For conservative Christian woman with ASD ...

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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27 Jul 2022, 8:42 am

If you are not a conservative Christian woman with ASD, please do not respond :heart: I mean that in the most peaceful and loving way possible!!
I'm having trouble finding an ASD group for women like me [where the Father / God is literally at the center of my life and I do not "fit" in the "normal" ASD groups] and was actually thinking of just starting one on mewe ... but if there is already a group out there, I'd love to know about it!! !
So ... if you know of a group, please share it!! ! If you do not know of a group like this but would really appreciate one existing, let me know.
A little background - I am officially diagnosed and have a 29 year old son who is also officially diagnosed. I was diagnosed at 45 years old; he was diagnosed when he was young. Mine was missed until I got close enough to his caretaker / mentor ... and that is who told me I also have ASD ... mind blown ... decided to see a professional, went through the very exhausting testing process, and was officially diagnosed with ASD and ADHD ... and all of the sudden my entire life made sense. I am a part of a few groups on FB, however I really do not fit. There is a lot of complaining, a lot of negativity, and lots of rules I do not agree with.
My VISION for an amazing group would be one that helps women with the day to day life stuff. Keeping things organized, keeping up with routines and housework ... helping us be better KEEPERS OF THE HOME. A space that's encouraging and practical. So, more of a support group for managing LIFE as a conservative woman with ASD rather than a support group for ASD in and of itself, if that makes sense?

Again, please let me know if you are interested in something like that, or if you know of a group like that that already exists. Thanks!


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29 Jul 2022, 2:20 am

I'm Jewish, but I would be interested in the housekeeping and organization part. I just got some more bins for the baby's toys... And after my garage sale next week I'll have my racks back to put the bins into.
Good luck!