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18 Jul 2022, 2:03 am

I'm thinking of doing a PhD linked to my job and also with an autism focus. In a sense it would probably feel thankless and relentless. Certainly, I don't have the head for quantitative (or didn't in a previous life), so that made me doubtful a decade ago. On the other hand, if I did it I'd be on a fairly shortlist of people specialising in this area in my country. Intellectually, I think I'd be up for it and it gut feeling is it feels like an area I would like to work in for the rest of my life and potentially then have a role to support autistic people (as an autistic therapist, potentially). Never thought I'd actually say those words. I would also need some support (college based) for my mental health, as I did the last time I was a student.

I haven't read up on it properly i.e. funding, pathways, etc. There are some people I can ask about their own experiences. If I didn't have nagging doubts I'd probably have done it a few years ago.

I've been trying to apply to change jobs (mostly because my boss is incompetent) and getting a lot of rejections. The therapist I go to at the moment suggested it seems like I need to make significant decision.

Would probably have to join Twitter :roll: to recruit participants.