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Emu Egg
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17 Jul 2021, 3:48 pm

I have following questions:
1. Is it possible to have both something from Psychotic Spectrum Disorder like schizophrenia and ASD at the same time?
2. Is it true that people with untreated psychosis function socially a lot of lower than people with HFA, Asperger?
3. If a person with diagnosed something from Psychotic Spectrum Disorder takes anti-psychotic drugs and is aware of the disease, will socially function as neurotypical?
4. What's the difference between schizophrenic autism and normal ASD?


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17 Jul 2021, 3:54 pm

1. Yes, let me present my mother.
2. No, she functions better than my Dad. She's a lot better at socialising than him. She has paranoid delusions though which cause her to act irrationally.
3. Can't answer this, she won't take meds.
4. Delusions. People with autism might not understand social cues or maybe puzzled by what others do or what social norms are. Delusions take things further. They make up scenarios that don't really happen. They think people are out to get them. Their behaviours change because they are avoiding the outcomes of their delusions. Like they won't tell you certain information on the phone because someone (the government) is listening. Delusions of grandeur that the government would find the life of a housewife interesting in any way.