Aren't People Who Manipulate Fiction Confusing?

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Mountain Goat

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19 Jun 2021, 5:29 am

Take the news for example. They not only manipulate the facts, but they often manipulate the fiction as well if it suits them. No wonder we don't know where we stand!
Why can't life be simple? Why can't news speak truth and just report on what they see and if they report on facts, they leave nothing out but add nothing to it either, so we get to see the full picture and not some manipulated fiction that they have made up?
Covid has exposed a lot of this as even on the same news channel the same reporters bring up conflicting news. Don't they listen to what they actually say as they say it?
And then we see one news channel saying the complete opposite to another, and then we have our Welsh Minister who makes far more sense then anyone else coming out with something completely different, and we don't know where we are... So was this the plan to begin with? The create confusion campaign" which is designed to install fear and what does that do? It creates senarios where everyone is running around like headless ducks not knowing where they are going or what they are doing and no one is going anywhere, and that is just the government, let alone the people. :D

When can we see news that just reports facts and keeps oppinions out of it? Most of what is news these days are oppinions. Facts don't come into it.
We need to see things how they are. We are intelligent beings... We are not robots needing more input. We are not brainwashed zombies. We are humans with thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The very least we deserve is a manipulation of the facts, but when we see fiction being manipulated as well how can we ever trust the news ever again?