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05 May 2021, 8:27 pm

If the store say, buy $50 to get free shipping, it’s worth it all the time if you don’t need that much stuff?

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05 May 2021, 8:32 pm

Whether it is worth it depends on how close your purchase is to that $50 versus what the shipping cost is.

For instance;
If what you need to buy is $30
and shipping is $10
that's only $40
And buying enough for free shipping would possibly waste $10.

On the other hand:
If what you need to buy is $45
and shipping is $10
that's $55
and you would save $5 by buying $50 worth of items.

It also depends on how many time a year you buy from there.

I buy a lot of hobby stuff online simply because there is no hobby shop within a hundred miles or more of where I live.
And most online hobby sellers have a 'buy this much and get free shipping' thing.

Sometimes it works for me and sometimes not.

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