All night studying at Dennys and IHOP

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31 Mar 2022, 3:24 pm

In pre-covid times I often went to Dennys or IHOP to pull all-nighter whenever I was behind on something (which happened often). But during covid, these two places were no longer 24 hours, which sucked because at home its impossible to force myself to stay up. But finally Dennys again became 24 hours. Not every day, but only the second part of the week. Which is okay I guess: the second half of the week is when most of the stuff is due anyway. I also noticed that IHOP, which I thought was gone, is now working and is 24 hours every day: I will have to check it out though if thats the case: maybe its outdated information. But at least I know Dennys is 24 hours when it says it is: I actually did all-nighter there last week. I am glad that option is back. I kinda feel nostalgic about it even. What about y'all, has any of you tried all-nighters in any of those places?