What it's like for aspies in poor countries?

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06 Sep 2022, 12:41 pm

temp1234 wrote:
Poor or developing countries tend to have a dictator, a corrupt government etc, which means the government has no time, willingness or money to help vulnerable people. Not much resources or awareness about such an invisible disability as ASD. Also intolerant of differences.

My feeling is that people in general in such a country are also less aware and very intolerant of ASD people. I say this from my experience at university. Overseas students from some developing countries (certain countries not all) were generally quite mean and nasty towards awkward people. Just my observation. I imagined that it must be horrible to live in their countries.

As opposed to first world countries which we all know do not have corrupt governments.

Frankly, you could strike "poor or developing" and "have a dictator" (for the moment) and your entire first paragraph and beginning sentence of your second paragraph could describe the United States of America.