Building up social skills and making friends post-pandemic

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14 Jun 2021, 6:34 pm

Hello to whoever is reading this,

While the pandemic itself is still a threat, the idea of meeting with other people face-to-face without having to worry about COVID isn't as implausible as it was about a year ago. As such, many people are eager but also nervous to socialize with others in a post-pandemic world.

As an introvert living with their parents, I didn't have many relationships to worry about when the shelter-in-place order came. But now, as the pandemic seems to be drawing to a close, I've been contemplating how to move forward in the post-pandemic world. For me, one of those steps is making social connections outside of my family.

As an introvert and an aspie, my social skills were pretty low even before the pandemic hit. Would now be a good time to try building up those skills? How different is social interaction post-pandemic to what it was before? Do any of those differences matter to someone like me?

I realize there's probably no straight answer to these sorts of questions. I'd just like to hear thoughts on this matter that aren't my own. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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15 Jun 2021, 9:53 pm

Last week we got together with two different sets of old friends, meeting over food at a restaurant. (Which is how we usually got together pre-pandemic).

I'm not really looking to make new friends but just participate in things we haven't been able to for a while - activities at the senior center, for example. (My husband and I are retired.)

My advice to you is to get involved in something structured where you will see the same people again and again. That lends itself to gradually getting to know people without much social pressure. You just show up, act friendly, smile, and let others do all the social effort. But it's necessary to pick an activity or organization that really interests you. Whether that's collectible card games, poetry writing, volunteering at a food bank, taking a cooking class, or working a plot of land in a community garden.

You should be "fully vaccinated" before you start; then just relax and enjoy.

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