Crack and Politics mixed at 4chan, what could go wrong.

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13 Jul 2022, 12:43 am

I find it highly entertaining, but the lynch mobs are a tad disturbing. Im a Reddit guy not 4chan, but its pretty hot at reddit. Lots of fun.

It really reminds me of CNN vs trump in that everyone gets excited tump will be super shamed, but it never pans out like hoped.

You point out to people that this is dodgy evidence for drug an ho charges to throw hunter in jail for twenty grams when its two on the scale. and they just yell that your a libral biden supporter in denial and downvote you in waves crack rocks! :jester: :skull:

I honeslty dont know wtf is going on, some of my current guesses may belong in another thread


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14 Jul 2022, 1:29 pm

Trolls trolling edgelords trolling trolls trolling edgelords.

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