I Dont Know If I Like My Girlfriend And Want To Date Her

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16 Jul 2021, 11:41 am

Muse933277 wrote:
She lives in The Philippines and I live in the United States. I'm 90% sure that she isn't a scammer because she hasn't asked me for money once and if she did, I'd break up with her.

She can't come to the United States because it would be very hard for her to get a visa to come visit me, unless we get engaged or married. It would be easier for me to go to her but as of right now, they don't allow tourists into The Philippines. I'm hoping that I can visit her sometime in January but because of school, I can only visit her in early January or sometime in the summer after I'm done with school. Money isn't an issue as thanks to a sizeable inheritance, I can definitely afford the $4000 to go see her.

God damn, online relationships are hard! I just want to have sex god damnit!

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