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28 Jul 2021, 10:56 am

I have a terrible time at school. I'm bullied and struggle with the lessons and the noise. I've said to my mum but she won't do anything to help me and I've still got three years to go before I leave.

Does anyone have any advice to help me please?


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28 Jul 2021, 12:22 pm

i didn't. even though the only difficulty i was facing was meaninglessness, it was to the point of being depressive and during the pandemic lockdown i just quit, cut all contact. technically was in homeschooling but didn't do anything until the last few weeks when i learned that if i don't pass the year i would have to return to normal school, at which point i just kinda cheesed all the projects.

not sure how this translates to an unsupportive environment though.


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29 Jul 2021, 6:18 am

LadeyX wrote:
I have a terrible time at school. I'm bullied and struggle with the lessons and the noise. I've said to my mum but she won't do anything to help me and I've still got three years to go before I leave.

Does anyone have any advice to help me please?

Hi LadeyX,

Welcome to the forum.

So, there are a couple of different areas brought up here and I have a few questions.

- How long has the bullying been happening for?

- Why are you struggling with your lessons? Is this purely down to the noise, or are you also struggling for another reason?

- Do you have any accommodations at school?

I know that during exam season, I sometimes had the option in school to opt to study in the library instead of in the classroom if it was particularly noisy. A small study group was allowed up there at a time. Do you have anything like this?

Possibly B.A.P.

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29 Jul 2021, 6:41 am

I put up with a lot while I was in school and I have to be honest and say that I don't know why I continued going. Is there a teacher you can go to to try and explain?
If it was not for my parents and trying to please them I would have daily mitched off school but I never did mitch, not a single day or a single lesson. I went through it. Why did I put myself through it? I don't know. Yes, it wasn't all bad and I did get pieces of paper that said I had passed exams... All meaningless really as having passed exams does not compensate for the torture one has to endure.
And yes. The worst bit was when it was raining and one had to go in the hall at lunch times... I would do all I can to mitch that. In that hall with all the screaming and shouting kids I would be in tears with my hands over my ears trying to block it out. I would mitch that and spend the whole time getting absolutely soaked in the rain trying to avoid the teachers whos job it was to put us in the hall. I had to constantly keep moving to be at the opposite side of the school to where they were.
And then I went through collage. I was told that collage was a better enviroment then school but I found it worse. The bullying towards the end where I had the whole class against me...

Usually after ones education has been done, a work enviroment where one can specialize is better.

You could try experimenting. When a register is called you could keep quiet and see if anyone notices! When I was in collage a foreign teacher made a mistake of allowing us to put our own names on the register. Three extra names went down which he did not notice. Max Boyce (Whoever he is?), Donald Duck and Mickey mouse. As he was from the Middle East and he could hardly speak english, he did not even know who Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse was so for the whole first year he would call them out.
Towards the end of the year, he then went to the head principle of the collage to complain that they did not turn up for lessons. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were removed from his register, but Max Boyce was there until the end of the two year course!

Something I will say is that whatever exam results you get, they do not dictate your future. You dictate your future!
And also that this tough period of time will end and a new beginning will start. Yes, life can be tough but there is hope. Ok?

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29 Jul 2021, 6:58 am

Might need to try figure out what makes you a scapegoat. Humans are vicious monsters, they attack when they smell weakness. What are your weaknesses? I've learned to hide my ones by smiling a lot, agreeing with everything and acting as if I'm not bothered and not afraid. Worked most of the time I guess.

As for a noise, I ususaly tried to get away from it whenever I could...

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29 Jul 2021, 7:16 am

School was really hard for me too. My only good year was grade 10. I honestly made some bad decisions on how to get through school that I don't recommend. By the time I was in grade 12 I was having shutdowns and I did not do much work. I got through it by listening to music on the way to and from school and by having lots of naps after school. I was also lucky to have a spare in grade 12.


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29 Jul 2021, 9:39 pm

If I knew that grades don't mean a thing in adult life, I would have just not bothered to turn up for school. I only did it for my mum, because I knew that she'd be let down and disappointed and also worried about me if I was a high school drop-out.

School wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't so lonely. For a time I literally had 0 friends, and even I wonder how I got through it. But I didn't feel emotions as strongly as I started to after I left school, so I just carried on. If I felt my emotions as strongly as I do as an adult I probably would have walked out of school dozens of times whenever my so-called "friends" were destroying my self-esteem and convincing me that I wasn't worthy of any friends.

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