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13 Jun 2022, 9:37 pm


I have a lot of friends and usually go out alone. Sometimes I play with children but playing alone I feel more comfortable. My personality is different and I find it difficult to fit into society like most people.
I've always had trouble communicating with people - not knowing what to say, how to say or talking too much about a certain subject and of course quite shy. Shyness to talk to people you don't know.
I don't know if it's fear of the crowd or autism. Advice please? Thank!


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14 Jun 2022, 12:05 am

That's not enough data. Having lots of friends is unusual here, but not unknown. Look for lists of other AS symptoms, and see how many you share.


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14 Jun 2022, 3:17 am

Being autistic can cause one to be fearful of being in crowds as having difficulty with socialising (an autistic trait) makes it uncomfortable and exhausting being around people.
I would suggest reading as many threads on this forum as you can and see whether what other people say resonates with your experience.

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14 Jun 2022, 4:01 am

Why do you play with children, unless they're related to you or you work with them?

I don't like crowded public places because people really irritate me and I have to mask my frustration. Kids add to my anxiety in crowds if they're screaming or running around. Naturally I'm a nice person but when there are too many strangers and noisy kids near me I feel an overwhelming hatred of them all and I feel like yelling at them to get away from me. I have to use every atom my body is made up of to control myself. It's called masking.

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