Many US Citizens Do Not Want Biden or Trump in 2024

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29 Jul 2022, 2:57 pm

Slightly off-topic but I think there should be an age range for entry to government. Too young = little life experience and too old = your time for caretaking is up. There will be outliers on both sides: witness young writers who have an uncanny understanding of the human condition (and at any time it is the world the young will have to live in) and old people who have the wisdom of having seen it all before. I reckon an age range of 20 - 55 is about right. And perhaps an advisory panel which does not legislate but whose input can be taken into consideration in decision=making taken from the ages outside the 20 - 55 range. After all, what is decided now will have to be lived with by the young and most will grow old and need some kind of welfare in later life. This makes both Trump and Biden unfit for office.


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30 Jul 2022, 12:23 am

GoldTails95 wrote:
League_Girl wrote:
People over the age of 75 shouldn't be president but Biden is better than having Trump in office.

You seriously think Biden is better than Trump even with Biden's bumbles!?!?!? Its clear that Biden was just an old-grandpa puppet to "have anyone but Trump for President." How is it going now, particularly with Bidenflation for example?
While Trump may have had some bias against disabled, I saw for myself that his policies on the economy, the border (aside from the disability bias in legal immigration), have worked and made America prosper free and safe!
One thing for certian is that career politicians screw up the country. That includes many old politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They spent many decades in politics, to the benefit of rich lobbyists.
I've been considering DeSantis for 2024 since not only he is younger, but also he has actually done some good for the disabled (and autism) community like ban most use of shackles and restraints in Florida schools and centers as well as putting more state money in HCBS. Unlike Trump, DeSantis has served in the Navy. So if DeSantis becomes President a future new navy ship, aircraft carrier, or submarine can be named after him (USS Ron DeSantis). I do also want him to serve a 2nd term as Governor of Florida. Trump will probably be in better shape at 78 than Biden was. DeSantis would make a great successor to Trump in 2028.

You seriously think it's better to have a president who wanted to turn back women's rights and who is racist and was okay with sending people back to their home country who were adopted and raised here in the US?

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31 Jul 2022, 12:20 pm

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