Being Surprised By A Romantic Partner

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08 Jun 2022, 2:59 pm

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post to get your thoughts and opinions on being surprised by a romantic partner. I have a birthday coming up soon, and my romantic partner sent me a text letting me know that he has a surprise for me and just asked me what my favorite color is, and it is wrecking my nerves, for several reasons, because most of his surprises have been very lackluster (well, a disappointment honestly), plus surprises just make me nervous.
We are long distance, and knowing him like I know him, his surprise would most likely be to come to my city and surprise me with something pink, and his presence because due to COVID and life, we haven't been able to see each other for a while, and I'm always telling him how much I miss him.
My love language is quality time, which I've never told him.

The idea of him just randomly coming to my city to see me as much as I would like him to, has me panicking.

So how do you all feel about surprises from your romantic partners? Do you love or hate surprises?


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10 Jun 2022, 4:25 am

If my girlfriend said she had a surprise for me & asked me about the color pink, I would be freaking out thinking she's pregnant with a girl :pale: :help: Sometimes women announce their pregnancies by saying that they have a surprise :wall:

My girlfriend doesn't really surprise me except with little things like if she went shopping somewhere without me or shopped online & she sees something cheap I would like. Cass knows me well enough to know what I would like that she could actually get me or do. I guess I like surprises from her because it's always minor things that I almost always like or at least not bothered by in anyway. I'm very predictable which is good & bad because Cass likes predictability & knowing plans when others are involved but her moods are unstable & her health fluctuates so she sometimes changes plans at the last minute which throws me for a major loop & it lead to some very bad fights more than a few times. We woulda broke up a long time ago if I was more like her. I mostly surprise her by buying snacks for us sometimes when I do minor shopping without her. It's not really a surprise thou cuz she kinda expects me to. Buying snacks & picking up pizza was the way her dad showed her love cuz he spent most all his daylight hours working very hard physical labor for sh!t pay so his wife & 4 kids would not be homeless on the street. Most of his family quality time was just watching movies cuz he didn't have the energy to do much else at home. Cass would like me to surprise her in other ways but I'm NOT into romantic fluff at all & I'm NOT creative & we're both broke.

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