Am I unable to ride rollercoasters any more?

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18 Jan 2022, 6:56 pm

I've been invited to go to a theme park in the spring but I'm reluctant now to go, even though I've been there before and I love rollercoasters.

The last time I went, I kept feeling dizzy and lightheaded each time I stepped off a fast rollercoaster, and I had to keep sitting down to regain my balance. I took motion sickness pills which stopped any nausea or vomiting but the dizziness was still there and I even felt drowsy. It wasn't very pleasant.

I think it was caused by the rides being too fast and me lacking oxygen due to too much g-force, I think. But funnily enough it didn't effect the others I went with (one Aspie, two NTs). I have no respiratory problems but I do have vertigo. Could lack of oxygen make my vertigo worse? Also I feel I get thrown about on rides but at the same time feel restricted. If I did vomit on a ride I think I would break my ribs because of the safety harness being too tight against my body, and whenever I go to vomit my body involuntarily bends forward. Ouch!

I did eat before going to the theme park, I had some toast and a drink of water, as it's easy on the stomach. But I don't think it's my stomach that's the problem, because whether I eat or not beforehand it still makes me feel dizzy. Does anyone else feel like this after intense rollercoasters? I don't really want to miss out. :(

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21 Jan 2022, 10:24 pm

You could be experiencing a panic attack in addition to the motion sickness. The only time I had a panic attack the only thing I felt was dizzyness. I was standing on the ground but I thought I was going to call over. I barely made it to my car where I could sit down.

I've never liked roller coasters, btw.

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