Not all autistic people have a large head?

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12 Oct 2021, 4:30 am

studies are inconclusive on this. One around 2015 was taken up by the media and touted widely, repeated by other media sources, so that many articles we read are not true information... that particular study was with only a few children and again, the difficulty of identifying other syndromes and if the children involved in the study had other conditions that could explain head size (and the measurements differences were miniscule to begin with). Studies done since then seem to have varying results and I really think it is all in the realm of disproven old theory from one statistically small and inconclusive study long ago. Much ado about not much factual info. Maybe more study will prove it true or false. I don't understand what good it would do to know this, as many other syndromes and conditons also include "big heads" as part of the diagnosis.


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