Rand Paul Wants Espionage Act to Be Repealed

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19 Aug 2022, 7:39 am

DW_a_mom wrote:
I think the act of not giving everything back raises the suspicion level by its own accord. What started as a records matter, asking more or less nicely, escalates when they discover he intentionally choose to withhold a large segment of the documents he was supposed to have returned. Before the spring subpoena and partial compliance, it was easy to claim he had just made a mistake. But when he returns over half but not the rest? Things start to look very intentional, plus there is the fact that the simple act of failing to comply in full with the subpoena is a new criminal act all on its on.

As for the timeline, they originally believed he was in compliance with the subpoena, that what he returned at the time was all he had. It is my understanding that it was the witness who let them know otherwise.

Based on what I understand of legal process, it all makes sense to me. But you do need to spend a few minutes threading through the details of the legal process.

What's scary in that scenario is apparently no one is keeping track highly important top secret documents. That they didn't realize Trump handed them an incomplete set. Didn't realize several boxes were still missing. Until an informant tipped them off, about the ones they were clueless about. Does that mean there could still be multiple boxes of top secret documents that could be in someone's possession, and no one knows they're missing?

That doesn't sound right to me at all. That's why I'm not buying that they didn't know exactly what all Trump had from the very beginning. It's either that or the government is unbelievably sloppy at keeping track of top secret documents.


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19 Aug 2022, 9:06 am


If the orange guy is guilty of espionage criming, stack some years on for that, too. Hope he spends the rest of his days bouncing between state and federal facilities all seeking to have him serve time as sentenced before he croaks. That's how he deserves to spend the rest of his remaining time alive.

No :heart: for supporting trump. Because doing so is deplorable.