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31 Oct 2021, 4:52 am

With western societies apparently deeply polarised and politicians enjoying the benefits of a 'divide and rule' approach, are we likely to see cultural migration in the future?

It seems that whenever there is a vote in the western world on anything significant, the winning side only ever squeaks it with a small majority. This means there is always a large number of dissatisfied people, usually just under 50%, living under rule that they in no way support, just waiting for the chance to change the status quo at the next set of elections. This push-pull effect is a barrier to progress, whichever side is currently making the decisions.

Can you envisage a time when like-minded people begin to gravitate to geographical locations within their own countries, with the ultimate goal of separating from the union and installing their preferred ideology?

Would this work? Would it be desirable? Would it resolve the argument over whether left or right-wing politics is the best solution?


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31 Oct 2021, 6:31 am

In the UK this is actually a bit of a reality. Here we have "kingdoms" (Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland) with differing political ideologies and their own governments. Where I live (Wales), many people see Southern England with distain as traditionally Wales has always been the industrial punch bag back in the day. Even today, a huge amount of welsh towns are old industrial towns that the industry has long since left. It's left a lot of the population here very poor and closely knit. It's the same in Northern England (North/south divide) where the Welsh see the northerners as closely aligned. That said, Wales also has an irritating liberal government that does anything to spite England. They would announce Christmas on the 26th just to be different to England if they could.

Then you have Scotland with a crazy first minister who has a government worse than Wales. She has the economic understanding of a 5 year old yet a lot of people in Scotland seems lap her drivel up.

Northern Ireland can't even run their own bath.

The big cities of all Kingdoms however is where everyone clashes. London is just in their own bubble world and is as far removed from smaller towns as you could imagine. Same with Cardiff and Edinburgh.