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28 Jun 2022, 11:35 am

IsabellaLinton wrote:
Twilightprincess wrote:
The issues with my particular school mostly stem from underfunding. It's a low-performing school with a high drop-out rate and with very few students going to college afterwards.

It's sad that schools are so underfunded.
Governments spend trillions of dollars on war, but teachers need to hold a bake sale to buy pencils or books.

Inner-city schools here are just like what my daughter experienced.

I'm in favour of a common curriculum and common standards as much as it's possible. It just seems to be impossible these days with the poor funding and the demands for teachers to do ten jobs at once.

I'm just curious how they manage the five-student max where you are.
What if six or seven kids have IEP, and there's only funding for one teacher?
That's why we have so many split-grade classes.

I actually don't think it's a solid rule where I live. It's just how it happens. When we have a meeting to choose which students will go where for the following year, we try not to put too many students with IEPs in any single room. Some rooms end up with about 5 kids and others have 3. We also try to take into account the severity of individual cases. For instance, we wouldn't put two kids with severe behavioral problems in one classroom. There are also teachers that I avoid pairing up with special needs students altogether but that's a separate issue. :roll:

How our school is handling underfunding is that they are not identifying enough kids. Lots of kids are "slipping through the cracks." We don't have to worry about putting too many kids with IEPs in a classroom because there aren't too many. Often, the kids who have them are so far behind they don't participate in the general education curriculum that much, are pulled-out for learning support, and are easier for regular ed teachers than their typical students. Our regular ed teachers struggle the most with non-identified students and students with severe behavioral issues.



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28 Jun 2022, 12:02 pm

goldfish21 wrote:
nick007 wrote:
Education has been majorly underfunded in America for a long time.

It's on purpose/by design. The USA doesn't lack funds. They drop $ SEVEN HUNDRED+ BILLSKY per YEAR on the military because the USA's priorities are to go to war and maintain geopolitical dominance. Little money is spent on educating people because they don't want people to be any higher educated than they are. As long as people have low education levels, it's very easy to convince them of things (like trump did for the last ~7 years) & to keep them toiling away in crappy jobs for low pay in order to keep the ruling Billionaire & political class in power and living the high life.

Lack of education funding isn't a mistake or an accident, it's intentional, in order to keep the poor masses in their place while selling them a day dream story of the American dream that they can achieve if they just pull up their bootstraps and work ever harder. It's all a scam.

IF I were trapped in a state that operated like this, and I had the grey matter to realize it, I'd do everything it took to gtfo to a coastal state where people have opportunities. If it wasn't that easy to do/was nearly impossible to come up with the money and I didn't want to try to do it on a welfare budget of just F it I'll live in a shack as long as I can get out of here kind of thing, I'd be making up the education gaps myself as much as possible.. learning to read better if that was the first constraint, then reading and learning, taking online classes etc etc filling my head with higher knowledge for free since it's all available on the internet, and then applying it as fast and best I could to better myself until I could escape that part of the country. I'd be determined not to allow myself or my family to be trapped in such a system of intentional ignorance and near slavery.
Both political parties care more about investing in the military than investing in the future of our nation's kids. Biden asked congress to increase the military's budged & lots of Republicans & Democrats are willing to increase the military's budget higher than Biden even requested so I don't think lack of funding for education as a conservative or Trump ideal.

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