Sleep paralysis while falling asleep

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03 Aug 2022, 8:36 pm

I thankfully haven't experienced any hallucinations yet. I also think that maybe the sleep paralysis is being caused by alcohol use, because after not drinking for awhile it's happening less and less. I hope that's what was causing it so it fully goes away. :|

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03 Aug 2022, 8:40 pm

That's good to hear.

My auditory hallucinations aren't scary. They're random conversations like I'd hear on TV shows, with all the different voices. For some reason I get a lot of them with the FRIENDS tv show characters talking. Sometimes I hear phones ringing or doorbells. One time it was my dad's voice saying "Marry him".

It's kind of fun actually.

The paralysis hallucination wasn't so fun. I remember posting about it on here and talking to someone (Diamond? Tough Diamond?) about it.


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03 Aug 2022, 8:49 pm

I don't get sleep paralysis falling asleep, I get it waking up. Waking in the middle of the night, or even an hour before my alarm. The first time it happened I thought I must have had a stroke, because I couldn't move. All I could do was move my eyes from side to side and blink.

It doesn't happen often, but it used to be scary. I don't hallucinate per se, but I do seem to dream (it sort of overlays reality). Its just a case of the brain waking or starting to wake before the body get the signal. Usually it just takes a little time to wake up OR sometimes I just close my eyes and go back to actually sleeping. I can do that as long as I don't freak out or try to breathe differently than the auto-pilot is already doing.