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01 Jun 2021, 6:57 am

Warning: Mature content is discussed here. Reader discretion advised.

So I recently found out about a film called Evil Toons. It's a B-movie horror film that was meant to cash in on the cartoons in the real world thing that Roger Rabbit started. First up, the movie is a big lie. There was only ONE evil toon in the film and it was only on screen for a few minutes. Not only that, but the animation of it was terrible. It r*pes a girl and then possesses her for the rest of the movie. Second, this is where a remake might actually do some good.

The idea is this: a group of girls rent a house that used to belong to a failed cartoonist. One of the girls goes into the attic to find a filing cabinet filled with nothing but rejection letters from various comic strip publishers, comic book publishers, adult magazines, and cartoon studios. They all say the same thing that the cartoonist's ideas were too extreme for any taste. She also finds an old trunk filled with illustrated monsters and an old diary in a desk drawer detailing the cartoonist's hatred for his ideas being rejected so he crafted a little revenge scheme involving some black magic to bring his characters to life so they can wreak havoc upon the world. Due to his declining health, however, he won't be able to bring this plan to fruition. Curious, the girl accidentally summons one of creatures which immediately kills and devours her. One of the other girls gets in the shower and the monster peeps in on her and goes all Tex Avery style infatuation. Once she gets into bed, then there's a r*pe scene, but she starts to enjoy it. Afterwards she falls in love with the creature after having the best s*x of her life. The monster then tricks her into releasing his buddies into the real world. What follows a parody of Gremlins where these cartoon monsters wreak havoc throughout the town. A police officer tries to stop one of them, but since it's a toon, it can't be killed so the officer gets mauled to death. The remaining girls must try to figure out a way to stop the toons before they destroy everything. They follow one back to one of the girls' homes where her little brother is watching cartoons and is about to be killed by a toon monster when the family dog arrives and bites the monster around the ankle causing it to scream in pain. This makes the boy laugh which causes the monster toon to lose its power and can thus be killed. The monster toons were created out of a failed cartoonist's hatred so they were never meant to be laughed at. When they're laughed at, they can't be taken seriously, they become clumsy, and they're prone to die in cartoonish accidents. Once the rest of the monster toons are defeated (with one of the girls that had s*x with one of them sad that her lover also had to be destroyed), they take everything in the attic and burn it all just to be safe. Nine months later, that girl mentioned before is in the hospital and she gives birth to a live action/cartoon/human/monster hybrid that proceeds to kill the doctor then goes to breastfeed from its mother. The girl says "Awww, he's just like his father." Once the thing has had its fill, it proceeds to go all Tasmanian Devil through the hospital killing more of the staff before a cut to black and the credits roll.

I am sick, and in so being I am the healthy one.