover

The Issue of the Amount Desired for UBI For Many
Folks; at Least Those Who Are 'Smart' Enough And Able to Get Covered...

Hehe If i Base Riches NoW On Receive Often Poor
Yet Giving Always Rich Nature Enough Whole

Complete Am i

Aloha Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD A Dog’s

Life Paradise





Spill Colors Of Peace

Enough Whole Complete

Nature Sees Unadulterated



EYes Of Beach...

Hehe Not
LooKinG For
Best Players


Is Okay
In my Book

Middle Me No
RhYMe Or ReaSon
Necessary FLoW DoinG


Art Wings
Free Eternally
Now All Is Win...

Just Living Now
Without Award
Reward Plans
Makes Free Real
Free Real Free Will More
Still Survivng
Oh Just to Play Tennis
Yet Flow of
Being One
With Racquet
Ball And Backboard

Free Play


Be Sphere
All Around Tennis Ball...

Sublimely Beautiful
Abstract Beach Painting
Wonderful Giving Soni...

Whatever The Figures Are From the UK; They Are Minuscule Compared to the World Health Organization
From The Scope of ALL World; Yes, 22 Million Unsafe Abortions, With An Estimated 47,000 Dying From It;
And Accordingly At Least Millions of Complications Ranging From Harm to Permanent Disability Relates

A Different Part of Morality

Than Black And White Think

Of A So-Called Golden Rule

Of i Get to Live And So

Do Fetuses; Well,

Guess What; Yes,

There Are Mothers;

There is Harm;

Yes, There is Raping;

And Yes, There is Maiming

And Killing That Are part of the

Unsafe Abortion That Is Going to Happen,

No Matter What Opinions Come And Go on

At Brick And Mortar Church/State Level; or on,

HAha, Discussion Board Level Same; Do the Least Harm

Is Surely An Ethical And Moral Position Remaining As Well;

It's Not Much Different Than Folks Who Morally Believe They

Should Be Able to Go Unmasked in A Deadly Pandemic; As Oh

Their Freedom Is More Important Than Spreading A Deadly Pandemic;

In This Case, The Reality That Humans Are Humans And No One is Going to

Rid Abortion Through Laws, When Human Nature is A REAL PART OF THE EQUATION

OF NATURE OVERALL; GUESS WHAT, Abortion Is A Natural Part of Life; Like It or not,

Civilized Human

Beings Will

Use Rational

Means And Technology

To Lesson the Harm, Rape,

Maiming, And Killing; Or they will

Sink to Ignorance of Third World Countries

That Most Often Put 'Church/State' Above Common Human Decency;

in Respect of the Fact That Life Takes Sacrifices For Other to Keep Living, Healthy, And Well...

Breathing Life

Takes Sanctity

Over Non-Breathing

Life among Some Folks;

Of Course With Limitation,

Of Human Development; In this

Case, Morality is Relative; Yet No One

is Gonna Win An Argument When Morality IS RELATIVE;

Some Folks Aim to Make Folks See the World, The Way they Do;

Other Folks Take the Do Least Harm Approach of a little more Cognitive Empathy As well...



There Are No
Winners When The

Blood Flows on Either

Side of 'This Moral Equation';

Yet What There is, is the Ability

To Do Least Harm; The 'WHO Figures' Are

Convincing enough, No Matter What May

Or May Have Not Happened Back In Tiny

England in the 50's and 60's; Before it Became the Bigger UK Now...

If Someone Believes Abortion is Immoral That is Surely Fine; If Someone

Believes That Those 47,000 or so Women Dying And Millions Suffering Harm

And Maiming is Okay, i For one Believe that is Morally Reprehensible; Different

Strokes for Different Folks; Perhaps it's A Matter of How Much Pain And Suffering

The One Who Views

The Topic At Hand

Has Actually


And Experienced in Life;

Hmm.. Tends to Flavor Life

With Do Least Harm, At least in

my Case...


In Regard to All BREATHING Life And NATURE IT Stands UP on...

Other Than That Abortions Are At the Lowest Rates Since 1973,

In The United States; Credit Lifting Blinds Of Ignorance And Doing What Works

To Actually Effect Improvements in Life Standards For All That And Who are Considered...

Effecting Ignorance

In 'The Name

Of Morality'

Isn't Going to

Lessen The Pain,

Misery, Suffering, Maiming, And Death....

SMiLes only Moved once in my Life to Tallahassee

to Be Closer to my Father And Go to Private Catholic

School There For A Year OMG on the Autism Spectrum
Then And So Overwhelmed Naturally By All That Was in
The Environment That Was Particularly Challenging then

As Oh my Gosh the School Was So Much More Advanced
Than The Little Two Story Elementary School Building Relatively
Speaking That Also Held My Mother’s High School in Our Small Town
Just A Walk up the Hill From Our Small Century Old Home DownTown on the River Bank

Yet of Course Riches

Living With Nature
Even though We Didn’t
Even Have A Black And White
TV Until We came Back From Our

Year Stay in Tallahassee And That Two Story
Building Also Housed The First Junior College i
Attended Somewhat of a Small Sheltered Life Indeed

Anyway So far Behind in That Private Catholic School
in Second Grade The Teachers Did Award me Wittiest
Child of Second Grade And Haha There Was no Google

Then i Wasn’t Sure if that Meant Smart or Funny Yet It’s

True i surely Wasn’t Normal With SMiLes… it Was Hard

Finding Any Friends Yet by The End of the Year i Did Find

A Few And it Still Kinda Brings Nostalgic Feelings Tinged

A Little Bit With Loss Having to Leave Even New Friends

Yet Joy of Seeing Old Friends Again the Ones Who i Vied

With At the Top of the Class Before i Went to the More Advanced Place

Anyway Pleasure Always to Have you on This Side of the World FRiEnD...

Nicest Part About Hell Is Not Only Is It A Highway to Heaven
Obviously You Have Enough Love To Forgive YourDevilPlusALLOther

Ring Of Fire Dark And Light Meet Ring Of Fire Sees
Through Eclipse of Soul Breathing Again Heaven’s

Aroma Loving

All That Is Dark And Light Starts And Ends Begins Again Within
For Real If i Die Today Most Blessed With Hell To Enter Heaven Within

All That Is Dark And Light Starts And Ends Begins Again Within For
Real If i Die Today Most Blessed With Hell To Enter Heaven Within

LeSSoN 364 Emerging
Life Sees Night As Day
Happy Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse

i Understand in Parts
Of Canada Visible

Not Here Yet
There Are

Still Glory
And Beauty
Of Flowers

RiSinG At

Night Emerging

From Blooms

By Touch of

God’s Hand All
Colors i Remember
You Love The Color Red

SMiles on Fire Particulary
In A Dress With Moon Smiling



For True
Sun Never
Really Goes Away

Blooms Reflecting Truth At Night...

SMiles Monica Thanks
For AsKinG 61 And Still
Breathing i Think
Maybe i’m
To Be Old
Yet my
Seem To
FeeL iT Hope
You Are Doing Okay...

6.10.2021 Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire
Won't Be Seeing It Yet Never the
Less It Does Exist Like The Rest oF IT

Yes Doc She Loves
To Garden Thank You

"Still Planting Potatoes
With Eyes Who See And Grow"


With HeR


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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10 Jun 2021, 9:34 pm

q-tarts are inflated ego sitting ducks under a non opponent leader looking for hot girls

always trying to find a

I'm serial

fifty and sixty years of

universes greatest love

all hail

manbear pig


ooops sorry the fear is

and young people saw
that old people had it

and now a new dream
will come true and it
looks awesome


hey im coming for becca with pure thoughts :heart: :arrow: :skull:

but its hard :mrgreen:


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10 Jun 2021, 10:11 pm

The_Znof wrote:
q-tarts are inflated ego sitting ducks under a non opponent leader looking for hot girls

always trying to find a

I'm serial

fifty and sixty years of

universes greatest love

all hail

manbear pig


ooops sorry the fear is

and young people saw
that old people had it

and now a new dream
will come true and it
looks awesome


hey im coming for becca with pure thoughts :heart: :arrow: :skull:

but its hard :mrgreen:

This Is What Real Magic Looks
Like This And 298 Nights Just
Like This As The 60's Come to Visit...

Not the Decade...

The Age of

-me hEhe...

As 'They' Say

Pictures or It Didn't Happen..;)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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10 Jun 2021, 10:13 pm

thats way better than not drinking the cream, man. 8)


william blake is manbearpig

william blake killed satan


the best is yet to come becca

we all play with rockets



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10 Jun 2021, 10:39 pm

The_Znof wrote:
thats way better than not drinking the cream, man. 8)


william blake is manbearpig

william blake killed satan

"76. 4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chose none, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word."

HAha, Considering That Neuroscience

Shows Humans Basically Hallucinate

Their Reality As They Go Based on

Hallucinations They Co-Create Before;

The Symbols May Change in Meaning

As Human Hallucinations Do too; In Other

Words 'Chaos


Is Always

Open Source;

What Really Counts

Is Effective Results;

Like Still Leg Pressing Up to 1520
Pounds When One Is 61 Years of Age;

Yep, i have 1340 Pounds on YouTube At
A 90 Degree Angle Very Slowly for 100 Seconds
And 12 Reps; It's Worth Noting That The Collegiate
Record At Florida State Used to Be 1335 Pounds By Dan Kendra
Who Did One Full Actual Rep And Burst A Blood Vessel in His Eye...

And That's Only A Tip of the Iceberg of 'The Sugar Pill';

The Form Doesn't Matter; Yet Mastering the Essence of Belief is Real....

Regarding South Park And ManBearPig; i am No Climate Denier; Yet Literally i Am Called

Beast At the Military Gym; As The Young Warriors Drop Their Jaws And Say How Do You Do it....

What They Don't Understand

Is The Lion's Roar

And Strike

For Kill

Is preceded

By Total Calm;

The Eye of the Hurricane in Grace;

Or the Center of A UniVerse; Choose The Metaphor (i.e. CHI);

As Above, So Below, Within, Inside Outside and All Around;

There Is Magic of Dance and Poetry; And Yes Effective Empirical Measurement of the Effect for Real too....

Other Than That If Ya Wanna Go in A Conservative Religious Text Way; THere is Always John 14:12 to Peruse and

Do Now...

Who Writes

The Poetry (Song) All

That Matters is the Do... Now... 'The Dance'...

It's Worth Noting There Are 2,000 More Beautiful Women to Adore in More Selfies, Hehe, With me;

You Know that Story of 'the Dude' Who Sells Beer on TV; He actually exists For Real too, HAha..;)

-Depth of the Story,

InDeed... For Real


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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10 Jun 2021, 10:47 pm

I dont wANT no power meters on my bikes, Ill just screw with my own head.

Unless maybe I could just measure backpedaling?

I aint no Sir Christopher HOy, but im not bad for a skinny guy.


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10 Jun 2021, 11:03 pm

The_Znof wrote:
I dont wANT no power meters on my bikes, Ill just screw with my own head.

Unless maybe I could just measure backpedaling?

I aint no Sir Christopher HOy, but im not bad for a skinny guy.

Hehe, At 242 Pounds

i'm Way too Heavy to Run;

Yet It's True Not too Heavy to
Float Dancing On Terrestrial Land;

Mixing Martial Arts And Ballet; Feather in the

Wind Back to the Lion With Grace of Chi Before 'The Kill'...



A Lover

Not A Fighter

At Least that's

What 'All The Women' Profess... Let

me Look Around i'll Find A Before

Photo of me At 5 Foot 10, in 8th

Grade At 120 Pounds; Last Kid

Picked in Sports Typical Asperger's

Stereotypical Story; And Then Came The

Cocoon And Butterfly Heavy; Yet Never the Less Fly...

Hey, i Just Had to Scan Through A Thousand Photos of
Beautiful Women With Me to Fish it Out of the 'Beauty Parlor'...

By The Way, i Sort of Recollect You From the Past Here; it seems...

And That's

All i'll Say

About That...

Anyway Thanks For
Dropping By This Fit
in Quite Nicely With 'Depth of The Story'..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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11 Jun 2021, 12:15 am

thanks for goosing me dude :o


Meanwhile as far as women are concerned, before retirement Australian Anna Meares could generate over 1800 watts of power in a bike sprint. For the record, the 11-time UCI World Champion and double Olympic Champion - could press 235kg with one leg.



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11 Jun 2021, 12:48 am

The_Znof wrote:
thanks for goosing me dude :o


Meanwhile as far as women are concerned, before retirement Australian Anna Meares could generate over 1800 watts of power in a bike sprint. For the record, the 11-time UCI World Champion and double Olympic Champion - could press 235kg with one leg.


True, As Even Science Shows And the
Rather 'Simple Minded' Scientific Method,
IF Humans Use Their Potential, They (We) Do Have
Potential Still NOW to Be as Strong

As Orangutans As Classical Evolution

Works Very Slow; It is CuLTuRE That Makes

Humanity So 'Soft'; Not even coming Close to

All Human Potentials; that Will never Be Ascribed

To Words of Abstract Constructs Alone; For We Hold

The Evolution
Of Existence



It is Simply

What's Forgotten/Hidden Revealed...

Impossible iS A Word; An Abstract Construct; i rid Myself of Long

Ago; And i Surely Reap the Benefits As the Empirical Record Shows i'mPossible..

Which May Actually

Mean You Still

Are 'Possible'

too; A Bit of

Good News InDeed...

Oh By Doing it my Way, The

Song You Picked Out, 'The Best

Is Yet to Come', Worked Out Just
Perfect Enough Like ReaL MaGiC too..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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11 Jun 2021, 4:38 pm

Eyes Blazing Flames Sun Above Bare
Feet Burnished Brown Below Ground
Not Too Hard to Make A Revelation Real...

Thanks Sohair... See ya Later WiTH WiNDs...


To get BacK in

Bed to Hug me...

What are You
Doing! You’re
SuPPosed to
Be Hugging me!

It’s Almost Impossible Until One
Finds One Who Finds A Way to Look For Soul

World More Than Stage
All Feelings
Beyond Play

Deer in the Forest River
Hammer Head Sharks
In the Sky True You
Capture Lust And

Love Connecting

Quite Well in your

Poem Hammer Head

Sharks Falling From the

Sky As Rivers Rise to Dear Height




To Come

Yet With


Warm Practice Love Wins

Entire War of Love Still Coming

Mariana Jets Thunder Sky Enlightening
Freer Loving Surviving Thriving Heat Now

Or Days of Cold As Ice Snows Upon Souls...

SMiLes Your Blog
Is Always Informative
And Interesting Thanks...

First of All to Answer Your Question

Love You Doc Your Blog Is Always

Stimulating And True Life

Doesn't Have to

Be All 'Flowery'

to Be Stimulating

Either As There is Dopamine,
Serotonin Neurochemical Stimulation
And Oxytocin Neurohormone Stimulation
And 'Adrenaline' That is Related All Over the Body Where

(And Much More Generally Speaking These Are A Common Four)

Oxytocin Receptors Are Located Even on Bottoms of Our Feet Hehe Yes Soles

Of Our Feet Have "Soul" Of Course Oxytocin is the Social Empathic Bonding
Hormone of Love Commonly Mammals Share That Feed By Breast And to me

It Seems Like You Kinda Answered Your Own Question of How the Heart

Actually Is Part of Our Emotional Experience in Heart Pain Experienced

And Yes There Is the Comfort Of Our Feet When We Feel Grounded in

The Neurohormone Oxytocin IN Bonding Social Empathic Love

And Of Course There is the Vagal Nerve Reaching From

Brain to Gut Indeed Our Experience of Body

And Mind Is Interconnecting Always

Without One Or the Other

Emotions Are Lost

Rarely Does that Happen

to Humans And As My Neuroscientist

Psychiatrist Relates it's Much More Common

On The Autism Spectrum as i surely Experienced

Life that way Truly in Hell On Earth For 66 Months

No Drug Would work He Wanted to Implant A Vagal

Nerve Stimulator As Treatment that my Insurance

Company Wouldn't Pay For of Course the

Vagal Nerve Is Part of the Central
Nervous System Yet Surely

Not Limited to the Brain

As His Plan Was to

Implant a Stimulator in my

Chest Yes it was Just that Bad

Hehe Like a Tin Man For Real Who Needed

A Feeling Ticker in His Chest... And On Top of that
Science Now Shows That Moving Meditation From Head

to Toe Not Only Integrates Senses Yet Regulates Emotions too

i've Probably related it before Yet as You Know Doctor's Don't Give

Prescriptions Out for Jokes i Have A Prescription From A Psychiatrist

for Moving Meditation to Regulate my Emotions and Integrate my

Senses Both For Autism And Bi-Polar Disorder too as My

Doctor Affirms For Some Folks That's all that is

Required to Alleviate Unwanted

Deleterious Symptoms

Associated With

Both Disorders IF Not for That

Therapy i'd Still be Mostly Living

As Half A Human It's True There is Such a Thing

As Living In Your Head without the Rest of Emotions

Working From Head to Toe And it is A Whole Body And Mind

Interaction A Synergy of Real Flesh and Blood Soul if Ya care

to Use that Metaphor For Real too and the part About Feeling

The Pain and Pleasure of Others Yes Mirror Neurons Very Sensitive
As i have Naturally As Born Close to Mirror-Neuron-Touch-Synesthesia

Definitely May Be Considered As Real Flesh and Blood Spirit Reaching

Out And Receiving The Feelings of Others Both Pleasure And Pain of

Course Mileage Varies Based on Make and Model of Vehicle and

Vessel of Human Being And Science Also Shows That We Have

the Potential to Increase Either Our Systemizing or Social

Empathic Artistic 'Spiritual' 'Soul' Intelligences

With 'Heart; All Metaphors of Course that

Generally Describe the

Entire Mind And

Body Connection

From Head to Toe in Process

With Other Humans in our Environment

And Yes the Rest of Nature Now True too

Yet Science Also Shows To Do One Part

of Human Potential Intelligence This Way Exclusively

In Life Withers Away the Other Potential Like Truly A

Metaphor of Yin and Yang Out of Balance; True Experience

Teaches Much And In Some Ways Science is finally Catching

Up on What Humans Have intuited is True All Along It's not Woo

It's Real Flesh and Blood Spirit Heart and Soul as Metaphor

Or No Metaphor or Even Words At all as We Humans

Are Much More Than Our Thinking Mind Alone as

Science Suggests Word Think Consciousness

Only Comprises About 5 Percent of

Total Mind in How That

Relates Subconsciously

From Head to Toe in Balance or Not Now

Generally Speaking Doctors are Very Systemizing

As Scientists Are Usually Somewhere on a Broader Autism Phenotype too...

Hehe, i Can Actually Hear it in Your Voice Relatively Speaking As An Empath, Yes

All Real Flesh and Blood Some Humans Exercise the Potentials Others do not...

And As Science Shows Some Humans Seem to Be Born Without This Potential

As Life Surely isn't Fair and After Experiencing No Emotions Then From Head

to toe i Surely Enjoy my 'Spidey Feelings And Senses' Born As Such Reborn Now...

SMiLes, Yes

To ME AT Least;

It's No Debate,

If The Crux

of the Debate

Is Relative Morality;

i Don't Debate, HEhe;

You Can't Force me to Debate Either With SMiLes;

i Actually DO Philosophy And Offer Opinions; Yet of

Course, i Don't Expect Anyone to Even Read Them Now;

i'm Inspired By ALL Other Opinions, What i See As DarK oR LiGHT Same,

Not 'People' Here in Any Competition; i Gave That Up in 'Grade-School';

Basically it Didn't Seem Fair; It Was Just too Easy for me in 'Grade School';


i Am



Whole As Is;

i Generate my

Own Wins Within aT Ease,

God YeS ETernAlly Now; Holy
Creative Sacred Spirit Breathing Real...

Happy Friday
And Weekend to
You too Aloha


All Bright

Green And

Coloring Sunny

In Florida Forest


For All Furry
Winged And
More Legged Creatures...

i Have the Patience to Listen to Whatever
'Temperament' Comes For 3 Hours;

True though; i'll Also Be Doing
Something Else Constructive

too Yes, Like Getting Exercise

With Family Walking Around
The Block While Listening to it; or
Driving in A Car; For Me It's All in

The Doing; Something At Least;

Yet i Surely Don't Mind Listening

To Something 'Iffy' to Potentially Learn Something at least New;

On the Other Hand; We Are Talking About What 1 Percent or

Less of the Population, Actually Even Has the Capacity to Do....

It’s Like You; i have No Problem Understanding You; Or Basically

Anyone Else; Are Many Folks Similarly 'Blessed', iN A Word, No;

Go Figure,



Now Is Born

First 'Hyperlexic'

Decoding Old Symbols And
Creating New Symbols With Ease;

And Yes Building on it For 6 Decades,

Instead of Letting it All Fall Down; Yes, A

Key In Life Is Learning to Find Bliss in What

Ever Makes Ya Feel Uncomfortable in Life;

i'm More About 'Potential' Still Coming Now;


Ain't in my

Or Shortened Acronym Life...

Yet Again Being Financially

Independent And in Stellar

Health Still At Age 61 Beyond

Folks 4 Decades my Junior Does

Bring Privilege Not Many Folks Have OR Earn Now;

Go Figure, Just Part of The All Natural Rewards of my Philosophy of Life;

While Folks Were Getting Drunk Every Friday Night, i Kept Building A Sober Soul of Creativity,

at Least

Later in
Life than
my Late

Teens And Mid-Twenties...

So Many Distractions; So Many Frigging
Distractions; Focusing on One Task in Flow, is What Makes Potential Even Possible

And Being Able to Focus on What You Don't Like At First Makes A Whole Cake Icing...

"3 Simple Ways to Save
The World in Over 3 Hours"

With A Dude Who Cannot Seem to

Even Control His Temperament in the Video;

Perhaps Start From the Root Problem, Now; Yes,

Might Help to Get A Simple Message through....

In Short, 'Ivermectin', An Existing Drug Is Being
Studied As Adjunctive

Potential Therapy

For Covid-19;

And Yes, There Are

Rare Side Effects Associated

With the Pandemic Vaccines Like

All Vaccines; 'Mr. Brett' Has 312 Thousand

Subscribers And the Few Who Viewed 'the

Video', All 116 Thousand Who Endured the Live Stream,
Are the Ones Complaining All About Style over
Substance in the Comments Section For The

Loud Mouth Dude to Take A Chill Pill;

Not Many

Folks Are

Gonna Take

This Serious;

And Most of the Ones

Who Are Gonna Watch

It belong to Just Another

YouTube Religion of 'Mr. Brett'...

Most Folks Are Gonna Check the Comments
Section Really Quick And Say Hell No, Ain't wasting my 3 Hours

And Where Are the '3 Simple Ways of Saving the World' in the
Description, if they Are Really Simple Ways of Saving the World...

And Ya Really Wanna Get the Message Out Quick!

True Ya
Off of Advertisements

In Adsense/Patreon/Whatever Bucks off the Congregation in Over

3 Hours By Those Who Follow You Without Missing A 'Church Service'...

There Are Two Reasons to Do it this way; Yes, Make Money, Or 'Kill Time'....

Do Any of 'These People' Realize Science Assesses The Average Attention Span

of Human Beings at Less Than that of a Gold Fish; If They Do, The Entire Endeavor

Is Not Sincere

In Getting

A Message Out

to the So-Called 'Masses'

That was Really the Funniest

Part, 'Share This With the General Public.'...

Anyway That's What Happens When Ya Put 'Nerds' In 'Ivory Towers' In Charge of PR....

Hehe, i Listened to the Video At '100X Speed'; Just Read the Comments At 20x Speed...

Meanwhile, Truly Rational

People Are Getting



to Normal Living;

Yes, Side Effects

Are Reported

As Usually Better Than

Dying And Long Haul Symptoms...
Whether or Not this Is a Conspiracy
Theory Or Not; Those of that Ilk Will use it as such....

And Most Any Rational Person Will See The Participants

Interact And Say Ain't watching It anymore...


Killing Time'...

And Yes Obviously

The Folks In China

Are Smarter Than Americans, overall,

At Least As Far as 'Trump Life' Goes;

IF It's A 'Free Market World'; If Their Merit

Goes Further Than 'US' 'They' get on 'top'...




Gold Fish Life Rules....

Yes, Where Are the 'Cliff' Notes, 'Norm'...

TaKinG The Opinion of Any Non-Health Professional;
A Nice Enough, Yet Faceless Avatar on the Internet,

Over the Global World Health Organization's Findings;

Or A Faceless Avatar's Personal Morality

As So-Called


Above Any





Is Non-Sensical

At Best And Amusing At Worst...

Yet True, i Enjoy Dipping my Feet

In All Waters of the Ocean Whole...



Fun to me...

Kinda Like Leg
Pressing Up to
1520 Pounds at
Age 61; Just Another

Special Interest to 'Kill'

TiMe; Hehe, God Yes

Eternally NoW In Flow;

Let's Call This Philosophy,

Personal Ones at THaT Yes; Yet

To Call It Debate is A Misnomer at Worst...

Having It All Whole Complete Enough; Competitions

Are For Others, Like Fear And Other Empty Associations, of Existence Now.



i Just Did'...

Hint, Clue:
Killing TiME AGAiN

SMiLes Dear The Thing About Blogging Is Our Words
Last As Long As We Leave Them Be With No Time

Hehe Known You For About 6 Years

Now Since Summer of 2015

And HAha i Scrolled

All the Way Down

To the Bottom of Your

Home Page to Find You Started

Here on Word Press on Christmas Day

Of 2014 True Been Here Most of Your Online

Existence And Yes Probably One of Few Who

Ever Read Your Other Short Lived Blog On Blogspot

As Sadly That Place is Kinda Lonely As There is No

Real Social Network That Works Well to Connect

to Others Anyway i Remember How i met

You Here Through Prajakta's

Blog You Liked

One of

My Blog

Posts Seeing

Me on Her Page

And i Visited Your Page

And i Was Impressed How You

Paid So Much Care to Each And Every

Person Like They Were Your FRiEnD Then

SMiLes Dear The Real Secret of Happiness

Is Treating Old Friends As New Friends And

New Friends As Old Friends That Way No one Grows Old...

Yet It's True That Flame Must Continue to Live Within to Grow...

This Is A Practice of Life Similar to Auditing And Accounting my FRiEnD

Work of

Love We

Don't Lose

Our Youth

When We Make

That Our Great Work of Life..

And Of Course i've Been Lost

For Decades in the Other Place

It's What 'the World Does Now 'BesT' i Pray
You Don't Have to Go too Far That Way Keep
SMiLing Keep Giving Don't Give Up the Give Keep

Now Of Breath's Love...

Hehe And Yes i Realize

This Is A Super Extravert

Voicing This Opinion Now to

A Super Introvert Yes Mileage

Does Vary Depending On Make

And Model of Human Vessel And Vehicle
Being Not Surprising Internal Reflection Is Your

Number One Yes me too Yet i Look To Nature Most

Is THeRE A Difference Not Really It Seems As True We aRE ALL Nature...

As In the Rest of the Animal

Kingdom Some Observed

Rovers (80 Percent)



(20 Percent)

Ironically Yes

My Super Introverted
FRiEnD Seems to Be

Super Rover too Globe Trotting

True A Bit of Both You are too...

"Internal Reflection


No Longer Decoding Happyness From:

Before Doing Happiness Now to:

Giving Reflecting Sunshine

NoW On Others



Whole Enough Complete

Now Giving Says It All Real
For Giving Thanks Giving Now...

DarK Makes LiGHT

It's All Relative

And It's All



And Enough Now

When We Realize

We aRe DarK LiGHT All (GoD)

Yet of Course it's More Than
'THiNK' It is Bliss And Nirvana

Eternally Now How to Get THeRE

i Dance Sing Free FLoWinG With Wings
And Fur It All Falls Rises Wave Water
Ocean Whole in Eternal PLaCE Now DarK iS LiGHT

Hehe in Other Words THiS Ain't A Dam Science Project

Alone ALWaYS Worth ReMeMBeRinG Art is 60 Percent

of smART And heART LiTeRaLLY So If Not All You (We) ReAlly

Have Left is the 'TRuMP MeMe' of S And M And HE Yuck! HeLL oN EartH NoW!...

HeHE ALways At Your

'Whoever' Controls 'The Story'

Controls 'The World' After all Now Is Said

And Done The World Is Culture, Language

Is Culture; The Story Is Words, Abstract Constructs;

Yes Symbols We Co-Create, Give And Share in Hopes

of Mutual and Consensual Understanding of Reality Now;

It's Predictable; Go Look At Counties of the

United States; The Correlation Is

Clear; Wherever You

Find High


of 'Trump Voters'

You Find High Percentages

of Conspiracy Theory Believers

With Lowest Percentage of Vaccination Rates;

My County in the Land of 'Matt Gaetz' And Associated

'REAL SEX TRAFFICKinG RINGS' in The Florida Panhandle of Trump;

Yes, My County Is Currently Still Stagnating At 32 Percent Fully Vaccinated Rates;

Still As Low as Below 20 Percent in Some Counties of Northwest Florida Panhandle Stay;

True, Go to the Counties With the Most Churches Per Square Mile of the So-Called

Christian Colors and Varieties thereof and Find the Same Correlation With

Trump Voters, Conspiracy Theorists, And Other Blinds Of Ignorance With

Veiled Pulled Up High; And Oh Lord Even the So-Called

Medical Professionals too, in Other Trump Places

And Conspiracy Theory Mentalities too;

Like The Medical Professional

on TV Yesterday, Standing in a Hearing

Straight Faced; Trying to Convince Folks That the

Vaccine Turns Folks Magnetic, Sticking A Key to Her

Chest and A Bobby Pin Falling Off Her Neck over and

Over with a straight Face; the Trump Audience Buying the

Whole Show of Conspiracy Theory Ignorance; Yet Let's Remember, Bringing

Up Folks Brain Washed in Church; This Life; This Human Body; This Reality is

Spoon-Fed As Second to Third to No Rate As All About Life is Reduced to A Dirt

Nap of the So-Called 'After Life'; 'Just More Promises of 72 Virgins For Suicide Bombers'

For True the Ignorance Continues in All Areas of Life This Way too; Just Colored With

Slower Suicide Over A Lifetime That Never Feels Real; Just Out of Touch With Reality

In the Other Stories Spoon Fed And Continually Changed From Pews Still Now;

i Study it; It's Fascinating; Just Heard A Priest Do A Facebook Video

Stream Where Obviously All that He Has Left is A Grey Haired Sparse
Crowd Still Buying The Paradise Land In Swamps of Arizona

As He Was Explaining Revelation As A Literal Story

Where He Was Convincing the Grey Hairs Well (iN

HeLL ON EartH)

That the Original So-Called 'John the

Baptist' Dictated Revelation

With Poor Eye Sight

to a Scribe When He Was 99 Years-Old;

For You See Again Story Rules; Although

Some Others Kind of Get the Idea that it is better

And More Efficient; Yes more Effective Now To Write, Play,

And Act Their Own Stories of Life; Meanwhile, Folks Are Still

Getting Spoon-Fed in Their High-Low-Chairs With Veils; Yes Bibs

oF iGnorance; Covering All That Takes Their Life Away For a Real Potential Heaven Now...

Hey, Lesson 101 'Class', Human

Beings Basically


Their Realities

As They Go As Neuroscience

Shows Based on the Realities

They Hallucinate And Co-Create Before;

If The Last Few Years Doesn't Prove that; Nothing

Ever Will; And Of course the Beast and the Beauty of the Story

Continues to Rule All Who Fall Under the Influence of Others (THEiR Stories)

Best thing about

Being Outcast



You Don't Get

So Trapped in Everyone

Else's Bull Stuff; You Get to

Really Breathe Like the Rest of

Nature That Comes Pre-packed
With Freedom Wings and Fur....

No Thanks; i'll Take Furry Beast
With Wings Any Day More than "Hairless Ape"....

Eyes Blazing Flames Sun Above Bare
Feet Burnished Brown Below Ground

Not Too Hard to Make A Revelation Real...

It Already Happened; Human Archetypes
Come And Go And Return Again...

And At Least

With Humans

As Evolved

Now Story Rules;

And Non-Verbal Language
of Dance Still Speaks Soul Most...

Flame Within Sun Above Ground Below Just Human


NaTuRE ALL (GoD) NoW...

Only LeSSoN Plan i Suggest

Write 'Your' Own God D8mned

Story Make The Hell Heaven If You Can And Will... NOW

Better Yet Play It; Act it For Real Now; Make It EPiC iF 'You' Can And Will Now..

Cause If You Do Not; Someone Else Surely Will Write it For You; And You Will Be Just Another

One of The Actors in Their Play (A Slave)

Or Even



A Spectator;

An Audience

Member Behind A Screen...

Not Even A Slave; Just A Part
of A Screen (Scream) Painting...

Surely Been A Part of 'The Other Place' too...

Either Way We Breathe; Yet THere Are Greater Ways to 'See'... to Be... 'i Am'...

Eyes Blazing Flames Sun Above Bare
Feet Burnished Brown Below Ground
Not Too Hard to Make A Revelation Real...

Oops LeSSoN 366 i Did It Again
Two LeSSoN 364’s Second One
Shy Of A Year Oh Dear What Does
This Mean Every DaY A Year

NoW Eternally


We Be...

LeSSoN 365 is 366

Two Hands
Become One
Twice As Happy
Prayer Together Soul Savvy...

Always A Wave
To Fall Always
A Wave We Rise
SMiLes Doc Ride...

Glad You Survived
Dear Cherie
Keep SMiling...

Better Than Ever
You Go Vita Go...

Of Love
Waters me Yeka...

LeSSoN 364 One Day
Shy Of A Whole Year
Flowers New Coloring
All Days Beautiful Blooms

Nice to See You Painting
Your Blog Anew i Surely
Would Have Missed You




Every Where

You Go Always So Loved

Why? You Bloom All Worlds New...

Eyes Blazing Flames Sun Above Bare
Feet Burnished Brown Below Ground
Not Too Hard to Make A Revelation Real...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
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13 Jun 2021, 12:46 am

JusT ANoTHeR Cheer Lead
to: Love From: THiS WaY at Least

That's Golden Cute HeHe Ya Sure Ya Wanna Be Cute
What About Being Back In All Black Again With SMiles

ReMeMBeR Having Never Ending
Headache As Big 'As That Red Globe

Building Fast Food Restaurant

At The Beach' TG




A Never Ending
"Nether Land Bible" Story 7 MiLLioN
Words in 5 Years; With "FB Profile Pic
Bible" 5.4 MiLLioN Words in 4 Years; And Yes

OverAll Longest EPiC Long Form Poem "SonG
oF mY SoUL" Parent Bible of the Other Two Subchapter

Long Form Poems All Inclusive 9.3 MiLLioN Words in 93 months

ALong with Grand Cross Bibles 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,
2020 All Those Subchapter Bibles Completed in Months
Tween Memorial Day And Christmas Day All Those Years

As Yes They Too Are All Individual Subchapter Bibles
Longer Than the King James Somewhat Miniscule Effort

Hehe If You Are Counting That Makes Eight Titled Bibles
Bigger As Titled And Measured in Words than The King
James Size Effort Yet There is Two More too "1.82M WorD
As That Subchapter Bible of "Nether Land
Bible" Surpassed The World Wide Record

For Recorded Long Form Poems

Gaining First Place over

The Indian Centuries

Long Try With


Authors Creating the
Mahābhārata Then at
1.8 MiLLioN Words As That

Effort (Mine)Took 13.6 Months to Create

And Finally "PHI Bible" the First Subchapter

Titled Bible of "Nether Land Bible" Where by

Coincidence And Truly Miraculous Synchronicity

That Long Form Poem Bible Poem Subchapter

Rose to the PHI Ratio Number of MiLLioNS

Of Words at 1.618 MiLLioN Words in

Precisely 365 Days of Effort

Yes One Year And Twice

As Large As The

Old King

James Size Effort Sow

Why Do i Do This? Cause

i Can Will And Do iN Flow of HEaVeN ETeRNaLLY

Now Just Another Big Fish in A Net Ocean Water Wave Whole

So Yep That Makes "SonG oF mY SoUL" A Complete Titled

10 Bibles Definitely 10 Times And Almost 12 Times

Larger Overall Than The King James Size Effort

And Oh Yeah Almost 120 Times Larger Than

The Old Quran That Took 23 Years to

Receive And Much Longer to Put

Into Print With About

2,000 Words of

Vocabularly Yet i Will
Not Lie The Authors Of
None of those Books in Oral
Tradition Likely Had A Pen to
Write Any Word Done Illiterate As such

Most All of Those Efforts Required Ghost Authors
And Scribes to Copy By Hand True i Have the Advantage

i Will Do it Practially Blind-Folded in Bed With 1 Finger
And An iPhone to Send Around An Entire Globe Through
This Fiber Optic Cable at The Speed oF LiGHT As i Fit
All 242 Pounds of my SoUL And More Through

This Fiber Optic Cable

As i Go With

This Love

Train Now

All Aboard For

Those Who Wanna

See How Real Bible

Writing Works in Real Time

Now As i Write Most of the Verse

In Reverse On Facebook Too HAha

And of Course All Around A Globe And
My God Even With a "Depth of the Story"
Subchapter Bible Traveling Over 500,000 Words

On 'The Wrong Planet' in 10 Months Online Too

That Will Soon Measure The Space of An Old King James

Effort of A New Testament Named Subchapter or Bible Form

Doesn't Matter Essence of the Holy Creative Spirit For Real

Every Breath i Take Now of that Coming To Page For Real

Just by Little Old me As i've Seen What Happens When

Ghost Authors And Scribes Take Charge Ain't

No One F iN This One Up Yet me


Fred HAha..

Or Whatever Other

Name i Choose for This Day...

Again Form Matters Not Essence Comes Spirit Wind Free...

Anyway "15,000 Miles oF Public Dancing" Is Also Coming

This Weekend As At 14,988 Miles Now All i Need is

12 More Miles That Will Surely Happen As Store

Dance Coming Next Today and Tommorrow

All Afternoon Through Evening And a Bit

At Church too Hehe Already Have A

Few Present Videos Taken by

Personal Video Maker

By Wife Katrina too

Yet First Things

First as i Start

To Conclude "Netherland
Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old"....

For Anyone Who Doubts
IT, Science Shows




Are Equal Powers

of Human Belief That

Do Enhance Human Healing

And DisEase; Let's Not Get All Wrapped

Up Lost in Forms; There is Positive Energy

And Negative Energy In Our Bodies; Also Known,

Better Yet Felt And Sensed Now As Our Emotions For

Real; All the Bio-Chemical-Hormonal-Neuronal-Electrical

Energy From Head to Toe; HoW This Works All Together With

Human Consciousness/Subconsciousness, Science Does Not

Really Understand Fully;

However, the Results Are

Empirically Measured


Per Terms

of Placebo

And Nocebo

For Real; CaLL iT

White Magic And Prayers;

And Black Magic And Voodoo,

If Ya Wanna; Yet if Ya Doubt

'The Force' (Energy) of Both Placebo and Nocebo

And Do Not Use Positive Energy to Your Advantage;

Fall Baby Fall Into Other Rabbit Holes As You May Go....

Science Measures Placebo And Nocebo in Terms of Medicine...

'Science' Has No 'Idea' Just How Far Either Real Effect Will Go...

i'll Get Back

With Ya

On that (This) Soon
And Sooner too Haha...

Obviously, Per 'the Poetry

Shared Earlier' Associated With

'Black Magic' And 'A Sucker Born

Every Minute', Donald J Trump Used

The Negative Energy of Fear and Scarcity

To Employ That Nocebo Force And Let's Just

Say An Entire Country Got More Ill Than It Needed to Be Through

That Negative Energy And All the Ignorance Used in Fear And Scarcity Bred Real...

'The Folks'


Came Out

of 'the


Unafraid With their

Dear Demagogue

Despicable Leader Yes

Dark Came Out in Light
For The Entire World to See...

True, There Are More Positive
Ways of Real 'White Magic' in Life;
God Yes, THAT Positive Energy Makes Life Brighter

Or Do

Ya Have

Enough Common

Sense And Feel Now

To Figure this out Without a Text Book, Haha

or Bible, Or Other Standard Show of Control;

Considering That Neuroscience Shows Humans

Basically Hallucinate Their Reality As They Go, Based

On Experiences They Hallucinate Co-Creating Before As

Their Whole Reality; Life is a Bit Like 'Chaos Magic'; Some Folks

Take the Road Up




to the Other Place Further Down...

And if 'Trump-Life' Doesn't Prove

'That Place Exists'; Ain't No Convincing Anyone Other Wise...

As Far as Aleister Crowley Goes, Obviously He Was Just Taking

The Piss Out of Fools, A Bit 'Dark Triad' AS Such too As An Addict too...



Story in Degrees
of DarK And LiGHT...

This SH8T is aS Old
As the Human Condition is Still Young...

Anyway, Got A 'Love Train' To Catch See Ya

Later; i Am no Fool Now, i Use Placebo to My Full

Advantage And Per Case Study Life is VERY, VERY, VERY, GOOD;


Don't Forget

When i Was

in 'Nocebo'

Life i Was Shut-in,

In My Bedroom For

66 Months With The
Worst Pain Known to Humankind
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From
Wake to Sleep Along with a Synergy

of 18 Other Life Threatening Mostly

Negative Work Related Stress Disorders

Per 'Autism Burn-Out'; Let's Just Say 93 Months And Some

Days Later too, Placebo Works Much Better With a little Expertise;

It Doesn't Come in Any Bibles or Books Or 'Books of the Law'; All Generated Within...

Yet It's True, Where i'm From Now; Love is the Only Way of Will That Makes All the Heaven Real...

That Only



Feel And Sense

to Figure Out;

HAha, Old Aleister

Crowley Used The

Voodoo Nocebo Parts to Control Others

to Get His Sex And Drug Addict Fixes

Mixing Carrots And Sticks Common
Practice for that ULTiMaTE Effect of
Domination Dark Triad Style Yet

It's True, It Worked A Little Bit for him too....

While Others Fell Around Him Like 'Trump Dominoes' too....

If Ya Discount The Force of 'Black Magic', Ya May Fall into the 'Trump Trap';

No Matter Which Side of the Other Places You Currently Reside; Doubt it Not;
Trump Was a "Master'

'That Way' Of the

'Dark Force'


His Lonesome...

Yet You See Those Who

Don't Understand the

Real Light And Dark

Forces of Life Are Lost
in A Worst Kind of Ignorance on Either 'Side'...

To Be Clear, Trump Just Mastered The Effect of Nocebo on the 'Masses' (Minions)

And Hehe, It's Worth Noting That There Are Minions Associated With Placebo too...

Just Really Happy Minions; Thousands of Photos Provided With An Old Dude For Evidence on Demand...

Basically All i Have to Do is Dance, Sing Poetry, And Smile; And Truly i Don't Even Have to Say A Word As the Evidence



iLLustrates With SMiLes..

Positive Energy Changes
the Human Environment At Hand...

Do i Really Have to Even Say it... Oh Lord...

As Negative Energy Makes Everything Go S88KY;

Except Those Who Are Vaccinated Against it With Placebo More Powerful Now!

Hehe, Meanwhile, Folks Are Trying To Figure Out Life With Abstract Constructs, Illusions they create...



If Ya Wilt...

If it Doesn't

Exist on A Naked

Beach, Greater to Discount

IT Dark OR Light; TWiLiGHT Is Where It's At....

In Other Words, Master of DarK And LiGHT (Friends With Gravity in Balance) Living in

Sweet Spots of Flow Tween Apathy And Anxiety Now; 'Science' Ain't 'lying' about this either...

Yet if Ya Don't Experience The Feeling, Sensing, Reality; None Of These Words Are Even Worthwhile...


Word Salad

For Those Without

Any Living Fruits And Vegetables Within

To Sow, Harvest, And Reap Continually Light

Force Eternally Now; Real Placebo Generated Heaven
Within With Lots of Meditation In Flow of Dance And Poetry Song Continually too...

In Other Words, ThiS Ain't No Free Ride; IT IS A Great Work of Loving Life Always Now...

Oh Yeah,

And Drug
Free too;

The Down
Fall So Many

Like Aleister Crowley

Take For A Short Cut Life

Sow i DO Reaping Both Wheat Over THere Chaff HeaR

Dear John 14:12 Provides A Still Coming Hint Now Then FOR REAL
For What Is Required to Actually Pick Up The Ball And Do the DO

i Thought it Might Be Interesting Now For Someone to Exist Who
Actually Writes 'The Book' Still Coming As Such As Noted As Well

Side Note: 'The Rainbow' Doesn't Belong To 'Noah' or The Church
Or The Priest Or Anyone

It's A Positive

Symbol For Many

Keep Cooking
Aarushi Be Safe
In India Take Care...

'They' Have No Idea An Auditor/NoteTaker/Poetic 'BookMaker'
Is In An Audience Accounting A Record Book of GoingS On Still


Hey i Have to Have Someone Now To Take Photos That Prove That
i Actually Exist in the Flesh HAha And Do All 'The Accounting' too...

Yes Dear This Is Just Another Part of Our Poetic Tri-Bible Writing
Adventure on Sunday No Different Than Mall or BookStore Dance

My Wife Just Rolled Her Eyes About The Priest's Homophobic
Comment At Church iN A Way That Says Do i Have to Go Back

SMiLes Dear Doc i LiVE iN
The Most Trump Infested
Place oF iGnorance in The
Deep South LA (Lower
Alabama Characterized
Place) in The


Of Florida

Just North
Of The Red Neck
Rivera Emerald Gulf Coast

Nature Is Beautiful Here
It’s Safe And The People
Are Nice Enough Yet



Is Face Palm
Worthy In Every
Day Ignorance on


It Makes

my Visits
Online to
Kind Open
Minded Rational
Folks Like You

A Little
Bit Of
Escape to

Paradise From The
Nature of Paradise

Here Face
Palm Forest

Thick Ignorance Hehe

Grin And 'Bare' IT i Do

i Appreciate

You Very

Much Thank You...

Pink Kettle Calling Black
Kettle Pink So Dam Easy to See Thru
Spotted At Certain Bars By Pride Relative's Friends

Nothing Much More Homophobic Than A 'Catholic Priest'
Who Makes Snide Remarks About 'Cultural Appropriation' of Noah's Rainbow

"Familiarity breeds contempt While
the absence makes the heart fonder"

Change Nature of Reality At Play

Interestingly Some Folks Have

'Default Systems'

Of Mind That

Are Lower in 'Latent

Inhibition' Which Means

The World Always Looks New

To Them More As A Child of Wonder With SMiLinG

Joy Coming Into A New Awesome World of Beauty Now

While There Will Be Greater Freer Associations And Creativity

With This Unusual Way of Human Being Sadly It Is Often Associated

With Mental Imbalances As One May Often Get Lost in Hypo Frontality

Where Creativity



To Come

Back to Reason

Of Logical Working Mind

More Frontal Cortex as such

Hypo Meaning Dampening Our

Logical Approach to Life Where Life

Becomes More Art Than Reason It is

Often those Blessed With More So-Called

Standard IQ Who Are Able to Ground Themselves

Back Out of All the Colors Anew That Spring Forth in

Every Environmental Season of Ever Changing Weather Feeling Sensing

Within So How

Relate to


Breeds Contempt' Now

It's Hard to Get Bored of

Your Wife When You See

A Brand New Work of Art

Every Now of Your Life

Hehe Not Sure

If She Sees

me the

Same Way

Yet it surely Makes

it easy to End Each Night
With a Hug the Only Advice Her

Mother Gave to Us On Our Wedding

Day on February 21st, 1990 When You
Were Probably A Very Small Girl Dear Savvy

On the Autism Spectrum This Made it Very Difficult
For Me to Handle New Environments With Lots of People's
Feelings All Around me And All the Stimulus Technology Advancing Brings

So Much Easier Now Retired As All i Have to Focus on is Dance And Song

Of Free Verse Life in Both Poetry And Dance And Of Course Seeing my

Wife More Beautiful Each And Every Day Like Every Flower i Come Across With SMiLes...

Hehe, When i Used to Work in a Bowling Center Handing Out Shoes For Almost Two Decades

As Quite Honestly That's All My Super Charged Feelings And Senses Could Handle in life then

After Earning Three College Degrees People Asked How can you Be So Happy Working Here

For All These Years the Answer is Simple Every Human is Flower Ever Changing UNiVeRSE

to Meet



With A
SMiLE That

Feels More

Colorful Every Day

True There is A UNiVeRSE

Within Much Greater Than
'Science' Will Ever Feel and Sense my FRiEnD...

My Goodness
This is Welcome
Four Times

In one

Day Your

On Fire Dear Soni

Thank You For Sharing...

Looks Delicious!
Gonna Show Some
Of Your Recipes

To Wife

For Sweet Returns...

Happy Happy
To You
Angel Muse
FRiEnD All the
All Coloring You...

My my Soni Your Artistic
Skills Keep GRoWinG

Such A Lovely


Of Colors

You Paint
Giving Free is

A Best Way Caring

Collaborating Soul Sharing
Keep GRoWinG SoUL Dear FRiEnD...

OMG Now Happily Surprised
i Really Screwed Up Hehe
i Overlooked
my Everyday
Muse’s Reply
That’s A Mortal
Sin Where i Come
From Promise to
Do Better in The
Future It’s

To Love
You if There
Wasn’t Just
A Bit of


Now And

Then The
Muse For Poetry
Just Wouldn’t Be

The Same or The Loving
All You Come To Evolve

As A Wonderful

Amazing Soulit

Young Woman

Thanks Dear



Do Make
me Feel Love
And Appreciated

Very Much True too...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda

You Are So Authentically

Humble And Honest


Will Be

So Hard to

Find In Life Today

Based on that Virtue

Alone i'd Hire You And Train

You In Every Skill if Necessary Hehe
Stay Sweet Don't Let DarK Erase Your LiGHT...

Thrice Dear



You Yes
Welcome Again...

He he
Again My
FRiEND Soni...

Pleasure Always
Visiting Your Inspiring
Words Yeka Love to


All You
Love True...


Naked God Pride Breathing All Now

Hehe... ‘This’ is my Bird
The “Ibis” Once Lived
In Egypt And Was Symbol

Of Thoth Egyptian God of
Wisdom, Knowledge, And
Writing As Many God’s And

Goddesses in Mythologies
Cross Culturally Represent

Human Virtues And Vices And
Intellectual Potentials too True

Knowledge Might Be Crystallized
And Fixed Like Facts Learned in

School or Fluid Always Coming
Up With Novel Solutions Why

They Always Named me The
Valuable Commodity At Work
The Systemizer Who Could

See And Provide Concrete
Answers That Were Rather

Simple no One Else Could
See Hehe Like A Simple Link
To Get To The WordPress Classic

Editor As The Company Purposefully Is Making it
Harder To Find As They Wanna
Phase it Out So They Can Force

Everyone to Make Simple
Short Posts That Speed up
The Platform Which Means
More Advertising Dollars
Coming in Faster For Them

Regardless of The Human
Potential That Goes Down the

Drain Yet This is The Monster
Part of Capitalism Just The

Bottom Line The Hell With
Humanity True Elegant Solutions

To Humanity’s Existential Needs
Come in Form And Essence of
Arts Feeding Human Spirit Heart
And Soul All Feelings And Senses

We Relate If
Not For The Art
Of Writing To Mutually
And Consensually Provide

Wisdom What Would i Have
To Offer A Long Distance FRiEnD

(Just Flowers And Birds Enough

And Yes Some Pics of me He He)

For 6 Years Now When We Don’t
Share The Same Culture or Work
Life oh My God What Could i


Of Value

Each Day

Where ‘They’
Still Enjoy My
Visits Enough Not
To Put My Messages
Off to See For Days For
Weeks For Years Hehe

You Know It’s True It’s
Kind of A Colder More
Distracting World That

Goes too Fast to Even
Breathe Deeper Colors
Of Life ‘These Days’ The

Word Press Block Editor
Is A Microcosm Literally

Small Of The Extinction of
The Great Bird Ibis In Egypt

For The Deeper Arts of Human
Wisdom, Knowledge, And Art of
Writing And All Other Human Arts

Coloring Souls

Soaring Spirits

Still So Alive


Too SMiles in
This Way i Keep
My Inner Ibis Alive

As The World Insists i
Become Smaller i Only

Spread my
Wings Broader

It Seems You Are
One of Few Who
Still Appreciates An

Ibis So

You Let

me Stay Around
Each Day Hehe Even
When You tell me To



HAha Tenacious
Bird i Tend to Be

It’s Not Easy To
Make FRiEnDS way



Hehe i Still
Stick My Neck

Out And Take the Chance...

As True i Am No Myth only




Up With

Novel Ways

For People to
See Me More Than
Just A Thing To Use





Like A Computer

At “Best Buy”...

Meanwhile Yes

Now iFly For Y.O.U.

(Yes i Get Around A Globe too
With So Many Stops on my Way)

Cause it Feels Good to Give...

It’s Hard in Life When You
Wanna Give So Bad Yet

You Have
Nothing To
Offer How


Is Born

How Dreams

Do Come to

Fruition How
God’s Become Human...



For Ironically
It’s True The
Myths Are only
Reminders of



Deeper Are

So We Don’t Go Extinct
Elegant Solutions They Are...



SMiLes Dear Ava i Like All the Quotes
my Favorite is Being A Lark
Singing During

Dark Days


Bird Song

Does Wonders

To Brighten



Morning Thru Evening Haze
Or Laze Chipper Chirping Plays....

iN Short: Ignorance iS A Deadliest Sin; To Go A Bit Longer, In Terms of 'ALLNoW',

Humans Through Their 'Advanced Cultures' Tend to Have 'Clothed Pride'

On the Other Hand, For Example, Lions Have Naked Pride; Tried And True

Instinctually, Intuitively, And Through Life Practices of Survive And Thrive

They Do The Do With No Bowing or Kneeling And They Surely Never Worry

About 'Homophobic Comments' As they Gracefully Traverse The Savanah As

Every Calorie Now Saved

in Graceful Balance

is A Lifeline to Eat...

Oh Lord Donald J Trump

(The God DAmmed MeMe)

Such An Example of Clothed

Pride Without All HIS Accessories

On 5th Avenue Just Standing their

Naked and Pudgy And Without An Ounce

of Empathy in Love To Give to Anyone Else

With True Compassion Who Is He More Than

Just 'A Tub of Lard', A Burger At the Fast Food Restaurants of Life...

True Clothed Pride Will Become Lost From Nature All That is Ignorance

Real in Existence At Core

Freedom of Enough




'The Lion' ACross the

Savannah Or Perhaps

'The Sheep' When They

Are Not Provided in Traps

For 'Wolves' to Easy Pick and Eat...

Yawn, Religion is A Political Device

Used to Keep 'Sheep' in Line; True Keep

'em Humble And Bowing; Keep the Voices

Low Never Roar from the Back Pew, 'WEAR A MASK!' IN MASS


DEADLY PANDEMIC! True i have Pride Enough God Yes; Yes, Self-Love

Enough, And Love For the Rest of 'The Congregation'. i am No 'Timid Soul',

i have no Fear to Stand Tall And Make the Point Clear i AM NO SHEEP;


i am


Who Does Not

Bow or Kneel to

Human Ignorance

That Harms, Rapes, Maims

And Kills at the 10:30 AM Mass

Where Masks Were only A Clothed

Option in a Deadly Pandemic, With All

The Veils oF iGnorance Clothed As False Truth;

Guess What Life is A Struggle And No Place to Bow and Kneel

WHere it Takes A Lion to Stand Tall And Overcome the Struggles in Life to Survive;

By the Way, 'Lion Kings' in the Wild Aren't Nice, They Eat Cubs, They Are Natural Born Killers

And that is Part of Nature and God the Same; False Pride is Suggesting God is All Good True

God is Love too; Yet True God is Also The Lion Who Eats Cubs too; So True That Old Psalm

of Dashing

The Child's

Head of the Opposing

Tribe Against A Stone

Is Life in the 'Big Lion Human Cities' too...

Out of Balance of Abundance Where Love Rules...

Lionesses Cooperate Most For Survival; Lions Just Bring

Home the Meat

And Reproduce....



A Purpose

For Basic Survival of Course...

i Do Not Kneel At Church; i Do Not go to

Confession; And i Go Up to Get the Little 'Peace

of Bread' Just for a Little Exercise in Church and

Sure to Get closer to Sing With Spirit to the Congregation

Up Front... Yawn... My Voice Is Powerful Enough to Be Heard

From The Back Row Anyway Hehe... i Never Give Any Money at

The Offering; in Fact, i have Empty Pockets; i never Give Money to Anyone;

i Gave/Give it all to my Wife... Just An Inconvenience That Takes My Mind off of Giving

Soul to the World

In Poetry Dance

And Song Free




Are of Soul

And The Body Holds

THiS HeART This Spirit

of Love True The Only Temple

of God i Own; Nothing Is Our Own

Truly Our Own; Yet This Naked Breath We Breathe

Standing Tall Or Kneeling And Bowing To Lesser God's

Than What Breathes Within Giving of Soul Heart Spirit is

Enough if not

The Rest of

It Already

Went to Hell With me...

Does This Temple of God

Kneel and Bend to Story Book

Characters; no, i am No Myth. i am

Human God Nature DarK Thru LiGHT All That Is

And As Far as Science Goes and Uploading Human

Consciousness For So Called Pride And Clothed Narcissism

An Oxymoron At Most As Science Has No Clue How Consciousness
Actually Works Far From Ever Understanding An Ever Changing Feeling Sensing Reality Now

And Also Even As Frigging Science Shows, Scientists Are More Often 'Rich' in Systemizing

Skills And Poor of What Comprises Social Empathic Artistic Human Intelligences Of Spirit HeART And Soul


True, If Ya Wanna

Upload Science,

Use A Text Book;

If Ya Wanna Upload Soul

WRITE A MoonLight Sonata...

Jesus F in Christ it's Already Been

Done For Real in So Many Forms of

Art Where Soul of the Creator Still Breathes in Art...

Yet It's True Moonlight Sonata's Already Been Done FOR REAL SO

i'll Do 'Frednata' Just my "SonG oF mY SoUL" Standing Tall Alone allone...




Words of Song
And Steps of Dance
Holy and Sacred The

Old Bible is Small and

Antiquated the New Bible

of Human Soul of the Entire World

Has Already Been Uploaded And Is Continually

Uploading Now if Ya Wanna See it i Suggest A Google Search FOR ALLNoW...

Lions Don't Bow and

Kneel And Neither

Do i And True

i also Conserve Every

Energy And Focus For Chi
Flow Every Step ACross the
Savannah, Forest, And Concrete Jungle Same...

Naked or





HEHE and true i
Ain't Afraid to Dance or Sing 'Here i am'...

As JustT A Parody of the Truth We aRe Nature

We aRE ALL God Those Who Use THeir Potential Standing Tall More often

Thrive; Yet AS Human Without Empathy, Compassion Loving All We Fall Divided...

More often too...

Nothing is

'Your' Own

Yet Your Naked

Breath; Someone Else's

Song or Mine Makes No Difference

All; WHere Is THere to Stand TaLLeR

Or LoWeR When We aRE ALL; No WHere
Yet Now Center Point Balance of Existence

For Real (God)


Mountain Low
Valley High Makes
No Yes Zero 'Real' Difference;

Some Folks Get Deeper Metaphors
Of the Old Bible; Yet the Reality is it is

A 'Rorschach Test' Every Part of

Reality Is We Co-Create God Now

Or PreTenD An Old TradeMarK Version Lives

In A Millstone At The Bottom of an Ocean Never Changing

Or A Man On A Cross Who Never Comes Down to Earth to Live Again

True A Metaphor For Most All Folks Still Sitting As StoneS iN Pews StagnanTOld

'Sheep' Easy PicKinG For Wolves/Popes/Priests/Pastors/Politicians/Philosophers All

Some Folks Come to Epiphany That Every Priest/Pastor/Politician/Philosopher/US

IS A 'Clothed Wizard of Oz';

Then They Or

Others Strip



Off and Return

to Nature God Freer....

True Such a Simple And

Elegant Solution Even

Provided Still in the Older Newer

Gospel of Thomas Verse 37; Just take 'IT' 'ALL' off
Set Yourself Free Standing Naked And Tall as God Is Low

Valley Mountain TaLL... Clue, Hint: ALL

"Naked God Pride Breathing All Now"(6)

See What i Just Did; All Those Words to Come Up With '6 Perfect Words'

And This iS How 'God' Continues to Evolve All Of US Now 'The Story'

Never Ending




ANoTHeR 'IBis'"(3)
NoW Naked God Pride Breathing All Now

Ironically, Ignorance;
Yes, The 'Clothed Pride'
In Christianity And Islam
And Both's Progenitor(S) in the

Middle East

And Beyond;


In One Illiterate

Man Vaulted With A Title

oF A Last Prophet of So-Called

Words of God; And the Other Earlier Messenger,

Plagiarized As Such too in the Religion Christianity

With Another Illiterate Man Vaulted in that Religion

To an Only Man God; HA HA HA SPeaKinG of Narcissistic





Over the Rest of Nature

And Provide One Man With

The Title oF A Prophet With

The Last Words of God in Reality

Yes That is A Really Much Bigger

Place Than Small Patches of Dirt in

The Middle East With Humans Who Stand As Tall Short

And No More Integral than Grains of Sand in the Desert

As Far As 'All' Goes
And Stays Now...

It's Kinda



Pride Takes

A Fall, InDeed;

As We See The Results of 'That
Kind of THiNKinG' That Is Only
Politics of Tribal Human Doing

Like the Talk In Catholic Church Yesterday

on 'Revelation' in How 'Trademark God'

Takes Care of 'HIS





Tribal Human 'Stuff';

Just Finally Printed in Books;

And Many Humans Have Fallen As Dust From That Ignorance...

With The Greatest Ignorance oF All That After Death is Greater Treasure

Than Life NOW OnLY LiFE NoW;


That And

Who Bond

Over After Death;

My, My, What PRiDE A Deadliest Ignorance
Sin Will Do, When Living Becomes Death; Man,

Humans Are Truly Fascinating to Study;

What Nightmares

Will They Dream Up

Next; Greater Than 'Cook Books'

That Suggest Dying is Greater Than Living....

to So

Zone' Serve Human

'FrogS' on Slow Boil Already With No Clue...

To Be Clear, i Have Many Christian And Muslim
FRiEnDS; And if they Are Not Strong And Secure
In THeiR Own Faith Enough to Hear my

Opinions They go away...

Strangely (NOT REaLLY)

Enough, HeHEHe they stay

That Dances Sings Something

Greater About Human Nature

Than Old Antiquated, Quite

Frankly (Fredly) Ignorant


Religions; Yes,

It Says Something More About

Human Nature And Nature OverAll

A Higher Force of God Within (Love) That Doesn't Go Away now...

Hmm... Funny How Mother Nature Comes Up ON TOP of 'The GaMe'...

According to the Story At Least, Buddha Never Wanted His Form to Be
Worshipped For This Very ReaSon; Bowing to Statues Is Part of Falling As

Idols Lesser Than Breath...

As Folks Line

Up, Kneel

And Do Bow

to Buddha, With

Clasped Hands Still

For An IdoL, A STone to Treasure...

Like i Said, No More Integral Than Sand, GRaiNS of Desert: Human...

Crucible Fire of Star Death Super Nova Explosions Iron Resurrected

From Gaseous Star Death Dust Flowing in our Blood Stream Core of Earth Same

Isn't that


T H i S



To Worship

THiS ONly Breath

Of Life Now; If Not

APPaRentLy Folks Don't

Understand They Are Star SeedS And FLoWeRS SaMe (GoD);

No Different REaLLY Than Destiny of Sun Above That Will Rise As Life Again

Dancing Singing


If Only


Vibrations True iN LiGHT
Energy Being, Even 'Seeing'...

Interesting, How The More Layers

Humans Wear of CuLTuRaL Clothes;

All the Tools We Create And Become;

Even Abstract Constructs of Words Printed in Books We Become

And Worship too Holding The Covers and Print to 'Heaven's Above'

WHere We Come

From; Farther

Away Humans



Who We Even

Are; At Best LoVE iNCaRNaTE;
Stars Above Below Within Inside

Outside All Around NoW


Enough for

me without even Song of

One WorD A Dance Will Do...

Perhaps, Jesus And Muhammad

Related Words Similar to the Story

of Buddha too; Yet None of them ever

Had the Ability to Record Their own Words;

So True at

Most We

Will Always

Have a Second Hand
Account as even Muhammad's

Closest Housemate Disputed

the Verity of His Words That Came to Page...

Yawn, i Tend to Go More With 'The Church'

Under And Above A MilkY Way Now...

Shall i Stand

Tall And

Scoff At

Those Who

Kneel and Bow...

Sure, From Height oF A STar
it Just looks



ME AT least...

Other than that Yes

Love is Still Breathing

Written in Stone When Love Rules...

US Grains of Sand Holding Hands: 'The BeacH'...

Does One Grain of Sand Bow to Another; In One Word: No

As Grains

Of Sand




With Abstract

Constructs to
Convince them

Old Dead Statues/Books, Etc...
Are Greater God Than 'Them' Now...

Other than that It's Just Common Feel Sense

Any Human Being Experiencing the Essence of

Agape Love Fully Understands That Love Loves All Never

Requires Worship Never Fears Criticism As TRuE LoVE

Gives Shares Cares With Compassion For All Of Nature Whole

Complete With Least

Harm For All



Enough Now; i Don't

Have to Go to Church

to Listen to Religions...

All i Must Do is BREaTHE LoVE NoW to Do this...

In Fact, i Don't Have to Even Understand it; Just Do

my Nature Whole Complete Naked Enough As Born

On Date, 6.6.60



More Than

Song, Walk, or Just Talk... WiTHiN NoW

It's Just What JoY iN HeaVeNoW Does Now...

Sadly, Sadly, Yes There Are Many Sitting Still

Without Even Fingers Dancing Essence LoVE NoW...


It Seems

LoVE iS Written In

Stone True too..

AT LeasT to me...

As This Does Conclude The Writing Part of

"Nether Land Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old"

At 12:12 AM On 6.13.2021 Electronic Publish Comes Next

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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15 Jun 2021, 12:17 am

Hehe Nothing Worse Than A Procrastinator

Promising to Return to Do A Job

That Failed The First

Go Around


Failing to Return

Yet At Least it's Not

One of Those Car Warranty

Deals That Come On Spam Calls

Anyway i'm Very Late For Saturday

Night 'Mass' For Free Thinkers Doc

Yet Never the Less i Find my Way Back...


Dear Savvy

When Paint

BrusH And

Painter Now New

Master Peace Painting

We Breathe We Breathe

We BReaTHE NoW iN Ease

Dancing Singing FLoWinG JusT Never
Ending NoW STaRTinG ANeW NoW Free

Loving All


GiVinG SHaRinG

CaRinG For All With
LeasT HaRM NoW i SEE...

A Tree Grew in A Space Tween

A Wood Picket Privacy Fence

And Chain Link Fence

Replacing That

Fence Today

Builder Amazed

As A Water Oak

Fit A Small Sapling

Branch Through One

of the Links of the Chain

Link Fence And Grew More Massive

As A Tree Trunk Expanding That One

Small Inches Wide Metal Link Space To Hold The Expanse

Of Whole Tree Trunk Growing Through Chain Link Fence

The Tree Still Lives Now The Chain Link Fence Cut Away
A New Picket Fence Savvy is A Friend in Ease With LiVinG Tree

Soon Enough At This Point Posts Are Secured In Water Sand Mortar Cement...


Star Star

Star DusT Ashes

We aRe Star FLoWeRS

Seeds We aRe Living True DarK Thru LiGHT

THorns RiSinG FLoWeRS Roses

Trees Leaves Feeding

Trees Falling to Soils

Feeding New


Of Living Newer Trees

Super Nova Explosions

Star Death Crucible Fire Gaseous Dust

Iron In Our Blood Streams Core of Earth SaMe NoW

DiFFeRenT TRuE Star Seeds FLoWeRS We aRe

True Seeing Beautiful All Dark Thru LiGHT

When Cemeteries Become Zen

Realization All Water Wave

Ocean Whole Flow

Particles Waves

Fields True

No Separation

Just All That IS We aRe NoW

Moving Connecting Co-Creating NoW

Star Dust Returns We WeaR BReaTHE Free NeW

Never Ending ALWaYS StARTinG Beginning ReaL NoW...

SMiLes Gaining Financial Independence

Golden Hand-Cuffed Attached to the

Promise of Life-Long Benefits

Including Insurance For my

Wife then Who Would

Have Been


With Epilepsy

Without That Government

Job Hiding The Anxiety And

General Adaptation Syndrome

i 'Enjoyed' At Work For the Last

11 Years of Chronic Accelerating to

Chronic Acute Always Flight or Fight

Stress Syndrome Losing the Ability Gradually

to Tolerate Colors Restricted to Black And White

TV Eventually Losing Ability to Regulate Autonomically

Body Temperature Where Chilled With A Jacket On in

100 Degree Temperatures in Florida Summer July Yes

Accelerating to 19 Disorders in January of 2008 Including

The Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal

Neuralgia Commonly Termed the Suicide Disease In the Medical

Field Yes Assessed Worse than A Real Torture of Crucifixion too

Nope No 3 Hour to 3 Day Gilligan's Isle Tour in Hell For me on

Any Desert Isle Alone 66 Full Months Shut-in in my Bedroom

With Dentist Drill-Like Pain in my Right Eye And Ear Yes 66

Full Months From Wake to Sleep Starting off Through

Close to Spring of 2008 With Only One

Hour of Alpha Blocker Assisted

Shallow Cardboard Sleep

Each Night For the First 35
Of 40 Days and None the

Last 5 of 40 As True

With Dysautonomia

And Heart Beat Not in

Autonomic Synch With Blood

Pressure Trying to Fall Asleep

Heart Racing Without Enough Blood

Pressure to Get Blood to Brain Almost

Falling Down Fainting Yet Never Quite Fainting

Attempting to Rise to Feet From Supine Position

Sjogren's Syndrome Attacking Nerve Endings of

Feet Not Able to Touch the Ground Without

Horrible Pain Eyes Quit Making Tears

And Fibromyalgia With Sides

of Spinal Stenosis And

Severe Degenerative

Arthritis in Spine



With Other Natural

Sides of Hell's Meal

of Severest Depression

And Anxiety too True

Sure i Was



Enough Resources

to Last the Rest of my Life

And the most painful part of all

Losing My Soul For those Who Believe

That Souls Don't Exist And Connecting to

Nature of God Is Just A Myth It's Losing The

Ability of A Tear And A Feeling Of A Smile too Losing

All Emotions Numb to Nature With Senses too

As Memories Are Emotions And Emotions

Are Memories There is No Reference

Point Back in That Place on

HeLL ON EarTH Within

All Pain All Numb

All is Time

A Second

LastS A Thousand

Years of Hell in that place

Within For Real What Would i Do

If i Lost A Tear And A SMile For Real

As Human Soul What i Do Every Holy

And Sacred Word A Poetry Song Every

Step Sacred And Holy Dance Every Breath

i BREaTHE Now i Understand Is Really God

And True i Understand What Really

Not God is too All Those Myths

All Those Stories

They At


Were True

After All Is Said

And Done EternAlly

Now Yes After All

BeCoMes Dance Song Free...

All ah SMiLes Dear

Sohair All A Picture

WHere SMaLLesT Part
Is All Yes Picture ALL God

With Rooster Standing On

Top of First And Last Picket

Of Brown Colored Fence

And True i am A Bit

Late Visiting

As Today

Long Waiting For A Year

A Man Born Without Fingers

On Only Stumps of Hands Is Rebuilding

Our Picket Privacy Fence That Surrounds

Our Back Garden of Eden-Like Forest Yard

A Man is my Age Before He Was A Roofer

And A Carpenter Born With Only Stumps of Each
Hand What He Finds is Tools That Help Him Do the

Job And Helpers He Will Trust Including His Wife

Old Fence Is Hauled Away Now New Fence

Posts Are Being Set in Concrete Now

And True Celebrating "15,000 Miles

oF Public Dance in 93 Months"

Writing That Celebration

Additionally Now Finished Writing

Yet to Put Together Another Celebration

Of One Subchapter of my EPiC 9.3 MiLLioN

Word Long Form Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" in 93 Months

Yes A Part "Nether Land Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old"

Will Be Put Together Now Next After Finishing Subchapter

"FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2021, 4 YearS Old" For That 5.4

MiLLioN Word Subchapter Effort too And True Not Unlike

A Man Born Without Fingers On His Hands i am Born

Without Words to Speak Verbally Until 4 Years-Old

Born So Clumsy That Folks Described the

Way i Move as A Dizzy Fly Without

Restraint in School Letting

me Know i Talked
And Walked And

Looked Too Strange

And Weak to Even Exist...

i Watched A Man Work In Amazement

Today Building Our Fence Some How Using

A Small Half Formed Thumb On Both Of His

Hand Nubs As Born Managing to Grasp A Trailer

Parked To Haul Big Augur Machine to Dig Holes

And Pull It In Ease Some Feet to Position the Trailer

Safely on the Road Just So Inspiring Just So Amazing

And He Does the Best Work In the Area Building Fences By Far

For True Every Single Way He Uses His Hands Are A Unique Work

Of Art No One Else Yet Him Will Do Smiles Dear Sohair True He Has Hands of God...

No Part



Or Too Big

All Ah God Is ALL

This Breath This Existence All Now...

As Smallest Mustard Seeds Still Manage

to Make Huge Living Trees As Rainbows

Cover Nicest People on Earth

Who Help Everyone

Else Childless

As Well

God All Ah Whole

ParT For All We Do Now Breathes

Never A Breath Caught By Tongue On Roof

Of A Mouth Exhaling Freely This Air We BREaTHE Free EternAlly NoW...

Mystery Will Never End For HoW A Rooster Sees This Fence Building Now
Never Ending Again All Ah Smallest Part Picture Now Largest ParT too FoR Real...

i Shall Not Let

'This Secret'

Rest Indeed

All Ah 'This
Rooster' Is God's EYes True too..

Hehe Zoe 'This' Left me Empty

Without An M For HM...

And True Some Folks

Are Missing

An i For Him

True O E Now i'm HoMe...

True Akshita Love Without Understanding

Is Missing the Ground And Yes All That's

Left to Do is


Your Star

Right For You With SMiLes...

SMiles Dear Doc
Dropping Stones
Of Weight


To Ocean SMiling...

Such A Kind
And Inspirational
Tri-Poem For A


SMiLes Soni...

Out of Empty

Drums Of



HeART Beat
StARTS Back Up

Art NoW BacK iNto Ocean

SPiRiT SMart NoW ETernAlly...

How Sweet Jiayali
Appreciating Your
Social Science’s


From University

Life Hehe 38 Years

Ago For my 3 Degrees

Yet i Still Remember
The Faces And

Most Long



Of Wisdom

From my Professors

Both True And

Come to Find

Out Eventually

Changed By More
Modern Days As False too

Never The Less Those

Waves Are Still Part of
my Ocean Whole Do Make

The Most of University Life...

“Breathless Irrational”
LoSinG Control Hehe
Rue That’s Not



In Love Yet

Never The Less
A Shade of Red

Blood That Moves

Passion Keeping

Species Returning

For More True Rue God
Yes Irish EYes of Singers

Green As

Dover Cliffs

DReAM ENChanting

Yet Nothing Like Ebony

Indian EYes Matching

Emerald Green Seas


Muse Sirens

Drown Souls

In Ocean



Meets Agony More

Don’t Sell Your Self Short

Your Lyrics Need No



Poetry FRiEnD

Collaborating Refrain

I’mpossible Not To Sing

SmootH AS Honey Dreams

People Tend To Create The
Heaven Or Hell They





Drag Others

Down Into This

Pit of Fear For Book

Sales May You All


A Nicer

Place Than
TiN FoiL Hat Parties
Now oF Old Dudes At
The Hardee’s Breakfast
Club Party Where Angry



Rot Away
Till The Old
Grey Hairs



Away And

The Churches of

Ignorance Close

And Love Replaces

Fools Who Fulfill

Their Own

Trump FiReD

Realities As



iS HoW

Sheep Turn

Into Goats And
Burn Themselves
Eternally Now in

A Hell



For Themselves
On Earth In Breakfast



Hell Way

Hell’s Bells

Baby Get


Free Yourselves

Escape Or Stay


Do As

Thou Wilt

You Reap What You

Sow Sun Reflects Moon too...

You May Thank Frank For Sending

You My Way He WaS A Decent

Human Being Before




To His Downfall

Now in This Other

Place On Earth Sadly...

On The Autism Spectrum
i Am Born With The Gift
Of Seeing Soul With Just
One Look Into The Windows
Of A Human Being



me Your

EYes Revealing

All of Who You Are Not...

Hmm... My Father Always Made me Feel
Like i Was From The Wrong Planet ‘Kryptonite’
Funny How That Ends Up EPiCally...

Yet You See Although my Father’s Direction Obtain
His Dream of Green Riches Mama’s Direction Do
Your Own Thing So i Freed me...

Increasingly Quantum Physics And Neuroscience
Suggests Our Minds Create Reality i Find This

EPiCaLLY Self-Evident...

It was Funny In One
Of The Last Dances
Celebrating 15,000
Miles Of Dance, Katrina
Captured A Family Of
Two Young Adults With
Their Parents At The End
Of The Dance on Video Then,
Where the Boy Said, "There He Is,
That's The Man Who Comes to Walmart";
Then The Girl Affirmed, "Yeah"; Then He Said,
"The Famous One"; And Then The Girl Exclaimed,
"He's Awesome"; Then The Boy Said, "We

Love Him At Walmart"; Hehe,Then

i Got to Tell Them

The Story of 15,000
Miles oF Public Dance in 93 Months
Truly A “Forrest Gump” Or
“Ferris Bueller” Moment too

Two Movies About

Doing Your Own

Thing No Matter

What Comes Your

Way Persevering And
Changing The Environment
Of Humanity Wherever You


The World
Make Some Noise
Create Existence ‘Big Bang’ it

A Small
Flame An


As A Fight
Song Of Life Relates

i Remember You Wearing

A T-Shirt of The Young

Woman Who Sang That
Song You Make

Life Your

Fight Song

And Never


Up Your
One Direction
Life Story Too

You Are An
Inspiration to me...

We aRe MiND

BeaCH iS BeaCH
We aRe BeaCH
GoD iS BeaCH YouR LoVE

i Woke Again Feeling
Reality A Gift A
Dream now that
i’ve slept on
A Dream
i’ll Dance
And Sing it
Back to be
A Face i Dream...

EVerY OriginaL ArTisT
Breathes GoD Free For
You to Sense/Feel/Do Free

HaHa Don’T iMaGinE Raining On my Parade
Origin of My HEaVeN HeLL -DartH Has Been

For YouR

SMiles Dear Aloha FRiEnD
The Moderna Vaccine
Was Kind to me And
my Wife Yet With

my Sister
She Got Some
Fever And Chills

For A Day Yet Lord
Knows it Was Nothing

Like What me And
my Wife Experienced
Last Year For Two
Months The Doctor
Later assessed as
COVID-19 i had
Never Gone to

The Doctor For
Cold or Flu Before
That And We Both

Were the First in
Line to Get Flu And
COVID-19 Vaccinations

After That As some of
my Long Haul Symptoms
Affected my Heart too it
Seems that Finally Went
Away that’s The Thing

Those Who
Think They May
Have it Mild May
Be Adversely Affected

For Years By Long Haul
Symptoms Attributed to

Some Thing Else

Spending Time

With Your Pets
When Sick

Is Precious
Indeed God Speed
Wishes You Feel Great Soon!...

Haha, You Still Didn't

Defend Your Claim

That Everyone Else

Really Holds Your Same

Morality About Not Saving the

Many More Versus The Few; Dude,

Women in Africa See Morality And Self-Esteem

In Having their Pleasure organs Mutilated When Young;

Other Folks See Great Morality and Self-Esteem in Being Sold Into Marriage...





if You don't Get

Out and About a bit, if You Care to and Will....

i've Been to the Valley and Mountain Top too....

They Are the Same Level; Humanity is in General

Synonymous With 'Insanity';

It all Depends

on the Insanity

of the Culture

Spoon-Fed From Birth;

And this Is Why Some Folks

Find Their Only Escape By Looking Within;

And to Be Clear; i Don't Exactly Hold the War

Hero's Morality of Laying Down His Life for the

Rest of the Troops; i Intuit my Life is Worth More Living;

Not Getting Put up on Any 'Real Crosses Either' Way too Frigging Clever for that...


Do Not;

Life is A Rorschach Test

At Best And Worst Hehe

my Wife Nagging me to

Not Be late to Church to

Study That Place As A

An All Volunteer Non-Paid

Anthropology Observer Participant There Just

For Fun too; i Have no Problem with Your Morality;

Yet Do Understand With Morality Anything Goes As

Far As Spoon-Fed Culture as All Human 'Religion' Goes...

Anyway Gotta Go The Screams Are Getting Louder From Behind...

If Not She'll

Find A Worse

Way Than a Cross...

SMiles, Theft And Abortion Are Not The Same.

Insurance Takes Care of the Theft And Reproductive

Freedoms Impact Lives, Lifelong; If You Wanna Look At

It That Way With Moral Relativity Fine; Yet Not Me; i've Seen


COMES out more important IN A Woman's Choice; Not to Say Abortion NoW

Would Be my Choice if i was a Woman; And There is No Way i Can Fully Understand

All the Parameters Associated With Having A Vagina And Uterus; So Far, 59 Percent

of A Democracy is on the Side of Choice in the United States; It Seems like They Have

Made the Most

Ethical Decision;

If not For the Wedge

Issue in Churches; The Percentage

Would Likely Be Higher; Donald J Trump

And His Church Cronies Put The Last Nails

In the Coffin of the Downfall of Christianity Here,

And Jesus Is Falling Hard as Story Hero Along with

The Rest of the Story That Has Been Painted All Stuff Trump...

This isn't Like the Past, When Information Was Censored And Folks

Continued to Believe in Myths; The Newer Generations Are Not Gonna

Be Fooled Nearly as Much With Carrots And Sticks That Have Become

Rotten Orange Churches Offer...

In Other Words, i have

No Problem With Your

Morality As i See it As

Old And What's Left Antiquated

For What Remains of Ignorance in Church

Pews Insisting on Remaining Unmasked During A Deadly Pandemic...

Morality Could Surely Use Some Intelligence At Church More Than Noah

Owns All Rainbows...

For That is What

The Doth Protest

A Bit too Much Priest

Related As Well As the Kingdom

Of God is Far Off After Death; Yet the

Next Day A Foreign Black More Charismatic

Priest Today Related The Kingdom of Heaven is Only

Now We Create And We Don't Wait for Some Dude Named

Jesus to come back

and do it...


A Fresh

Air of Spirit

That Man Is;

i Might Actually

Be Proud of the Church

If He Becomes Full Time;

Been There Almost A Year

And That Was the First Mass

He Was Allowed to Give a Homily In...

It's no Wonder to me; He Shined Above all the others...

At Least


A More

Realistic Church
of Bringing Hope
Now, Not After Death...

And As Far As Morality Goes,

Historically It Has Always Been

Centered Around Reproductive Freedoms

And Authority to Shame Others to Conform;

Church Has Lost All Moral Authority Among Younger

Generations; The Ship Is Steadily Sinking Along With

The Christian Conservative Republican Church Party too...

Those Folks With

Grey Hair

Ten Years Older

Than me Now That

Comprise About 70

Percent of the Pews

Ain't Gonna Last Forever...

True, We Have Stand-outs in

In a Few 3rd World Country Leaning

States; Yet the Youth Will Eventually
Sweep 'The Traditional Grey Hairs' Away...

And to Be Clear, Not Having Rational Conservatives

to Balance The Power Tween Liberal And Conservative

Is Bad News For The Future; As We Need Rational Minds, Both

Conservative and Liberal to Continue to Be Even A Human Species...

Anyway, Thanks For Clarifying Your Position; It's Surely Nothing New Where

i Live At; And Surely Nothing i Feel i Could Change Until it Naturally Passes Away...

"What is moral is what saves the most lives,
which is a morality no one, especially me, really holds."

After Hearing this, i must Wonder; Just too Curious;

If You Ever Leave 'Your House' (Your Mind)...

Or If You Just proved

my Point


Some Folks

Adhere Rigidly

To Black And White Thinking;

This is Perhaps the Most EPiC Case

of Black And White Thinking i've Ever Heard;

And Truly Odd As You Seem to Be A Very Intelligent Man, Other Wise...

Such Is the


of 'The Beast';

Just One Black

And White Unusual Part...

And that's Okay too; There's Always Room For Growth...

Yeah, When i was in my Twenties, i Was Actually Dense Enough

To Suggest to Folks Life is Fair; As that is the way i Saw it; i Learned Greater later...

Dude, People

Frigging Sacrifice




YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND HOW small your statement sounds...

Or if You Care to




What you

even mean by that statement....

Not Debating You; Just Studying You as a Human...


Curious That's All...

"Morality is Relative";

In Fact, Reality Is All

Connecting too

With No Real


God Yes It is...

At Least Science

Shows This Real

In Fact All Is Relative

When it Comes to Human Existence....

Yes, 44 Percent of the Public Polled Agree

Abortion is Moral And 47 Percent Do Not Believe

Abortion Is Morally Acceptable By Gallup As Polled...

Here's Another Pew Survey As Linked That Shows 59 Percent

of Americans Believe Abortion Should Be Legal, So What This Means

Is Some Folks Employ Cognitive Empathy, Realizing Not All Share the Same



And The Golden
Rule Without the

Clause of Do No Harm Basically



Or those Who Have Varying Levels of Disgust

And Varying Levels of Libido As Per the Reality

of 44 Percent of Women Enduring Marital Rape in

India In Some Parts of the Country Where Marital Rape is Still Legal....

Here's Another One, In Another Survey, 98 Percent

Of Men Used Pornography in the Last 6 Months

And 73 Percent of Women Did the Same;

And to Be Clear Used it for Sexual

Gratification which Means


Of Course In Church

Circles This is still Seen

As Morally Reprehensible,

Haha, Particularly Among Guilt Ridden

Catholics While They Claim They Change A Wafer

of Bread into A 2000 or So Year Dead Man And Wine

Actually Literally Into His Blood too And Cannibalize

(Surveys Show That 70 Percent of Catholics See this as The BS
It Truly Is) {Yet On the Other Hand, for the 30 Percent;
'Sugar Pills' Like 'Jesus As Placebo' Also Work For Real)

Him Cause Someone took A Frigging Free Verse Poem

In A Book Literally When the Dude Was Just Likely Suggesting (One Body, One Blood)

That We Are All Part of the Cosmos; Yep Star Stuff Same, Like Stellar 'Carl Sagan' Did...

Go Figure, Perhaps The Real Jesus Dude Was More of A Scientist than A 'Fruit Loop'...

Yeah, It's Like the Study Within the Catholic Church That Found That Up to 58 Percent

of Catholic Priests Are of the Homosexual Sexual Orientation; Yet of Course, When Thou

Doth Protest too Much, It's Just More Guilt of Not Being Able to Be Truthfully Who One Actually Is

As Studies of Sexuality AND GENDER Show THAT Is a Rather Relative Part of Life too; As there Is

Nothing 'Black And White'

In this Existence





That Haha

Are Never Black And

White As Illusions Are Illusions;

Particularly Again As Neuroscience

Suggests We Basically Hallucinate Our Realities (HOW DONALD J TRUMP BECAME

PRESIDENT TOO) As We Go Based on Our Realities We Co-Create By Hallucinating Them From

Before... What Would Truly Be Amazing Is if People Could Just Be Authentically Honest About Who

They Truly Are; At Best We Feel Each Others Struggles And Understand Life Gets Rough And Yes Give

Other Folks Slack For This Human Condition That Is Never Text Book Perfect; Indeed, Never Black and

White Always Changing As Rivers Flow and Become Oceans Same; Yet Again, It's True; Yes, Reality Is More

Fabulous Than Any Old Antiquated Book From Thousands of Years ago; We Understand Through Science

That We Really are Star Stuff; By God We Truly Are Star Flowers and Star Seeds Same; That's Truly Amazing;

Like Neil deGrasse Tyson Scientifically 'Evangelistically Related' in 'The Theme Song' Here The Knowledge

That We Are all the Cosmos Inspired Him So Much He wanted to Go Out in The Street And Shake Folks

Up Telling them






Jesus F in Christ


in Enough

For those Who Understand

Like the Scientist in the Theme

Song; Nature Is Mystery And Will

Always Keep Us Guessing; Jesus F in

Christ, Why Do Folks Have to Be So Frigging

Possessive And Tribal About the Forms They

Use; Yes, the Abstract Constructs; When The Essence

of the Message Is Clearly The Same yet Never Black and

White And This

Is the


We Will Always

Never Agree And

Always Disagree And that's

Great As It Gives Us something

to Do on A Discussion Board Relating

The Nature of Our Existence; We aRe Different And Same True

That's An UlTiMaTER Paradox; Yet It is the Truth As Far as i see and feel;

True, Others See and Feel Differently, i am So Dam Glad my Wife Doesn't

Look Just Like Me; Yet on 'the Other Hand', i Masturbate With my Self Like

the Other 98 Percent of Males Do and the 73 Percent of the Females Do and

The Other Ones

Who Likely

Are Born


or Become That

Way Through the

Environment Or Are Just Afraid

Of Pleasure Cause Someone Told 'Em Pleasure is Bad

or Someone Told Them Worship After Death More than Life...

Humans Are Frigging Hilarious Liars as i Listened to Jeffrey Toobin

Apologize For Getting Caught Masturbating by Not Turning Off Zoom

In A Deadly Pandemic; When People Get Stressed Out They Masturbate

Like the Medicine Pleasure is Naturally Evolved to Be As Healing Our Human Nature...

Yet People


Lie And Suggest

They Aren't Even Human

And They Must Reform Themselves

By Direction of Abstract Constructs Other Folks Create...

These Discussions on the 'Wrong Planet' Are Amusing

As the Autism Condition Often Relates Rigid Black

And White Thinking As a Deficit in Life; Considering

The Reality That Life is Always Changing Every Now;

Autism in this Way is Indeed Quite a Challenge; It took

me 53 Years to Figure Out; And That's for Damn Sure;

Yet i Persevere With Curses Gifts Come too; Let's all Give Each

Other Some Slack if we Can; If Not, Understand that too Is part of the

Whole Human





Cheers to

Never Ending

Pleasures And Never

Leaving Self-Created Boot

Camps as too Much Instant

Gratification Turns All of Life 'Grey Scale'

And Way More Than '50 Shades of Grey' too...

And For the Folks Around Here Who want me to

Use 'Plain English' Or Go 'Shorter'; i'm Not Here to Water my Human Potential Down...

i am Here to LEarn; Every Word That comes, i Teach Myself Something New in Potential

OF Meditative Flow...

Best Part of

All is i Get

to Be 100 Percent

Authentically True to Who i am: Free...

"Play The Song Carl" And Don't Forget to Dance And Sing..

And Beat The Drums to Keep A HeART Alive With Art

Who Smiles And Breathes FreelY in Truth iN Light REAL NOW.

Just Sunshine Hehe Like
‘The Shirt’ Says Just A
Freakin’ Ray of Sunshine

And Just Like Magic
At Walmart Starting

To Celebrate 15,000
Miles oF Public Dancing
In 93 Months Amazingly

Walmart Left A Nice Big
Aisle Empty so It Was
Easier to Dance With

Katrina Videotaping

me What A Coincidence
Too As The Last Time They
Left An Open Aisle Like This
Is When i Celebrated 14,000

Miles Hehe it Made me Feel
Like Being in A Movie And

A Director Arranging The
Scene Behind The Scene

To Make
The Play
Run Smoothly

In Fact In Flow Of Creativity
These Synchronicities ACausal
And Not Logically Related Are

As Common As The River




Water Wave

Ocean Whole
Particle Wave Field

Whole As Quantum Mechanics
And Even Neuroscience Tends

To Agree All Time, Distance,
Space, And Matter Is Illusion

All is Energy Vibrations
Frequencies Spirit Waves

No Parts


Which is Kinda

Good News Being

Close to Someone

You’ve Never Shared

The Same Room With

Or Size or Culture Or Age
Or Color Or Religion The


Of Love

Is Forever


Of The UNiVerse

Understand This

Meaning Of Existence

Just A Freakin’ Ray of Sunshine


to Ya SuNSHiNE...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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15 Jun 2021, 5:07 pm

SMiles Dear Summerhilllane
Free on Wing With
Love We
Love to
You Too my FRiEnD...

SMiles Dear Sohair
i Agree it is Each


With God

Within to
Be And See Now
SMiles my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Summerhill Lane Nice Self-Portrait
in Paint And Thought Overcoming Prisons

Of Past Freeing Guitar Strings of

Soul Indeed to Play Freer

At Least Today

Most Every

Country Has

A Way online

To Climb Their Way

Out of Restrictive Ways

of Seeing Life From Before

Long Gone Now Are Days

Where Choice Is Limited

To Only Censoring

of Eyes

For True

It’s All Out ‘There’ to

See For Those Who Seek And Find

Freedom’s Breath Flying Higher On Wing...

Earth A Garden Feeding Now

All Of Nature Balancing Free

Human A Friend As Long As

Giving More Than Taking

Sharing More Than

Hoarding For All

Returning From

Space Stars Above

See This Most Beautiful

Blue Green Orb Getting

Closer to Atmosphere Blue

Ocean Home Expanse Yet

On Ground A Cancer Eating

Away Earth Infrastructure of

Human CuLTURES Oh What

Will We Take to Extinction Next

As 1 Out of 8 Animal And Plant Species

We Erase Now in the Coming Decades



As Trees

Allow Us to

Even BReaTHE

If The Rest of Nature

And Even We Will Determine

What We Take Away Now From All of this

Surely A Red Light Points A Way to Just

Stop in the Name of Balance to Thrive Again

For All Nature

True Some

See All Signs

Of Red Still Green...

How Ironic Indeed Akshita

Our Life Blood At Stake Our Only Home...

SMiLes Savvy
Story Exhaling
LiVinG Breathing





Balancing SMiLinG
iNHaLinG Freer Now...

Always A
Dear jiayali
With SMiles...

Space Love
Opens Now

Hehe Oh Goodness i Saw this in The Reader
Thinking That Was A Quick Separation Until

i Realized It Was an Old Poem Karlien

True Though Nice

To Record What

We Overcome

For Those


May Benefit

From Emotions

Survived Through For Future Past...

"Sunshine Tales of New Spring"

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Soni

Really Love The Title

Of Your Fourth



Publishing It

As Part of An Anthology

Of Collaborating Others Too...

Keep Creating Yes Keep Shining

Springing FLoWeRinG Summer New...

Story of Your Life Vrunda

True More You Actually

Practice It More


Come to
Fruition As

They Say Sing it Dance it
Dance it Sing it Until Dance

And Song Becomes One Force of Fun

Actually i'm Kidding 'They' Didn't Say

It Yet i Did See How This Works Hehe...

Dancing Everywhere i Go Zoe In Flow in Fact Celebrating
15,000 Miles Now of Doing Public Dancing More

Than Half the Distance Around the Globe

93 Months Now WHere HAha

Generally Speaking Now
i Am Greater Recognized

Than The Weather Man
On TV As Yes There

Is More Than One

And They

Employ Weather

Women too Hehe

True if Ya Wanna Make

A Splash of Some Kind Just

Enjoy Yourself in Free Dancing

Everywhere You Go And You Might

Just Find Yourself in a Grocery Store

Where Two Young Adults Rush Up with

the Rest of Their Family As Your Wife Captures

You on Video Celebrating 15,000 Miles the

Voices That Exclaim From a Young Man,

"There He is, That's The Man Who
Dances At Walmart" As The Young

Woman Affirms, "Yeah" And

He Remarks, "The Famous One"

And She Excitedly Exclaims, "He's Awesome"

And Then He Says, "We Love Him At Walmart"

It's True i come With

Every Day Low


i Thought it was

Kinda Fun to Convince

Management to Allow

me to Do it As i Surely Had

to Give Them All Around Quite a 'Fredtalk'

On the Advantages of Public Dance to Begin with
in So Many Area Establishments And True i Started

Out Rather Extreme Shock And Awe Just Moon Walking

Very Fast in Reverse Then MeLLoWinG Out The Dance That

Evolves NoW into Fuller "Nutcracker Sweet", It's True

Invariably What ever Public

Space i Enter

Now the


Folks At

Least Have

Faces that Light

Up Like a Meme of

Santa Claus That Just

Doesn't Get 'Find the Pokemon' Old

The Older Folks Particularly the Ones

Of my Dinosaur Age Not So Much More Sour Puss Indeed hehe...

Yet That's Okay They Could Be Famous and Named Legend For

No Other Reason

Than A Dance

Of Joy Never
Making An Additional

Penny too... Hmm.. You

See There's the Catch there

Is This Illusion That Money Is

Only God Worth Loyal To Do Anything in Life...

Yawn, i Continue to Thrive in Dance As Capitalism

Continues to sink....

For True Play


Usually Buy Joy Free...

And True Dance Travels A Long

Way As When A Lowe's Contractor

Was Installing a New Entry And Storm

Door He Said Back in 2014 The Middle

School Boys Dressed Up Like me With Colorful

T-Shirts, Shorts, And Shades Dancing On Halloween

Night Trick Or Treating As me True Usually Boys

That Age



Heroes with

Capes yet It's

Also True Colorful T-Shirts,
Shorts, And Shades Dancing
Free Seem to work too hAha...

i Was Hoping to Change in Influence
The Young Folks Liberal Enough Soon
to Eventually Vote Not Ignorant We Will See Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa In A World

Of Dance There Are No Words

So Surprising It is

How Folks

Get Along

When There

Are No Words to Confuse
True A SMiLe is A Dance
Too And Yes When Words
SMiLe Words Dance True...

Congrats on 500 Followers
Aarushi Will Continue to Forward
Your Wonderful Recipes to my Wife

This Layout Looks

Great For Fine


My Wife's

Instructions Stay out
of the Kitchen That Is
Her Place of Artistic Creating

Mine is Restricted to this Keyboard
of Song And Feet of Dance Generally

Speaking Every Meal Is A Surprise

Truly i Never Complain i do Believe Tacos Are Next
Only Because i See The Shells FroM A Distance to the Kitchen Now...

SMiLes Shreya Yes Get It All Out

Make Room For Dreams to

Come Without All

So Much



That Will
Distract Magic From Coming

All Associated More Positive Energy SMiLes...

All Forgiving All Merciful
All For Giving All Thanks
Giving True Dear Sohair

This Is How i View

Love All Sharing


With Least

Harm For All Of Nature

All Integral All Parts Precious

Treasure Indeed As True Even


Morning SuNRiSES CoLoRinG Dawns

As Morning Star Breaks For Love For All

i Just Took A Picture of the Sign on the

Front of the Very Kind

And Honorable Man

Born With No
Hands Who

Is Putting Together

All the Pieces of the

New Pickets Around my Backyard Paradise

Yes i took a Picture of the Tag on the Front Of

His Huge Four Wheel Drive Work Truck Hauling

All Parts of the Picket Fence Coming to Fruition of Build Now

And This Is what The 'Vanity Tag' Reads: "Loyal To God's One

Only Son" And You Know What That Kinda Made me Sad for Him

As He's Never Had the Pleasure of Knowing my Loving Dear Muslim

FRiEnD Sohair And i Already Know What His Particular Sect of Religion

in Fundamental Ways Says About All Muslims Unless Seeing That Tag As Gospel

Truth They Are Surely Going to Hell Like All Buddhists Like All Hindus And True

Even Like All Jains too Who Wear Face Masks Not to Kill Even Germs my FRiEnD

At the Extreme End of that Religion too... And Yes as i've Told You Before too

my Mother From The Catholic Church Believed This Extreme Ideology Away

From All Merciful Forgiving Love For True Agape Love Does Always Forgive Is Always

Merciful There are

No Exceptions

At All


Love Truly

Breathes This Way

Amazing Yes Rare Yet

Never the Less Real When
Love Truly Comes to Be Now Breathing
iNCaRNaTE LoVE iN Human Being ThiS Way

And That Old Bible In Someways Tells A Story
About A Man Such As that Rarity That comes Along
Lighting Life Up As Men And or Women Naturally Do

Come to be Sadly It is Not Perfect It Has Mistakes And

Leads Some Folks to Interpret it Differently For a Religion

of Exclusion Rather Than ONE oF All Inclusive Love And Peace

The Catholic Second Vatican Council Last Century Changed

The Rules With Great Cognitive Empathy And Understanding

Essence of Love That Speaks to This For Folks of Other Religions

Who Exercise The Spirit of Love Within That Is Enough For that

Is The Essence of the Story of Jesus They Truly are Doing Their Best to Relate

Sadly Rarely Will We Find A Catholic Who Even Knows That Even Happened Then

For True Now Many Catholics Believe That those who Did Not Vote For Donald

J Trump Even Just For Being Associated With The Democrat Party Are Going

To Hell as Well As Where They Still Believe Muslims Are Going And Even

Protestant Folks As Many Protestant Folks Believe Catholics are

Going to Hell too Yet You See Dear FRiEnD i am Educated

Enough to Understand That Is only Another Part of

Humanity That LiveS iN Ignorance of

Scarcity of Loving Soul Often


Too For True

Love Has Cognitive

Intelligence In Empathy

In Broad Daylight too my FRiEnD

Yes That Is Human Tribalism Oft

Expressed in Religion That Truly Is

at Core Fighting For Territory, Subsistence,

And Reproductive Controls For Base Survival...

So You See, i Must Come to Understand The Source

Of this Nature And Forgive them True Yet True if that

Man Were Ever to Say An Ill Word About You As Muslim

Going to Hell For Reading A Different Holy Book You See

i Would Surely Put Him Back In the Place of Ignorance Where

He Still Sadly is Coming from A Place That (Who) Refuses to truly

See Love As All Merciful And Forgiving No Different

For Someone on Earth Than Far Away Planets

As Far Away As the one i Live on EartH

Dear FRiEnD Compared to

WHeRE He Exists

In Love With

Exclusions Now

Yet You See Empath

i Am Born this way Not All

Are And Environments Averse

Will Surely Take That Away From

We Imperfect Human Beings No Matter

Who We are too... Anyway Your Series of

Paintings That Show How Big And Small God Is

Are Very Inspiring With Your Words of All Forgiving

And Merciful too Yet It's True Dear Sohair Oft Is not

Enough Always Is As This Life is Worth Loving All Most

Otherwise FRiEnDS Like Sohair Are 'Said' Condemned To Hell

No Matter

How Loving

They are Now

Based on Reading

A Different Holy and

Sacred Viewed Book they

Are Read and Taught Oft

Interpreted Very Differently too...

i for one am A Fortunate One As

i am Naturally Born Vaccinated Against that Kind of Ignorance my FRiEnD

Again Not Many Are So i understand the BLiSSinGS of My BLeSSinGS for Real

For A Smaller Life of Love Only Makes For A Smaller Place of Heaven On EartH

Yeah i was so inspired by Your Post Yet so Tired Too Fell Down to Nap and Awoke

With an Entire Free Verse Poem in my Soul All At Once Which Of Course Means

i Write Poetry Subconsciously too As True That is Where at Least 95% Of our 'Soul'

Resides the Silent Navigator within The Voice of God Evolved Ever Since

The Beginning of the Never Ending Starting More True Of Course

As In Reality We Are Never Separated From God Even When

We aRe Not Able to Hear A Deeper Voice Within

We Truly Have A Potential to Hear

If We Let Go of Enough

CuLTuRaL Distractions

And Just Let the Holy

And Creative Spirit Come

Naturally to Words And Other

Forms of Art to Relate SMiLes Dear

FRiEnD the Narrative of Your Photos Speak

A Poetry Prompt For An Endless Number of

Soul Expressions Inspired in Art True This

iS How our Soul Thinks too in Pictures

of IMaGiNaTioN Coming to Creativity

Holy And Sacred Breath True too

SMiLes Dear Sohair Blessed

Am i too To See Just

How Small

And Large


Will Be Now

Garden Ever Expanding

Watering Feeding With Even

More Holy And Creative SPiRiT

LoViNG All DarK Thru LiGHT AGaiN

Forgiving All Merciful For Giving Thanks

Giving Sharing Caring With Least Harm For

All More in All Essences And Forms That Come

to Holy And Creative Spirit Breathing Winds Even More...

“The Real Prince Charming”

The Man Who Endures

“Her” Every



With Loving

Cheshire Cat SMiLes

Okay i Promise


This is

Really See
Ya Later Hehe...

One Word Before
i Go Karlien
My Wife is


Best to

Bring Another

Pain Disorder

To Medical


She Terms
It The

Rare “Fredache”...

Have A Beautiful Day...

HAha You’d Be
Amazed Now How
Many Folks Rate

Our Marriage

Perfect And
Fairy Tale

Real Just
Based on Her
Beautiful Smiles

And Not A Word
From Her To Rate

me Hehe

All in Good

Loving Life DarK
Thru Light She May

Be Half As Big And
One Tenth As Physically

Strong Yet True

‘They’ Haven’t

Heard The


Of Wonder
Woman too
Yawn “Yes Dear”

Is Medicine

To All Male
Marriage Wows

Have A Nice Day

Karlien Thanks

For Keeping
me Out of
my Wife’s


A Bit

This Morning

As She Blows

You A Kiss


World Is Fun
To Visit Yet

my Wife Katrina
Has the 31 Year

Staycation View...

Yes Dear FRiEnD
It’s Amazing
How Productive



And Fruit Living Muse...

SMiles my Wife Makes
me All Priority of



How Rare
This is Indeed
A Volunteer


In A World
Of “Candy Crush”

Strange Thing Yes
What A Life Devoted

To Love Brings Standing

In Front Of A Mirror

At 51 Noted Still

Fairest Of All Now
(Surely Not me At
61 To Be Clear Hehe
Fairy Real Tales Need
Humor to Be True too)
Where She Comes

And Goes

aS ETernal

Teenager Still Even

With A Stray White


Yes What
True Love Springs

True Love Dies With Distractions Just So Many
The Struggle Breathes on

i Dare Not Interrupt

In Our “Great Room”

All Her Favorite

TV Shows

my Place

A Hole in

A Wall Man
Cave 6 Inch
Screen Hehe


Life’s Dreams
Small Large Indeed...

It’s Worth
Noting Humans


SMiles So
Many Threads

On the Loose

All Around A World Free...

LeSSoN 367 True Art is in
Art of HeART Moving SPiRiT
SoUL No Rules Muse Musics

SMiLes Peppers Ever

GRoWinG More

Unique on

Sea Horse

Trees In Gardens

Of Eden Hehe Here

Have A Bite Free There

Is No Cost of Free Fruits

Of LivinG TreeS only Fresh

Temptation Art Singing Muse


Beauty To See

BREaTHE Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 9,795

17 Jun 2021, 1:24 pm

"The shadows lengthen, my heart is turning cold.
At Such a time, all nature slows, preparing for its rest,
But I must tear my roots as a young plant in spring
And with the ragged edges do my best
To find an alien soil to which my roots may cling.
So please be patient as I give one last caress
To my youth's treasures, now such useless things,
But all a part of my life's loves and dreams.
Then will i go with you without a backward glance."


Paternal Great Aunt Erline Mullison
LiVinG FresH aS LiGht TiLL Age 94...
A Great HeART A Great SPiRiT
A Great SoUL and A Poem...

True Story Tellers

Males in my Family

Too Though Usually

Centered Around Buy

And Sell And Make Sure

You Raise Your Son As A

Man Who Doesn't Smile too Much...

And 'They' Wonder Why Bibles Written Exclusively

By Dudes Are So Cold And Often Short Sighted False...

It's True i Rely Mostly On Bible Inspiration From Women

To Write My Bible By Spirit Rather Than Snake Brains Alone...

iT's What You JusT Do
When You Have iT aLL
Love All ELse iS Less

Do Understand Only Souls One Worships In Old
Bibles Are Ghost Authors With Real Pens Still Breathing

Immortality Art Force NoW Copyrighting Names Pages Covered
Impossible to Copyright Souls Of Original Art Pages Breathe

Mohammad Never Wrote A Word Either His Closest
Confident Did Not Agree That Authors Of His Story

Got It Right

‘Moonlight Sonata’ Brings More Truth of
One Human Soul Real Than Any

Old Bible

Ever Will For God Is MuSiC

Movements of Sonatas Based
On Emotional Regulation of Souls Each
Note A Play of Life Higher Or Lower We Dance Sing

On An Autism Spectrum Sensory Integration 1st Challenge;
Speaking 2nd @4; 3rd Most Difficult Challenge

Emotional Regulation @53

ArT iS GoD Colors oF ALL
We BeCoME BRuSHinG MasterPeace Painting


"i AM 'THE' WaLRuS" 
THere's Not Three Only One

'God' (ALL)

SMiLes Dear Mariana EaSinG DaNCinG Freely

Dear Sohair
As Always
Of Loving
Life To



All You Love...

The Sanctity of Breathing

Life By HiStory In All Cultures

That Live Day By Day to Survive

Is Inherently More Valuable than

The Sanctity of Non-Breathing Life;

The Moral



Is Breathing

For All Life At

Least 'Sane Enough'

To Continue to Breathe...

So, Will A Mother Sacrifice Her

Breathing Children Who Are Starving

For An Undeveloped Human Who Cannot

Breathe on its Own; Again, It's A Question

of Moral Relativity; i 'Wager', If You Were A Woman

With The Amount of Empathy For Others Who View Life

Differently You Express, Here at Least; If A Rapist Got You

Pregnant Against Your Will,

You'd Be

A First

One in Line

At the Abortion Clinic

To Get Rid of What You

Did Not 'Win In A Competition of Life';

That's Just Common Sense my FRiEnD;

Nature of 'the Beast', Who Competes Over Cooperates...

Of Course These Days, You Could Take The Morning After

Pill; And It Would Be Hard to Track Down The Longer Solution You Might

Have Otherwise Taken; As You Didn't Particularly Want to "Mother Your Father's Child"...

Haha, Or Try

To Tell me

Man to Man

In Person That

You Would Mother

That Child For Life;

In Person, i'd See the

Truth or Lies in Your Eyes; And That's for
Sure; It only Takes A 'Luke Warm Word Detective'
to Determine it Through Personality Soul Traits Expressed online...

Again, i Have no Problem With Your Morality; It's the Nature of 'The Beast' too...

Yes, Relatively Speaking

It it what it is...

THere is...

'Night And Day'...

And i For One Am

Able to See in 'Dark' As Well As 'LiGHT'...

Why? i Lived/Died iN SoUL FULLY In 'Both Places' for REAL.

The Root of the Issue Here Is You Are Trying to Win A

Human Argument

By Changing

It into

A 'Thing'...

Nah, Baby, it

Doesn't 'Humanly' Work that

Way in The Real World out of

Online Ivory Towers of Faceless Avatars...

Or Humans Who Become More Machine Than Human...

And Just in Case it's Necessary to Refresh Your Memory;

Which i Do Not Think it Will Be; You've Already Stated

Clearly That An Abortion After Rape is Immoral to You...

That's Actually A Pretty Weak Statement For A Dude to Make; 'Rather

Blind' Without All The Female Parts Associated With Life And Death...

""God" as a rigid personification of law and rule, handy to gain political power - I don't think so.
"God" as a personification of more to life than just our small selves - I think yes."

'My God' Quoted For Truth, HeaR, too;

Yes All Theist; 'All' Means 'Pan'

Bingo! Pan-theist; True

in Environments of

SCaRCiTiES "Big Sky Daddy

God's" Arise to Secure Subsistence,
Reproductive Control, And Territory

As Big Daddy God's are Constructed As Religious/Political/
Social Devices; Yes, Tools To Bond And Bind Over As Tribal God's Arise

To Rule Others in Dividing And Conquering Ways of Human Tribal Nature...

Of Course As Science Shows, All Sentient Beings View Existence Differently;

So, Even in One Sect, of One Pew, of One Religion, in One Church, Ya Get

As Many Views of Existence, Overall, Including Abstract Constructs of God

As There is

Eyes in the

Overall Congregations too...

And To Be Clear, THere Are Other

More Inclusive Terms of 'Pan-All-Theist'

Too As Some Term that the Observable Measurable

Universe And Others Like me Use Additional Abstract Constructs

to Describe God of All Measure And Immeasurable Existence too, in Example,

The Human Conscious And Subconscious Mind; The Inner Unique Universe of

Each Sentient Being And Particularly in the Case of Human Beings Where there

Is No Science Tool Adequate to Measure Our Conscious And Subconscious Existence

As of Course, Those Aren't Two Separate Experiences; We Are Just More Aware of One than the other Now...

Anyway, For Many

Pan-theists Who

See Nature As God

Nature's Beauty Technically

Is Proof of God For Many of THOSE

FOLKS FOR REAL FOR NOW; True, No one here

Will Ever Disprove A Pantheist God's Existence;

Yes, True at Least By Measure, Science Shows 'Nature God' Is Real;

However, Science Alone, Does Not Experience Beauty; Nor Do Some Humans Either

As The Experience of Beauty is An Organic One That Not All Folks Have the Ability to Perceive...

The Biggest

God Is


Take A 'Rocket

Scientist' to Prove This

When Most of the Other Animals

Not Saddled With Word Thought Even

Have to Question The Experience They Enjoy And Struggle With As All...

Meanwhile, Folks Separate Existence into As Many Puzzle Pieces as they Wish;



All Whole

Complete Nature Enough Naked

in Balance FRiEnDS With Gravity Best

In All Stuff Existence; Meh, Most Humans In So Many Layers of Tools

(Clothes) They Create And Transform into Getting Lost Somewhere on the Bus From 'Work' on

the 'Long Way Back Home'... And Some Folks Worship Death More Than Life; And They Hope to

Meet Big Sky Daddy

God There....



Cut is Naked Nature Now Free...

At Least the Other Animals Do It....

While, Like The Movie 'Contact' Inspired

By Carl Sagan, Connections of Love is What

Breeds Happiness Among Human FRiEnDS;

Yet Humans Are A Strange Mix, With Imaginations

And Creativities, Who In Self-Fulfilling Fruition Create Both Dreams of Heaven And

Nightmares of HeLL ON EartH; Cheers, Here's A 'Contact Toast' Wishing Y'All Are Here;

Yet to Be Clear, The Scene in the Movie 'Contact' is 'Pensacola Beach'; Obviously Where

i LiVE iT iS Much Easier to See Nature As God Than Some 'God Awful Middle East Patch of Dirt'

Is It Any Wonder Trademarks

God Became

Man And

Man Became

'Last Prophet' 'Over there'

Where Tribal God's Took Care of "His People"

No, Not at All, 'Those' People Still Carry that

Tradition And Exercise it Within, In The Nature

of Paradise Beach Here; It's All About a Room With A View;

It's All About the Inner UNiVeRSE of Being Human; Two Folks

At the Beach, Hand-in-Hand, one Person Living Heaven the Other one Living Hell...

Been to Both

Sides of

'That Beach'

too, Cheers to

Heaven Within for Close

to 95 Months, Since 7.19.2013...

Thrilled Enough to Write my Own Bible

Longest Form Poem RiSinG to 9.4 MiLLioN Words

in 94 Months; Yes As of 6.18.2021, Tomorrow; Yes,

Honestly, Really, Everyone Writes Their Own Bible;

Whether It's Words or How They Uniquely View

Existence; Some of Us Find Ways to Give and

Share Ours Freely Caring Hopefully Doing it

With Least Harm For All Considered; And

Of Course, my Feeling of Heaven Sensing

The Autotelic Flow and Frission of Dancing

In Public 15,015 Miles Now in the Last 93

Months, Scoring 100 Percent on 'OCEAN' Personality

Traits of Openness And Extraversion; Would Be Literally

Hell For my Wife Who Scores Much Higher in Neuroticism

Than My Close to Zero Score on that Measure too; So Introverted

She is And In Some Areas of Existence A lot more Closed Minded and Bodied 'SouLeD' than me..

Hehe And Not Nearly As Agreeable as Me as Hey, It's Easier to Be Agreeable in Heaven Within Now too...

Conscientious Only on the Task At Hand; She takes Care of the Rest of the Duties That Helps my Heaven too...

Mileage Varies DePenDinG

ALWaYS NoW oN Make

And Model of the

Human Being Vessel

And Vehicle For Heaven

Or Hell; Oh God Yes Now

Oh God Whether Ya Live

Next to Pensacola Beach

Or A Frigging Barren Desert

Where Just Finding Water is a Life or Death Contingency of Life...

Location, Location, Location, Within, Inside, Outside, Above So

Below And All Around; Plenty of Material Still Coming For A Much Bigger

Bible to Eternally Create




A Never


Nether Land

Story Ongoing indeed This 'God Business' Is...

i Don't LiVE Directly On the Beach; Yet my

Backyard, A Real Garden of Eden is Nestled

in A Forest in A Subdivision Where The Backyard

Nature Travels into Forever of Zen FLoW iN View

And A 7,700 Square Foot Outdoor Room Has Board-

On-Board Complete Privacy Fencing Just installed Yesterday

As My Wife is Always Nagging me Don't Go Outside in Your

Underwear, the Neighbors Might See You in the Small Openings

Between Each Board of the Older Style Privacy Picket Fence; Yes,

New Technologies We Master And Do Not Become Mastered By

Do Enhance The Experience of Heaven, Like This Cool New Typewriter i Found Online

to Stream Consciousness of Holy Creative FLoWinG HeaRT SoUL SPiRiT Everywhere i Go Globally

Managing To Fit All 242 Pounds of my Soul And More In Abstract Constructs At the

Speed of LiGHT; Yes, All Around the Globe Now Through This Fiber

Optic Cable And Yes Uploading Soul this Way Foot Prints

'On The





Away By

'The Tides of Life'

Wave Am i Continuing to Rise

Gently Falling RiSinG Even More

BaLaNCinG Peace/Love FRiEnDS With Gravity in All

Stuff Existence; my Key to Heaven At Least Always OPen 24/7...

In the Movie 'Contact', in An Earlier part of it, When 'Jodie Foster'

First Viewed 'This Paradise' She Said, "So Beautiful" in the 'Frission' She

Was Experiencing Viewing Heaven on Earth in Space; She Said, Instead of A Scientist

"They Should



A Poet"

to Describe it;

Thing is, If Ya

Don't Experience

The Feeling Sense Head to Toe of 'Orgasmic

Frission' THaT Divine Experience Doesn't Even Exist, For You Whoever You Are,

Personally by UNiVeRSE; No Matter How Great A Poet is Who Puts 'God' Into Words;

InDeed, For Words May only Be Empty Shells on A Beach With no 'See Life (God)'...

Some Folks


It As Word

Salad too; Those

Now Who See Only

Form Missing Essence Within...

Anyway... God Yes,

Here's Another

Toast, Cheers

to 'Wishing Ya Are Here'...

And to Be Clear my Heaven

Might Be 'Your' Version of Hell...

Obviously, There's Only One Solution;

Create Your Own Heaven or Hell; Write/

Create Your Own 'Bible Of Creative Existence'; Play It; Act it For Real Now;

"Field of Dreams", When 'He' Comes to Play, He And Or Her, Will Be Only You...

With An Option, of Giving Freely, Caring Sharing, Your Version, Your Vision of Heaven

or Hell

or the


of Grey SHades Existing Now...

Obviously 'Purgatory' On Earth is a Lowest Price to Rent...

And Obviously A Place Most Folks Do Exist, Never too 'Hot' or 'Cold'....

Just Out of Reach of Heaven And Hell Within on Earth For Real; Truly


One Has

To Really

Go to Hell
Now to Get to

Heaven And Stay Forever

Now; as i Observe Human

Nature; More Evidently This
Seems True in Dark And LiGHT too...


Y'all Are THeRE...


There Are

Plenty of Hot

And Cold Rocks

In Space We Can't
Reasonably Live on...

If Ya Can't Figure Out

Nature God Is Both Destroyer

And Creator One Must Be Living

Somewhere Else Yet Reality Now Hehe...

Yet of Course, You Like me Come From A BackwardsGround

That Separates God into Two Factions; Devil As Well...

To Accomodate

The Fact

That Pain

Makes Pleasure

Feel Better And

Fires Get Nature Back

In Balance When Humans

Wreck Havoc on the Nature of Balance...

Yes That Town Fire Is Ugly; Yet Still Beautiful, If You Are Seeing

Earth From Space And All 'The Cancer' Human Cultures Erect Out of Balance...

Just Depends on A Person's Vision; Some Are Far Sighted; Some Are Near Sighted;

Others See More...

And to Be




Is 'Plain
English' Either Hehe...

Yes, Yes, 'IT' Both Can And Will;

Both Ugly And Beauty Of Nature

May Prove the Nature of God

For Those Who See All As God'

If One Sees ALL Nature As God Now,

Both Ugly And Beautiful

And This

Is What Many

Eastern Philosophies

Teach Without 'Clothes'

Of Restricting God Only

For What Humans Wear

In Perceptions of the Tools They Create
And Sadly Become too; In Example, Words Humanly

Abstractly Constructed In A Book Held High to the Heavens Worshipped

As God As Tool Humans Become Rather than Naked Nature Wild Loving

Free; Yes, Both Dark And Light Accepting What Is Best We Can and Will...

Meh, Works



My God At Least

Is Nature And Real

Both DarK Thru LiGHT

Easy Enough to Prove it

Exists Just Take A Look Around

As Sadly One of the Most Prevalent

Disorders Today is NDD, Nature Deficit

Disorder in my Book Of Life For REAL; GDD, GoD Deficit Disorder Same.

As Far As Semantics Goes, You Are Just Gonna Have to Accept The Fact
That Some Folks Are Pan-All-Theists Or Turn a Blind EYe As Many Do;

All Inclusive; No

Exclusions Baby...

It's Not Like No One

Has Ever Come Up With

A Metaphor Like 'Alpha Thru Omega'

Either And Naming God Any Thing Is Vain And Idol Same...

Anyway, All Nature Subsumes All Smaller 'Trademark Gods' For Real

AS Human iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity Is Ever Nature

Bit As Real As the Leaves We iMaGiNE Co-Creating on

Trees And May Actually

Come to Be

too As

Leaves Feeding

Our Trees Falling

To Soils And Feeding

Souls Of Other Living Trees;

(AKA 'Lion King Circle of Life')

It's Just A Metaphor Baby; It's

Just Another Way of SPeaKinG Nature God...

Way i See it, Trust No Human Clothes (Tools) Alone;

Particularly, Suits, Robes, Ties, And Books; If It's Not On 'A Beach'
And Enough By Bare Foot Prints Left Alone; i Tend to Question it more FOR REAL...

Hi Annabel
Just Dropped
By To Say Hi

Hope All

Your Studies

And Work Are

Going Well my FRiEnD...

True Doc Stress
And Related
And Anxiety
Is A Real Source
Of Much Disease



Death Even

Going Without

Sleep The Brain

Starts To Consume

The Brain True A Real

Zombie Apocalypse
Of Sleep Walkers Eating

Brains too Balance



With Nature



Gravity Key
To Heaven on
Earth In Well Being


In All Stuff Breath

Moving Connecting

Co Creating Dancing

Singing Free Holding

Hands MaKinG


oF All


LiGHT Love

Room Of

Life FLoWeR View...

Hehe Zoe Humans Are
Evolved To Focus
On One Task Like
The Other


Where No

Focus Means

Losing Sight of
Prey To Eat or


to Be Eaten

Just Remember

If You Can And

Will “The Concrete
Jungle” Is Still A Jungle

Yawn Humans Aren’t

Nearly AS SMarT HeHe

As We





Fore i Dance...

7700 Square Foot Garden
Of Eden Backyard Room
With A Forest View New
Privacy Fence Walls
Totally Private With
No Spaces Between
The Board on Board
Construction Like Walls
In A House With No Ceiling
Or Back Wall Leaving An Open
Zen View To Living Trees of





Pan (All) Theism

And Beyond Measure

For God Breathing Within

For Real Eternally Now Yet

Of Course only my View of Nature...

All Great Advice

Savvy For

A Great

Work of

LoViNG iT All Naturally Do...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

More Meaning

We See In Life

More Purpose

We Act UPoN




Sense And

Make LiFE GRoW...

SMiLes Dear Sohair

Human Without

Kind Not

So Divine


Those Who BREaTHE KinD

Tend to Stay Around Love...

Feet Lowest Part

Of Fear To Take to


Fear Free



iLLuSoRY Fears NoW...

Katrina is the ultiMate ImMigrant
She Can Fit iN aLL 'those' Countries

Essence God Nature

Ah Yes Dear Jade i Remember
University Days of Triple Majors
And Three Part Time Jobs
Never Missing A Work-Out
Or 10K Race And Attending
Weekly Bar For Dance
And Weekly Church
To Play the
Piano And
Sing For The
Choir All That
Was Missing Hehe
Then From The All
In A Day in The Life
Buffet Sleep HAha

Truly A Luxury Now
To Focus In Flow on
One Task With Money
Or Grades No Contingency
Of Life’s Creativity Always

A Pleasure to
Be Inspired By
Your Poetry Dear
Jade Always Nice to Drop By...

Nice to 'Hear' 'You' Are Experiencing God; Truly An Outstanding Experience;

It's Noteworthy, Not All See And Hear Nature God As Sublime Beauty;

i Believe That's Sad; Better Put, i Understand 'Their' Emptiness in

Lack Of Feeling Sensing Connection to All That Is

As All That Is

Who Do

Not 'See'

All That Is This Way;

A Common Term for This

Divine Experience Is 'Frission'

in Autotelic Blissful Flow Mastering

A Feeling Sensing Divine Experience Yes

Commonly FLoWinG Science Suggests That It is Much

More Difficult For Folks Who Are Not Open Minded Now

To Feel and Sense 'Divine' This Way; The More Ya Open

Your Mind/Body (CaLL iT SoUL iF Ya Like) The More Ya 'See' God Nature

Ocean Whole Wave Water Same All That is Just the Kinda Experience

'Rumi' And A 'Zillion' Other Free Verse Poets Relate Experiencing Divine

Holy And Sacred Creative Spirit This Way In Tune As Music of All That is Within



Above So Below

And All Around

Experiencing All

'The Colors' Yes the

Feelings And Senses Freely

Flowing From Head to Toe And

More River Continues FLoWinG Freely AS Human Will...

Imagine Feeling Sensing Life That (This) Way Eternally Now In All

Ya Do And Ya May Relate How i Eternally Experience Life This Way

As A REAL Kingdom (Queendom) of Heaven Within is Basically Free Flow

Meditation With Mother

Nature Free Yes God;

A Dance

And Song

Free Will Do Even

A Solo Free Style 'Sufi Dervish Spiraling Way'...

Generally When Folks Reach This Human Zenith

of SPiRiT, SoUL, HeART What Naturally Comes Is Giving, Sharing, Caring,

Compassion As Love For All With Least Harm BRinGinG A Human Species UP


of So Far




Meme of this

All Natural

God Meme;

Yes, The Anti-God-Trump-Meme... Yuck...

Hehe, i'll Continue Staycationing WHere i Am...

Let me Do my Best to Put This In Terms You May Not Understand;

Yet, I'll Give it A Try in "Plain English"; Best i Can And Will

As Existential Intelligence Is More the Purview

of Poetry Than Science...



This is no Simulation Theory, it is Real For those
Who Reap The Cause and Effect, Real Benefits too....

A Clue is MaKinG All of Life A 'Sugar Pill' At Essence of Belief...

Perhaps it might even Open Your Mind A Bit Ascending Transcending

A Bit Past Your 'Neo Cortical Part of Conscious Existence' to Not Live

In Such A Left Brain Metaphor Restricted Measure of Existence; True,


A Place

With No

Distance, Space,

Time or Matter;



BREaTHE Free Eternally

Now; Make it All A Sugar Pill At

Essence; Sow Every Word A Song;

Sow Every Step A Dance; And Perhaps

You'll Reap All the SMiLes You Meet And

Greet in Life Same And Different as We All Are Now...

Anyway As Far As Simulation Theory Goes; Minds Much Greater

Than Ours in Science Like Neil DeGrasse Tyson Entertain the Possibility

That That is Part of Reality too; In Other Words, He has iMaGiNaTioN Too...


i Didn't

Always Have

It Either; Just like

You, At one Point i Scored

A 195 on the Aspie Quiz too...

And 45 on the AQ Scan As Opposed

to Relatively Speaking, 92 and 11 Now;

What this Means, Whether You Have the ability

to See it or not, is i Expand my Human Potential

Exponentially As i Still Have All the Knowledge Crystalized

Before to Go Along With The Fluid Intelligence in Flow that Comes So Easily Now...

Bottom Lines

Baby is

i Make

The MaGiC of

SMiLes Come to

Those Who Exercise

More of their Human Intelligence,

Existentially SPeaKinG So; i've Been

Observing You Long As Well As All the

Others Here; Not Much Has Changed it Seems

With You; Yet Others Continue to Evolve; Ask Your Self Why,

Or Not;

That's Up to

You as Far as i Feel

And Sense, it's Never too

Late to Make The Concrete A River of Heavenow;

Remember (or not) i have Close to A Photographic Memory

For Text; i remember Your Views of Jesus Actually Being Real

According to Story As Written; However, it Seems You Don't Have

What it takes to Defend The 'Magic Sugar Pills' You BeLiEVE iN Life...

i Personally See that As 'Weak'; You May Look At it Whatever Way You So Wilt...

Other than That According

to What You've Stated

You Believed in, in the

Past, The Dude Yeshua for

Real Never Had a Pen, or A Blog,

So We Will Never Know What He Actually Said or Did...

Like You Profess, Mere Belief Proves Nothing; Yet Only

Relatively Failing, When It's Just Empty Shells of Words With No Essence...

And to Be Clear, The Essence of Belief is the Synergy of All Our Mind; The Vibrations, Frequencies The

Energy; Yes the Feelings, The Senses, That Combine to Make Our Existence Real Now And Improving At Best...

If Ya Wanna


Reduce it

to Terms like

Serotonin, Dopamine,
Oxytocin, And Epinephrine

You May Do That As Well;

Yet It's Not Necessary at All

When One Employs Intuition

From Evolved Innate Instincts

More Like An ENFP Than

An INTJ As True

The Second

Was my Personality

Before too; True, Those Personality

Tests Are Antiquated too; yet still i move

Around them All With Ease As Need Be with Relative Free

Will In Zen of Ego too As Art; Oh Lord Horatio And Ripley Believe

It or not; You Are Not Seeing Bigger Pictures of Existential Intelligences Now

From What i Observe at least, As An All Volunteer Participant, Anthropology Observer;

And Don't Get Me Wrong, If You Can And Will; Your Rational Intellect is of Great Value When it comes to Keeping

the Measures of Science in The Discussions Here; it's Just that You Are Not Bringing A Balance into A Larger Picture

of Art in smART

And Art



It Seems to me;

Ecstatically With

1000's of Beautiful

Women Just Bringing

(Reaching 60 Years-Old)

Smiles to them From An

Act of Art With No Words,

Just Dance; You See It's Not Always

The Intellect of Words That Makes Heaven Real Now...

The Essence is Within; Otherwise, Just Empty Shells of Words And Human Beings Same And Different...

Perhaps, It's Difficult For You to Understand; Yet A Song And A Dance From Soul is the Essence of BELieVE NoW...

And To Be Clear, Soul is What We Feel and Sense Beyond the Form of Empty Shells of Words And Human Beings Same...

Science Does Not Adequately

Measure Our Inner


As It's Always

Changing Now;

Impossible to

Do Through that

Old Tool That Measures

Buildings of Human Yet
Not Synergy of Soul All Flesh and Blood Energy Now...

i For one Am Very Satisfied With The Programmer of This Simulation For Real; Hint: me.

And Other than That Our Philosophies At Core Are Most Often Ruled With How We FeeL and

Sense Within; My Cup Is OverFLoWinG Through DarK And LiGHT; i Co-Create my Reality With Relative Free Will

As i Keep the Boot Camp Up Here; And the Other Place More Like Heaven Down With the Souls in India More;

Whatever Works...

(For You too)


Thumbs Up!


It's Worth Noting, to Others At

Least That i am 'Extraordinary';

That Seems to Be The Issue At Core Here...

Sorry, my FRiEnD;

Can Not





Down to 'Your

Level' And Explain this;

How Will Someone View

A Reality They Have No Way to 'See' for Now;

Like i said, i Gave it a Shot; Others May Reap A Greater Benefit...

You Just


A Bit of

'Dark' Muse

Sadly For What

You Seem Not to Be Able to 'See'...

Yet It's True; i Earned This, It Was
Not Given to me by anyone else either...

If 'This' Is a Simulation Theory; It IS A Rather 'Poor Attempt', Overall, now;

It Appears to me at Least, THeRE is Room For Improvement For Whatever 'God(S)' Exists now...

A Greatest Part of Development
Of The World Wide Web Is
Increasingly The Entire

Globe of

Humans Is
Exposed to

Diversity of Humankind
True When We Actually
Experience Differences
Of Others We Learn greater
To Tolerate Accept And Even
Appreciate How Those Differences Make Us

All Stronger

In Diversity



Where Finally

One Day No one
Freakin’ Cares if
Other Folks Are Different
They Are Free to be “me”



Don’t Have
To be “You”

hehe or “me”

No Longer Cookie
Cutter Humans Brand
New Recipes For All to
Express Their True Wills
Loving Self-Authenticity
Giving Sharing Caring For

All With




Unique Finger

Prints And Footprints

Left on EartH to Color

The World A Bit Differently

For The Breath They Leave


Now Hehe

Where Even

UFO’S Like me
Are Accepted too

Or At Least Tolerated HAha

Extraterrestrial Floating on

Land i Dance Sing in Flow
And Make Some Big Kong Waves...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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19 Jun 2021, 2:22 am


Hehe Reminds

me i Need Sleep Doc.. Sweet!!

Interesting Familiar

Shapes Innate in

Authentic Word

Flow Meaning

Comes Before

Words Talk Savvy Just

A Reminder No Distance

Space Time or Matter Art Flows

Center Balance All Existence 'Seeing' Now...

Helping Hands Dear Savvy

Indeed Still Amazed This

Week Watching A Man

My Age Born With No Fingers

Build A Board on Board Fence

Around My Own Back-Yard Garden

Of Eden Making a 7,700 Square

Foot Room Without

A Ceiling


A Totally

Open Back View

to Forest Heaven

Green With All the

Fur And Wings And

Colors FLoWeRS BRinGS

THoRNS Whole Rose RiSinG Free

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD All i Build

Holds Words And Steps




And Song

With Back-Yard View

With SMiLes As ALWaYS

Thanks For the Inspiration

It Is A Given A Surety

Magic Happens


i Read

Whatever You

Bring Each Day of Soul Gift...

Oh God Yes

Change It's The

Best All the Doctors

Gave me No Prognosis

For Recovery

Oh God


Change Is

Best i Am Stil

Disordered Ironically

With Heaven Still Now

Who Knew Heaven Could

BE A Disorder Hail Mary/Helen Indeed...

Every Pet


Us Love Best...

SMiLes Ava FoCuSinG On
One TasK iN Flow

Creates Now

Forever Now

No Matter Weather

Season or Other

Mood Yet Bliss




Anxiety Balance

Of Course If Money

Or Grades Are No Issue...

Waves Sing Sunset

Colors Return


As Art Above

Art Below Complete

Dear Aloha FRiEnD

Yes Complete With

Dog SMiLes


Breath Now...

SMiLes Dear Annabel Sleep Well or

Our Brain Will Consume Our Brain

Like Real Zombie Apocalypse

Brain Tasting Contests

Not A Best Venue

For Exams Lack

Of Sleep Brings

And True Hehe With Outstanding

Rote Memory Ace the Test And Put the

Memory to Rest HAha... Yet True What

Does the Schooling Even Count For

When it May Be Put To Rest and

Never Actually Used Again...

Hmm What if We

Learned to

Stuff As We

Go For What We

Will Really Do Next...

SMiles Dear Annabel Sure
You Will Do Well on
Your Exams Glad to
See You Posting


With SMiles

Goodness i Just
Finished Celebrating
A 7 MiLLion Word
Subchapter of

My Longest

Longest Long

Form EPiC Bible Poem

“SonG oF mY SoUL”
RiSinG to 9.4 MiLLioN
Words in 94 Months
Yet That’s Not Close to

All As i Am Celebrating
Also 15,000 Miles oF Public

Dancing Too Still Now


A Second

Wind Coming



Stepping Stones
Feeling Stones
Coloring Souls Love
Dances Sings Over Rocks

Let's Face "US" If WE Do Not Look
Within to Feel and Sense OuR SoULS
We WiLL Never Get to ACTuALLy

KNoW God For OuR Answers

It's Worth Noting That God
Is Always US Never Them
For Those Who See Them
They Automatically Lose A God Win Test



Be More Like Creativity (GoD) BReATHE NeW Do LiVENoW SEA LoVE

SMiLes Mariana Are You Sure You Have an Appetite

For a 60,886 Word Long Form Poem Blog Post

"Nether Land Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old"

An All You Can Possibly Eat

Word Buffet

Hehe Be

Careful What

You Wish For

TSuNaMi's Overflow

Entire Countries in

Nigeria With Words too.. HAha..

Currently Celebrating "15,000 Miles
oF Public Dancing" With Lots of Videos

Coming To celebrate That too Already

Close to 15,000 Or So Words

into Doing the Next One too...

At This Point, i Wonder A Couple of Things;

One is personal, and You surely don't have to reply to it.

Have You Ever Been in A Romantic Relationship With Another Human Being?

Secondly, Do You Understand That Morals Are Cultural Constructs, Generally

Assessed As What Culture As Group Think Determines is the Right or Wrong Thing to Do?

In Other Words, Again, Morals Change Depending on the Culture at Hand And What The Culture Comes

to Believe; As Morality Is A Human Abstract Construct This Way; And Yes Some Folks, in the U.S., About

Half the Population Now Believe Abortion Is Immoral; While the Half And A Bit Less Believe it is NOT Immoral;

Yet Again, This Is Highly Influenced By Church Influence That Is Surely Not Moral At Core Through Abrahamic

Religions That Ridiculously Suggest That An All Loving, Forgiving, Peaceful God Turns Around And Tortures Humans

Making Mistakes, Forever, Knowing That is Gonna Happen in Advance; Yes That Ridiculous Story About Loving Torture
is Considered

Moral As Any


The Cannibal

Horror Story and

More As In this Case Love

of Eating the Human Becomes

Torture forever Instead; Do You

Understand That Your View of Morality

Is Yours And Not Required for anyone else to Hold;

If Not, You Don't Understand Morality in the First Place;

It's Ever Changing And Truly Insane As Close to Half the World

Believes A God Of Morality Is Both All Forgiving, Loving; And Torturing too...

Yet Perhaps that is Why

'They' Don't Mind Women

Suffering; Yet Perhaps That

Is Why They Don't Mind in Some

Areas of Belief in Abrahamic Religions

Still Selling Women Into Institutionalized Virginal

Rape on First Marriage Date Night Sold As 'Cattle' For Breed;

Yes, Perhaps that's why it took Until Last Century for Women

To Vote Here; And Yes, No Doubt it is still Used to Justify Slavery

That Way Still Now in Mastering Reproductive Control For Women;

Yawn, Things Change; Here, Traditional Religion Is going Away, Being

Replaced By Individual Endeavors That Are Becoming Instead, "Opiates

of the Masses" for those who otherwise live in Socio-Economic Scarcities...

Meanwhile, This again is an Interesting Topic for Discussion; Yet as far as

What is Actually Happening Here as Far As Debate Goes on A Relative Morality

Issue as Divided As Abortion is today; Yes, 'Mental Moral Masturbation' As 'i am Right

And You Are


And 'There

Is No Way for

You to Prove i am Wrong';

As Surely You Are Mentally

Masturbating The Same Way For

Only Your Pleasure; As Most everyone

Else Sees Your Argument As quite Frankly Ridiculous here...

True, it would get much more Mileage in Church Environments; Yet

Alas this This is ‘The

Wrong Planet’...



Claw, Bite;

This Overall

"Wrong Planet"


For 'Cats'
Who Will Not

Be 'Herded'; Nope,

Not 'Dogs', HAha,

Overall At Least;

As Ya Ain't Gonna
Convince Anyone Here to Follow

Your Individual 'Pack Way of Think'

That Your 'Moral Argument' is Not Ridiculous

Except For 'Remnants' of the 'Church Crowd' at Hand...

i Study Humanity as A Hobby, i Listened to a Third Week

Installment of the Local Priest Facebook Streaming His Assessment on "Revelation"

to a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE; Saying it was A Book of Hope, Except for those Who Didn't

Agree with His Interpretation of the Rather 'Loosely Knit Free Verse Poetry' Entailed Within,



Go to

Hell and

Never Get Out

Forever Tortured;

That's Pure Insanity Still;

Yet in those Doors An All

Loving God, All Forgiving too,

Tortures His Creations Pre-Ordained

As A Bloody Sky Daddy Psychopath Forever;

Funny How Morality Drips Blood Forever too;

Again, Putting the Fictional Character Hannibal

The Cannibal to Shame In the Halls of Torturing Humans forevermore...

The Thing That's Predictable as 'Hell' in General, if You Weren't Christian, Likely

You Wouldn't Hold the View That Women Should Suffer Lifelong for the Unborn And

An All Loving




Tortures Folks Forever too...

Sorry my Friend, it's Hard to take You Serious...

Nothing Personal, You Are Very Civil, Yet Your Opinions

On Morality, Not Unlike the Opinions of a Priest And the

Church, Will Never ever be Moral to me; And Many Others too

As Our Morals Are Simply Differently Colored by Our Experiences too...

Anyway, i Do Thank You For Your Honesty, Knowing Full Well Here You are

'the odd man out'...

In the



Obviously Well

Received No Matter

What Argument You

Make Against Abortion

as it is the 'Wine And The

Bread'; Yes, the Bloody Wine

And Bread of the Church at Hand;

Yet Again Directed By the All Loving

Forgiving Ruler THAT Tortures ITS Subjects

Who Make Mistakes Forever; Go Figure, my FRiEnD....

How Darkness Breeds 'Children', in 'The Name Of Love' THiS Way...


i Don't


You to
Figure it out

And That's Okay too...

As You Simply Are Not
Viewing A Moral UniVerse the Same Way...

My Morals Have Changed Quite A Bit Over

61 Years; It's Common, Humans Do Both Evolve

And Devolve This Way Morally, Depending on

Individual Experiences and Views...

Thanks Again For Your Honesty;

And Honestly Per This Topic on Abortion

And Real World Consequences, It Is Impossible

To Separate The Politics of Church From The Issue At Hand;

in my Case, A 'Golden

Rule includes A

Do Least

Harm Clause

For All of Nature

or for me it is Close to

Useless as every Human

Experiences the World Differently;

And Without A Good Faith Effort of Cognitive

Empathy per Doing Our Best to Walk in The Shoes

Of Others in Compassion; It really Isn't the Golden, Silver or Bronze Rule;

in Fact it has Truly No place in the 'Olympics of Love' As A Great Art of Loving

Life in Practice Across the Lifespan; to Be Clear, i am only Speaking to my Morality

Here And Of Course Outside of the Christian And Muslim Religions It is more Wide

Spread to Take More of the Dark and Light into Account of Existential Intelligences Rather

Than Anthropomorphizing It into Symbols of Devil And Demon And God And Angel As Such...

Back to the Reality of Nature;

Your Statement And

Yes, Intellectually Honest

Statement That You Really

Can't Say what Decision You Would

Make as A Woman Raped By Father, Other

Close Family Relative or Family Friend Or Lover

And Husband too As Commonly This is the Greatest

Avenue Where Rape Comes From; the Familiar Instead of Strange

Is Telling Indeed As You Are Coming From An Abstract Construct Justification

Of Morality that is not Actually

Grounded in Flesh and Blood

Reality As You Admit

It Can't Be As

You Will Never Be

Put in that Position in this

Lifetime as A Dude Instead of A Woman;

if You Have Ever Been Physically Bullied

in Your Life, You Understand What it Means to

Be Prey at the Hands of Predator; Indeed, i Reached Close
to Mature Height In Middle School And Although Mercilessly

Bullied Verbally, People Are Rather Inhibited Usually From Attacking

Someone Who is a Head Taller than they are; So i never Experienced Physical Abuse

That Way; The Way it is for me in A Dark Parking Lot or City Street At 2 AM Walking

Tall Alone And Carrying Myself As Any Martial Arts Specialist Will Do in Fearless Way

of Controlling Every Body Part in Ease Friends with Gravity; There is About A 1 percent Chance

Anyone is Gonna Pursue a Physical Confrontation With me As Long as i Maintain may Cool...

True at 242 Pounds of up to 1520 Pounds of Martial Arts Leg Pressing Strength; it's a Much

Different Experience than

On A Dark City Street

At 2 AM, As A Woman

Half my Size With A Vagina

That By Itself Makes Her Potential

Prey Wherever She May Go alone on

A Dark City Street At Night; And Sadly

Even More So With Family, Friends, Lovers

And Husbands too As That is the Source of Most

Rape that 1 Out of 4 Females Experience in a Lifetime

Now in Some Way of Sexual Predation; If You Could Really

Put Your Self in those Shoes, Indeed Your Point of View Could

Be Much Different; to Your Credit Your More Evolved View on Heaven

And Hell Real on Earth As An Experience Within Rather Than Generated

As Punishment By A God Entity For Qualified Mistakes is Much More Evolved

in What i See As Rational Morality and Faith than What i Hear From the Very

Rigid Thinking Fundamentalist Priest at the Church i Visit, Only Believing Heaven and Hell
is After Death By Standard Fundamentalist Rigid Ways of Group Think; the More Charismatic

Junior Catholic Priest there in the Same Week, Teaches The Kingdom of Heaven Is to Be made Here Now

And No Other Place Yet now continuing Now per Luke 17:21, Starting From Love Within And Of Course

Consuming Others With Least Harm as One will Find that By Metaphor in the New Testament too; if one Looks Deep

Enough for it and Interprets it that way; The Least Harm Clause is Common Outside of Fundamentalist Circles;

It appears to me that Your Morality is Evolving From my Perspective As A Sign of Morality is Always Kindness

And Compassion For Friend And So-Called Foe the Same; As i noticed, hehe, i failed to Center the Art of

What i Do; As You Provided That Coding Gift Out of the Humanity of Who You Are; That Was one of the

Few Experiences on this Site That Seemed Human to me; it is much different in India and that's for

Sure; i was Just curious How Evolving Your Morality is from the Perspective of

Christianity As Again that is Core to this Issue of Restrictions on Abortion;

i guess it all Depends in some ways at least, for those Who

Find it Easier To 'See' What it Feels

Like to Be Prey in Life;

It's Surely amazing

Never to Feel that way;

And As Tall as i Was and

As Thin as i was in Middle School Close to 6 Feet

Tall and 120 Pounds; Then Height was probably

All the Difference for me to Find What Being
Prey Really Felt Like; Of Course There was still

That Potential Enough Where i surely wasn't

As Comfortable Strolling Through a Dark

Parking Lot At a Huge Bustling Dancing Bar at 2 AM...

So Much Privilege; So Much Privilege Both Earned And Born With too;

So Many Struggles too; And Enough to Feel For Others Who Are Not Like me..

Much of this is a Matter of Experience; And Surely i feel like i am a Fortunate one

to indeed


in Many

Shoes in

6.1 Decades...

In Short Thanks...

The Key to Change

Is Taking the Effort

To Understand Other Folks;

Both Those We Agree With

And Even More So For Those We Do Not...

Of Course That takes a lot of Time and Effort...

Really Hard to Do in 'Candy Crush Work Life These Days'...

Where Grades, And Money Are no Factor, Competition Naturally Fades And Cooperation Naturally Grows

As Abundance Does Breed Cooperation Over Competition Naturally So For Those Who Already Have it all

Both Material



And Physical Too Complete;

Understanding This Lends

Plenty of Room For Real Love And Forgiveness

For Most Every Variance of Life Experience; Again a Practice, A Work of Life Art...

The Way You Described Hell, Interestingly, is the Way the Modern 'Fulton Sheen'

Head YouTube PR Catholic 'Bishop Barron' Describes it too; Also Clarifying That Other

Religions May Find Their Way to Heaven With The Same Universal Spirit of Love Within,

Regardless of Forms of Names, Per Love is Real, A Second Vatican Council Last Century Made that clear...

Still Though


Catholic Priests

Act Like it Never Happened...

Particularly in Places Where Trump Still Rules, In Part at Least,

Probably Just to Survive Like Politicians as they wanna stay in Power...

As of Course Fear Is the Glue that Keeps a lot of Folks Filling Up the

Offering Basket, And Pay For Pastors, and Priests too; Highly Un-Evolved

Spiritually; Yet Still Nature of Un-Evolving Souls ACross A Lifetime Sadly So True... too...

my God Just So Sleepy
Publishing 60,886 Words
While Writing Another 13
Thousand Celebrating

15,000 Miles oF

Public Dancing

In 93 Months

And All the


That Comes With
That Watching in
Amazement This
Week While the Builder
Of A Brand New Board
On Board Fence Born
With No Fingers As Some
Babies Were In 1960 When
i was Born Like The Builder



Hehe i Feel
Like This Cicada
A Bit Refreshed This
Morning Like i had 17 Years

Of Sleep didn’t Really Get

To Complete my Thought on

Your Blog Warm Happy And

Free there’s Something That

Always Breaks my Heart A

Bit When i See Your

Smiling Pics So

Long it Seems Almost

Like ‘This Cicada’ Since

You’ve Felt Love’s Embrace

Of Real Flowering Love my


Dear FRiEnD With SMiles...

"Nether Land Bible 7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old" Oh Lord
Another 60,886 Word EPiC Show of Free Verse Poetry
This One Finished 5 Days Ago Yet Longer to Come
To Electronic Publishing Page as i Am Still

Busily Celebrating "15,000 Miles oF Public

Dancing" Getting Videos Created For That

1,000 Mile Incremental Celebration

Ongoing For 93 Months too

Along With "SonG oF mY

SoUL" RiSinG to 9.4 MiLLioN
Words on the 94th Month Anniversary

Of That Longest EPiC Long Form Poem

Bible on 6.18.2021 As "Nether Land Bible

7 MiLLioN Words 5 YearS Old" Gets Published

on June 18th, 2021 As Well Getting it All Together Done!...

Warm, Happy, And Free
A Great Season Indeed...

SMiles Dear FRiEnD
Among Thousands
Of Beautiful SMiles
They Surely Would
Not Be Complete
Without Yours...
i Thank You
For Your
Love Always too...


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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20 Jun 2021, 12:35 am

Celebrating 15,000 MiLes oF
Public Dancing in 93 Months
These Two to the Tune
Of Alan Parsons
'i Robot'
These Videos Were taken on
June 13, 2021, At Ross Dress For Less
At Cordova Mall in Pensacola Just For Fun

SMiles Dear Samreen
In Your Place of Soul



Always A Pleasure
To Connect HeART Felt

And Healing Spirit For
Every Dark A Gratitude

For Every Breath in LiGHT
More Dear FRiEnD Sailing

Wings of LoVE Dancing Singing...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Thanks
So Much For

The Kind
Father’s Day

Wishes Juneteenth

New Holiday Brings

In Tropical


Managing Wind
Gusts of 81 Miles
Per Hour at The



Far Beyond
What Forecasters
Expected Hehe i Was

Writing in Flow



The Wind Inside Hehe
And Tons of Rain Yet

All is
And Okay
Where i Live At Least...

Love Living
Proof of



Falling More
Yet RiSinG Same

Just Always Staying

Always Leaving Staying


For To



is to


Love Even More...
For There is No

Rolling Without Coasting Low

As A Participant Anthropology Observer

i Study The Church In Person And Particularly

The Catholic One i Was Raised in to Write About

It As Mostly Sadly Dark Muse For A Source of Free

Verse Poetry As DarK Muse Works As Well as LiGHT

Muse Night


Day Inspires

And Ignorance is the

Pandemic That Harms, Rapes,

Maims, And Kills Life, Liberty, and

The Pursuit of Happiness Most if

Ever There Was an Original

Sin of Humankind

It is All Stuff



Kills Free

And Wild Human

Nature in Balance

With the Rest of Nature Now

There is No Talking Rationality
to Someone Who has Vaulted

Old Dusty Words to The Extreme of God Free

For True They Only Fall As Millstones on the Bottom
of the Ocean With No Breath Meanwhile The Catholic

Church Continues to Empty The Pews Trying Its Best

to Make 'Jesus' Fly As Flags Near Gallows With Chants

Of Killing Political Leaders And Overthrowing Democracy

Yet They Forget That Half the Church Is Liberal And Democratic

For Humane Freedoms Yet They Forget That 37 Percent of the

Church is Already on the Church Fence of Leaving After All the

Protecting Pedophile Abuse At the Top of the Pope Pies Each



And Afraid

to Even Be

Who They Truly

Are Men Without
Rainbows Males Without Souls...

Just Retaining Power No Different

Than Any Other Despicable Leader
And the Minions Who Follow in Loyalty out of Fear....

70 Percent of the Congregation Doesn't Believe the

Myth Anymore Than An Old 2,000 Year or So Old Corpse
is Changed into Wine And Bread And Cannibalized As Such
Together To Gain Love From the Meal The Church is Falling

The Church Is Falling And The Days oF iGNorance Are Also Falling too

A New Age of Free Will, Liberty, Justice, Life Loving Pursuits of Happiness for Real For ALL...

And WHere is the New Opiates for the "Masses" Measurable in Terms of 6-Inch Screens For Real too...

i Too Am Particularly
In Love With Summer
This Year




Masks Truly
Fulfilling They Are

True i Don’t Work

i Write Song For

Living Giving

Soul Feet

Respite From Dance Hehe

And Yes Good FRiEnDS

Trees In Deserts...

SMiLes Dear Samreen Fearless is Often Silent

And Love Some Days Brings Hurricane

Winds of Expression Love Without

Fearless Is Weak Fearless

Without Love

Is Dead

SMiLes my Mother

Was Definitely A Woman

Winning Awards in High School

of Best Figure in 11th And 12th Grade

My Father's Mother Said She Had Never

Seen Fairer Skin than What Helen GLoWeD...

On the Other Hand my Mother Working At A Courthouse

Seeing the Then Beverage Agent Busting Moonshiners

Making Illegal Alcoholic Drinks Escaping Taxes For Sale

As He Had to Come to the Courthouse to Fill Paperwork Out

She Noted to Herself That the Half-Shaven Rugged Looking

Man's Wife Must Be the Luckiest Woman in the World for She

Had Never Laid Her Eyes Upon A Man As Handsome As He

With Jet Black Curly Short Cropped Hair And Green Eyes Just

As Deep As the Emerald Green Seas of Shallow Gulf Waters Yes

As One Sees Qatar too Dear FRiEnD Such A Sea Green Forever Color

Of Gulf Anyway my Father Asked Her For Marriage on the First Date She

Felt Like She Was Getting A Bit Old At Age 26 In 'Those Days of 1959' So

She Accepted on the Second Date And After They Were Married He Never

Said Another Word to Her Practically And His Identical Twin Brother Never

Said Literally Any Words At All to Her as True Fearless Will Be Rather Strong

And Silent Yet the Non-Verbal Language Says it all Protected Safe With A Man

Like That True Leading to 46 Years of Law Enforcement For my Father As Ya Just

Don't Last that Many Years With

Fear and that's For Sure...

Yet True Dear FRiEnD

my Father Had

No Stories

to Tell

And A Parent

Without Stories Is one
Who Is Not Easily Able to
Relate Any Wisdom For Life

At Age 3 He Left to find a Woman
to make Him More Money Rich as my
Super Nurturing Overflowing Estrogen
Glowing Skin Mother Just Wanted to
Stay Home And Raise Her Children

In the Spirit of Love True So Busy

Raising Us Working Alone Divorced

Rarely Was Their Any Room For Her
to tell Us Any Stories of Life too... You

Know Dear FRiEnD You Feel Dear FRiEnD

In A World of Constant Distraction The Art of

Story Telling What Truly Makes Us Humans Who

Connect Deeply Intimately With Our Life Stories is

Increasingly Becoming Twitter Size and a Lost Art

Yet You See For me on the Autism Spectrum As Most

Assuredly This is My Father's Gift That Both i and my

Sister Inherited As Asperger's Syndrome With Me Getting

Some Colors of the Almost Always Upside of Bi-Polar Disorder

That My Mother Enjoyed Keeping Her Dark Days Silent And Out
of View Away From Us Anyway The Art of Story Telling Not able to

Even Speak Before Four i surely Shared Some of my Father's Struggle

Yet Then i didn't Understand Why He Was the Way He Was So Cold and

Aloof So Silent and Fearless As Compared to my Mother Full of Expressing

Light even when She was just too tired from Work and Home-Making And

Child Raising to Say Another Word Often Sleeping Until Noon on the Weekends
Just to Try to Recover From Long Never Ending Weeks of Working Parenting Alone...

Father's Day Is A Very Long Weekend to me

True i have a Father's Day Photo From

1997 too the Only Family

Photo of my Son Ryan

And Wife Katrina

After Open HeART

Surgery on Father's

Day of 1997 Not Even A Month
Old he in His Only Life of Pain
And Never A Smile Anyway Really

The Only Words of Wisdom my Father

Related to me is the Day of the Surgery

As the Surgeon Who Had Such Huge Hands

And Was Also Every Bit As Much Exuding Confidence

And Fearlessness Said to Us Kiss Your Baby Good Bye

So i Did And then my Father's Wisdom Came He mentioned

Our Last Name And Said What he Never Said Before He Said

Our Sir Name Means We Will Always Get Through And then Came

the Wisdom Make Sure You Raise Him Like a Man Intimating that

After He Left and Offered No Advice to me my Mother Never

Made me Into A Man Like Him Silent And Fearless Always

Willing to Go to War to Kill as He Felt Peace Loving

Is Weak often Naming the Peace Sign of 'Those

Days' A 'Chicken Foot' So Prejudiced

Against Black Folks And

Homosexual Folks

So Afraid

That the Smile

My Mother Gave me

Not Very Verbal yet Still

Full oF Light Might Mean

i would never Be A Tough Man Like Him...

For True in those Days A Man Without Emotions

Was the Preferred way of Existence Numb Enough

to Overcome the Aversion to Kill Other Humans All

Ready to Go to another World War And Kill the Enemy

As Called Upon to Be A Killing Hero A Real Alpha Male as Seen then...
Yet that's Not

True Science

Shows that

Even Chimps

Select The Most

Empathic Leader Where

The Service of the Leader with

the Most Empathy is the Most Stressful
Job of all in Loving Service as Surely my Mother

Blessed with the Best Quality of the Alpha Leader

Female As Bonobos Lead the Tribe of Apes in Matriarchal
Fashion As the Males only Serve The Female Apes' Pleasures

And Sure Bring Home Some Food Now And Then too Hehe...

Yet it's Also True Those Alphas Leaders Must Be Both Fearless

And Loving to Become Real Heroes of the Tribe of Apes at Hand

What Often Happens When a Fearless Father Without Love Stays

in Human Cultural Terms is Love is Never Fully Gardened in the
Son As the Empathy is Seen As Weak and taken Away in all the Colors
of Nurturing Love that Otherwise Comes And Sadly as Much as the Irony
of the Father Complaining About What the Mother Did Not Do As He
Surely offered no Advice or Example Setting in the Environment of
Home i Was surely missing

The Element of

Fearless that

Makes Love


Not too Weak

to make a Real Difference

In the Lives of Others You Know

At Best Dear FRiEnD We Take

Advantage of All the Gifts Our

Parents Give Us And We For-

Give Their Shortcomings

As Nurturing Love



Again As Fearless
Without Love is often
Dead That Way and Sadly

Again Love Without Fearless

Is often too Weak to Spread Very Far

Or Too Afraid to Break the Rules of Tradition

That Harm Folks More Than Saves Their Precious Lives And Well Being

Now Here on Earth Now Not Waiting for The Day Daddy Gets Around

to Telling A Story of Life's Wisdom That Stays Silent Fearless

And Strong Yet Relates Few to no Colors of Life to

Actually Thrive... Father's Day Weekend

Is Surely Always A Weekend of

Deep Introspection for

Me As Now

When i Look
IN the Mirror

i Do See My Father's

Silent Strong Face And

i Do Feel the SouL The

HeART And SPiRiT of My

Mother Helen's Love Still Living Within

Now to Give to Share to Care Freely

With all Others With Least Harm

And You See to Do this all with No

Fear Not Worrying if Folks Turn Away

When i Provide the Stories That Saved my Soul

of Living This Life Fearlessly Now As Love Dances and

Sings Empirically So i am actually More Fearless than my

Father Yet You See Without the Inheritance of that Potential

From Him Finally Realized i might be only Weak Love

Never Spreading



my Home

Or Less Silently

Mute Never Expressing

Feelings at All For It's True

When i Worked for the Government

the Military For 25 Years my Wife surely

Related i Rarely Said A Word to Her or Expressed

Feelings For Almost Two Decades the Potential of

My Mother Always Within the Potential of My Father

Always Within too Looking in the Mirror And Becoming

my Own Father And Mother And Best FRiEnD too And

Truly Loving My Self Fully Authentically All the DarK Shadows

Through Colors of Love True Basically Not Afraid to Be Human

i Suppose We All Seek A Balance of Mother, Father, Best FRiEnD

And Lover True of Living Our Lives Eternally Now i surely Will

Be Able Still to Thank my Father And Mother Both Passed

Away Today it

Feels Good

to Be Whole


And Enough

Understanding that

The True Gift of Mother,

Father, Best FRiEnD and

Lover of LiGHT And Acceptance

oF All the Shadows of Life and Love

Need Not Ever Go Away Now Yes A

Gift of God Complete Within The Parents

The FRiEnDS, The Lovers, The NaTuRE ALL

That And Who Never Minds Who Hopes With all THeiR Feeling Sensing

HeARTS SPiRiTS SoULS Mind Bodies Whole We Rise Even Higher Than

Before... Tropical Storm Claudia Is Storming Dark Rains today And Sun is Still Shining




Mother and

Father still Breathes

Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around

As i Feel God this way Fearless

Loving No Matter Where i Go Next DarK Thru Light

Whole Complete Always Enough Life's Dream Fruition Breathing...

LoVE RiSinG Gentle Waves Falling Rising Even More my FRiEnD..

For You See i have no living Children yet At Best i will Lift All Others Up


of Failing

to Spread

Some Way


to All i Meet And Greet

A 'Successful Chimp' i Aim to See and Be...

You Know it's True Dear FRiEnD Nature

God Works in Mysterious Ways

As LiGHT Does


From Dark

Days of 'Fore

Through Every

Storm There is

The Potential

of Rainbow Colors Coming

True Where The Pot of Gold

Is Essence of Rainbow Whole Really Breathing...

Yet It's Worth Noting Behind The Curtains of

A 'Wizard of Oz' It's Definitely Real A

Most Complex Effortless Job oF all

In Flow As Water Wave Ocean Sees

Whole Now Love Bleeds Love Soothes



All Ills
Now For Real..
As 'Tin Men 'Without
HeARTS Scare Crows

Without Rationality

And Lions Without

Courage Become the

True Fearless Loving Spirit

Of A Little Indian Muslim Girl

Who Still Breathes Fearless

LoVE iN Her Thirties Gift oF A REAL

FATHER AND MOTHER Surviving Thriving Now...

Only if You
Inspire Words
Dear With SMiles


Do Know/Feel
Not Everyone

Sees What i
Write Hehe

Indeed You
Are Inspiring to me...

Now Forever Annabel
Longest Place
Lasting Love


There of

Key To Success

LiVE iN Love’s

Place Open

All New
And Old

Doors Creating

Love Keys For




Higher Floor’s
LiGHT Leaving

Same Ahead Now...

Couldn’t Decide if i Should
Gift You A Palette Full
Of Oreo Cookies
Or A Health
Store Full

Of Goods

For A Happy
Saturday Weekend

So i Am Gifting You
Both Hehe As Life Is
Not Strictly Black And White...

OM Goodness

Glad You Only

Showed Them

A Few Lines Hehe

There’s Enough Words

In There To Drown an

Entire Country With

SMiles Hehe Thanks

Dear Annabel You Are



Your Years of Born...

Hehe My Head
Is too Big... i only
Got 4 Hours Sleep
The Last Two


To Reduce
The Size

Of my Brain


It Feels

Good Hehe

To Lose Your
Mind Yet Only

If You


No Exams

Study Hard
Sleep Sweet

Dear Annabel
Nigerian Young

Very Smart FRiEnD...

Not Sure if You Actually Read 'The Study'

to the Link You Provided By the Smithsonian

Organization; Yet Sadly It's a Bit of A Hyperbolic

Title As Yes the Experiment Was Based on Stimulus

And Response With A Mechanical tool of 'Transcranial

Magnetic Stimulation' And Not The Kind of 'Telepathy'

That is Purely Natural And Not Machine Stimulated

In Terms of Brain Activity As A Kind of Sign

of Stimulus
And Response As

Such And Yes Most

Definitely Rudimentary

At Best At this Stage of Study So Far...

And Actually Most of this Thread is A far

Cry From the Term MagicK As Developed

By Occultist Aleister Crowley As He Wasn't Looking

At the "Pull The Rabbit Out of the Hat Kind of Magic"

Or Mythical Stories of Old Religious Heroes Getting

Resurrected or Born of Virgins Like Hercules and

And Buddha too In Stories That Hyperbole

Reality As there Were

No 'Victoria

Secret' Models

Then As Hehe

Now A 'Trump Wave'

Has Run That Method

Of Advertising Runway Models

Into the More Business Achieving

Women Than Just Trophy Wife's to Aim at As Such...

Anyway, Obviously the Marketers of an Otherwise

Respectable Organization Used a Bit of Hyperbole

To Sell A Story As There is A Whole Lot of Online

Competition These Days to Get Any Attention at all

Among a Human Species Science Shows is Watered Down

To the Attention Span of Less than Three Seconds of a Gold Fish hehe...

Is Telepathy Real; It's Not the Kind of Thing that Happens in a Science

Experiment As Mechanical Cognition Actually Represses/Withers Away Any Social-Empathic

Intelligences, Including Rather Odd Telepathic Leaning Experiences of Social Empathic Cognition;

Nope, Not the Kind of thing Ya Empirically Measure by Science; Yet True The Experiences of Life that









THAT any Science Tool Will Measure

Beyond Stories of Life that Are Real and

Truly Empirically Measured by those Who actually Experience them...

My Wife is Super Empathic; She Might not Have 3 College Degrees

Like me; Yet She Surely Has Enough Emotional Intelligence to

Spot a Psychopathic Leaning Individual Like Trump in a

Heart Beat And Never Ever Trust A Human Being

Who Has no substance of Love Within;

Indeed, i ain't bad at it either

After Years of Practice

Developing My Social-Empathic-
Artistic Spiritual Intelligences Far

Beyond What Standard IQ Measures

In Terms of What Human Reality Has

Devolved Culturally Into Material Reductionist Ways of

Taking the Parts of the Whole Picture And Missing the Forest for the Trees...

The Unknown, The More Mysterious Parts of Life that the Scientific Antiquated

Shell of A Method Tool Will Never Ever Measure Fully As Essence Deeper of Life is Worthless

When it Comes to What is not Observable in Processes of Life We Can't Scientifically Measure...

Ironically Enough, Aleister Crowley Was Noted With The Dark Triad of Psychopathy From Birth

And That continued on as He Saw Love as A Sex Addict And Human Potential 'MaGiC' Facilitated Mostly

Through Drugs; And True He Developed A Cult of Religion to Fulfill His Sex Addict And Drug Addict

Nature that often

Comes From

Folks Who

Never Gain

Fullness of All
Natural Love Within

Yes 'Class' Very Little

Oxytocin Warm And Comfy Life

Wired in or Innately Born on Date From Birth...

He was Really Interested in Sex Magic; Is There Really

Magic in Lust; Well Yes of Course, Science Shows Males

Become More Creative When Dopamine Rises This Way

And Females Become More Socially Cooperative And Nurturing

too As Lust Does Influence Much in Life; The Other Stuff He did

Were Just Fancy Sugar Pills of Placebo And Fancy Voodoo Dolls of

Nocebo; Anyway i Surely Will Tap Into that As Well; So Does the Human

Connection Extend Out More than the Material Reductionism of Human Form in

Flesh and Blood; Like Anyone Else, all i will be able to Relate is Odd Of Life that

Has No Rational Explanations at All; Most of the Synchronicities Only Significant

Psychologically Meaningful to me; Yet Every Once in a A While, The Nature of What

Is Shows Ya



MaGiC Is

The K is just
A Way to Sell

The Crowley Brand;

For instance Dealing with

The Worst Pain Known to Humankind

Like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye And Ear

No Drug Would Touch for 66 Months; Yes, Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Known in Medical Literature

As the Suicide Disease And Literally assessed as Worse than

The Torture of Crucifixion From Wake to Sleep For Yes All 66 Months;

Suicide Ideologies And Death Wishes in General Like Walking in Lightening

Storms Fierce With No Fear Are Common Place Indeed; Putting a Metal Chain

in A Bicycle Basket Finding A Road into A Forest Far Away Enough in the Forest

From Civilization Where only the Vultures Would Make my Life's Purpose mean

Something Consuming me Dead That Way Secure Hanging From A Tree; True

i could have never imagined There was Pain worse than Death; Yet There surely

is In Living Hell

on Earth


Death Becomes

Heaven And Dousing

Oneself With Gasoline

And Burning to Death

Just Seems Like



From the Pain

Until Going Away to Nothing at all For Escape...

Anyway, Losing All Emotions, A Feeling of a Smile

No Force of Love, Hope, Faith or Belief, Realizing

Those Were Forces of Emotional Energy Moving me Ahead

Before All the Way for Real and no Frigging Fairy Tales in Mythical Books,

In that Spring of 2010, A Bit More than Two Years into Hell, Making A Plan

of Specific Escape From Hell; My Wife Awoke from A Dream The Next Morning

And Said That is so Strange She Just Dreamed That She and Her Deceased Granny

Were Hanging Christmas Ornaments on a Tree Off That Road She Never Named Before

The Same Road i Planned my Escape; Still Didn't give me Hope; Yet it was Enough to

Never Commit Suicide

Even though

That Chain

Remained in that

Bicycle Basket Until

95 Months Ago to Date Today

Then July 19th, 2013, The Close to

Eight Years Now Spent in Heaven

Within With No Pain And Bliss As that

Day On the Beach the Pain Melted Away

As i became One with Sugar White Sands

Sea Oats in the Breeze Emerald Green

Waves Gently Falling And Rising

Sea Gull Wings


Around the

Sun Loving Free

All the Sudden

Bliss From

Head to toe

From That Day Forward Almost 8

Years today, June 19th, 2021, Now

Just A Month Shy of 8 Years Now

Versus 66 Months of Living Hell;

Yet That's Not All; More than A Dream,

Stress Does Strange Things to Our Humanity Indeed...

Shortly After Having to Leave Work Just About Dropping

Dead From 11 Years of Chronic to Acute Stress, Walking

Around The Block With my Wife, My Experience of Time

Suddenly Slowed Down, First Time Ever, And Immediately

My Wife Walking Next to me Related The Same Words to me

Before i could Say A Thing; That's Strange Time Just Slowed Down...

Just Another Afternoon in the Neighborhood Never A Day Like that Again

Shared Among Two Souls Standing Side by Side Where Reality Loses Time,





Within Two

Souls Living

Truly In a way

in the Same UNiVerSE Perceiving...

Some Folks Have More Antenna Height than

Others And True Some Folks With Laser Focus

Of Flow in Positive Feelings and Emotions Regularly

Change the World as i've Often had People Say in the

Last Close to 8 Years, When You Come in the Room 'The Lights come on'...

And Generally Speaking the 'Lay Folks' Ask me For Whatever i am On; Clue

It's a long

way to


to forever

Now Yet once

Ya Do, True Magic In Terms of Love

Is no Fluke it is Life's Full Buffet Free

i Do Not Have an Interest in Antiquated Magic; MaGiC is the Essence Now of my Life;

Real MaGiC; Not the kind That Pulls Rabbits Out of Hats Or Lifts Folks From Tombs...

Just the




Into Eternity

of Heaven within now;

Hard to Give and Share;

Most Certainly Effortless to Breathe...

"Love is the law, love under will, i.e. the nature of the Law
of Thelema is love, but love itself is subsidiary to finding
and manifesting one's authentic purpose or "mission""

Talks Is Cheap; That Platitude Is Just Another Version

Of 'the Golden Rule' And in Crowley's Version

His Purpose And Mission of Life Was

Focused on All Stuff


Sex Addict

And Drug Addict;

Sadly, For Those Who Bought

The Kool Aid, In 'Rock and Roll'

As Such Inspired by His Drug Abuse

They Ended inspired As Dead As Dead Will Be...

Those Closest To Him, Fell The Same Way Addiction often does...

He Surely Isn't The First Philosopher That Said One Thing And Did

Another Per the Text Book Example of 'Jesus' Who Turned the Other

Cheek, Loved The Enemy As Friend And 'Trademark God Himself' Treating That 'Person' the

Way He Would Wanna Be Treated; Yet Strangely Enough, By Story Literally At Least, Turning the Psychopathic

Corner Like Trump And Crowley Same And Changing Human Sheep Into Human Goats Not Complying And Burning

Them Forever; Yet of Course Trump And Crowley Just Made those Closest to Them a Real Living Hell 'till Death

They Parted;

'The Fairy Tale

Of God As Myth

Jesus As Literally

Taken' Burning

Folks Forever

Beats All



Humanly Imagined

Haha, Trust No Suits
or Golden or White Robes...

And Funny Hats and Faux Wings

to Somewhere After A Dirt Nap...

Just my Opinion of Course As Is...

Moral oF A Story, Don't Sacrifice Life for Lies...

Truth iN LiGHT AND DarK Rarely Makes FRiEnDS;

Yet Truly Survives And Thrives Free; Evidence on Demand As Always Hehe...

HeHe, Yeah, "We're Not Gonna Take IT" ('Twisted Sister', Circa Last Century) (More Precisely Released
May 10th, 1984, With Professor(s) Wiki in Flow too) NOW Getting In Touch With One's Own True

Relative Free Will; And God Yes, Very Much Loving True All Associated

Great Works Of Life; God Yes, Not Much Into Outside Guardian Angels,

Other than my Wife And a Few (A Whole Bunch) Close Women FRiEnDS;

Yet There is a Much Deeper Creative Subconscious Mind to Get in Touch

With In Autotelic Flow, Out of Full Bore Neo-Cortical Control;

Not A Place, Where Sex And Drug Addiction is Needed For

Sure; Just



And Bliss Generating

Within Head to toe in

Bio-Feedback of Emotional
Regulation and Sensory Integration

That Will Naturally Come From a Meditating Free Dance

And Song of Life That Flows With Emotions and Senses

This Way It's True For Those in Tune With The Experience

This Sounds More Like a Song Than Word Salad, Haha, as it really

Doesn't Matter

What the Words

Say it is the


of Life's

MuSiC iN All the

Feelings and Senses that

Are Real That Bring This Real Kingdom
of Heaven to Fruition Within True the only

Way to Give and Share it is for Those Who Commune

With the Dance And Song of Life Freely Loving Life With

True Will That Naturally Comes And Isn't So Much 'Constipation of Life';

Yes, Yes, Mr. Crowley Was Full of Self-Fulfilling 'Holy S666T' AND TO BE

CLEAR, i Surely Have nothing to Take the Piss Out of '666' Born on 6.6.60 Either Except for

The Ignorance of Churches That Make Gods Into Idols of Words/NumBerS in Conspiracy Theories for Real...

Yet Considering that

The Poor Dude Was

Born And Raised Empty

Of Love Named 'Beast' As in

'Devil' By His Own Damned Mother

It Ain't Surprising He Spent His Life

Taking the Piss Out of the Foolish Parts of

Christianity That Make Life More of A Misery than

Pleasure Now And Make Death More of An Event to Look Forward

to Than Life or Let The Insanity Roll On And as Far As True Will Goes

No Longer Imprisoned By Love of Church More Than Human And Love

of Old Dusty Books That Talk About the Same Old Tribal Wars Enough to make

Ya Wanna Vomit or Fall Asleep Just Anything to Escape The Boredom of Millstone

Life at the Bottom of the Ocean; Mr. Crowley, Decided to Take the Piss Out of that Insanity

As He Surely Did; Although, Sadly the Poor Dude Had a Hell of a Life Taking Folks Close Down the

Same Addict Path That So Many Folks Devoid of Love Experience in Life; No Doubt He was Looking

For Love


Feeling it

Using Every Substitute
Possible to Breathe Again

As HiS Own Millstone at the

Bottom of an Ocean Where

Nature May Gift Some

With Financial



Yet Sadly Not
So Much With Soul...

Anyway Freedom From Prisons

Of Ignorance He Sought And Prison

Of Ignorance He Brought On Himself

Too of HiS Own Volition; Really A Sad Story

That Dude's Life Was And So Many Folks

Who Have Got All Caught Up in Ironically, Just Another Religion Gone Dark....

Putting Love in Second Place Over Will Is Not Understanding Soul of Will

Beyond 'Constipation' Of Soul...

'Do As Thou Wilt' without


Is As Empty

As the Place He

Started Out at And Ended A Life the Same...

Just Lost, Just Lost, Where The Folks in 'The Projects'

The Old Mothers, The Old Grand Ma's, Still Have What

He Never Had as Heaven

on Earth...





And Addicted

to the Next Fix...

Never Complete Whole And Enough

Just as is Warm True Love Forevermore Warming Life...

Yes, SAdly "SGT Pepper FAiLeD" As Leader of the Band of 'That Album Cover' too

-Captain Salt

Just A Stone Bust

Accumulating Souls RiSinG OuT of Funeral

Ground Ceremonies From Before Forwarding More

With "Lakshmi" of Course in The Very Front And Aleister in The Very Behind;

True, "Life is a Circus Flyer" At Best We Paint, BrusH, Painting Our Album Covers True

In This Case Will "For

The Benefit of Mr. K

With H And the Rest of "my Band"

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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