Does anyone else with autism have gastrointestinal issues?

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07 Jul 2022, 1:44 pm

I seem to be in the minority of those who don’t. I also have other mental stuff leading to extra anxiety/stress… yet have never been prone to GI issues, ever in my life. Probably at least in part because I’m paranoid about food safety, it’s rare for me to even get a “stomach bug”, I’ve had exactly two bad ones in… wow, I think 15 years 8O No food sensitivities or intolerances to the best of my knowledge, either. Extraordinarily merciful, since I have an extreme aversion to significant GI ailments (as in, I would rather die than have diarrhea - that one’s the strongest), but I suppose I would probably have gotten used to it if I didn’t have such a hardy system. Can’t bear the thought of having diverticulosis or something like that either.

My NT brother has severe Chron’s disease that came on suddenly around two years ago, my NT mother is prone to GI problems.

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08 Jul 2022, 3:18 pm

I have the Irritable Bowel Syndrome - I suffer from it for the last 11 years :(


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08 Jul 2022, 5:08 pm

I have been plagued with them since I was around 12 or 13 - almost certainly IBS.

I also remember this being a time when my issues with anxiety really began. So I think for me, there might be a link right there.

I'm still trying to fix them, but by making dietary changes, such as cutting out most dairy products and following a low-FODMAP diet, things are closer to ideal at least (those two things I'd recommend to anyone as a starting point).

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08 Jul 2022, 5:58 pm

I have celiac!

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