It is possible to lose 100 pounds in 3 months

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18 Jun 2021, 6:36 am

Yep. There are people who have lost lots of weight and have excess skin as a result, like Beady says.

I had no problem, fortunately, with excess skin when I lost 40-50 pounds twice.

But a 600 pound person MUST lose a substantial amount of weight, preferably quickly. A 300 pound person could more afford to lose the weight slower.


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13 Aug 2021, 7:48 pm

I've lost 30 pounds in one month, once. I've lost 40-ish pounds in a few months, multiple times. I lost 45 pounds this last winter.

But a high-subscriber youtube channel that makes a grand, click-worthy claim but didn't journal it as it happened? I have my doubts.


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14 Aug 2021, 7:31 pm

If I lost 100 pounds, I’d be 10 pounds.