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15 Jul 2022, 1:32 pm

I just heard that NAC was approved as an FDA-approved medication meaning that it might not be available as a supplement anymore. I think that only applies in the US but I'm not sure.

I'm wondering if anyone uses NAC for any of its many therapeutic uses, or has any thoughts about it.



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20 Jul 2022, 3:50 am

I know some meds here in the US are also supplements & are still legally available as supplements unless they can get you high like marijuana. My girlfriend took NAC for a bit for her OCD & it helped. She switched to the seizure med Neurontin/Gabapentin because she has pain issues that may be Fibromyalgia & Neurontin is sometimes used for pain & occasionally OCD. Neurontin has the same effect on her OCD that NAC did. it helps her pain slightly as well & Neurontin is cheaper since it's covered by her Medicaid. Plus docs may be more knowledgeable about Neurontin which could be good for those with other issues. Whenever you see a doc or specialist or have a medical test done, they ask about what meds & supplements your on & why. Cass was on one gram of NAC twice a day & she switched to 400mg of Neurontin 3x a day. I also take that same dose of Neurontin for OCD but OCD is the only reason I'm on it. I don't usually have pain issues & never had a seizure. I started that shortly before me & Cass knew each other & me being on it was the reason she asked her doc about it. Neurontin might could be an option for those taking NAC for OCD or anxiety issues(me & Cass didn't notice Neurontin helping with our general anxiety thou but she didn't notice NAC helping with it either) but that would be something to discuss with your doc & I'd recommend doing a tad of research 1st to be safe.

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