Two anti wokes discuss CRT, debate Anti CRT legislation

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01 Jun 2021, 6:51 am

Should Public Schools Ban Critical Race Theory?
David French is best known as a anti Trump Christian conservative commentator. Before that he was a lawyer litigating for Christian Conservative causes and germane to this topic Free Speech cases.

Christopher Rufo is a journalist who has recently emerged as a critic and “exposer” of Critical Race theory training. Most of the “look how bad Critical Race Theory is” articles I have posted have recently come from him.

The moderator and host is Bari Weiss a highly controversial commentator mostly because of her ardent Zionism a topic not discussed at all during this debate. Weiss has used her substack account to promote Rufo’s articles.

The first half of the one hour and fifteen minute conversation is a discussion of what Critical Race Theory is and where it came from. The second half is a debate where French and Rufo fundamentally disagree about state legislation mitigating or banning Critical Race Theory in public schools.

While many if not most regular PPR participants will find these two participants way, way, way to the right of themselves I think those members will find the discussion interesting as the topics discussed are very PPR germane and the discussion does get wonky at times.

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