New Development in the MDMA trial - sexual assault case

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16 Aug 2022, 10:15 pm

In case you missed the other thread, a woman was sexually assaulted by a married therapist couple during the trial while on MDMA , and eventually video of the assault was released on CBC and a few indie media sites. She was also in a sexual relationship with the male therapist after the trial.

On May 12, 2022, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition [CDPC] released a "Statement of solidarity regarding Meaghan Buisson", claiming:

The intent of this statement is to express unequivocal solidarity with the primary survivor and public face of these violations, Meaghan Buisson. It is also to urge proactive and steadfast processes for ethics, transparency, and accountability regarding this incident and any subsequent MAPS clinical trials. ... n-buisson/

The statement however was 404d on May 20. No explanation was given for nearly three months, then on August 8 the CDPC issued a retraction statement, here is the core claim it makes:

The CDPC statement suggested that there were reports that MAPS “ignored, minimized, suppressed and used a participant’s formal account of sexual assault to coerce her into a position of extreme social and economic precarity”. CDPC had not independently verified any such reports. CDPC has retracted the CDPC statement.

To turn back on this unequivocal solidarity and pretty much accuse Meaghan's peers if not Meaghan herself of lying is brutal. While I don't think that idea of Meghan's camp having huge issues with bad info is far fetched, in my digging so far in this case, Meaghan and her allies seems far more reliable than MAPS.

No use speculating further now on my part as I should go through those podcasts agian first. ... esher.html

Final point, MAPS was a member of CDPC, and quit in protest over not being told about the statement of solidarity., or so they say, maybe they would have left anyway? Hard as hell to find stuff on this lol, f**k search engines. MAPS is still not listed on the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition's site

Could MAPS have found some leverage over the CDPC? It would take a lot of leverage to force CDPC to drop it, how could MAPS get such pull? :arrow:

there are of course other explanations, but this one may not be as far fetched as it first sounds.

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