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17 Jun 2021, 3:39 am

RadioDog wrote:
Someone told me once "Your opinion rarely matters." And they weren't trying to be mean. But it's true, if you think about it: Does my opinion really matter to people above me in social rank? To people who are aquaintances or strangers to me? Even to friends and family when they are doing their own thing?


I always think something's gone wrong if somebody I communicate with isn't interested in my opinions (assuming those opinions are relevent to whatever relationship we have). I tend not to give my opinion to people who I don't expect to be interested on at least some level. I don't normally recognise social rank. If somebody thinks they're more important as a person than I am, as far as I'm concerned they're making a mistake. I'm more or less OK with friends and family not always having the time for my thoughts - it might make me feel some alienation but I have to make allowances for people being busy some of the time. In fact they're probably more approachable than I give them credit for. I'm often much more concerned with my own specialised world than I am with a lot of things that others are pursuing, and I don't expect others to be particularly interested in my world. A little bit of genuine sharing of ideas goes a long way with me.