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20 Sep 2021, 12:07 pm

Is this an autistic thing?
When I was very young I had some recurring dreams about dying.
One was being run over by motorbikes, one was dying in a gunfight, or swordfight with a pirate.
They weren't nightmares, I actually quite enjoyed them...
My latest weird dream was feeling some debris in my eyes, in-between my eyelids and eyeballs, and pulling out long threads of thin electrical wires from there.


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20 Sep 2021, 5:12 pm

I typically have very vivid dreams involving all my senses (when relevant, at least). Recently had a dream where I landed on my hands and knees on a floor covered with tiny shards of glass, and pulling them out of my hand felt just like it would in reality. Sometimes I have dreams where I’m flying, and I feel the air under my wings and feel muscles I don’t even have in reality working. I haven’t had one of those in a long time, only ones where I can float. I miss them. But floating seems to tell dream-me that it’s a dream, I remember actually telling someone in a dream that was how I knew I was dreaming at the time.

Over the past few months I’ve been aware that I’m dreaming somewhat often, but rather than being able to control anything, it means that I remember that I can’t do things in reality, and that part of my mind prevents me from doing it properly/at all in the dream as well.

Sometimes I’m aware that I’m sort of playing a part, and I’m supposed to pretend I am a certain character. On occasion I even switch characters mid-dream, moving from one person’s perspective to another, which is a bit weird.

I basically don’t have any of the “traditional” frightening dreams. I can’t remember ever being chased, and I thoroughly enjoy ones where I fight some sort of creature, but that I’m sure is due to my particular interests. Things most people find frightening, I think are really cool and want to know every detail :lol: But I do have nightmares where other horrible things happen.

Sometimes I have weird half-dreams where I feel like I urgently need to get up (but I don’t ever know why) but my body will barely respond. First I struggle just to get my eyes open, then trying to move. Sometimes I manage to get up, but my legs won’t support my weight and I fall, and try to drag myself toward the door of my bedroom. And then I wake up back in bed without having moved at all. I’m never frightened or anything, it’s nothing like night terrors, but it is a bit odd.

So essentially, I know that I, at least, have very unusual dreams.

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