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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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21 Sep 2021, 3:14 am

I think i'm on the spectrum, as i've always felt different to other people all my life.
I met with a dr about this,but he said i don't, as i made eye contact with him, i forced myself to do this, and always feel uncomfortable.
I stay away from people now, as i always seem to say whats on my mind, i don't seem to have a filter system.
The thought of being in a room with a lot of people frightens the daylights out of me!
I change conversion about something completely different to everyone else....they always look confused at me!
I did look for private, but it's over £800!
A group on facebook signposted me to "right to choose"
Has anyone used this, and if it's available in Wales at all?

Thank you


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21 Sep 2021, 7:53 am

I've never heard of right to choose, and I'm the states anyway. Sorry.

I'm just responding for two reasons; one in order to give your post a 'bump' and see if it gets people looking/responding, and two, to suggest maybe seeing if your post can get moved to the general autism sub forum. If I am correct, I don't think this particular subsection (lgbt) gets a lot of traffic comparatively (and the site has been relatively inactive lately to boot).

I totally get it if you want to keep it here, it might be where your comfort level is and I can respect that. But yeah, it might get more views elsewhere. If you do decide you want to move the post, there is a sub section, 'administration', and in that, ' discussion.' In there there's a 'MODERATOR ATTENTION' sticky (it's the first sticky) and you can post there asking to have your thread moved.

That all said, I wish you well and good luck getting things figured out. I hope you can find a cheaper option. It makes me nuts that it can be so expensive to get help. It shouldn't be that way, I think.