An extremely positive video on Asperger

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20 Sep 2022, 7:58 am

Lots of over generalizations.

1.Aspergers doesn’t exist anymore unless used as an informal casual label

2. Aspergers /asd 1 is undefined biologically so just an umbrella term to describe multiple conditions, causes and severity levels

3. Some have gifts others don’t have anything

4. Some are highly intelligent and can live and work independently and are in fact invisible in society. Others the opposite is true

5. Aspergers is not benign condition even in the most mildest forms can lead to severe psychological splinter issues. There are plenty of aspies in prisons and mental hospitals who are there as a direct consequence of their condition.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man."

- George Bernie Shaw


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20 Sep 2022, 8:17 am

temp1234 wrote:
At the right bottom of the screen you find options. "CC" in rectangle turns the subtitles on and off.

Thank you.


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21 Sep 2022, 4:49 pm

QFT wrote:
So I watched that video on Asperger ( ). It kept emphasizing that those kids are really talented. At 1:40 it says that, as adults, they no longer show the signs of mental illness but, instead, they show the signs of geniuses. And then it goes on to talk about the way those people can be highly talented and their talents should be protected. It says that they shouldn't be cured because an attempt to cure them would ruin their talents, and likewise they should be isolated from their peers, since bullying would ruin their talents too.

This made me wonder about the following things:

1) It says as adults they no longer show signs of mental illness. Yet I still do.

2) When it says that trying to cure them would ruin their talents, it made me think of how my mom tried to persuade me to go to Hillel back when I was 21, and I ran into situations where I was ostracized so instead of focusing on schoolwork I started focusing on getting a girlfriend. So this made me think that I wish I were to refuse to go to Hillel, just like I used to up until that point. And then I would have continued to focus on math and physics and who knows maybe I would have been a physics professor by now.

NICE, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. I would have been a lot better off without the bullying also.

It is a shame about being pushed somewhere contrary to your interests. Maybe your "illness" isn't as obvious to others as you think.


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21 Sep 2022, 5:03 pm

Reading about autism, I don't doubt there are positives.

The world is not however built for every individual.

The circumstances in life change and can be hard on anyone including those whore are well adapted to the world.

I think key to unlocking autism problems, often times involves shaving off certain problems autistic people simply always have, that simply cannot be worked around.

Though its pretty obvious the less the person with autism works on issues the less ability comes later in life dealing with those issues.

My personal take is that often times autism is about the qualities that are often seen as negative or often times not times easy to see ,or seen in positive light.

Personally I think often times I feel like I could easily "put autistic" people into a box as well, being judgmental.
Not because of label, but behavior and appearance.
Even after reading a lot about autism I often think its not easy.
Seeing this I feel like I understand what struggling with autism is.

Its not just that autistic people are put into a box, but as well we tend to learn this behavior from others and put people in certain box.

Its not bad, but often times this can lead to issues.

Down the line talents shine the brightest no matter by whom.

The problem with talents is they require time and hard work.

Often time this period can be hugely hard on people, when they are building talents, no less to autistic people.
It does not help that autistic people think differently and communicated and have different needs.
I can also see the problem of autistic people actually figuring out how to meet their needs.
Its different on cultural, sociological and overall mental and physical level and on individual as well.

Some issues require also different approach. This realistically means that autistic people need help, and also require to work harder just to do those little things others don't have to work on.
This is key to helping in autism.

Though Id say drawing was one of those activities I loved to do regardless whether I was good or bad.
Meaning I simply did it all the time.
After some time I stopped and I can never tell why.

Maybe after I started failing at life and no longer had vibes that I had previously.