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13 Jun 2021, 4:25 pm

I have a board game design in mind that might have not been created (as far as I know anyway). I don't quite know how it will work but I have the theme of it in my head.

My board game will be about dates, as in days and months. Altogether there will be 366 squares, each with a day of the year on (including February 29th), starting with January 1st and ending on December 31st.

It will probably be UK-based, or "England edition".
Any day that is considered "special" will help score points, for example if you land on February 14th (valentine's day) you'll get points, so it's not about who gets to the finishing square first, it's about who scores the most points (although the finishing square will be on new year's eve, which is considered a "special day"). Your birthday will also score you points.
I will include England public holidays too, to add more "special dates", although these differ from year to year, as does Easter, so I'm not sure which date to put those on. Maybe I could just choose particular dates for those.

Anyone think my board game invention sounds fun? I'm considering spending the rest of my birthday money buying arts and crafts things to make my board game. :)

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13 Jun 2021, 4:34 pm

I dont see how it would work, unless you combined it with something akin to "Trivial Pursuits". You throw a dice, land on a date, and say- its not any kind of holiday, but a referee draws a card that has trivia questions about stuff that happened on that date (sports, history, science, music, TV, or somekind of categories). Asks you a printed question on the card. If you get it right you get some kind of bonus. And an added bonus if its a holiday.


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18 Jun 2021, 6:08 pm

I like the idea of treating the calendar as a huge gameboard, and the fact that birthdays will make the game slightly different depending on who's playing. Would it be a game of pure luck, or would it have places where the player can make decisions? Bit of a board-game nerd here, so I'd be curious to see how this develops! (Also, drawing out boards is a lot of fun, though I've never designed one from scratch, just copied traditional games.)

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