China's state media tells Anthony Albanese to give 'serious

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02 Jun 2022, 12:42 am

China's state media tells Anthony Albanese to give 'serious thought' before repeating Scott Morrison's 'mistake'

Chinese state media has told Anthony Albanese not to repeat his predecessor Scott Morrison's "mistake", as it described the new leadership as a chance to change the "badly-depleted relationship" between Beijing and Canberra.
Crystal Wu

June 1, 2022

Chinese state media has warned Prime Minister Anthony Albanese not to repeat his predecessor Scott Morrison's mistake as tensions between Beijing and Canberra continues to sour.

The Communist Party's mouthpiece China Daily published an editorial on Wednesday, endorsing the election result as a chance to change the "badly-depleted relationship" between the two nations.

The editorial said while Mr Albanese stood on "common ground" with Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, who once labelled China "the biggest issue our country will face in our lifetimes", it's a chance for Australia to adjust its China policy.

"Although the election has created the chance for Australia to adjust its China policy, the space is quite limited, as both the ruling and opposition parties blame the souring bilateral ties on China," the editorial wrote.

"Nonetheless since they also appear to agree that the relations between the two countries should be restored and productive, there is still an opportunity to review the damage caused by the previous government's blind support of the US' China containment policy."

The editorial claims Beijing has "always kept the door for dialogue and cooperation" with Canberra open.

"The Albanese government should give serious thought to the choice between repeating his predecessor's mistake and acting as a mediator between the US and China," it wrote.

"The former means it will turn the country's largest trade partner and major investor into a rival at the cost of the whole region, while the latter would raise Australia's profile on the world stage, turning it from a US lackey to a responsible global stakeholder."

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has doubled down on concerns about China’s influence in the Pacific, despite Beijing scrapping a ten-nation security deal.

Mr Marles who also serves as Defence Minister – said China’s ongoing interests meant Australia had to “put the effort in” drawing a contrast between the Albanese Government and the Coalition.

“We can expect China will maintain an interest in the Pacific and really the point here is we need to be focusing on our own relationships in the Pacific,” Mr Marles told Sky News Australia’s Pete Stefanovic on Wednesday morning.

“Unlike the former government we’re actually going to do the work and I believe if we do the work, we will be the natural partner of choice for the countries in the Pacific.”

Mr Albanese also delivered a blunt message to China just moments after being sworn in as Prime Minister last week.

The Prime Minister was asked whether he would take the opportunity to "cool" down Australia's tense relationship with China before jetting off to Tokyo for a meeting with the Quad leaders.

"What I have said, and we maintain, is that the relationship with China will remain a difficult one," he told reporters.

"I said that before the election. That has not changed at all. It is China that has changed, not Australia and Australia should always stand up for values and we will in a government that I lead." ... d6778e4d5b

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