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Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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29 May 2021, 11:35 pm

My mom confronted me about my mental health. It hasn't been good. I'm honestly really paranoid.

I'm in a weird mood. I'm getting weird mood swings that I dont seem to mind. My dreams are very very vivid and realistic. Its terrifying. I feel like I cant leave the house. I get dread when I go to the dog park. I used to get joy.


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02 Jun 2021, 3:51 pm

Sorry to hear, Crystal. Feeling connected to others is an important part of feeling well, feeling stable. My younger brother is schizophrenic and autistic, so I’m aware of the relationship between anxiety, paranoia and autism. Calming down paranoia usually involves talking about your thoughts with someone you trust. Your Mother must be very concerned about you, to have mentioned it to you. Hopefully, she will do her best to reassure and comfort you. Self care usually involves ensuring you’re eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep(you mentioned vivid scary dreams ...I have those alot and always about the same thing annoyingly!)

Some recommended self-care tips:

*Keep a diary
*Question and challenge paranoid thoughts
*Look for support around you
*Learn to relax
*Look after yourself

In more detail ... ways to cope...

Manage your stress levels. Avoid situations that increase stress and anxiety. Make sure to invest in time for yourself to relax. You can read, meditate, or take a leisurely walk.

Eat a healthy diet. Plant-based foods and nonpackaged items can increase your energy levels and make you feel better.

Exercise regularly. Staying physically active increases serotonin, the “feel good” chemical in your brain.

Maintain social events. Keeping social commitments will help decrease isolation, which can worsen your symptoms.

Get adequate sleep. A lack of sleep can worsen paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations in people with schizophrenia.

Avoid unhealthy behaviors, including smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse.

When you’re in this state, it’s only natural you’ll want to avoid places and people that make you feel threatened(even if this is irrational fear). I would be using arts/crafts as a form of therapy and a way of expressing yourself and helping yourself to connect to solid, positive experiences. These feelings you’re having will pass, and they likely will return again too. It’s about having a plan for these moments. A go-to that pulls you back to your safety net. Books really help me in that department. What works for one person, may be harmful to someone else though.

It might be time to have a chat to your Doc, as medication may be in need of adjustment. Even if the meds are fine, it might help you just to talk to someone. The aim is to focus on reality, as hard as that may be. I don’t believe you should be going to places that induce fear, while you’re currently in this state, as it will only exacerbate your anxiety. Once the paranoia is under control again, then I’d resume usual activities.

Helping Someone Who Is Paranoid:

Hope you feel more stable soon.


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04 Jun 2021, 8:22 am

Unless you have a certain situation, you don't have to go to the dog park

Telecommute jobs work from home

You don't control your dreams

Society acts like joy is magical or special
Society treats sad as a catastrophe
Society treats anger as a felony.

They are just emotions