I went to autism social group, it was weird

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29 May 2022, 4:48 pm

I know it will be better this week, but last week I went to this group, because I wanna meet other autistic girls and possibly make friends. There was only 1 other kid, who i didn't relate at all to. There were 2 female staff members and I got along well with them, because I'm like an adult woman in a lot of ways, and we had stuff in common. Hopefully next week there will be more people. There was supposed to be like at least 8 kids, but none of them came, probably because of anxiety which i kinda get but I can't really relate too much, because when something's stressing me out I'm like "whatever" and go and do the thing. And I'm probably the only kid that voluntarily signed up for this, and doesn't have a parent forcing me to do it. I want to go.

I'm not too discouraged and hope that next week it will be better, and hopefully there will be at least 1 other girl my age. I am a bit anxious though, because the other kid at the group kinda creeped me out. Like he gave me school shooter vibes and I felt somewhat unsafe.


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29 May 2022, 5:08 pm

I am long way from being a kid & no such thing was available when I was, so all I can do is wish you a better experience on your next try.

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01 Jun 2022, 11:56 am

I hope next time there will be more people so you can make some friends