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26 Jul 2021, 5:37 am

The_Znof wrote:
funeralxempire wrote:
Especially when I consider most people who struggle with outbursts of rage tend to understand the need to control them and not post them on forums like this.

autistics understand dont post autistic rage on an autistic forum?

count me out of that one!

ps - are you autistic?

Diagnosed Aspergers.


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26 Jul 2021, 12:19 pm

IsabellaLinton wrote:
But, would you agree that most meltdowns make autistic people want to retreat from society and go into a shutdown mode afterward, rather than lashing out at other people or plotting a crime?

Ive had 2 meltdowns post covid, one was after checking myself into a psych ward - there were about half a dozen staff people in the watchbooth-office thingee doing a shift change.

I wanted a pen to write down some things I wanted to tell a shrink that I was afraid I would forget when I got to see one.

after a few minuites nobody came out of the office thingee, so I started jesturing in front of a window, as a knock seemed more interuptive.

they did not respond so I started jesturing more enthusiastically, and at this point I felt ignored when they did not respond, so I had a meldown, a psuedosiezure on the ground.

even though nobody was close to me, now they feel it is time to get back to work, and drag me into a padded room, and lock the door.

after they were done I said "I just wanted a pen"

one guy said "dont be a baby, just ask"

the same guy who said this came back and apologised about 5 mins later, and I apologized to him.

which brings up the question, if that is how a decent man responds, what could I have expected from a mean man?

the next one was in public, and I attracted hecklers.

ps - these meldowns that go full psuedoseisure started when I was 48 years old, and often happen when Im in shock at the coldness of staff for services of homeless and mentally so called ill.

They seem to me clearly PTSD, but my PTSD is clearly a result of my autism/add.

oh, the one in the psych ward may have been started with autism, I cant understand why they couldn't figure out I wanted to ask them something.