Moments you thought something impossible happened

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13 Nov 2021, 2:06 pm

I was watching a TV documentary about owls today and a guy was walking along with one on his shoulder, but a woman off-camera was talking to him about how to walk with an owl on his shoulder, and for a brief moment I thought it was the owl talking, as the owl was flailing it's wings about as if it was telling the man how to walk while it stayed on his shoulder. I was about to say ''wow, he's trained that owl well!'' Then I realised owls can't talk and it was a just a human off-camera saying it. :lol:

Another moment was one time at work, when my colleague pulled out a dry cloth from her pocket and held it in the air in surprise, because she didn't realise she had a spare cloth in her pocket. But she seemed to look so stunned about it that I actually thought she had just pulled it out of the bucket of water bone dry, then I realised that it's impossible to pull something out of a bucket completely dry. :lol: If she hadn't have acted so surprised then I wouldn't have thought that. :lol:

Anybody else had moments where you actually thought something physically impossible had just happened?

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13 Nov 2021, 2:58 pm

Surviving a 2/3s body crushing accident that ER docs told my mother not to expect this person to survive . And last rites had been given already . :|

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