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27 Oct 2021, 7:49 pm

QFT wrote:
kraftiekortie wrote:
There’s lots of religious people here.

Christians sometimes believe that only Christians can be “religious” for some reason.

Don’t forget about the Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Animists, etc. Yes, I find people who practice “tribal” religions are religious, too.

I am an agnostic atheist.

Okay then the question I wanted to ask was "how come Aspies usually aren't Christians". The fact that the ones that "are" religious often choose those other religions instead of Christianity is the other thing I am wondering about too.

Again, simply telling me ways in which those religions are better won't answer this question since my question is what makes Aspie statistics different from NT one. How come among religions NT-s there is far greater proportion of Christians than among religious aspies?

Religion is a mix of personal belief and social praxis. My guess is that Aspies prioririze their personal beliefs, while NTs prioritize the social praxis, meaning: NTs care less about what they individually believe, and more about what their social environment practices. So, in Europe, NTs are likely to be Christian, in India, Hindu, and in Turkey, Muslim, but few have read the bible, the Vedas or the Koran. I mean, if you read the bible, from a 21st century viewpoint, it's... medieval, at best.

But you are likely to find all sorts of denominations among people who actually care about their individual beliefs, Aspie or not. If you're going with your belief, why stick to what the people around you believe and not look at other religions?
You may however find them all to be medieval, and then what?

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